The Profitable Pivot

No matter where you are in the world, your world has been rocked!  In the face of what we are all dealing with, there is only one word that can describe what we all must do:  PIVOT.

In this candid episode, Darnyelle shares her personal acronym for this powerful word and offers insight into how every entrepreneur and small business owner can start a powerful, poignant pivot towards a business that will continue to serve them despite the panic sweeping our world. If you are over the fear and are ready to activate your faith so that you can handle the changes you’ll be required to make like a BOSS – you’re gonna love this episode!  Listen in to discover:

  • Why this pandemic is actually a good thing for your business
  • Five powerful steps to making the changes necessary to save your sanity and position your business for a profitable pivot
  • How looking at five things are the key to your Next Level Everything:  Purpose Intention Vision Opportunity and Trust

Powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “Your purpose is not quarantined.”
  • “Purpose and intention create a vision that maximizes opportunity and leverages trust.”

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