Fred Fistzgiles: Note to Self

 “The power of proximity is like basic math, who’s adding to you? Putting you in a position to multiply.” – Fred Fistzgiles

About Our Guest:

Fred Fistzgiles is the founder and CEO of It’s Time to Lead Personal Growth Solutions. He is a man of God, a 30 year seasoned IT professional and multimedia consultant, a father, a husband, a pop up, a family man, a media guy and a technology geek who loves old school music and has a genuine heart to help others. He’s been a student of personal development for more than 20 years, and became in 2016, a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach and trainer.

Episode Summary

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There are those who are calling for 2021 to be the year of self.  If 2020 left you wondering who you are, what value you add and most importantly how you were created to make a difference, you’re going to love this episode with Fred Fistzgiles. Fred invites us all to make a note to self – to look inward and focus on self-awareness, self-care, self-belief, self-motivation and what’s been waiting for you to show up all along. Before you set another goal, make another decision about how to move your business forward or determine that this is the year that you finally do what you’ve been thinking about – stop, grab pen and paper and listen – listen to yourself.  Listen to the power that is unearthed as Fred walks you through exercise after exercise.  2021 is the year of self and you, Incredible One are in for the ride of your life! 

Listen in to discover:

  • What self-awareness looks like and how to protect it
  • Five shifts of self-belief and how to always bet on yourself and come out on top
  • The power of proximity and the role it plays in self-actualization

Powerful Quotes During the Episode:

– “Face the reality of their mentality” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “I can’t go anywhere but up” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “Stay so busy to build confidence” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “There were levels to it” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “Life is all about choices, accept the consequences” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “I had to persevere and push through” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “If you don’t believe in yourself borrow the belief” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “You chase money your milestone becomes a tombstone” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “It is not success to me its Significance”  – Fred Fistzgiles

– “Life changes when you focus on Significance” – Fred Fistzgiles

– “We can’t lead anybody until we learn to lead ourselves” – Fred Fistzgiles

Fred Fistzgiles’ Incredible Factor Wisdom Questions:

Last book Fred Fistzgiles read: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Favorite Quote“Sorry, you can’t pick my brain. I do not offer business insight and strategy is a complimentary service.” Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Tool Fred Fistzgiles swears by to grow his business:  Live Streams.

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