Ep 124 Reflections After Move To Millions Live

“This event fed my soul.” – Jasmin Haley, Attendee

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After a year of rebranding, our vision culminated into the first ever Move to Millions Live Event where more than 100 entrepreneurs from around the world converged on Wilmington, Delaware for a truly life changing experience.  Listen in as I share my thoughts.  Spoiler Alert:  my events tend to leave me speechless, unable to utter the words that truly express the sentiment of the experience and this was no different. After holding live events for more than a dozen years, this event was THE event I was born to lead, and I can’t wait to do it again.  If you missed it or were there, listen in as I reflect on what the experience meant for me – the realization of a dream that had been deferred for far too long but this dream is now alive and kicking and ready to shake the planet!  Grab pen and paper and listen in to discover

  • The #1 mindsets you must master if you have millions on your mind
  • Why gathering together with like minds accelerators your move to millions
  • How to maximize a live event if you desire to host your own in the future

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

  • Knowing who you are and leading an event from that significance is the true game changer
  • Move to Millions was for the attendees a homecoming experience, finally they’d found the place where they are to thrive and create legacy
  • Focusing on your vision point keeps the momentum up until you reach your next level

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Reflections After Move To Millions Live

This episode is powered by the MOVE to Millions group on Facebook. If you are a millions-minded entrepreneur and you want to find your people, join us at MoveToMillionsGroup.com. I am so excited, yet I still haven’t found the words, but I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. For those of you who did not join us at MOVE to Millions live, which happened May 25th through the 27th here in 2022, I’m going to do my best to unpack this experience from my perspective. I held our after party for our attendees. Maybe some of you happen to join us there. I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer about what the event did and what it is from my perspective. This episode is all about me and what hosting the first-ever MOVE to Millions live event did for me.

The Million Dollar Winning Formula

First and foremost, I was completely surrendered. My second session was called The Million-Dollar Winning Formula and in my opinion, it is comprised of three things, surrender, alignment and forgiveness. I will come back to that in a second. I started extremely surrendered. I was not attached to any outcome except the one where the attendees be edified and God be glorified. That was it.

I didn’t even set a financial goal with my team. I know that probably sounds crazy, “You are a business coach and strategist. You help people have million-dollar live events. How did you not set a goal for your very own live event?” It was simple. I believe Romans 8:31, which says, “If God is before you, who can be against you?” I know that there is no way in the world I could have God at the forefront. I could seek him first and he adds all things unto me.

I decided a few years ago to stop chasing the number. Because I decided to stop chasing the number, I could be completely surrendered. I hear you right now in my head saying, “You are a business owner and a business coach. You help other people make the MOVE to Millions, but I heard you say that you are not chasing the number.”

It probably sounds crazy, but I am not chasing the number. I talk about money and I talk about millions because I believe they are your birth. I believe that in order for you to access them, you’ve got to move. I believe that your ability to shake the planet hinges on your ability to shift the way you see yourself, which is also about shifting the way you see the money.

Stop chasing the numbers.

I talk about money so much because I want to normalize it because it needs to be an everyday thing. You’ve probably heard me say before that 2,300 times in the Bible money, wealth, and possessions are referenced. They are talked about so much because it should be a normal thing. You are a child of the most high God. That means you should have access to wealth and abundance at all times at all terms.

That’s why I talk about millions so much, but in my own personal life, money is a tool, not a yardstick. It’s not the thing that I measure my validation or my confidence upon. It happens to be that I have a lot of it because I learned how to surrender, align and forgive. When I think about MOVE to Millions live and doing it for the very first time, you know the story because you’ve been here.

If this is your first time here, welcome. I’m so excited you are here. You are going to want to go back to the beginning of this season at least to understand our journey about how we got to MPVE to Millions and this show. It’s because I made a decision that I was going to do this work and I was going to position others to normalize wealth and legacy inside of their life experience because of their business.

For me, the culmination of the very first MOVE to Millions live was ridiculous and amazing. I’m going to try my best to use my words to describe to you the experience that it has created from my viewpoint, vision point or vantage point. I can tell you that I’m not going to do it justice because there are no words to describe what I watched unfold.

Day 1: The Unfolding Of The Event

We had been building up to MOVE to Millions live for more than a year. It was October the 23rd, 2020 when God gave me the three words. February 2021 is when we started the rebrand of the company, focusing on moving six-figure entrepreneurs to the million-dollar mark. We started planning for the live events probably in December 2021. That’s about six months to get to the realization of watching 100 people in the room. We sold more tickets, but COVID got us. Many people didn’t come because they were still testing positive for COVID-19. We were very adamant that we were creating a safe space for our attendees. We wouldn’t let anyone attend that had a positive COVID test.

We had about 100 and some change, maybe 120 to 125 people in the room. It was ridiculous and amazing. It was like the two fish and the five loaves of bread. It didn’t matter how many people were there. It felt like my vision of thousands of people experiencing the content and the experience. The energy in the room was very light. From the moment I took the stage on day one and I was looking cute. Hopefully, you’ve seen the pictures. If you are not following me online, you might want to go and follow me so you can check out some of the pictures. I was looking cute.

From the moment I stepped on the stage or from the moment I walked into the room, I could feel the sweet spirit of God. It was so light, energetic and welcoming. That was the energy that we created. It was absolutely beautiful. We upped the ante on the visual experience that we create. We created an environment that would make the attendees feel like they were millionaires. That was our mission and impetus for this event. I wanted it to be an experience that would stay with them and they would be thinking about it often.

The way that we do our live events, they are three and a half days. For our VIP attendees, they come a half-day earlier for a four-hour VIP session. This 2022 in the VIP session, I personally taught the Million-Dollar Launch Formula. It was amazing. You know how you have those moments when you are so good, you can’t believe it yourself. That 90-minute content that I taught was amazing. I felt the lights coming on for the attendees. That was amazing for me.

We then welcomed Lucinda Cross. If you do not know who Lucinda is, go follow her on Instagram @LucindaCross, Chief Activator and the author of The Big ASK. She taught on how to get big brands to write you big checks. What I loved about that session is that it’s not what you thought is going to take you to getting those big checks. It’s easier than you think to be able to get them. It was another powerful session.

That VIP day for me was the start of something incredible. The attendees said, “I could leave now and I got more than I paid for.” That’s how powerful the VIP day was, but that was just the start. It was a half-day. We ended the evening with our welcome reception. We always do a welcome reception on day zero. Good food, good music, and giving the attendees an opportunity to get acclimated to the experience. We get to let our hair down. We get to dance a little bit. I love to dance. I love music. I don’t know if you know that about me, but I absolutely do. It was an amazing party.

Money is a tool, not a yardstick.

On day one, the morning of May the 25th, it all began. I walked downstairs. My team did an amazing job executing my vision for the visual experience I wanted to create for the attendees. It was gorgeous. From there, we started with our preview of the MOVE to Millions docu-series. If you have been following, we went on tour and we showed the docu-series in a few cities. We started with that because that docu-series is the best way to introduce me. I got a speaker sizzle. I got a stage introduction, but that docu-series is a great way to be introduced because it highlights some of the clients that I had the opportunity to get to the million-dollar mark, which is pretty awesome.

From there, I took the stage. In my very first session, I will probably do that as a separate episode. I will do my “How I got here.” I told the whole story, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of my own move to millions journey. I forget sometimes that often when you are first connecting with me, you connect with me and I’m already making multiple millions.

I forget to take people all the way back to the beginning. If you’ve been watching, participating or following this show since the beginning, then you could go all the way back to episode three, when it was still the Leverage Your Incredible Factor Podcast. You would hear Ramen Noodles and a Dream where I unpacked some of my stories. I will do a whole episode about how I got here because that would be powerful.

I was standing on the stage, looking out at the attendees, looking as good as I wanted to look, and I was thinking, “I belong here.” This is the event and message. This is what I was created to allow the world to experience, and it felt so juicy good. From that session, I moved into the Million-Dollar Winning Formula and that was all about alignment, surrender and forgiveness. We talked about the forgiveness protocol.

We talked about your inner seven-year-old. We talked about preparing for rain and how to get back into alignment. We did a lot of the things that make a difference to get you to your next level because wealth is a mindset first. Million is a mindset. It’s a construct in your mind first. After you think it, believe in it, speak over yourself about it, and act like it, you’ll get the results of it.

We got into that Million-Dollar Winning Formula. I talk about forgiveness all the time. I’m not even sure if I have done an episode about forgiveness. I need to look back and if I haven’t, I need to do one. I can’t remember if I have done one. I don’t think I have. I’m going to have to add an episode on forgiveness. We are going to do the “How I got here” as an episode, and then we’ll also do an episode about forgiveness.

Session three was called the Millionaire in Me. In this session, we talked about how to see themselves as millionaires. The embodiment and the ownership of what it takes. The journey starts by being. Who must you be? We talked a lot about the model of abundance. I had them write a big check to themselves, which was powerful so that they could begin to see themselves the way that God has always seen them, and it’s going to be absolutely essential that they see themselves in order to step into that.

We finished out that session with them walking around the room reciting, “There’s a millionaire in me,” so that they could get used to saying it and speaking it over themselves. The power of the words that you speak over yourself is essential. It’s so big. I’m just on day one, then we moved into a session on what needs to happen before you make the move. Preparing yourself logistically, mentally, physically and professionally. What needs to happen for you to make the move to million dollars?

That’s the session I wish I had in 2014 when I crossed a million dollars for the very first time, and no one had told me. We talked about making sure you are in the right tax entity. We talked about making sure that you have a financial management team. You have the right people in place so that you can truly help yourself get to where it is that you want to be inside of your business, and then we rounded out the day. That was the end of the core day, and then we did the evening session.

In the evening session, I did a panel with my coaching team and we talked about a lot of different things. We talked about fear and the things that keep people from making the decision to go to the next level. We talked about so much, and then we culminate it in what I call The Whisper. The Whisper exercise is such a powerful exercise. It’s one of those that you had to be there, but that was day one.

The power of the words that you speak over yourself is essential.

Day 2: Moved To Millions Awards

At the end of day one, I felt like I had arrived. I felt like the moment that I had been praying for had materialized and I was better because it had. It was amazing and ridiculous, and I got so excited about day two day. The theme of day two was the asset. It was all about helping them to get the assets in place. We introduce and started the day with the million-dollar assets. I broke down all seven. There’s an episode on this show that already talks about the $7 million assets.

Fred Wingate, who is a coach on our team, taught million-dollar marketing trends. That session was so powerful. I’m going to bring him on the show and we’ll talk about million-dollar marketing trends. That’s what we are going to do. You guys don’t even realize how you are giving me episodes to round out this season, but I’m going to bring Fred on and we’ll talk about some million-dollar marketing trends, which was powerful.

I did a session that I call Mindset For Millions On Money Consciousness and Money Fear and Overcoming the Money Blocks. We went into the afternoon highlighting our clients with our MOVE to Millions Awards ceremony. We awarded all of the revenue clubs, our quarter of a million, half a million, and three-quarters of a million in our MOVE to Millions Award. We gave away a total of 25 awards at the event, which is powerful.

From there, we introduced our client success panel, and then I offered people the opportunity to learn how to work with us. The afternoon came and we went into million-dollar sales strategies, which rounded out our day, and then in the evening, we did our super friends panel, which is my 6 and 7-figure girlfriends. That was an amazing conversation. It was so good.

Day 3: The End And The Beginning

Day three came and it was all about the legacy. We rounded out day three with our MOVE to Millions panel. All of the clients who had made millions were live at the event. We talk about the million-dollar dream team and hiring from your vision point and not your vantage point. We finished the afternoon with our final Millions Talks. We rounded out the day.

Our closing ceremony is ridiculous and amazing in and of itself. We took a quick break and came back. We read the MOVE to Millions manifesto. It is so important if you desire to move to millions that you get this manifesto. I’m talking about the manifesto in grand detail inside of my book. We did our signature closing with our slinkies and our closing song, and it was a wrap except it wasn’t. It was the beginning of this movement that God had me create. I have never been more excited, pleased and interested in doing a body of work to transform lives.

Can I tell you? Every single person told me that their life changed. One person said to me, “You are healing my soul.” The way that the attendees have been blowing up my DMs has still tagged us. More than a week later, they are still tagging us talking about the experience. I feel so good and complete. I feel like the work that I have been called to do is the work that I get to do. My hope and prayer for you are that the day will come when you will get to feel good, or maybe you are in it right now about the work that you are doing. That brilliance will not only make room for you to impact the lives you’ve been called to, but that brilliance will move you to millions.

Here’s what I know, I think Zig Ziglar said it first, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” On this mission to help others get what they want, my cup is so full. In fact, my cup run over and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I hear first Corinthians 2:9, “My eyes haven’t seen, my ears haven’t heard.” Neither has it entered into my heart. What it is that God wants to do for me just because I love him, just because I said yes, just because I’m committed to normalizing wealth and abundance for entrepreneurs.

The statistics alarm me. They are not nice but I know what is possible when you leverage the Million-Dollar Winning Formula, and when you start by building a wealth mindset long before it lands in your bank account, and you focus on preparing your company and building a team to impact and experience income at that level. I’m excited. I want to say one other thing, and then I’m going to call it an episode. I’m glad I took notes of all the things I’m going to share with you in future episodes.

We also launched our store. I think we have got ten t-shirts available altogether. I want to invite you to go to DrDarnyelle.com/shop to check out our new t-shirts. We have got a t-shirt that says, “Legacy is financial,” and “My bank account has two commas.” We got, “Make millions, move millions, lead millions.” We got the MOVE to Millions signature shirt. We got, “God girls making millions,” and we have got, “You don’t have to choose. Love God and make millions.”

This is the work that I was born to do. I know that because you guys are so resonant with what we are talking about. At the time of this recording, we have 160,000 downloads. Let me tell you why this is powerful for me because this show had a different name originally. You may have been listening since it was the Leverage Your Incredible Factor show. I did 100 episodes and we had maybe 25,000 downloads. That’s not great. That’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things.

I love being transparent about the journey because I don’t want anybody to believe that I woke up like this. We had 25,000 downloads divided by 100 episodes. That’s on average 250 downloads an episode, which isn’t bad. Not a lot of people even get that many, but now we have 160,000 downloads for our 120 episodes. We have got an average now of 1,300 downloads.

You guys get it. You get this MOVE to Millions. I’m grateful to you. I thank you in advance for helping us to spread the word so more people can learn about this powerful show. I’m so excited about the work because this live event was just the beginning. We are going to open up our afterglow rate so that you have an opportunity to grab your ticket for 2023.

May 24th through the 26th, 2023, we’ll be in the Washington DC area. If you want to grab your ticket, you can go to MOVEtoMillionsEvent.com. I love you guys so much and I’m so grateful for this mission, this mantle, this mandate, and this MOVE to Millions because I know that God desires you to make millions, to move millions and most undoubtedly, to live millions. I will see you guys next time. Take care.

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