The Pillars of Business Optimization

If you are going to be in business, you might as well figure out how to optimize it. I remember when I first started spouting about “business optimization,”  you would have thought I had three heads.  No one knew what I was talking about but when i described it, they all wanted it. But I kept saying it over and over, every where I could.  You see, to get known, you have to become a broken record. And when you don’t get the response you want, you can’t get upset.  What I soon came to realize is that most entrepreneurs don’t think like CEOs and business owners so they’d rather start from scratch each time they are creating rather than create systems.  Who has time for that?!  {Certainly not me!!}

Now that optimization is catching on to many, I get jazzed.  Truthfully, what I enjoy the most about working with entrepreneurs and small business owners is helping them to leverage their Incredible Factor®.  In this episode, I am introducing you to my body of work, appropriately called the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System® (it’s comprised in four phases:  Define | Own| Unleash | Leverage.) and we will be spending time in this episode on the third phase of the system: Unleash as I introduce you to the Pillars of Business Optimization.  I break this phase of your Incredible Factor down into seven power pillars because it is through the creation of these in a business that the real magic happens.

Listen in to discover:

  • The 4 phases of the Leverage the Incredible Factor System
  • How the Pillars of Business Optimization work together to move businesses forward
  • Why you must unleash your Incredible Factor no matter what
  • 3 mistakes entrepreneurs often make that keep them from maximizing the pillars in their business