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As a professional speaker who also produces her own live events, I understand how challenging it can be to find the perfect speaker for your event.

I’ve been speaking professionally since 1999 when the CEO of the company where I worked heard me speak at an officer meeting and shared how my enthusiastic presentation moved him deeply. Since then, I have spoken at conferences, corporations, non-profit organizations and churches over the last 20 years. No matter the type of event – intimate retreat, small church, team intensive or jammed packed arena, I am committed to adding value and making your event an Incredible One. You’ve NEVER experienced a speaker like me and your audience will be TRANSFORMED. 

Let's be honest, the speaker you choose

can make or break your event.

As a speaker who gets the highest reviews every time I deliver and captivate the audience, my goal is to make sure your event is the one they talk about for years to come.

First, I prepare. I tap into my full power and show up fully for your audience.

Even the stories I tell will resonate deeply with your audience. They will feel like I am talking just to them and as a result not only will your audience experience powerful content, they will be entertained, empowered and equipped and that will be unforgettable.

Next, when I take your stage, I am there to serve YOU. I will make you look INCREDIBLE as an event planner.

Get used to hearing “thank you so much for bringing Darnyelle to the event this year,” because that is exactly what will happen every time you’re stopped by an attendee. From the moment I open my mouth, my focus is on making sure that you know that choosing me was a game changer for your event and audience. And yes, I will definitely come back next year (wink, wink)


to you

Serving you is our top priority. My team and I are going to make the process seamless in the following ways:

So you can rest assured that this will be your best event yet

Our pre-program questionnaire will give us everything we need to customize a presentation to wow your audience.

Each presentation includes a moderated discussion for attendees 15-30 days following your event to re-enroll them in your event's mission and vision.

We will partner with you to co-create an experience that will transform every attendee from the moment I take the stage and open my mouth

We will integrate tactical, educational, emotional and fun elements so that retention is at an all time high! This is our secret sauce to make your event an Incredible One

Once your booking is confirmed, we will learn everything we need to to prepare a talk that will impact the lives of every attendee who will be under the sound of my powerful voice.

what makes


I am a powerful speaker but my true calling is teaching.

From the moment I open my mouth, I shake the planet and shift trajectories. My speaking gift is God-sent. No matter where I speak, for weeks after, I receive messages of how my talk changed someone’s life. My oratory power has been compared to some of the greatest speakers of this generation but the truth is I stand alone when it the convergence of empowerment, edification, education and entertainment. Your audience is in for a life-changing treat.

I want everyone who is under the sound of my voice to be transformed so I make it my mission to present my talk in a way that they are changed. My gift is taking complex topics and breaking them down so that everyone gets practical application. I will take my time and present each point in actionable fashion while telling stories that will remind them of the success clues I left.  

I have participated in every facet of the business growth process – from start up to growth and ultimately leverage and scale – I’ve been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt. In addition to being a powerful speaker, I am an award winning CEO and consultant so I can do more than inspire – I can teach actionable content that will move the needle in the lives and job performance of your audience.

I used to get in trouble for talking too much in class but today I change lives because I still talk too much (in a good way.)

My mission is to empower, equip, entertain and edify every member of the audience that they, too, can experience Next Level Everything!