Who Me? Unearthing the Impostor Syndrome

If I asked 100 entrepreneurs if they ever questioned who they were and if they were qualified to charge higher rates and help their clients get results, I bet that at least 90 of them would say they have doubted themselves and their abilities more than once on the journey to building their business.   The truth is we all asked ourselves “Who me?”  at one time or another.  And that “who me?”  is enough to make you sabotage your success in your business unless you learn how to see it for what it is and equip yourself to prevent it from derailing your success in your life and business.  In this episode, I am unearthing the imposter syndrome for what it really is and offering you an opportunity to rise up into the highest and best version of yourself.  After all, the world needs your Incredible Factor

Listen in to discover:

  • What the Impostor Syndrome is
  • The Symptoms of the Impostor Syndrome
  • Ways to tell if it’s showing up in your business
  • 10 things you can do to unearth it and position yourself to step boldly into your Incredible Factor and shake the planet