Ep 248 – The Quantum Leap in My Spirit

“Quantum Leaps become possible when you are willing to surrender.”  Darnyelle Jervey Harmon.

I will never forget how I felt at the beginning of this month when I woke up feeling full – so full I honestly believed I was about to burst. As I grabbed my journal to ask God what I was feeling, two words sat in my spirit – Quantum Leap.

In business, a quantum leap is considered on the horizon when you experience a shift in the way you see your business and yourself – by ceasing to look at things from your vantage point and instead, looking at them from your vision point. When you recognize that a shift is underway and you lean into the shift with every area of your business, you can create a new reality that breathes fresh air and results into a business. Quantum leaps are about understanding the market but also understanding what you’re capable of and believing it with every fiber of your being. Personally, as I have shared, Move to Millions Live 2024, was a defining moment for me.  As a result, I walked away from that experience recognizing that something BIG was about to happen.

As I continue to unpack the way that Move to Millions Live unfolded for me, I began to feel a quantum leap in my spirit. Not just for me – but for everyone connected to me.  In this short but mighty episode, I breakdown a quantum leap – how to prepare for it mind, body and business as well as how to ready your spirit for the quickening that will surely come. I will pull back the curtain on exactly what it takes to experience a quantum leap. This episode is a blueprint for leaping both your life and business toward your next level.

This episode is packed with transformational insights and is a must-listen for not just aspiring million-dollar CEOs, but anyone who wants to live life enveloped by abundance. Grab your Move to Millions Podcast notebook and your favorite beverage and listen in to discover:

  • How to determine your quantum leap strategy
  • 3 keys to preparing your team for a quantum leap
  • How to build the infrastructure to support your leap
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes During the Episode:

1. “Success is about finding a system that works and investing in oneself at a higher level for exposure and expansion.”  

2. “Surround yourself with high-performing peers and colleagues to help collapse the time it takes to achieve significant milestones.”  

3. “Quantum leaps in business require mental, emotional, and strategic preparation—not just focusing on strategies alone.”  

4. “The significance of discomfort in initiating a quantum leap cannot be overstated. Stepping out of your comfort zone is crucial for monumental growth.”  

5. “You need to be, do, and have what you desire in advance to manifest the results you want in life and business.”  

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Darnyelle [00:00:00]:
If it is true, and it is that money flows away from those who feel that there is a shortage of it, then quantum leaps flow away from those who feel that the next level is out of reach inside of their business. You’re listening to the Move to Millions Podcast with Dr Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, the place to be for high level conversations about all things millions. Your mission, mindset, Methodologies, mandates, movement, messaging, marketing metrics, and most definitely your money. I am your host, spiritual business growth coach, doctor Darnyelle J. Harmon. Join me each week for inspiring stories, powerful interviews, and business growth strategy to help you experience abundance in your life. Because of your business. If you’re ready to move to your next level, everything let’s get this party started.

Darnyelle [00:01:03]:
Welcome back to another episode of the Move to Millions Podcast. I am so excited to be back with you again, just in case this is your very first time joining me for an episode. Welcome. Hey, I’m so excited that you are here. I already know that this is not going to be where you stop. You’re going to go back and listen, and listen and listen. Trust me, there is good content. For days, for years on this Podcast, it has been such a joy to bring this content into your lives, into your businesses.

Darnyelle [00:01:37]:
And I’m just excited about what is still yet to come. In the event that this is your very first time listening. Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I am Dr Darnyelle. I am the CEO of Incredible One Enterprises. We are a business transformation company that specializes in working directly with service based entrepreneurs who are on the six figure plateau. Who know that. They know that. They know that they are ready to have a business that will make, move and ultimately leave millions.

Darnyelle [00:02:08]:
And they need the support around our Move to Millions Method in order to get there. And so we leverage our proven framework to help them become CEO’s with grace and ease instead of hustling grind to and beyond the million dollar mark. Now, something I want you to know about me is that I am a trifecta. I’m one of one. There’s no one else like me in the marketplace. And I say that boldly and unapologetically. I have an anointing on my life. An anointing specifically for money.

Darnyelle [00:02:40]:
I am well gifted when it comes to strategy and operational infrastructure. I’m a big picture visionary. So I can think bigger, I can see bigger for you just by being who I am. And through my work I’ve created this amazing way to intersect spiritual principles and business growth strategy in a way that is the reason why if you were to go to my website, our client results page, you would be scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling for days because we specialize in results. Y’all remember Tony Childs from girlfriends? We specialize in results. I’m excited that you are here. I’ve been doing this work for a total of 16 years. And as you listen to the Podcast, if you’re not an OG listener, you’ll hear all the backstory because I definitely put my business in the streets.

Darnyelle [00:03:33]:
Believe you don’t have to choose that you can love God and make millions of dollars. I believe that if you did not come from millions, millions should come from you. And I believe that entrepreneurship is the vehicle that has been created for you to experience wealth on this earth. And so I’m so excited that you have found your way to Move to Millions. Welcome home. Because we do things differently. We do things strategically. We do things for the transformation around here.

Darnyelle [00:03:59]:
So before we jump into today’s episode, if you have yet to rate and review this Podcast, especially on Apple Podcasts, could I trouble you to take the 30 seconds that it’ll take to rate and review? Let me tell you why this is important. We are in many countries around the world. I’ve lost count, more than a hundred. But there are more countries around the world that don’t know about Move to Millions and the only way they’re going to learn about us is if you take the time to just say, oh my gosh, that was amazing. You come back every single week. For those of you who are returning listeners, those of you, this is your first time. You’ll be back because it will feel good to your soul and your spirit. The anointing that comes out of my voice and moves into your life experience will shift you.

Darnyelle [00:04:44]:
I’m a catalyst and disruptor for change. And so I know that the more people who get to hear what God has given me to share will experience the transformation that I believe I was put on this earth to bring into your life experience. Now, today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics ish. It’s been sitting in my spirit for the last few weeks. I literally put a post on social media at the top of June and I said, it’s quantum leap season. I felt a quantum leap in my spirit. As you know, if you’ve been around here for a while, we just finished Move to Millions live, our annual live event experience. We just finished year three.

Darnyelle [00:05:29]:
It was ridiculous, amazing and completely God kissed y’all. You haven’t been to an event unless you’ve come to my event. And once you come to my event, it will be the barometer by which you judge all other events. It will change the game for you. The way that we do this experience, the what we curate, is completely divinely orchestrated, and it is not my own original construct. It is what God placed on the inside of me to do in a room to create movements and change on the inside of you. I want you to join us next year. Right now, we are in the afterglow of Move to Millions live, 2024.

Darnyelle [00:06:10]:
So you can get your ticket to join us next year at what will be the lowest rates from here on out. The dates for 2025 are May 21 through the 23rd. We are searching for a location, so we may be back in the DMV, the Washington, DC area. We may venture down to Charlotte, North Carolina. We might land in Hotlanta, Georgia. We don’t know yet. We are still working out the details. The team is just beginning to put out the rfps.

Darnyelle [00:06:42]:
God says, shake it up. I haven’t heard the theme for 2025 yet, but God says, shake it up. So we are preparing to get out of our comfort zone. And honestly, that’s the perfect segue to start talking about a quantum leap, because this is what I want you to know before I even jump into what I’ve prepared to share with you today. You cannot quantum leap in your comfort zone. I think about a tree, right? We’ve all heard the saying, you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, right? And when we think about the tree, we have the stalk, the trunk of the tree, where all of the roots are, all of the nutrients gather, where all of the substance and sustenance is in the tree. And the fruit of the tree is not on the trunk, it’s out on the branches. The only way to access them is if you branch out.

Darnyelle [00:07:32]:
So the quantum leap that is in my spirit, it’s jumping. June. The quantum leap that is in my spirit right now is what we going to talk about here today. I’m excited because, y’all know it don’t take much for me to get excited, but I’m excited because every time I think about the pivotal moments on my own journey when I made a quantum leap, they were immediately following a period where it felt like the bottom was falling out. It was totally a messy middles moment. Just before the leap transpired, I created House of millions because I wanted to create a safe space and community to support entrepreneurs at every level. After writing my best selling book Move to Millions, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustling grind. It became increasingly clear that this solution was needed in the marketplace.

Darnyelle [00:08:27]:
I knew we needed to help the thousands of entrepreneurs who slid in my DM’s navigate getting to and beyond the million dollar mark in a way that served them financially and spiritually and wouldn’t require that they compromise or sacrifice on the journey. House of Millions is the answer. Through our Move to Millions continuum, we realize that there are seven levels on the Move to Millions. Mapping when you haven’t crossed the six figure mark yet. Momentum when you’re making $100,000 a year. Mastery when you’re making $100,000 a quarter. Millions when you’re making $100,000 a month. Majesty when you know you can make $100,000 in a week.

Darnyelle [00:09:09]:
Monumental when you know that you can make $100,000 in a day and maverick when you know how to make $100,000 any hour that you decide. So we decided that we wanted to create a safe space to collapse the amount of time it takes you to make $100,000. And finally, we’ve got the programs and support that you need. No matter which level you are currently on, when you get in the house, you’ll finally get the support you need to uplevel every area of your life, whether you desire membership, mentorship, a mastermind, or a collective experience to support your journey to building massive wealth. It’s in the house. Get in the house [email protected]. dot the reviews are in. Move two millions.

Darnyelle [00:09:56]:
The proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind, is a best seller. With thousands of copies sold. We are raising a generation of million Dollar CEO’s. You got next. Grab your copy in our bonuses today at movetomillions book.com and so I want you to first anchor in to what might be going on in your life experience. A long time ago, when I first started doing the work I do as incredible when enterprises, one of my darn yell isms was when your best times collide with your worst times. You are defining and unleashing the incredible on the inside of you. And that is true even as you quantum leap.

Darnyelle [00:10:45]:
I believe the defining moments occur when we are in a space of constriction where something just isn’t right, where we are feeling the need for an up level, but we’re still holding on tightly to who we used to be or what we used to do I personally have had many of these moments over the course of the last year where I have just sat and pontificated on the next iteration, the next season. What it looks like, what it feels like, what it smells like, how I should dress, how I should respond to it, and how it’s going to bring me even closer to the pinnacle of who I’m supposed to be. Now, I believe we’re always evolving. And not only is school never out for the pro, but we don’t ever arrive. We’re always on a journey. It’s always a destination, because as soon as we get to the current pinnacle, we set our sights on the next one. Right? And once you’ve learned how to quantum leap, you will be constantly leaping. So, let me define a quantum leap for you as it pertains to business.

Darnyelle [00:11:54]:
So, quantum leap, in my mind, is when you recognize the significance of leveraging a strategy that involves shifting the way you think and the way you act in order to go to the next level in your business or in your life. Right? Because you don’t have to. Only quantum, like, your quantum leap your business. You can quantum leap your life. It’s about doing something different. It’s about being innovative. It’s about being creative. It’s about tapping into your imagination and your divine intuition.

Darnyelle [00:12:31]:
It’s the pinnacle of. When I think of Genesis one and 26, when God said, let us make man in our own image and likeness, like imagination and creativity is, like, the highest form of value that we as human beings, who are really spiritual beings, having a human experience, actually get to get into. And in order for us to live and to tap into, anchor into that creativity, that imagination, that divine intuition, there are specific things that we have to do in order to set up an opportunity for the quantum leap to happen. Now, quantum leaping is a function of quantum physics, which is a part of neuroscience and metaphysics, which governs human behavior and energetic planes in the universe, that probably sounded a little real crazy. So I’m not going to go deep and get you confused. What I want you to know, though, is that we are all energy. We’re all energetic beings. Our businesses, our packages and prices, the money we take in, all of that is energy.

Darnyelle [00:13:47]:
And energy is a form of currency. And currency is what precipitates the flow. The alignment and the abundance that the law of circulation talks about that never stops moving. I think about that Arnold Patton quote. We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always here. Abundance is always present. We create limitation, right? So we take ourselves out of the quantum field based on the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we hold about the themes that show up in our life experience.

Darnyelle [00:14:18]:
And so, even before you can think about making a quantum leap, you’re going to have to question and challenge the beliefs that you hold about yourself, about your business, about your next level. See, I say all the time when I’m talking specifically about money, and it range true in your business. If it is true, and it is that money flows away from those who feel that there is a shortage of it, then quantum leaps flow away from those who feel that the next level is out of reach inside of their business. So you’re going to have to challenge the beliefs you hold about what’s true about your business. It’s going to require you to burn the box on your thinking. You’re going to have to break away from any preconceived thoughts, status quo and notions, and really set goals that are aspirational, inspirational, and founded on a desire to play much bigger and to take up more space on the earth. You’re going to have to constantly ask yourself, what if and what would abundance do in order to give yourself an alternate reality on what it is that you’re currently experiencing. If you want to experience a quantum leap, in order to get to the point of leaping like, let’s imagine that we could move our businesses to the next level in a chronological logical pattern, right.

Darnyelle [00:15:47]:
We could go from 100,000 a year to $100,000 a quarter to $100,000 a month to $100,000 a week to $100,000 a day, and then ultimately to $100,000 in an hour or minute. Right. We could do that logically. Well, the quantum leap says you’re going to go from $100,000 a year to $100,000 an hour in one fell swoop. That might feel crazy. And if it does, that’s a limitation that you have to reframe. Because if you don’t think it’s possible to go from it taking you a year to make one hundred k to being able to make it in a minute, an hour, then you’ll never do it. Quantum leaps are not possible if you don’t believe that they are possible.

Darnyelle [00:16:40]:
I just want to let that sit. Now, what likely that thought notion will create for you is some discomfort. And you’re going to have to learn how to sit in the significance of the discomfort, because that’s the only way to get to the other side. When I first started doing this mindset work, I talked a lot about what I call the panic point. The panic point is the point just beyond what has been your reality for a period of time, but just before the next level you want to bring into your life experience. In the panic point, everything goes awry and it institutes massive panic in your life experience. It creates anxiety, it creates overwhelm, it creates fear, it creates doubt, it creates all of those negative emotions that stifle your abundance, that literally block it. And it brings all of that to the surface in an effort to get you to challenge what you have believed to be true, in an effort to establish a new belief pattern that will make the quantum leap possible.

Darnyelle [00:17:43]:
So when you decide that you want a quantum leap likely, that focus on what is contrarian, what is outside of your realm of comfort, is exactly what creates the innovation for you to move into the actions that it will take in order to see the leap through. Now, more than likely, in order to make this happen, you’re going to need support. Like, you’re not going to be able to do it by yourself. Coaches, mentors, therapists, lots of different people who will invite you and create a safe space for you to be an embody where you desire to land as you leap. And to do that in advance, it’s going to require that you do things like shift what is your current schedule, shift the way you think, shift the resources that you have access to and remove words that are negative. Words that don’t serve, words that cause anxiety, stress, or frustration from your vocabulary. Words like hustle and grind. Y’all know how I feel about hustle and grind right now.

Darnyelle [00:18:43]:
A quantum leap is not something that is esoteric or outside of your view. It’s not even a mystery. It’s actually really, really simple to understand. A quantum leap. It’s about shifting your results substantially by being, doing, and having what it is that you decide you want, even when you don’t have it yet. It’s doing the work in advance to manifest the result of the leap. Now, there are a few things that we can talk about tangibly that you can do that you have the ability to control, to help, to position you for a quantum leap. So, first and foremost, I want you to get somewhere and sit down.

Darnyelle [00:19:26]:
My nanny used to say that. And when you get somewhere and sit down, I want you to review and challenge the beliefs that you currently hold. I want you to question all of them, especially the ones that are negative and the ones that are looming want you to question them. And I want you to go down a path to create a reframe of what it might look like if that belief was not something that you held. We already know most of the things you believe are a lie, right? There’s a lie smack dab in the middle of belief. And because of that, these lies precipitate the actions that we take and the results that we get. So if we can reframe, if we can first challenge the lies, then reframe them into actionable steps we can take, despite the belief we currently hold about it, we can actually rig the system in favor of what it is that we desire instead. And it will create a massive influx that you’ll be able to support.

Darnyelle [00:20:29]:
So that’s the first thing, right? And then the second thing you have to do is you have to define what your leap is, because, again, you could leap from $100,000 a year to $100,000 a minute, but you could also leap from five private clients to a group program with 50 clients. Right? You could also leap from you and a virtual assistant in the Philippines to you and three dedicated full time w two employees. There are lots of different leaps we can take, and each leap will be accompanied by specific results and revenue that precipitate the environment that we want to be in. That’s going to be important. But let’s talk. This is the Move to Millions Podcast, right? We are allegedly a business growth Podcast, and we talk about how to get your business to the million dollar mark. So let’s make the quantum leap about getting to the million dollar mark. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that you can make the money in a year.

Darnyelle [00:21:31]:
You can. It’s really math at that point, right? If you create a $50,000 offer and you go sell it to 20,000 people and they pay you in the twelve calendar months of the year, you just made a million dollars, and 50 clients over the course of the year is about three to four clients a month. Totally doable. Totally doable. But often what happens is when we see a massive increase in our revenue, we also see a massive breakdown in our systems and infrastructure, especially if we were focused just on moving the money needle and not on moving the entire business infrastructure needle. If you have millions on your mind, then you need to get in the house. House of Millions is our up leveled suite of business advisory programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners ready for community and connections to accelerate their cash flow. Learn [email protected] dot want to know what it’s like to work with me and the incredible factor university coaching team? You can get started today with the Move to Millions.

Darnyelle [00:22:37]:
90 day business growth planner. 90 days at a time, you’ll be setting your business on a trajectory that will make the Move to Millions happen much faster for you. It’s got everything that you need to track every strategy, every sale, all of your KPI’s, as well as your self care and life transformational needs. We made sure we left nothing out of this amazing planner. And by accessing the planner, you’ll get a behind the scenes view of what it’s like to work with me and my team. Go grab yours [email protected]. so I want you to be clear. This is why in our mastermind, we have our clients work with us for three years on average.

Darnyelle [00:23:17]:
Year one is about setting the foundation. There is some growth that ensues. In year one, they will typically make an additional quarter of a million to $300,000 in their business in that first year, which is a substantial almost ten x increase over what they invested to be in the program. In the second year, we’ll build out the team because now we’ve got the revenue to substantiate hiring the people. And so we’ll build out the team, and then in the third year, we’ll take the revenue and the team and all the process, process flows, policies and procedures that were created, and then we will actually replicate, duplicate and multiply. So that’s why we typically recommended it take three years. But just to be clear, you can make a million dollars in revenue in one year, but it’s probably not going to be fun and enjoyable. It’s probably going to be really, really painful if your infrastructure is not set up to support it.

Darnyelle [00:24:11]:
Right? So while we’re quantum leaping and while we’re thinking about a quantum leap, I want you to think about these specific things because we’re talking about getting to the million dollar mark. Number one, I want you to make sure that you’re creating some leveraged programs. If you’re currently making, you know, a couple hundred thousand dollars a year and you’re doing that mostly through working with clients one on one, I mean, you basically have just given yourself a really good paying job. There’s nothing wrong with that. So I’m not throwing shade, but if you want a business that makes millions, then you probably want to actually have the capacity to enjoy the money that you’re making, right? So by moving to group programs, masterminds, courses, products, etcetera, you really get to expand your capacity and expand the amount that you earn without having to necessarily effort more. Because remember, more effort won’t make you millions, more embodiment will. Second thing you’re going to have to do is you’re likely going to have to increase your prices. So if you are desiring to get your business to making millions, and you want to quantum leap it, and you want to do it inside of twelve months, if that’s your desire, you’re probably going to have to charge more.

Darnyelle [00:25:29]:
Which means you’re going to get uncomfortable because your ideal client that you serve right now is not likely to be the client that you’ll serve. On the flip side. So you’re going to need new messaging, you’re going to need new marketing strategies, you’re going to need to show up differently in order to attract a higher caliber client. Just saying. Then you’re going to also need to think about your team, your support, your time capacity and how you delegate. Right. This is really about thinking about the fact that you, by yourself, can only do so much in your business. The more people you have supporting you, the more your business can do.

Darnyelle [00:26:09]:
And as you look to do this, you need to make sure that you’ve got those systems and infrastructure components in place so that hiring will actually eventually grow your business and not further detract and derail it. Because if you don’t have everything laid out correctly, you’re going to hire people who won’t know what to do, who won’t be able to get to productivity, which means that they’re influencing and creating a return on investment for whatever you’re paying them. And that’s going to cause a whole nother level of stress and keep you thoroughly lodged in the millions. Messy middle. And then you’re going to have to really work on your consistency. I created an episode on the show called the case for consistency. Go search for that episode if you haven’t listened to it already, because it’ll talk about the places where you really need to heighten your consistency. If quantum leaping your business to the million dollar mark is your desire, it can be done.

Darnyelle [00:27:00]:
But it’s going to take all of these things working together. You’re going to have to look at your energy, your mindset, your belief systems and your capacity to hold having a therapist, essential, non negotiable. If you ask me, that’s going to be really, really important because the more you intend to do, the more is going to come up. This is how we create sabotage. This is how we drive the car with our foot on the gas and the brake at the same time and never arrive at the destination. I’ve seen it happen a gazillion times. Listen, my team, we are not therapists. We do not play therapists on tv.

Darnyelle [00:27:37]:
We are business consultants, business advisors. And so we highly recommend that you have those people supporting you inside of your business so that as we are doing this work to get your business moving, you also see the benefit of doing the work. Personally, I don’t recommend trying to scale your business before you scale yourself. So that’s going to be really, really important. There are natural ebbs and flows that go along with entrepreneurship and having the right support system and mechanism in place, especially for your mental health. And what you hold, what you have capacity for is going to be essential. The next thing that I think is going to be really important for you to do if you desire to quantum leap and you want to get to the million dollar mark in a short period of time, is to get access to the cheat code. Seven figure earners don’t reinvent the wheel.

Darnyelle [00:28:30]:
They find a system that is working and they work it. So you’re going to need to find someone else, some community that is already known for creating the transformation you want to bring into your life experience. And you want to get in where you can fit in. You want to invest in yourself at a higher level because it exposure creates expansion. And what you have been exposed to expands your capacity to bring it into your own life experience. So I highly recommend a mastermind and being surrounded by high performing peers and colleagues in your industry and in other industries that collapse the amount of time it takes for them to make $100,000, right, going from it taking a year to it taking a quarter to it taking a month to being able to do it any day of the week, when you decide that’s really what’s going to make you a maverick and position you to really experience this quantum leap. The quantum leap. I’m going to sidebar for a second and go back to yourself, your energetics, your capacity, your embodiment, because I believe that’s the most important part.

Darnyelle [00:29:40]:
I think we get lost inside of strategy as entrepreneurs, thinking if we just, if someone just teaches us the thing to do, we’ll actually do it. But you won’t actually do the thing unless you believe that you are worthy of and deserving of it. So that’s why spending time in the mindset space and having the support there so essential as you look to quantum leap, it’s jump in June. Miracles are happening. People are going to defy their own limits this year because they have prepared themselves mentally, emotionally, and strategically to experience a quantum leap. I could talk at length Ad nauseum about quantum leaping your business. But I’m going to leave you with these ideas this week because I think that if you start here and you keep listening to some of the other episodes on the show, you’ll find exactly what is right for you in this season to consider a quantum leap. There’s a quantum leap in my spirit.

Darnyelle [00:30:43]:
I know I’m not going to be the only one. And if there’s an opportunity for us to support you, check out our House of Millions programs. Go to houseofmillions.com. and that is house h a u s we fancy over here. So it’s the german spelling of House, not Househaus of millions.com. go there, check out we’ve got four levels. One of them will support you where you are, momentum, membership, ascend, mentorship, proximity, mastermind, and the Legacy Collective. We got you covered so that if you want to be supported in the right community as you make a quantum leap, we can help you to do so.

Darnyelle [00:31:23]:
I’ll see you guys next Time. Take Care. Thank you for joining me for the Move to Millions Podcast. If this episode has impacted you in any way, would you please take a moment and rate and review? Doing so helps us to deepen our impact and expand our reach around the world. And if you are ready to start your very own Move to Millions, I highly recommend that you order your very own copy of my brand new best selling book, move two millions, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. You can get your copy and our bonuses [email protected]. until next time. Remember, millions are your birthright and to access them you need only move.

Darnyelle [00:32:11]:
I’ll see you next time.