Reejade Richmond: Secure Your Legacy

“If what you produce has a value of one cent, it should be protected.”  ReeJade Richmond

About our Guest:

When women are finally ready to secure their legacy and build their business ASSets, there is only one woman in the world they can call.

And her name is ReeJade Richmond.  

An acclaimed business strategist, ReeJade is empowering women to embrace their true power boss-ness, turning their businesses into billion-dollar empires. By taking the complexity out of  business, ReeJade’s, clients soon realize that their epic ideas and extraordinary skills in their heads and hands today will be worth multi-millions, if not billions… in their bank accounts tomorrow! 

A first-generation college graduate, ReeJade finished law school determined to live the fairytale of being successful. Landing a position with one of the top intellectual property firms in the Detroit Metro area, she quickly earned her superstar spot, working on coveted accounts such as the U.S. Postal Stamp that preserved Rosa Parks’ legacy, estate matters for Aretha Franklin and the continued preservation of Malcolm X’s and Alex Haley’s heirs’ legacy.

ReeJade saw how her employer handled business matters and treated his clients and it made her realized she did not want to work at a law firm. But the riskiness and uncertainty of entrepreneurship was never in the cards for her—or so she thought.

She is a SERVANT. She is a LEGACY MAKER. She is ReeJade Richmond.

Episode Summary

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen entrepreneurs and small business owners alike make is thinking they have time to protect their content, programs and overall brand and that legacy thinking can wait.  Many business owners are creating these businesses that are making an impact worldwide and their vision, works, and legacy is left unprotected. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for every person in business to secure their legacy.  To help, I’ve invited Reejade Richmond, Esq to break down how simple it can be to start the process. If you thought that simply putting the copyright or trademark symbol behind your creations was enough or you’ve been wondering how to protect the blood, sweat and tears you’ve been hustling and grinding to create, you need to listen in to discover:

  • 3 simple steps you can take TODAY to start securing your legacy and claim your legal rights
  • Why protecting your ASSets is essential in today’s marketplace
  • What’s at stake when you fail to value your content, creativity or connection to clients high enough

Powerful Quotes During the Episode:

  • “I didn’t have the luxury to grieve or cry.” Reejade Richmond
  • “Bankruptcy felt like I wasn’t honoring God or myself.”  ReeJade Richmond
  • “Throughout the whole process, I had a sense of peace.”  ReeJade Richmond
  • “You are not a true owner until you have Intellectual property rights.”  ReeJade Richmond
  • “Federal Law trumps state law.”  ReeJade Richmond
  • “If what you create has a value of one penny, it needs to be protected.”  ReeJade Richmond
  • “A Business asset is anything that has value.”  ReeJade Richmond
  • “Why make millions if you can’t protect your ability to make millions more.”  ReeJade Richmond

ReeJade’s Incredible Factor Wisdom Questions:

Last book ReeJade read:  Believe Bigger Marshawn Evans Daniels

Favorite Quote:   “Time waits for no woman.”  Unknown

Tool ReeJade can’t live without to grow her business:    her cellphone

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