Ep 111 Sabrina Philipp: Called to Millions

The world is a better place with money in the hands of women.” Sabrina Philipp

About Our Guest:  Sabrina Philipp is the CEO of Sabrina Philipp International, a coaching company committed to helping women build wealth through their own online businesses. She took $800 and a one way ticket to Bali and turned it into a mission that has inspired the creation of women business owners all over the world. Sabrina Philipp International has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs design their own intentional, manageable, and profitable businesses that allow them to experience the freedom they’ve been so deeply craving. Today you can find me cooking up new cocktails (and programs!) in Scotland with my Aussie hubs Paul and our Goldendoodle Bonnie.

Episode Summary:

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a massive calling on your life and refuse to allow fear, doubt or lack of confidence to derail it?  Do you stop and think about what a life that is focused on creating a generation of people who see and understand money differently and as a result they shift the trajectory of their lives and the lives of those they love? In this episode, I sit down with Sabrina Philipp – young, gorgeous, wealthy inside and out and we talk about what it means to be called to millions and how to answer that call despite the fears, doubts and setbacks. If you are ready to bet on yourself, grab a pen and paper and listen to my conversation with Sabrina.  Listen in to discover:

  • How to show up fully for yourself
  • The 3 step process to building your business on your own terms
  • What you should be focused on if you want to create more impact and income in the world.

Powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “See if there is a bridge to help you shine in the new space.”
  • “It’s about so much more than the money; it’s about emotional freedom.”
  • “Scaling is about finding a way to help more people.”
  • “I felt a calling to help more people given my gifts.”
  • “How can I bet on myself?”

Last Book Sabrina Read:  Martin, Malcolm, and America

Favorite Quote:  “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn’t make any sense.”  Rumi 

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How to Connect with Sarina Philipp

Website: http://www.sabrinaphilipp.com

Instagram: @sabrinamphilipp

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Sabrina Philipp: Called to Millions

In this episode, I sit down with Sabrina Philipp and she says, “The world is a better place with money in the hands of women.” If that gave you chills or made the hair stand up on your arms, that is just the beginning of this mic drop after mic drop after gem drop of an interview that Sabrina and I shared. There are no words. I don’t even know how I’m finding the words right now to express to you how amazing this conversation was.  

We had many favorite parts. We had a much-needed conversation around all things women, all things money, and making the move to millions by impacting millions. There’s something else that she said that was really powerful. I actually said this in the interview. She lives in Scotland. I said I want to fly to Scotland where I would smack her, kiss her, and then give her a highfive. Even the smack is a good thing. It’s not a bad thing. She said, “Scaling isn’t about more money. Scaling is about finding way more people to help.There is no bio that can do justice to what she’s going to share as we have this conversation.

A few thoughts about who Sabrina is and the amazing company that she has started, she says, I haven’t always been the CEO of a 30person company with students and clients in nearly every country on the Earth, a husband who hops with me from country to country and my COO, and a multi-milliondollar business built from the ground up. When I started out, I was a college dropout with $800 in my pocket, a one-way plane ticket to Bali, and a commitment to make it on my own. Little did I know, that single decision would change my life forever. I want you to grab a pen and paper. I want you to take three deep breaths and clear a space for all that Sabrina is about to fill you up with. Let’s jump into my conversation with Sabrina Philipp.

Sabrina, I’m excited to welcome you to the show. How are you? 

I’m good. I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

When I met you, I was enamored by three things. Number one, I was enamored by your quiet confidence. You’re laid back in the cut and so reserved but when you open your mouth, I was like, “I need some Sabrina in my life.” That was the first thing. The second thing is that everything you share, at least I get the impression that it’s intentional. You take your time and think it through to make sure that anything that’s going to come out of your mouth is going to add value to people, which I love. The third thing that I love is that you were leaning into everybody in the group because you wanted to be fully present. I like to spend time around people like that. Why don’t you take a quick moment and let everybody know who you are in your own words? 

Thank you so much for saying that. Likewise, I loved connecting with you. I am an online business coach and I specifically focus on working with women entrepreneurs because I believe that the world is a better place with money in the hands of women. Women do good things with money and power. Women give back to their communities and families. They advance society ultimately, and that needs to include all women.

I started my business when I was 22 years old. I moved overseas to Bali, Indonesia. Honestly, I just wanted enough money to be able to travel. What ended up happening is I made a life there and lived there for three years. I scaled my business to seven figures after one year, going first from social media management, then to business coaching and consulting. Now, I have multiple seven-figure businesses and lots of team members and clients around the world.

I love that, “The world is a better place with money in the hands of women. If you were here right now, I’ll smack you and that’s a good thing. I love it because I had my mastermind retreat with my clients. Our Leverage and Scale Mastery Mastermind. There are six and multiple six-figure business owners on the move to seven figures. I know that’s a big part of your audience as well. We had a similar conversation about the power that happens when women have access to the resources to be able to shake the planet.

What made you start doing this? I get the traveling around the world. I feel like I read somewhere in your story that you were just traveling and then you were like, “I need to do something.” The next thing you know, it’s seven figures. What was it? I saw that you have this massive community of hundreds of thousands of women that are all rallying around your mission to get more money in the hands of women, which I love. 

Scaling is not about finding a way to make more money. It’s about finding a way to help more people.

For me, I started doing social media management. The way it started shifting to business coaching is my entire client base was women. They were like, “Your business is growing. Can you help me with mine?” That’s how it started. My first clients were my social media clients. I started to make the transition. The first business program that I offered was a social media group program, how to use social media to grow your business. That’s how I made the transition.

That’s something I tell my clients a lot if they’re thinking about switching niches or industries. Maybe see if there’s a bridge of how you can use your expertise to shine in that new space. For me, getting attention on social media has been something that has helped me grow my business but it’s also been an asset for helping my clients.

When I was in college, I created a social media campaign that went viral. That was my first introduction to using social media for social good. Taking those skills and applying them to my own business and my clients’ businesses is what allowed me to scale my business because when I was featured on Forbes around August 2017, I knew how to make that article go viral and it did. It had 100,000 views in the first 24 hours. Four years later, it has maybe 380,000 views. It continues to get longevity and views several years later and keep contributing business. It’s like, how do you take that press to social media and convert that into sales? That’s where the magic is for me, at least.

That’s also where a lot of people struggle. They’re spending all this time hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, LinkedIn, wherever they might be. It’s not computing and connecting in a way that is turning into cashflow to make sense for the amount of time that they’re spending there. I want to have your noodle on that a little bit. I don’t want you to necessarily give all of your secrets away, but what were some of the things that you did to make that initial article go viral that you were able to replicate when you were featured in Forbes? If you can drill it down to maybe 2 or 3 steps. 

With the Forbes article specifically, this can apply to any piece of press, launching a podcast, launching a group program, whatever you might do. I took the principles of getting out to vote and political campaigning and affiliate marketing. I created this big Facebook group of maybe 300 people. I had massive data lists of travel Facebook groups and business Facebook groups. We rewarded people for sharing the article in those other groups and on social media.

The thing about press is it’s only the first 24 hours that matter. It’s not like you need to do this big seven-day campaign. It’s just about the first 24 hours. Because there was that time crunch, it was easy to get people to share within that time period because it was such a small commitment, and we gamified the process so that they were rewarded for their participation. That same strategy is what I’ve used with my Goalcast video that has fourteen million views, with my podcast when I launched that. I’m seeing a lot of people do that strategy and that’s very common nowadays, but it had never been done before back then.

That is smart. I love getting other people because there’s so much credibility that comes along when someone else is sharing your stuff as opposed to you sharing your stuff. Someone on your team does the legwork to find out all of the Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups or wherever people are galvanizing, that they have your idle clients in there. Someone does all of that legwork for you so that you create a list of all of those people. You then identify people in your own community that are also connected to those groups, and ask them or reward them for sharing whatever the piece is in those groups so that more people get their eyes on it.

The magic is that it’s not you going there to say, “This is Sabrina. I’m amazing. Look at me. I’m in Forbes.” It’s Susie and Karen and Rebecca, and all of these other people saying, “Look at Sabrina, she’s amazing. She’s in Forbes.” That’s powerful just of itself. We talk a lot about impacting millions to generate income at the level of millions. Whenever you can galvanize or invite other people in, it makes such a big deal. I’m reminded right now of when I was in Mary Kay cosmetics. I heard this tape of Mary Kay speaking and she said, “People support what they help to create.” That’s essentially what you’ve done, which is powerful.

I’ve seen those people who were in that launch party on Facebook group travel with me to my own free Facebook group into other pieces. They have so much fun building community and sharing a common cause that they can get behind, which is women making money on the internet and finding financial success in unconventional ways. Even if it’s not them who are having that Forbes moment, it brings people together to support that when they see someone who looks like them or looks like them getting that win.

There’s so much power in community and bringing people together for a shared cause. Teaching them that it is okay to desire money and to want to have more of it. How often in your work are you spending time breaking down those money mindsets that are threatening to keep them from getting their money to the next level? How often does that come up? 

That is 95% of coaching. Strategy is so key and I’m such a strategy person, but it’s honestly all mindset. It’s all about anxiety, feelings, fear, and limiting beliefs. I have a lot of that myself and I continue to keep pushing through that. I went through a little bit of a slump of my own and I’m on the other side of that. It’s going to happen again. It’s not just because you’ve hit a certain income level, it’ll stop. It’s going to keep coming up. Our continued desire and commitment to push through that is what brings the money. I don’t think it’s the fancy Facebook ad strategy. It’s the willingness to show up for yourself day after day.

MTOM 3 | Money Mindset
Money Mindset: What brings you money is not the fancy Facebook ad strategy. It’s your willingness to show up for yourself day after day.

I could kiss you. I was going to smack you before, but now I want to hug and kiss you because that is so good. It’s the willingness to show up for ourselves. You’re right. We hear the cliché, which is also very true that at every level, there’s a new devil. You never arrive. You’re just constantly becoming a new state of being every single time something new shows up for you. That commitment to show up for yourself is so good. I’m with you that 95% of all that we do day in and day out is the mindset. I love strategy too. I want to get in there and be like, “Do this, do this and do that.”

When you’re finished that, “Do this.” They’re like, “I don’t believe I can and I’m afraid. What about when my mom told me when I was five?” We have to journey back to support them to show up for themselves. That was so well-stated. I think about the work that you do, the work that I do, the work that many women do to champion women and create this normalization of wealth, and how choosing to do this work is rewarding but also challenging.

How often is the need for coaching because she’s not showing up for herself because she’s decided to play small? Someone in her life has told her that she’s going to get too big for her britches or whatever terminology they might use, and she decides to shrink back. What do you say to a woman who is having a shrink-back moment? 

For me, what I always love to ask them when they come with this question of, “How do I move through this?” Is it what worked for you the last time. The thing is every time you’re in that shrink-back moment or every time you’re feeling like, “I can’t do this,” you’ve probably been in that place before. We’ve convinced ourselves that, “No, this time is different. For real, this time, the business is going to go up in flames. For real, this time, the launch is not going to work. For real, this time is the end.” It’s like, “What is it? You thought this last time, what happened?”

I always have my clients journal when they’re on the other side of that moment so that when they get back to it, they can look at it. I find that reflecting back to their own words is the most powerful thing. I’ll often star messages from my clients. When they’re in that moment, I send it back to them because sometimes they need to hear it from themselves. That’s a tip I would give to anyone. Journal when you’re on the other side of something. When you’re back in another version of that, read it back to yourself because at one point you thought, “I can’t do this,” but then you did.

Sabrina, I love you so much. You said the most powerful thing I have ever heard inside the space of money mindset and shrink-back moments. You said journal so that at the time when you most need it, you have it to reflect back to yourself. It’s one thing for them to hear you say it, but it’s something else for them to hear themselves say it.

Do you know what just came up for me? I don’t know if you do this and I haven’t suggested this to a client in a while. I’m so glad you’re bringing this back to my remembrance. I’ve had clients write out their affirmations, the things they desire that they want to hold at the highest level so that they vibrate at that level. I’ve had them in the past literally record audio of them making their I am statements to themselves for them to be able to listen back.

What I’ve felt would deepen this further is first, they write it in their journal. They sit with their journal, they write it, and then they record themselves saying whatever it is at that moment so that they can go back and play it for themselves instead of even reading it because we hear differently than we read, which is so powerful. You changed so many lives.

Everybody who’s reading, if you don’t have a voice memo app on your phone, get one. We want you to do this exercise. If you’re in a high moment right now, we want you to celebrate and edify yourself for your next low moment. I’m not trying to speak low moments over you but they’re coming because at every level, there’s a new devil.

On any given day, we can wake up and something can happen that threatens to derail whether or not we are who we say that we are. When that moment comes, you need to be able to reflect back for yourself. That’s so much more powerful than calling your coach or your therapist. It’s to be able to edify yourself. There’s this gospel song and it’s called Encourage Yourself. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. That’s what this exercise is that Sabrina gave you, an opportunity to encourage yourself.

I feel like we could drop the mic and go home now. Especially working with women, and you tell me if you agree, as women, we’re everything to everybody and often not enough for ourselves. Being able to have these reflection moments that we can go back and remind ourselves who we were when we were having a good day is going to be so stinking powerful. Honestly, I feel like, “Thanks for coming out. It’s been great talking to you. Go get your reflection moment recorded, and we’ll see you next time.” We can’t stop there because there are so many more things that I want you to share with the people.

Your success is inevitable.

One of the things when I was looking at your website and looking at what you do, we touched on it a smidge but I want to go a little bit deeper. You said when money is in the hands of women, we change the world. Do you have a story, whether it’s your own story or a story of a client that you can think of where maybe they came to you, confused about not earning at the level that they knew that they should be? You helped them get to this level through your business coaching support, and then the ripple effect of what that made in their own home and their community. Do you have a story like that? I’m thinking of one too, but I would love to hear if you have a specific story where you’ve seen this play out in real-time for your clients. 

I’ve seen many stories of this. One story that particularly stands out to me is a client who came to me with a lot of anxiety and money stories. She grew up working class probably. She also grew up in a very fundamentalist home. She was told that if she had any failure, it’s because she let the devil in. It was harsh.

For me, I work with all different types of clients and backgrounds. If a client comes to me with their Christian background, I’m going to talk to them about God. If someone comes to me with their crystals, I’m going to talk to them about the universe. I can meet people where they’re at. She was going through this huge transformation where she had to know that God wanted her to be wealthy.

By imparting and sharing that message with her and shifting her beliefs, she doubled her income in the first year. She’s going to make her first million. She left the country for the first time ever. She was able to retire her husband. She’s going to buy a new house. She’s been able to give back to her community. There’s the financial liberation but it’s so much deeper than that. It’s emotional liberation and spiritual liberation. They’re able to get space from their families.

It’s about so much more than just she had all this money and bought all these things. I’ve seen her come into herself and feel confident in her faith, in her family, and in her marriage. For me, that’s the real win there. She does phenomenal things with money. She employs other women and gives back. She donates 10% of her income. She tithes. It’s so amazing to see that and to see her so happy in who she is.

I say it all the time too because I love talking about money because we have to normalize it. If we’re afraid to talk about it, we’re not going to earn it. I love talking about it but I always say that it’s not just the money for the sake of the money. It’s all of the things that money makes possible. I loved how you broke down the emotional and spiritual piece of it. The ability to be able to give to the causes and support through tithing and other means is so much more than just the money itself.

When you have access to money, you get to be able to impact at such a greater level than when you don’t. Your inability to have access to money is often tied up with your beliefs and maybe how you grew up. That’s what’s keeping you from it. You probably see this too. I see such a liberation come out of being able to realize that they could have money and it could come without hard work. I know that’s what I was told. You got to work hard for money. If it comes easily, something’s wrong with it. It’s tainted.

Those are the things that I heard. I remember the first time I had $10,000 a month. At that time, to run my business, it might’ve cost me $2,000, so I had this $8,000 leftover. I did not know what to do with myself because all I could hear in the background was my dad saying, “That money is ill-gotten. If you didn’t work for it, then you shouldn’t have it. You can’t claim it.” I get excited about the number of women who are going to be able to tell themselves a different story because they were drawn to you, to me or to some of the other champions that we have out there for women in business to realize that life happens when you have access to the resources that you need, which is powerful.

In your own story and being able to in a year, a lot of people, myself included, set a goal to cross the $1 million mark in a year. I set that goal for three years before I did it. Was there an intention behind this desire that created the millions? What was happening behind the scenes, beneath the surface that allowed you out of the country, traveling the world, at that same time, impact enough lives to generate $1 million? 

I love that you put it that way because what I always tell my clients is scaling is not about finding a way to make more money. It’s about finding a way to help more people. The $1 million came because I helped more people, which I never expected to have this size business with the number of clients that I did. I just wanted to make enough money to get by, which was my own money mindset and my own limiting beliefs, just enough to get by.

Once I was like, “This can be a much bigger thing. It’s much bigger than me,” it all started to flood in quickly. Maybe four months after my Forbes article, I had a $500,000 launch. That brought in so much income. Slightly before that, I had a $72,000-ish launch. Two months after that, I had a $250,000 launch. It all started to snowball on each other. It came from helping more people, but there was no desire by any means to make that happen. I felt a calling. When I speak, I know people listen. To an extent, that’s true for everybody. For me, I was given the gifts and it was the right time and I needed to speak up. That’s what happened and that’s why we’re here.

MTOM 3 | Money Mindset
Money Mindset: Getting attention on social media is something that can help you grow your business. It can also be an asset to help your future clients.

I love that the realization is there because sometimes we can over-analyze what happened, but the fact of the matter is as you said, scaling isn’t about making more money. It’s about deciding to help more people. Having a very clear and concrete desire and mission that with this launch at this time, I want to help the most amount of people that I can help,” is what led you down that path.

How much mindset stuff did you have to do once these big launches started showing up and this influx of cash came? Did it send you potentially down a path that made you question if this was legit? I sometimes hear from my clients, “I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. This was a one-time thing. This was a fluke.” How did you deal with that so that you could continue to have larger launches? 

I saw the opposite. I thought, “If I can do this once, then I can do this again. I can do it even bigger and I can keep doing it.” That’s an exercise and that’s a practice you have to stretch into. I also started thinking, “How can I bet on myself here?” It started being simple things like increasing my level of comforts, continuing to increase in my business, or buying myself nice things because I believed that I could make more and more money. That was what allowed me to keep stretching into those bigger months and bigger goals.

I also remember with that $500,000 launch specifically, we sold out on day one. We had to open up more spots. My mindset work was not, “Will people buy?” My mindset work was, “How am I going to hold space for this many people? What automation do I need to make sure we have in place? How can I rearrange my calendar to take care of them and make sure everyone is fully supported?” By focusing on, “They’re coming. How do we do it?” That made it a done deal in my mind. It’s already done. How do we manage that? How do we make sure everyone has a good experience?

That is so good, Sabrina. You’re dropping crazy gems, “How am I going to hold space for this many people?” It’s not, “Are people going to buy?” That is so good because “Are people going to buy?” is a limiter. “How can I hold space for this many people?” is an abundancer. I know that’s not a word. It’s the only thing that popped in. The second one is, “How can we adjust or manage the calendar to make sure everyone gets the support they need?” What I hear in there also is the assumption of success. There is no, “Is it going to happen?” It’s going to happen. The assumption is that success is going to be the result. We need to create a space to receive all of the success.

You can’t land a plane if you don’t have a runway so build a runway.

I’m over here getting my mind blown over and over again. What I love the most is the simplicity with which you articulate this. I can tell you’ve done your work. I can tell you didn’t just happen into a space, and that was the first thing that popped out of your mouth. This is innate in you. This is what you’re teaching. This is what you’re sharing, which is why you’re seeing such massive success amongst your clients. Create the runway, let’s talk about that. Practical steps, how do I create the runway? 

When it comes to setting goals for our business, whether that’s for a number of launches or units sold or whatever, we so often plan on, “How am I going to market this?” We never think about, “What do I do when this happens?” Putting more of an emphasis on onboarding clients and program delivery helps. The reason why it is so easy to enroll new clients is because I know that our program delivery is down. People are eager to sign up because they trust the results, and they’ve seen the results over and over again. The first practical step would be mapping out an ideal client journey once they enroll in the program and start putting those pieces in place.

The other thing is I have plans in my business for what programs look like at scale, super scale, super super scale. If we were to enroll more clients, how would we adjust the program? I have those plans in place now so that as we start to see those numbers, we can adjust accordingly. I never want to get to a point where I feel overwhelmed and I’m like, “What do I do now?” Because a lot of times when you see people cancel programs, shut down, get overwhelmed. For me, I know that it’s coming. I don’t always know when it’s coming but I know that it’s coming, and I know that I’m ready for it, which brings success a lot quicker because I believe that God will never give you more than you can handle. I’m telling God that I can handle a lot.

Sabrina, I’m about to fly to Scotland just so I can smack you, kiss you, and give you a highfive. That was so good. I missed it. I didn’t write it down because I was in it. You said, “I know it’s coming and I can handle it. I don’t believe God will give me more than I can handle, and I’m telling God that I can handle a lot.” If you felt that in your spirit the way that I felt that in my spirit, that was so good. I have tears in my eyes because the fact of the matter is you can handle it a lot. 

The other thing you said, “I already know what my program looks at scale, at super scale, and at super super scale.” She already knows the point at which she needs to adjust her program so that there is no limit to the number of people she can serve. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to invite you to go back to Prepare for Rain episode. This is what Sabrina is talking about right now, preparing for rain. She already knows. My question to you is, have you taken the time to already know what it looks like at scale? I probably need to go back one step even further. What it looks like today, what it looks like at scale, what it looks like at a super scale, and then super super scale, and then identify what you have to pull out.

Let go of any perception of righteousness. If you can drop that ego, that’s when you can meet someone heart to heart.

I would imagine that maybe some of the programs, let’s say a higherend program, might have some private calls in there. They might get some milestone calls at specific points in their journey. When you get to the point where you have, I don’t know what super super scale is, it’s going to be different for everyone, but let’s say super super scale is 500 people. At that point, that version of the program may not have private calls in it because the number of coaches you’d have to have on your team to be able to support them might be non-existent. 

You need to think it through. This is vision point versus vantage point. When you build your business based on where you’re going instead of where you are now, you do this work. You break down. Scale for me is 50 people. Super scale for me is 150 people. Super super scale is 300 people. What’s going to be different inside of the program at each of those levels?

I heard Sabrina in that mastermind we were in together and I was like, “I have got to have more of her in my life.” You are welcome because I know that you have gotten nugget after nugget in this conversation that we’ve had together. I’m hoping for you is you will read this episode multiple times, and you will download the lessons between the lessons and do this work. There are two powerful exercises that Sabrina has given you.

Number one, journal from your high point so that when you’re at your next low point, you have something to look back on. I deepen that and said, after you journal it, record it, say it to yourself so that you can listen back to yourself saying it. Secondly, think about your business based on where you want to be because if you make your capacity expandable, then your capacity will expand.

There will never be a time when you can’t serve, you can’t create the impact that will lead to the income you want, adding beyond the $1,000,000 mark if you’re thinking about it in advance. This is another mic drop moment. Let’s round out. Final thoughts. As we prepare to close, anything else that you want to leave with our readers? 

Your success is inevitable. That’s it. Your success is inevitable and you’ve got this. You’ve always got this. You’ve never not got this.

That’s good. Before I let you go, I’ve got to ask you our three closing questions. The first question is, what is your favorite quote? 

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there,” by Rumi. The quote is about dropping, “I did this. You did that,” and any perceptions of righteousness and letting that go beyond that. If you can drop that ego, that’s where you can meet someone heart to heart. For me, that’s important in this day and age.

The last book you read?

Martin & Malcolm & America.

One tool that you swear by as you continue to move your business to millions. 

MTOM 3 | Money Mindset
Money Mindset: Increase your comfort by buying yourself nice things knowing that you will make more money. Keep stretching your mindset into bigger goals.


This has been phenomenal. Honestly, I know that some people are going to get their life, especially if they go through the process of doing those two exercises. It’s extremely powerful. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and hang out with me. You have given me so much enrichment for my soul. I’m grateful to know you and I’m looking forward to continuing to deepen our connection and relationship. 

I love knowing you too. Thank you so much for having me. I feel like I’ve got such a friend and a sister here.

I’m going to assume that you’re not driving. If you are driving, you’re somewhere over on the side of the road because there were too many gems being dropped for you to be able to drive through that. You needed to get pen and paper and write some of the goodies down. There are so many magical, amazing, incredible things that popped out of Sabrina’s mouth. Did you catch her vibe? My assistant said, “She’s a whole vibe.She’s cool, calm and collected but everything she says packs power, which to me states her intention and her desire to be fully focused on helping you to get what it is that you need.

She gave two powerful exercises during the interview. In case you happen to miss them, I’m going to use this time to remind you of what they are. We talked a little bit about those shrink-back moments, what happens when you have a shrink back if you’re not careful, and the best way to get out of it. She said and I quote, “What I do when my clients have this moment is I remind them of what they did the last time it happened.”

She suggested that they grab a journal and write how they’re feeling in a high moment so that when they have a shrink back moment, they have something to refer to. I put my Darnyelle on it and said, journal it but then also record it so that you have an audio representation of you reminding yourself of how bad Mama Jama you are. We both know that Sabrina didn’t actually say bad Mama Jama. I don’t even know if that’s in her vocabulary. She’s way too laid back for that.

The second powerful exercise was all around this thought that God will never give you more than you can handle but because you are his, you can handle a lot. You’ve got to give him permission to give you more by operating your business from your vision point and not your vantage point, Darnyelle‘s words, not Sabrina’s. The exercise was simply looking at your company and asking yourself this question, what does my program look like at scale, super scale, and super super scale, whatever those mean to you. Also, being clear from an onboarding and service delivery standpoint exactly what’s going to need to be modified so that you never have to turn people away. 

You are created to impact millions so that you could generate millions. That is only going to happen if you are prepared for rain and you are doing the work in advance. You’re vision casting what it’s going to be like when you get there. That is the fastest way to make sure that you do arrive. Two things I know for certain, Sabrina gave you a literal blueprint of exactly what you can do to start being the impact you want to see in the world and the impact that’s going to take you all the way to the million-dollar mark. I’ll see you next time.

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MTOM 3 | Money Mindset

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