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Episode Summary

In this week’s episode, I’m interviewing my longtime client and friend, Marissa Q. Paine of the Painefree Coaching and Consulting Group. She’s powerful and passionate about helping people shift – personally, professionally and in relationships. Marissa is one of the best whoever did it and the world is definitely a better place because she is leveraging her Incredible Factor. We started talking about our work together (going from six figure contractor to multiple six figure business) and ended up sharing some powerful nuggets that will change your life if you let them, especially when you are ready for a massive shift to live your best life.  Enjoy.

Listen in to hear:

  • Why you must do it even if you’re afraid
  • The power that comes in walking into the highest version of yourself
  • Why you must continue to grow and evolve no matter what
  • The value of being in a space that feeds your whole self

About Marissa:

Marissa Q. Paine is a powerful tour de force in the space of transformation.  She is the principle of the Painefree Coaching and Consulting Group, Co-Founder of the Foundation for Successful Marriage and the talent behind the powerful brand Marissa Q. Paine. She’s a visionary and everyday wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and servant of the Most High on her way to a business and life beyond her wildest imagination.

A celebrated consultant and strategist in leadership, board and team development and organizational change management, Marissa is also a transformational life coach, hopelessly addicted to helping highly- motivated, professional women (and men) to confront their fears and create the life their hearts truly desire but their heads just couldn’t make happen. 

Marissa is the proud co-host of the Life, Love & Leadership with Dr. James & Marissa Q. Paine podcast and co-founder of the Foundation for Successful Marriages where she and her husband of nearly twenty- five years help couples prepare for lifelong love and prevent needless divorce. 

Through her Power-of-the-Peer Exhalerate® Groups Marissa has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives through life and leadership transitions including business start-ups and start-overs, career promotions and departures and of course the unexpected, but profound self-discovery and personal development. 

An expert in all things people, Marissa holds a master’s degree in social work from Washington University in St. Louis and a wide range of certifications including relationship coaching, emotional intelligence.

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