Stages Of Breakthrough

“Only when you are able to confess that something is not right can you open yourself up to a breakthrough.”  Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA

Anyone who’s ever been stuck knows that it’s not always easy to get unstuck and move into a pattern of growth.  In today’s episode, I introduce you to the stages of breakthroughs. Every person who desires something other than their reality has to go through each of the stages and what’s waiting for them at the end is a powerful celebration that they’ve done it, they’ve reached the other side. If you’re tired of being stuck in struggle and you’re ready to strut in significance, this episode is for you.  Listen in to discover:

  • Why strategy alone won’t alleviate the challenges you’re experiencing
  • What questions to ask yourself at every stage in the process
  • How to experience breakthrough after breakthrough

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Powerful Quotes from Darnyelle during the Episode:

  • “You have to be conscious that a problem exists if you want to solve it.”
  • “You cannot conquer what you confuse to confront.”
  • “Confessing to yourself is the first step of shitting to the next stage.”
  • “If you’re not willing to commit, you won’t get your breakthrough.”
  • “Creation is the process of identifying the plan you’ll use to get to the other side.”

The Six Stages Mentioned in The Episode:

  1. Conscious – acknowledge that there is something keeping you from your next level
  2. Confession – confess what EXACTLY is off and what you feel needs an alignment check
  3. Commitment – deciding to take ownership of what is wrong is pivotal to the breakthrough
  4. Creation – crafting a plan that will bring what you crave into view is an important part of living your breakthrough
  5. Consistency – doing what must be done every single day is how you get to the other side of the breakthrough
  6. Celebration – knowing what is waiting for you on the other side will propel you forward

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