Sales optimization Training & KEYNOTES for small to mid-sized companies and corporate sales leaders & TEAMS

No one is disputing the sales success your company is already experiencing. The key to unlocking continued success and increased sales & revenue is about nurturing your sales teams and their leaders. The fact is women leaders sell differently.  

In an unpredictable economic landscape, your competitive edge isn’t solely rooted in your specific expertise. Rather, it’s having teams that show up confidently, exude mental resilience and understand the fundamentals of a growth mindset rooted in self-leadership, creativity, and with alignment to your core values and integrity.

By investing in unlocking this intrinsic potential, you set the stage for rapid growth, increased retention and the ability to deliver unparalleled value to your customers while surpassing your sales KPIs.

THE WAY YOUR team sees themselves (and money) is impacting your business


 Seriously, the way your people see their roles in your organization  is really about the way they see themselves. The longer you go without addressing their growth and money mindset and limiting beliefs, the more it will cost you.

Develop leaders and teams who see themselves surpassing KPIs each year by working directly with us starting today.

When you desire to develop talent that is equipped to surpass KPIs , you need Dr. Darnyelle.



Designed to work directly with your talent at all levels, the Lead Millions Method offers a fresh approach to people development to position peak performance and operational efficiency. 

Statistics Show

60% of Adults

live paycheck to paycheck, which causes stress, strain, and struggle in showing up fully for your company’s core goals and objectives. (Source: Lending Club)

43% of Adults

are financially illiterate and as a result they don’t really understand money and how to sell in a way that empowers them and your prospective clients. (Source: Standard & Poor's)

92% of employees

are stressed about their finances. (Source: Fast Company)

In 2021 alone

employers lost $4.7 billion PER WEEK because their employees were experiencing financial stress. (Source: BenefitsPRO)

YET, less than 10% of companies train and develop their people around the strategic infusion of mindset, money consciousness, neuroscience, leadership development, limiting beliefs, and business optimization!

Let’s change this together!

equip your talent & leaders to confidently live, lead, and leverage the mindset & methodology to drive results and surpass kpis.

We equip talent and leaders to boost their results by instilling transformative mindset techniques in their day to day. By reshaping their perceptions, we enhance their results. Using a strategic blend of neuroscience, growth mindset, money consciousness, leadership development and coaching, we transform your team through insightful keynotes, interactive workshops, and executive coaching and sales optimization consulting.

Through working with us, you can expect to see your teams becoming more confident leaders who show up fully every day and require less intervention to exceed your monthly goals and targets. This includes

  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased sales, revenue, and profits
  • Increased employee engagement and less absenteeism
  • Increased self-leadership

The ONLY way to surpass kpis is to shift your approach to development

Most companies believe that “mindset” is a waste but the truth is, unless you work on the six inches between your talent’s ears, they won’t generate 7 or 8 figures for your bottomline. Mindset and talent optimization training for your teams is essential to continue your growth and complement what you’re already doing well. This type of training helps your teams shift beliefs about themselves and money, which improves sales and creates an entrepreneurial mindset, which increases confidence and performance, while optimizing business growth.

Our training empowers and equips your team to think bigger about your company’s mission and vision, perform with confidence and increase their results. When you change the way your people see themselves, they will be more productive and engaged, and they will confidently perform their role to move your organization to the next level. 

Their confidence will produce more results than their skills.

Developing your people to think like they own it is one of the fastest ways to shift your results. Let Dr. Darnyelle help you develop people who see “abundance” and “confident” when they look in the mirror. They’ll become resilient, energized, and excited about money personally and professionally. They’ll reduce their financial stress and start making more as a result of their increased performance. 

Our approach to mindset is unique and it gets to the root by severing limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior. This approach helps to strengthen how they show up to work and the results they get.

Dr. Darnyelle has shared her powerful, poignant message with:

Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon


business consultant + speaker IN THE MARKETPLACE.

She is a leading business growth speaker, corporate trainer, and growth mindset expert for a reason.  By helping companies and their teams change the way they see themselves, she is changing the way they perform and lead today. Her strategic infusion of training, mindset coaching, and personal development is changing the way companies and their teams live, lead, and leverage seeing and selling millions.

Work With Us

When it comes to developing talent that surpasses KPIs, there are three ways to engage with Dr. Darnyelle: 

Keynote Speaking & Training

We have several highly-requested training topics that we will customize for your talent teams. Each training or keynote includes and pre and post assessment, the keynote or training, and a moderated discussion to check in to see how they are progressing following our time together. Additionally, For Financial Services Corporations, we offer brand ambassador programs where we will help your small business clients experience unprecedented growth on your behalf. WE have licensable content and curricula that are ready to go to help your customers and clients scale and sustain their companies.

Sales Team Development Consulting

When your sales teams have room to improve their results, you need a proven consultant to come in and review, realign, and revive your sales process so that results restart. Our process includes an audit and assessment of current results, powerful coaching, and sales training for members of the sales team, a sales process overhaul, revised scripts, and ongoing development coaching and consulting as needed. And if you have women selling in your organization, remember that women who sell well sell differently than the trainings you've put them through developed by men. It takes a strategic approach to build women sales leaders and we can help.

Leadership and Talent Development Consulting

The only differentiator your company has is your talent. Taking our strategic approach to combine traditional leadership development with neuroscience, coaching and focus on mental resiliency and mindset will give you the competitive edge so that your company increases operational efficiency and surpasses KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer several topics but also can create and customize a topic specifically for your organization. If you don’t see something that resonates, let’s chat about customizing a topic for you. Topics booked previously include:

  • Tighten Your Sales Game: 5 Strategies for Increasing Sales Success One Sales Person at a Time
  • The Mindset to Sell Millions: 5 Keys to Shift The Way You See Yourself and Money
  • The Inner Game of Sales: Empowering Sales and Marketing Teams to 10x Results By Increasing Personal Transformation
  • Sell, Scale and Sustain: A Proven Process to 10x Sales
  • Financial Empowerment: Building a Sales Future on Solid Ground
  • The Confidence Equation: Money Mindset + Preparedness = Sales Success
  • Financial Literacy: The Unsung Hero of Sales Success
  • From Scarcity to Abundance: Transforming Your Money Mindset for Sales Success

Every engagement is different.  Because we take a customized approached to working with your company, the time will be determined in the consultation process. We want to make sure that we allot an amount of time that is commensurate with the results you desire.

We offer both individual and group coaching.  For managers and executives, we coach them one-on-one so that they become more effective leaders who can reinforce money mindset in their teams. For sales teams, we offer group coaching.  Our group coaching is always well received because of the company community reinforcement it provides. Sessions include topics around alignment, money mindset, culture, money consciousness, sales leadership and more topics to be customized to your specific sales team challenges and goals. 

Yes.  Every organization is different and in order to be effective our approach to working with you must be tailored to produce results based on your unique differences. Our speaking, coaching and consulting will be unique to you goals, objectives, standards and people. This is the way we help you to exceed your goals and deepen your impact.

Yes. We believe that what gets attended to gets done and what gets done must be measured. Our process works in tandem with your goals and KPIs. We use several tools to track results, including but not limited to pre and post engagement surveys, skills assessments, sales results before, during and after engagement and revenue growth. 

Money mindset is how we think, act and behave around and because of money. It encompasses our core beliefs and attitudes toward money.  Money impacts each of us every single day, multiple times a day.  Our ability to have a healthy attitude and relationship with money determines how we live, lead and leverage it to impact our personal and professional pursuits. Whenever a person is offered an opportunity to learn and make changes that can impact who they are and how they see themselves, it is completely natural that they might feel skeptical. Remember, 60% of adults are financial illiterate and the were likely raised to hold beliefs around money that have never served them in a positive way.  By challenging their beliefs resistance may ensue.  Our approach to money is empowering, engaging and we create a safe space to unearth those limiting beliefs and reframe them into empowering ones that change the way we live and lead. By creating a safe, non-judgmental space for them to explore a new way to think about money and themselves, they will see the value in our work and it will also increase their loyalty to your company because you thought enough of them to offer them such development.

Awesome! To start the process of booking Dr. Darnyelle and her team, complete the contact form on this page.  A member of our team will be in touch with you within 24 business hours to book an initial consultant to learn more about you, your company, and your specific needs. As a result of our consultation, we will develop a customized proposal and engagement letter to explain our approach to working directly with your marketing and sales teams.  Upon approval, we will begin on our co-determined scope of work.

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