Ep 252 – Crystal Perkins: Tap Into Your Power

About Our Guest:

While many settle for the good, she doesn’t stop until she’s obtained anything but the great. And she empowers others to do the same. As an author, business strategist, boutique owner, and manifestation coach for women around the nation, Crystal Perkins is best known for shifting women from struggle, stress and strain to a life of purpose and profit. Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs get clear on their life and business goals, Crystal has pushed many to authentically evolve, create multiple streams of income, and live the abundant life GOD intended for us all.. 

Affectionately known as “The Manifestation Queen” by many, Crystal not only serves as the CEO of three million-dollar brands—but she is intentional about birthing six-figure CEOs worldwide through her signature company, GOD + GOALS.

 When she’s not manifesting new levels and empowering women worldwide, she’s creating new memories with her family, traveling, spending time outside in her flower bed, and resting.            

Episode Summary:

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“If you want to see your strength, become an entrepreneur.” I remember the first time I heard someone say this. I was sitting in an audience as one of a thousand people listening to a speaker who had just undergone something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. This woman was taking it like a champ and expressed how she had become better for the adversity she faced at a time in her career that became a defining moment. As I chatted with this week’s guest, Crystal Perkins, a similar feeling washed over me. This time, however, I knew that others would be able to benefit from the wisdom and clarity that comes in the wake of a storm.

Together, we unpack the vital themes of surrender, healing, and letting go-crucial keys to manifesting new beginnings. We challenge the notion of becoming “fearless” and highlight the power of embracing fear as a catalyst for growth. As we shed light on the importance of aligning with your vision and the opportunities that await when you take bold steps toward your higher self, my prayer is that you are more than inspired, you feel validated. Whether you’re navigating a dry season or seeking to elevate your mindset, this episode is packed with wisdom and actionable strategies to help you move towards million-dollar success with grace, ease and freedom.

By learning to tap into your power, Crystal shares a masterclass in purpose and manifestation that will help you to go from the storm to significance in every area of your life. By sharing her powerful story of current adversity, Crystal charts a path of transparency and vulnerability that is sure to be a source of inspiration as you finish this year. With her mantra of “you cannot take an old version of you into a new season,”  grab your Move to Millions Podcast Notebook, some tissue and prepare to listen in to discover:  

  • The three step process for navigating a season of disruption
  • How to determine where your misalignment is messing with your millions
  • How to make a conscious decision to stop suffering
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes from The Episode:

  • “”It’s not impossible. It’s not aligned.” Crystal
  • “Embody the next level woman to manifest the next level of millions.” Crystal
  • “The journey of greater belief is about being obedient to what’s new.” Crystal
  • “There’s a reason you feel uncomfortable – lean into it.”  Crystal
  • “You cannot take an old version of yourself into a new season.”
  • “God will let you live on whatever level you settle for.”
  •  “Fear is not going away; it’s designed to keep us safe. Be excited by fear and lean into it.”
  •  “Aligning your conscious and subconscious beliefs is key to manifesting abundance and regaining your power.”
  • “Surrender, heal, and let go—these are the three keys to manifesting and bringing about newness in life and business.”
  • “There are opportunities and people aligned with your path waiting for you on the other side of discomfort.”

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Favorite Quote: “God will let you live on whatever level you settle for.”

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Crystal Perkins [00:00:00]:
Those dry seasons come and they go, and I try to always stay in a place of alignment, even when all hell is breaking loose around me. Because again, I choose not to stay in the level of suffering. I choose not to exhibit these. And even when I do have those low vibrational moments, you pull me right out of.

Darnyelle [00:00:28]:
You’Re listening to the Move to Millions Podcast with Dr Darnyelle J. Harmon. If you’re ready for high level conversations that position and prepare you to move your company cash flow and connection to and beyond the million dollar mark, let’s get this party started. This episode is powered by Haus of Millions, the only business advisory consulting suite that will serve and support you regardless of where you are on the Move to Millions Continuum. If you have millions on your mind, everything you need is in the house. Learn more and secure your seat [email protected]. i am so excited to be back with another episode of the Move to Millions Podcast. In the event that this is your very first time listening.

Darnyelle [00:01:20]:
Welcome. I am so excited that you are here. I am your host, Dr Darnyelle Jervey Harmon. My name means the secret place where dreamers go to dream. So because you’re here, you better get to dreaming about these millions. I am excited about you learning what it takes to make move and eventually leave millions of dollars with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. If you are here for the very first time, please know that I am the absolute best at combining spiritual principles with business growth strategy so that you explode your results while becoming the best version of yourself. Our clients are better parents, leaders, humans, all because of our powerful community.

Darnyelle [00:02:09]:
And we are so excited that you are here if you come here frequently. Hey, welcome back to another episode. I’m excited for you. My conversation today with our guest is about to take all of the hairs on your arms and stand them on. And I’m excited to share with some of you, maybe for the first time, while presenting to others our client, Crystal Perkins, the CEO of God and Goals. We have such an amazing conversation. Working with Crystal over the last two years has been ridiculous and amazing. I awarded her a moved to Millions award in 2023 at Move to Millions Live and this past Move to Millions Live.

Darnyelle [00:02:52]:
She got the million dollar year award. That’s right. She is a business that we helped get to the million dollar mark that is sustaining her million dollar company and I cannot wait to get into everything that we talked about in this powerful conversation. While many settle for the good, she doesn’t stop until she’s obtained anything but the great. And she empowers others to do the same. As an author, business strategist, boutique owner and manifestation coach for women around the world, Crystal Perkins is best known for shifting women from struggle, stress and strain to a life of purpose and profit. Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs get clear on their life and business goal, Crystal has pushed many to authentically evolve, create multiple streams of income, and live the abundant life God intended for us all. Affectionately known as the manifestation Queen by many, Crystal not only serves as the CEO of $3 million brands, but is intentional about birthing six figure CEO’s worldwide.

Darnyelle [00:03:55]:
Through her signature company, God and Goals 2014, the struggling working class woman who once thought nothing was possible transitioned into an abundance magnet in a little under a year, proving to herself and those around her that all things are indeed possible. By launching her faith based boutique, Faithful chicks boutiques, in 2014, Crystal began the mission to equip women with the tools, resources and strategies to manifest the life they deserve and desire. Crystal humbly admits that while she may not have all the answers, faith and obedience are a sure compass one can depend on indefinitely. With what started as a small venture more than eight years ago has blossomed into an empire empowering women worldwide to be unapologetically successful. When she’s not manifesting new levels and empowering women worldwide, she’s creating new memories with her family, traveling, spending time outside in her flower bed and resting. I am so excited for you. Grab your move to millions Podcast notebook, your favorite pin, and a beverage because a couple of moments are going to get tight. And let’s jump into my conversation with the Crystal Perkins.

Darnyelle [00:05:10]:
Crystal Perkins, welcome to the move to Millions Podcast. How are you today?

Crystal Perkins [00:05:16]:
I am doing amazing. Thank you so much for having me.

Darnyelle [00:05:20]:
I’m so excited. I feel like this has been a long time coming. I remember when we had our interview scheduled and then who knows what happened as to why we ended up not having it. So I’m excited that we’re here today. Before we jump in, and I know there’s so many different things we can talk about, I just want to give you a moment to tell everybody who you are in your own words.

Crystal Perkins [00:05:39]:
All righty. Well, I am Crystal Perkins. I am a purpose and manifestation coach. I help black women tap into their power, discover purpose, and build million dollar brands.

Darnyelle [00:05:50]:
What does it mean to tap into your power?

Crystal Perkins [00:05:53]:
Oh, it’s deep. So, you know, growing up as women of faith, particularly Christianity, you know, growing up as a Christian, we are taught to solely wholly depend on God for everything. You know, those. Let go, let God, you know, mentalities. And so as it relates to manifestation, manifestation, my journey of manifestation and diving deeper into spirituality taught me that I hold the power. You know, you can sit back and you could pray about it all day long, but the power, the authority, the momentum, like, everything you need is already in you. You just have to tap into it.

Darnyelle [00:06:35]:
Let’s talk about that for a second, because I agree with you that that is a dichotomy, a disconnect in the christian religious world, because the Bible says in Genesis one and 26 that God created us in his image and likeness and he gave us power, authority and the ability to subdue. So let’s break that down, right? If I have power, if I have authority, and I can call anything in the world underneath of my power and authority, why would I let go and let God?

Crystal Perkins [00:07:10]:
That part, I mean, I get it.

Darnyelle [00:07:11]:
I mean, I get it, like, because surrender, and I think surrender is an important part of your power. Absolutely. Just because you can be in control doesn’t mean you have to be in control. But to feel as if you yourself cannot make a decision, you cannot. Like, I love it when people are like, oh, I’m just waiting on God. Waiting on God for what? That part, like, I mean, he already gave you everything you need. So what you waiting on him for? He’s waiting on you.

Crystal Perkins [00:07:38]:
Like whole time he waiting on you, right?

Darnyelle [00:07:40]:
And we just sitting there waiting and we could have been on to whatever it is that we’re supposed to be doing. I like that. I really, I think this is an important conversation and rabbit hole maybe even to go down because I feel like there are so many women who don’t recognize their power.

Crystal Perkins [00:08:00]:

Darnyelle [00:08:01]:
Hey, hey, hey. Wanted to pop into this episode really, really quickly to make sure that you know about my brand new summer Masterclass series, the seven Figure summer. Listen, you’re not crazy. The marketplace has changed and as a result of that, you need tried and true strategies that are going to help to make sure that you are on track for your first or next seven figures as early as this summer. Join me beginning Tuesday, July 16, for our powerful three part Masterclass series, the seven figure summer success series, by grabbing your free seat right now at seven figure summer.com. the reviews are in move two millions. The proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind, is a best seller. With thousands of copies sold, we are raising a generation of million Dollar CEO’s.

Darnyelle [00:08:56]:
You got next. Grab your copy in our bonuses today at movetomillions book.com and if you would.

Crystal Perkins [00:09:03]:
Like, if I could, I’ll just share about a couple of minutes just to show what the difference was in me praying, being in the routine of going to church, setting my goals, writing the vision, as opposed to tapping into my power and taking control and of my circumstances and making a conscious decision to stop suffering. So I was in this rabbit hole of going to church, praying, writing my vision, setting New Year’s resolutions, all the things. And I’ll never forget I had an emergency surgery. I ended up going into the hospital for just an outpatient surgery, and it ended up changing my life. I was in surgery for over 7 hours. I almost died. And my employer at the time was breathing down my neck, blowing up my phone for FMLA paperwork and threatened to fire me as I am in the hospital fighting for my life. And I ended up being on bed rest for three months.

Crystal Perkins [00:10:03]:
And as I was laying in that bed, my elevated visions, motherhood, like, all of the things were on me. I was like, I’m not made to live this type of life. Like, I’m not created to suffer anymore. Not only did I write my visions and my ideas down in that moment, I made a conscious decision that when I’m able to get out of this bed, I’m doing things different. I’m investing in myself. I’m not just writing my vision anymore. I’m taking control and beginning to build my vision. I’m changing my habits, I’m changing my words.

Crystal Perkins [00:10:40]:
I’m changing my legacy. I’m changing how I build. And for me, that was the moment I tapped into my power.

Darnyelle [00:10:48]:
Yeah. I love that illustration. Thank you so much for sharing it because I’ve. I feel like there’s a lot of people who are listening and will listen to this episode and they will be a little confused about what it looks like. Right. And I, and I think especially because, you know, as believers, believers attract believers, right. And so I know that there’s a lot of people who listen to this show who, like me and you, they love God. And, you know, as a people, for lack of a better way to describe it, I feel like we, we miss the kairos of God in a lot of ways because of what religion has taught us and how growing up in church has been and everything that goes along with that.

Darnyelle [00:11:37]:
And so we might miss our power or think this is one of the things that burns my biscuits, the people who are like, I’m just being humble. Right? My good friend Sherrie Reilly says, you’re not being humble, you’re hiding that part. Right. Like, we think that because we are God fearing, that means that we need to be subdued, and we are the subduer, and we miss that, and that impacts what we experience. I love when you said I made a conscious decision to stop suffering. Girl, that’ll preach. Because so many people have. They have chosen to sow.

Darnyelle [00:12:19]:
Like I say all the time, God will let you live on whatever level you settle for. They are choosing to suffer because they think. I’ve literally had people say this to me, crystal. They think that they got to suffer like Jesus. And I’m like, but hold on. What? The whole point of Jesus suffering like Jesus so that you didn’t have to suffer like Jesus.

Crystal Perkins [00:12:38]:
Not only did Jesus already do it, our ancestors already did it.

Darnyelle [00:12:42]:

Crystal Perkins [00:12:42]:
We got, like, double suffering. That has already paid the way for us. And we choose it. Not we, but people choose to continue to suffer.

Darnyelle [00:12:51]:
Yeah. Why do you think that is?

Crystal Perkins [00:12:54]:
I think it’s mentality. I think it’s limited beliefs. I think it is, you know, just all the things, they have been poured into us. Just like the lady. I don’t know if you’ve heard this story before, but just like, the woman that used to always cut her ham to put it in the oven.

Darnyelle [00:13:11]:

Crystal Perkins [00:13:12]:
So that was really embedded in her. And she didn’t know why she was doing it. She just did it because her grandma did it and because her mama did it. And I’ll never forget on my journey, you know, God began to elevate me spiritually, and I began to question things, and I’ll never forget picking up the phone and calling my grandmother, like, why are we still on the battlefield? Why do we sing this? Why do we do this? Why do we say these things in church? Why is this a continuous cycle? And she could not answer any of those questions for me.

Darnyelle [00:13:44]:
Yeah, it’s the truth.

Crystal Perkins [00:13:46]:
It was in that moment, I was like, oh, I gotta keep going forward. I gotta keep moving forward. Because grandma doesn’t even know. Doesn’t even know why we sing these songs and say these things, like, why are. And I’m from the CME church, so we were in the handful. I’m like, why are we excited about being on the battlefield for the Lord? He didn’t even tell us to do that.

Darnyelle [00:14:07]:
Well, and here, I mean, there’s so many things, like, so many songs that I used to sing, you know, I used to sing the choir. I used to like my theme song. When I first started incredible one enterprises was Mary Mary incredible. And that song, the words go, I can’t believe you chose someone like me when I have done nothing to deserve it. I’m such a mess. But you give me your best, your love is nothing less than incredible. Well, when I got the revelation, I was like, I can’t even sing this no more. And there’s so many songs where I’m like, I’m not saying that.

Darnyelle [00:14:48]:
Like, I haven’t been to church in a long time.

Crystal Perkins [00:14:50]:
Me either.

Darnyelle [00:14:51]:
I remember one time I went to church, and you know how the pastor, they love to be like, turn to your neighbor. Talk to your neighbor. I will turn to my neighbor. And I’m like, I don’t know that I’m going to say what he’s saying. It depends on what he says, whether or not I’m going to speak that craziness over my life, because they’d be talking crazy and they don’t recognize the way that the words we speak work and how things come into our life. Right? I mean, speaking over yourself is so important that God talked about it in Mark eleven when he. When he killed the fig tree, when he literally told the fig tree to die. And the next day, the disciples are like, I can’t believe that happened.

Darnyelle [00:15:24]:
And God’s like, look, you can tell any mountain to move if you believe. Don’t doubt, speak to your mountain and forgive. So I can’t just be saying any old thing. I can’t be making a casual covenant because it sounds cute and it rhymes like some of these pastors do, having these people speaking this craziness over themselves. So I love that you made this conscious decision. And the other thing I love about it is that all of us have to spend time bringing what is subconscious to our conscious so that our conscious mind and subconscious mind say the same thing. Because if they’re not saying the same thing, our subconscious mind is winning. And that is why we are steeped in lack instead of flowing in abundance.

Darnyelle [00:16:07]:
And so it makes such a difference. And so when I think about the work that you do around manifestation and helping people, helping women specifically understand the underpinnings of manifestation is so powerful because it gives us our power back, right? And we have to have our power. Like, how could you imagine being the million dollar CEO that you are today if you had not made a conscious decision to stop suffering and learn how to tap into your power? Would that be possible?

Crystal Perkins [00:16:40]:
It would not. Just like today, I have just. This season has been rough for me. And I went into this year, even. Even this recent season overall, just with a mindset of all things new in my business, in my life, I’m turning 40, just not even from a business perspective, but even in my household. And when I tell you, everything in my house within the last six to nine months has broken. Like, from my dishwasher to my last couple of months ago, I had to get a new h vac system. Now I have to get a new unit outside, and I’m just like, literally, before you know it, everything in my house is going to be new.

Crystal Perkins [00:17:23]:
And the old crystal would crumble, would cry, would be under her bed, screaming, why is this happening to me? The million dollar elevated, purpose driven manifestation. Crystal is outside on her deck doing a Podcast interview, onboarding clients in her moo moo so she can get some breath in her body. And I’m so happy, so free. I’m so fulfilled, and I’m so grateful.

Darnyelle [00:17:57]:

Crystal Perkins [00:17:58]:
And it was the journey of greater belief and purpose and manifestation and becoming a million dollar CEO under your leadership, like, that got me to this space. And we, the old crystal, the old christian crystal, would have literally been suffering and not even understanding how to handle what’s happening in my life right now. But the elevated version of me is looking forward to the next season and telling myself everything around me is drying up, not just people, places, and things, but even my appliances. It’s time for all, all things new, and I’m just excited and looking forward to all of it.

Darnyelle [00:18:48]:
Yeah, I like that I wrote that down, and it gave me chills. All things new, like, I mean, I imagine as you’re going through the process and an appliance breaks, it’s not sunshine and rainbows.

Crystal Perkins [00:19:01]:

Darnyelle [00:19:02]:
But the thought that all things would be new, all things made new. Right. I mean. I mean, I could stop right here and preach a whole sermon on all things new and what that looks like. What I’d love for you to share with the listeners, specifically around this. This theme of all things new, what are the three keys to manifesting to get the new to show up? Oh, wow.

Crystal Perkins [00:19:32]:
That’s good. So I would definitely say surrender. When you say all things new, you can’t choose what that looks like. So being obedient to what’s new and open to surrendering and letting God do whatever he want to do with all the things around you, I would definitely also say healing, because you cannot take an old version of you into a new season.

Darnyelle [00:20:02]:
I’m sorry, say that one more time for the people in the back, not.

Crystal Perkins [00:20:05]:
Take an old version of you into a new season. And that’s why a lot of women are stuck right now because they’re hollering new season, new year, new me, all the things thinking. The process is just about speaking it, but the process is also feeling, embracing and going through it and the emotions of that. So definitely surrender, healing and oh God, letting go. Because when you heal and surrender, you have to be obedient enough to let go of the very things that God is releasing you from. Okay, so whether that’s a marriage rather, that’s a house rather, that’s a car. Okay, I’m sorry, I was about to.

Darnyelle [00:20:51]:
No, no, no, no. I wanted to let you keep flowing, but I wanted to ask a question for clarification sake, because I think that there’s somebody listening right now who’s going to say, well, wait a minute, isn’t surrender and letting go the same thing? What would you say?

Crystal Perkins [00:21:05]:
Because you can surrender mentally and not let go physically. The letting go is physical, the surrender.

Darnyelle [00:21:11]:
Oh, that’s good. Oh, that’s good, Crystal. That’s good.

Crystal Perkins [00:21:14]:
That’s good.

Darnyelle [00:21:16]:
Oh, that is so good. Okay, that’s so good. And I love that. Healing is sandwiched in the middle.

Crystal Perkins [00:21:22]:

Darnyelle [00:21:23]:
So it’s like recognition mentally that you need to release. Then you actually go through the process of doing the work to be able to release so that you can physically release that part. Oh, that’s good. Oh, that’s so good. Okay, that’s awesome. There’s a couple of good things you said as you were talking, I loved and which is why I had you repeat, you cannot take an old version of you into a new season. So many people. Let’s make it about entrepreneurship for just 2 seconds.

Darnyelle [00:21:54]:
So many people are trying to raise their rates or to cross the million dollar mark, but they want to keep serving same client that they’re serving right now at the lower price point. I created House of millions because I wanted to create a safe space and community to support entrepreneurs at every level. After writing my best selling book, move to millions, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind, it became increasingly clear that this solution was needed in the marketplace. I knew we needed to help the thousands of entrepreneurs who slid in my DM’s navigate getting to and beyond the million dollar mark in a way that served them financially and spiritually and wouldn’t require that they compromise or sacrifice on the journey. House of millions is the answer. Through our Move to Millions Continuum, we realize that there are seven levels on the move to millions. Mapping. When you haven’t crossed the six figure mark yet momentum when you’re making $100,000 a year.

Darnyelle [00:22:57]:
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Darnyelle [00:23:29]:
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Darnyelle [00:24:29]:
Go grab yours [email protected]. dot let me say this.

Crystal Perkins [00:24:35]:
It’s not impossible, but it’s not aligned. And when it’s aligned, it comes with ease, freedom, softness, lightness. It could be done, but when it’s not aligned, it’s so much harder.

Darnyelle [00:24:55]:
Yeah. Misalignment means you have to effort.

Crystal Perkins [00:24:58]:

Darnyelle [00:24:59]:
Alignment means you get to embody.

Crystal Perkins [00:25:01]:

Darnyelle [00:25:02]:
Yeah. So it’s definitely a shift, and the shift is a spiritual one.

Crystal Perkins [00:25:08]:
Right. Because so many entrepreneurs I see personally in the marketplace are suffering because they are, they have not embodied that next level woman to manifest the next level millions. Basically, you cannot skip the process as it relates to continuing to do the spiritual work and embodying your next level self to get to your next level millions. And in short, the old level of you is going to always try to show up in some capacity.

Darnyelle [00:25:46]:

Crystal Perkins [00:25:47]:
Oh. It’s your responsibility to stay aligned with that elevated version of yourself when you’re trying to continuously grow in life and business.

Darnyelle [00:25:58]:
And how do you do that? Because, I mean, again, it sounds simple enough, but how do I actually stay aligned to the next level version of myself? Or how do you do it?

Crystal Perkins [00:26:11]:
I would definitely say acknowledgement is number one, because you have to be responsible for knowing when that older version, those older thoughts, and that older self is showing up. Like, you got to be able to acknowledge, oh, this is the old me showing up in fear or whatever. So acknowledging it. And take that fearful girl I was ten years ago. I’m not trying to eliminate her and. And get her so far fetched out of my life where I forget that she was even there. Like, acknowledge it and embrace it. I’m embracing the fear that I feel, but I’m not allowing it to hinder me.

Crystal Perkins [00:26:50]:
That makes sense. That’s why I don’t believe in becoming fearless. Those fears don’t always show up well.

Darnyelle [00:26:54]:
Right, and I was about to say, because so can. No, I’m sorry. I was. I was about to say, because fear is created to keep you safe, so it’s never going away. I don’t like when people say fearless, either.

Crystal Perkins [00:27:05]:
I’m like, I can’t stand it.

Darnyelle [00:27:07]:
Yeah, well, I want. I want to know the fear, and then I want to see the fear for what it is, which is an indication that my next level is present. So I want to be able to get excited by the fear that I feel. And if I were fearless, then I would miss that emotional elation that goes along with knowing something better is on the way.

Crystal Perkins [00:27:23]:
Absolutely. I thank her. I think that fear filled woman that I used to be, I’m like, girl, thank you again. I acknowledge her. I honor her, I embrace her, but at the same time, she’s not hindering me from the next level. I’m like, you can come because I know you’ll show up again, five years or three, five months or whatever, so you can come and keep having access to the elevated level of me, but, you know, trying to eliminate those moments. Oh, this is good. That’s why I don’t like it when people say things like, it just left my mind.

Crystal Perkins [00:28:04]:
It’ll come back. Go ahead and say what you were saying, but it’ll come back.

Darnyelle [00:28:07]:
Yeah, well, what I was going to say to what you just said that I think is really great is recognizing that eventually you just, you, fear is on the journey with you, but it’s not in the driver’s seat. Right. So maybe first it’s in the passenger seat right beside you. Then it’s in the backseat. Then eventually, maybe it’s in the trunk, so it gets farther and farther away from where it is that you’re going as you build up the tolerance level to the fears that are coming up and shift the way you see them. First, I think fear is that whole fight or flight response. But then eventually, when you feel fear, or at least for me, I get excited because I’m like, oh, something big is about to happen. If I would just keep leaning into this, I’m going to land somewhere.

Darnyelle [00:28:49]:
I’ve been saying I want to be, and it has eluded me up until this point, but I feel like I’m finally ready because I’m not afraid of it. I’m actually excited and anticipatory of what might happen because of it, which I think is really, really good. Yeah, that’s really, really good. Something else that you said that I think is really, really important that we have to do as you said, we have to be obedient to what’s new. So I feel like in order for me to be obedient to what’s new, I already have cognition about what’s new and what’s coming, and is that because I cast the vision for it? And so what does it look like to be obedient to what my vision is saying right now?

Crystal Perkins [00:29:36]:
I’ll give you one of the most concrete examples I can give you, and it’s my marriage per se.

Darnyelle [00:29:42]:

Crystal Perkins [00:29:43]:
I know what a strong, not strong, because I don’t really like that word, but I know what an aligned manifested marriage looks like.

Darnyelle [00:29:54]:

Crystal Perkins [00:29:56]:
But I wasn’t living in the reality of one, if that makes sense. Now, it is my responsibility. After acknowledging that and realizing that, am I going to live in the abundance, give myself permission to live in the abundance of what I know it looks like, or suffer in my current reality based on comfortability? The same thing. People are comfortable on their jobs. They’re comfortable with the first and the 15th. But they know deep down within that that’s not serving them. They see it online. They see it in their visions.

Crystal Perkins [00:30:44]:
They have it in their notebook.

Darnyelle [00:30:46]:
Same thing.

Crystal Perkins [00:30:48]:
It’s our responsibility to acknowledge that that area, whatever that area is in our lives, is not serving us, and it’s not aligned with the elevated vision that we have for ourselves.

Darnyelle [00:31:04]:
And that’s where the obedience comes in. So acknowledge it. I have to be in alignment. Like, I need to know that it exists. I need to know that it exists for me. And then even if it’s uncomfortable, even if, because more than likely it is uncomfortable. Right. Because it’s a source of suffering when it’s not what I know, what I see, what I believe is actually possible for me, then I have to be willing to find the courageous to do what I need to do to get to where I believe I should be at this particular point in time.

Crystal Perkins [00:31:36]:
Yes. And let me make it a little bit more plain for those that need illustration. When I was living, my boutique was doing well. I’m from a small town. I was probably in the $300,000 mark per year in my business, which is, well, for where I was living at the time. God literally said, this is your last season here. Prepare to move. Pack up.

Crystal Perkins [00:32:05]:
Move to Atlanta. I didn’t know anybody in Atlanta. I didn’t have family in Atlanta. I had to leave behind my $300,000 a year to go into the unknown of where am I going. I had to leave my home, like everything. I had to be obedient enough to leave everything behind.

Darnyelle [00:32:25]:

Crystal Perkins [00:32:26]:
Because I had this vision of multi millions speaking on stages, filling up hotel rooms and arenas and all the things. So I had to leave behind that limited version of me to get to the next season. And it was very uncomfortable. I was crying, packing my car, crying in the U Haul. But I saw, like, I saw the vision of my future self and I had to be obedient enough and go through the pain of making that transition.

Darnyelle [00:32:59]:
Yeah, that’s so good. And I think there’s somebody who’s going to be, who’s listening right now, who has a higher version of themselves that has been unwilling to go through the pain. And that’s why they haven’t moved yet. And that’s why they’re not accomplishing what it is that they desire. On the other side of that, what would you say to them?

Crystal Perkins [00:33:18]:
No. Like, if you only knew what God had already set up for you there, you would have been gone. But you want the provision before we move, and that’s not faith.

Darnyelle [00:33:35]:

Crystal Perkins [00:33:36]:
God had aligned so many people in Atlanta for me. People, complete strangers. Like it. Oh, it was, once I got here was such a beautiful process. And I was like, I’m so thankful that I loved myself and God enough to move. I’m so thankful that I was obedient enough. Like, there was one of my customers that used to shop with my boutique. She literally took a day out of her schedule and rolled me and my daughter around every area in Atlanta.

Crystal Perkins [00:34:09]:
She was from here just showing us everything. One of my best friends. Friends that I have right now I met at my daughter’s elementary school. It just, I mean, like, it’s just so aligned. When you. When you understand the power in alignment, surrender and all the things that we’ve been talking about, you already know that it’s set up for you once you there, and you don’t have to see it first to believe it.

Darnyelle [00:34:38]:
And that’s my faith anyway, right?

Crystal Perkins [00:34:40]:
Just go. Just go. Just go.

Darnyelle [00:34:45]:
Yeah. I love it. I love it. I. What popped into my head is something I heard someone else say before, and I’ve said it probably five times recently. I think I said it at move to millions. Two thirds of God’s name is go. So just get into action, right? Just take the step.

Darnyelle [00:35:06]:
Take the next step. I believe God will give you more while you’re moving than he ever will if you stand still.

Crystal Perkins [00:35:12]:
Oh, that’s good.

Darnyelle [00:35:12]:
So if you’re standing still, you’re stuck and stagnating. But if you are moving, you’re moving closer to the significance of what’s on the other side, which I think is really, really powerful. That is so good, crystal. Oh, my gosh. So good. So good.

Crystal Perkins [00:35:31]:
And he sets up the provision in little bitty details, but we are so distracted, we can’t hear him. Let me give you an example. I knew it was time for me to move, but I hadn’t started packing yet. I had an eyelash appointment that day, and I was like, okay, I’m gonna start packing when I get back home. Lo and behold, I’m laying down, getting my eyelashes done, and I’m telling my eyelash girl, you know, this is gonna be my last appointment. I’m getting ready to move. And she was like, oh, I just moved into a new house. I have empty boxes in my car.

Crystal Perkins [00:36:04]:
Literally, I didn’t even have the paper boxes. She had boxes in her car. I was asking God, where did I need to live, because I, of course, didn’t know any of the areas. I was shipping orders at my boutique, and there was an order that was in Smyrna, Georgia. And I prayed and I asked God on my vision. I just needed a two bedroom, two bath with an office. That’s all I needed for me to make the transition. God said, this is where you’re going to stay.

Crystal Perkins [00:36:35]:
Look up this lady’s address. I looked up the lady’s address, called the apartment complex. They immediately approved me. Room, two bath with an office, and I moved in two weeks. When you are really surrendering, God is giving you all the provision that you need step by step, day by day, little by little. But what happens is, we’re looking everywhere else for validation. I didn’t call family members saying, oh, you think I should move to Atlanta. Oh, you think I should.

Crystal Perkins [00:37:05]:
I wasn’t listening to the fears of people. I was still and surrendered enough to hear from God. And that is how he was able to order my steps every single day. Some of y’all can’t hear God. Cause y’all listening to your mama, your daddy, your auntie, your cousins. Girl, I ain’t taking advice or listening to nobody that I wouldn’t trade lives with.

Darnyelle [00:37:27]:
I know that’s right. I mean, I think it’s so true. And, I mean, everybody has their own journey, and you have to walk out your journey, but you have to make sure that you are putting yourself in places where your journey can be challenged. Because I think some people are taking the long way around because they don’t realize that there’s a shortcut, because they’re so hell bent on doing it the way of suffering. One of the things, I hate it that we say about black women, especially, and I’m a fan of Tyler Perry in the sense of the man and what he has been able to accomplish some of his movies. But one of the things that I don’t love, that is in every one of his movies, is this whole. The mantra, you know, we black women, you know, we don’t always get what we want, but we do what we have to do. Like this whole victim and survivor mentality instead of a victor’s mentality.

Darnyelle [00:38:28]:
I don’t know where it started, but it needs to stop. And so, as I think about, you know, some of the people who will be listening to this episode and really feel the all things new that we’re talking about, how we get to the point where we’re experiencing them in every way that I hope you start to question and challenge some of the things you’ve been speaking over yourself, because you weren’t created to be a victim, and it’s not a badge of honor. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think survival is important, but I think that resonating with their survival is not as substantial as aligning with the significance.

Crystal Perkins [00:39:04]:
Right. Just like in this situation, it’s 85 degrees in my house, but it’s an example of survival mode. But it all depends on how your vibrations are correct. You either gonna vibrate low or you’re gonna vibrate high. And so many women are vibrating low.

Darnyelle [00:39:24]:
When they don’t have to, and they don’t even realize. They don’t even realize they’re vibrating. I think that was one of the most important things that I’ve learned on this journey. A really understanding energy, energetics, that money is spiritual, is understanding the significance of our vibration, and that as energetic beings, we are all vibrating every day, all day, all day long, right? And we get to determine the rate at which we vibrate. We get to determine high or low based on the decisions we make. And yes, maybe even the food that we eat. I just keep thinking about that low vibrational plate from a couple of years ago, right? Like, I mean, we get to decide.

Crystal Perkins [00:40:02]:
Started on the low vibrational plate because she was licking her fingers the whole time she was eating. That was low vibration.

Darnyelle [00:40:10]:
Oh, that is hilarious. If you have millions on your mind, then you need to get in the house. Haus of Millions is our up leveled suite of business advisory programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners ready for community and connections to accelerate their cash flow. Learn [email protected] dot it’s hilarious. And it’s so important that we understand the nature of our vibration and even how to raise it right, how we think and reason, how we would emotions fill our time. If you’re spending a lot of time in fear and lack and depression and worry and judgment and overwhelm, you are vibrating low. Whereas if you spend a lot of time and thinking about love and gratitude and appreciation and faith and happiness and contentment, you are vibrating high. And really thinking about the level of your vibration in relation to how quickly the new shows up in your life as everything becomes new, which I think is really, really important.

Darnyelle [00:41:13]:
This has been such a powerful conversation, and I know that the people that are listening are going to have tremendous takeaways. I mean, I’ve got lots of notes that I’ve taken that I think that are really important. When you said, you know, we have to feel it, we have to embrace it, and we have to go through it. Like we keep moving. The progression is through not to stop and wallow or wade in. It’s such an important part because every time I think about the fact that you made that conscious decision to stop suffering, that is what puts you on the trajectory to today be running a million dollar company and living a life that affords you the opportunity to really delve into what matters most to you at this particular season in your life, which is really, really good. And so I want to segue you shared it a little smidge of a piece and talk about the fact that for the last couple of years you and I have been working together inside of the move to millions mastermind. And I would just love it if you would just take a few minutes and share a little bit about your story and what it’s been like to become a million dollar business that has sustained a million dollar business.

Darnyelle [00:42:23]:
Right. Not being that statistic, the 78% that do it once and never do it again. Talk a little bit about our journey and our work together and the difference that it’s made for you.

Crystal Perkins [00:42:33]:
Oh, wow, such a beautiful journey. I think I tagged you in a post this morning because someone asked, as a million dollar entrepreneur, like, what is the first thing you, first piece of advice or something that you, what is the first thing you did to elevate your mindset? And I tagged you. I was like, ah, Dr Dariel, like, although I have always been, you know, a spiritual person, and I feel like I’ve always had a million dollar mindset and, you know, just that elevated level of growth in all the things you skyrocketed, if that makes sense. Like, the version of me that I already was, the woman and the power that was already within me, you allowed me to tap into it at a much higher level, at an accelerated rate, if that makes sense. And I am, you know, a true believer, invested in myself. I have been in, probably over the course of my entrepreneurship journey, I’ve been in three masterminds programs, and your program, not that I didn’t enjoy the other ones, yours has by far been one of the programs that I have been able to accelerate in, in such a short period of time. Like, although it’s a twelve month journey, it didn’t take me twelve months, because just, again, the vibrations that you exhibit, the tools that you share, it’s like beyond no other. And I’m not just saying that because we’re on a Podcast together.

Crystal Perkins [00:44:16]:
Like, I literally tell people this as I’m sitting next to them at your events. I’m like, girl, what are you doing? Get your butt up there and register.

Darnyelle [00:44:23]:
Like, what are you doing?

Crystal Perkins [00:44:24]:
Like, I am like, the mini, like, advocate for your program that you probably don’t even know. And it’s just been a beautiful process. And I’m reminded of my first encounter with you, and I shared this story a lot. I didn’t even know you. And again, that’s the power of alignment. I was ready for a new coach. A friend of mine that I’m very aligned with, she met you, and she was like, the whole time this lady was opening her mouth, she was like, that’s the future crystal. And I’m like, well, girl, if she the future me, I gotta meet her, you know? And I just remember going to your page, and the Holy Spirit said to me, that’s her.

Crystal Perkins [00:45:03]:
I didn’t. Again, obedience, surrender, healing, all the things I didn’t have to second guess, like, without even meeting you, when the Holy Spirit affirmed, when my friend, like, showed me you, I was like, okay, this is her holy spirit. I didn’t ask any questions, and I literally applied right then and there. And I’m just so, so, so grateful for all of it. Not, I think I’m more grateful for the life aspect and the spiritual aspect than I am the business aspect, because that is what makes the business easier. That is what makes the millions flow so much easier is you being able to provide that elevated version of what I need. For me, it’s just been a beautiful process.

Darnyelle [00:45:56]:
Yeah. Thank you for that.

Crystal Perkins [00:45:57]:
I hope I answered the question.

Darnyelle [00:45:59]:
Yeah, of course.

Crystal Perkins [00:46:00]:
I mean, there’s no wrong answer.

Darnyelle [00:46:02]:
Yeah, there’s no wrong answer. I appreciate everything that you shared. I like to ask this question when I have clients that are on the show, because one of the things that I think it’s challenging for me to voice is what it’s like to work and to be in partnership with me, because I’m not just a business coach and consultant. Right. I am a spiritual covering. You know, I’m a spiritual mentor. Like, I’m so many different things because of the gifts that are on the inside of me and the way that it all flushes out is really, really powerful. But I like hearing it from other people’s perspectives.

Darnyelle [00:46:45]:
Right. Because, of course, I think I’m the best thing since pockets. And it’s great. I need to think that. Right. But I also want to make sure that other people see that other people think that, too, which I think makes the difference. So when you initially signed up, you signed up for two years, which I think speaks to the alignment you were just speaking about the first time. And then at the end of two years, you renewed.

Darnyelle [00:47:08]:

Crystal Perkins [00:47:10]:
I’m at home. You know, I am at home here. I’ve never been the girl anyway that, like, coach hops and has to have five different people. Like, I’m very intentional. And so when I find my person, I find my person, and I have been able to witness the growth within myself the last two years. So in my mind, I’m like, I can’t imagine what the next five years or seven years will look like. And not only that, I see your efforts in your continuous growth. And my clients say the same thing about me.

Crystal Perkins [00:47:51]:
Like, when they work with me, they work with me for a minimum of five years. Like, the real one, they work with me a minimum of the five years. And so with you, it’s like the same thing. I see your continuous growth. I don’t see you comfortable and exhibiting laziness and lack in your life, in your business, in any area of your life. And so in my mind, I know that I will never outgrow you.

Darnyelle [00:48:19]:
Ooh, yeah, that’s good.

Crystal Perkins [00:48:23]:
I will never outgrow you, because as you grow, you’re going to pour those seeds into me in order for me to continue to manifest and grow. And when you have somebody like that, it’s like, where are you going? Like, I’m at home. I’m literally at home.

Darnyelle [00:48:42]:
Yeah, I appreciate that. And it resonates. It resonates with me, too. Like, I think I’m the same way. Like, I don’t. I’ve never really wanted to be a coach hopper, or even a community hopper. Like, I feel like finding the place where you feel safe, where you feel seen, where you feel the significance of who you are and the contribution that you make is so rare that when you find it, you hone in and you anchor in. Right.

Darnyelle [00:49:09]:
And as long as the fruit is still bearing inside of the community, you know, you bear along with the fruit, which I think is really, really powerful. Last question I have.

Crystal Perkins [00:49:18]:
Oh, sorry. When you fruit. I want people to understand this as well, even in dry seasons. Like, if you were to tell me, you know, I’m having a rough year, you know, the transparency that you give and that I give to others is so important. Even if you were to tell me that you were having a dry season, I was. Honor the process with you. And that’s where a lot of people miss the mark. Because when you are connected to someone that bears fruit and has an anointing, you understand that the dry season is just as important as the overflow season.

Crystal Perkins [00:50:01]:
That’s just a reminder that more millions and more abundance is on the way. So I think a lot of people miss the mark. So it’s not even about, you know, me. Being able to witness the fruit of your labor is the holistic aspect of it all. You could literally, I’m not speaking this into existing, but you can literally go through a dry season next year, and I’m still going to be connected because I know what’s coming after that, and I would love be a part of the seed in the next. And that’s what people don’t see.

Darnyelle [00:50:38]:
Yeah. And you know, what’s interesting is I was in a dry season. Like, 2023 was a dry season. I mean, it. There was still producing. And so that’s, sometimes that’s what people get wrong, is that a dry season does not mean that there isn’t growth. It just might not be exponential growth. Right.

Darnyelle [00:50:57]:
We, you know, and our listeners know this. As I talked about, I did an episode called the cost of disobedience this season where I told the story about how I lost a million dollars and how it impacted the business because of my disobedience and how God restored that million dollars in a very short period of time because of my obedience.

Crystal Perkins [00:51:19]:

Darnyelle [00:51:20]:
And so it. It is interesting because I think the other thing that’s important to note is that real entrepreneurship or small business ownership is not linear. It is up and down. It is highs and lows. It is ebbs and flows. And you want mentorship, you want community that understands the cyclical nature of entrepreneurship and can support you in the ebb or the flow.

Crystal Perkins [00:51:48]:

Darnyelle [00:51:49]:
Right. So that you are still getting what it is that you need, which I think is really, really important. You know, it’s been amazing to watch your journey. It’s been a joy to present you, you know, two years or a year, year ago, whatever it was. Yeah. Last. Last year to present you with the move to millions award, and this year to present you with the million dollar year award. I want to give you a $5 million a year award soon.

Crystal Perkins [00:52:12]:

Darnyelle [00:52:13]:
So let’s make that happen.

Crystal Perkins [00:52:16]:
Yes. It’s definitely next. I feel it.

Darnyelle [00:52:19]:
Awesome. Awesome. All right, well, before I let you go, I gotta ask you just our three move to millions questions. This just helps us to ground out the interview. Cause we seldom really talk about business, but it is important for us to leave our listeners with tools that they can continue to use and add to their professional library. So my first question for you is, is there a quote that when you are having an ebb, when it is a dry season, is there a quote that really just keeps you aligned and focused on moving forward, despite what it is that you might see?

Crystal Perkins [00:52:51]:
Yes. My favorite quote with you is, God will let you live on whatever level you settle for. Like, again, those dry seasons come and they go, and I try to always stay in a place of alignment, even when all hell is breaking loose around me, because, again, I choose not to stay in the level of suffering. I choose not to exhibit these. And even when I do have those low vibrational moments, you pull me right out of them. So it’s like, I’m not trying to eliminate them. They’re, oh, they’re welcome again, but you pull me right out of them. So definitely my favorite one when I’m in those seasons is God will let you live on the level that you settle for.

Darnyelle [00:53:39]:
Like, that’s it. Awesome. And then is there a book, a book that, in reading it has made a difference on your own entrepreneurship journey that you would share with others that they might add to their professional library?

Crystal Perkins [00:53:53]:
Okay, so this is a little twister. I wouldn’t say a book, but I would say a planner.

Darnyelle [00:53:57]:

Crystal Perkins [00:53:58]:
Because I have ADHD and I get distracted really easily with books. But your planner. And I have my own planner. But your planner.

Darnyelle [00:54:09]:
You have your own planner?

Crystal Perkins [00:54:10]:
Yes. It’s like my planning bible. You need to read. Maybe you need to, like, rename it as the millions Bible. I don’t know, but it’s literally like a bible for me.

Darnyelle [00:54:23]:
Yeah. I want to create a move to millions devotional. I just haven’t taken the time to sit down. But I do want to create a devotional that do what I did.

Crystal Perkins [00:54:32]:
I did my. I wrote my devotional in two days. Book you a staycation for a weekend, and you know how to do it.

Darnyelle [00:54:39]:
Just get it done. And then lastly, what’s the tool? Is there a tool that you have sworn by that’s made a difference on your own move to and beyond the million dollar mark?

Crystal Perkins [00:54:50]:
The move to millions mastermind.

Darnyelle [00:54:52]:
Okay. And for the record, y’all, hold on. I just got. I have to say this. The quote, the book and the tool are all about me.

Crystal Perkins [00:55:00]:
I did not ask her to. I’m just being honest, like, because even in the mastermind, you not only give us your tools, but you provide us with other books from other authors and other tools every single quarter. So it’s, like, holistically. Again, I’m getting everything that I need. I’m literally getting access to everything I need. So.

Darnyelle [00:55:26]:
Okay. I won’t argue with it. But I just wanted the record to show that I was not trying to stack the deck in my favor.

Crystal Perkins [00:55:32]:
No, you definitely were not. I’m just being. Cause I don’t read everybody’s books. I don’t, you know, do all of those things. I get it all here. So it’s like, what’s the point?

Darnyelle [00:55:43]:
Yeah. This has been amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time and stopping by and just sharing your brilliance. I have so many things that I wrote down that I will refer back to when I do. I’m going to do the intro and outro so that when people hear the episode, they hear the completeness of the episode. This is just really powerful. Just before I let you go, anything else you’d like to share? You have the floor.

Crystal Perkins [00:56:07]:
Just know, you guys, that God is so good and he’s so faithful and there’s nothing that any of us can go through or encounter in life that he will not bring us out of, but also bring abundance in the aftermath of it. And if we just believe every bit of that, that’s alignment within itself, like, really believing that there’s nothing that you can go through in life that God cannot first bring you out of, but also restore, replace, bring forth so much abundance in that after season. Like, oh, and I know we’ve all been through hard things in life, and I know that life is life thing, as everybody is saying for so many of us. But God is still God even when life is lifey.

Darnyelle [00:57:08]:
Yes. Yes, indeed. So good. Thank you so much for being here, Crystal. I appreciate you so very much for having me.

Crystal Perkins [00:57:17]:
I’m about to onboard some clients before I go to lunch. My birthday is this weekend, so. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Like, literally, I have family coming in and my house is 85 degrees. Like, imagine. So my birthday is this weekend and I still have a smile on my face. And that’s right, we’re gonna have, it’s.

Darnyelle [00:57:36]:
Gonna be amazing and everybody’s gonna have a great time. It’s gonna be phenomenal. Well, enjoy your birthday.

Crystal Perkins [00:57:41]:
Thank you.

Darnyelle [00:57:43]:
I will call you to wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday.

Crystal Perkins [00:57:47]:
Thank you so much.

Darnyelle [00:57:48]:
We’ll see you guys again real soon. Take care.

Crystal Perkins [00:57:50]:
Thank you.

Darnyelle [00:57:51]:
Before we call it an episode, have you stopped and gone and registered for the seven figure summer success series? I cannot wait to teach you these three powerful, tried and true strategies that will work regardless of what’s going on in the economy. The market has changed and your business can still grow. Go grab your free seat right [email protected]. i told you. Wasn’t that so good? There are so many things, y’all, that I wanted to pull on for you. I loved from the onset, tapping into your power and how she broke that down for us. I loved when she said that she made a conscious decision to stop suffering. And when she said all things new, I knew that was going to be the title of this episode with her because she went on this journey of greater belief and learned how to be obedient to what was new for her.

Darnyelle [00:58:46]:
When she said, you cannot take an old version of yourself into a new season, you know about the loss that you remember that in the conversation. And what about when she talks about embodying the next level woman to manifest your next level millions about feeling it, embracing it and going through it, and the fact that it’s not impossible, it’s not aligned. Oh, so many juicy nuggets. And while I didn’t ask her to share a quote, a book and a tool that was all about us and our mission to move you to and beyond the million dollar mark, I am grateful that she recognizes the contribution and that this community has made to her life and to our business. Such a joy working with Crystal. I mean, I get so much energy. I vibrate higher being in her space. And you heard her share a portion of her story of what it’s like to be in this powerful community.

Darnyelle [00:59:45]:
I hope you enjoyed this conversation and that you will revisit it often whenever you need to. Remember how to get back to allowing all things new into your life experience. I appreciate you guys so much and we’ll see you next time. Take care. Thank you for joining me for the Move to Millions Podcast. If this episode has impacted you in any way, would you please take a moment and rate and review? Doing so helps us to deepen our impact and expand our reach around the world. And if you are ready to start your very own move to millions, I highly recommend that you order your very own copy of my brand new best selling book, move to millions, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. You can get your copy and our bonuses [email protected].

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until next time. Remember, millions are your birthright and to access them you need only move. I’ll see you next time.