Ep 244 – Joel Brown: From Rituals to Relationship

About Our Guest:
Joel Brown is the Founder of the #1 Motivation website Addicted2Success.com and has achieved over 318 Million Views Worldwide over the last 10 years. Joel has a social media following of over 2.7 Million across all social media channels.

Joel is featured in the new hit movie “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Joel is also the host of the Addicted2Success podcast that has achieved more than 3.5 Million downloads featuring thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Gabby Bernstein, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more.

Episode Summary:

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A big part of the reason we updated the Move to Millions ® Method this year to include Spirituality as a pillar is because I am clear that businesses with a spiritual foundation go farther faster. If you are an old G listener, then you already know that I am an unapologetic God Girl and I love using my platform to demystify the role that our spirituality plays in our natural success. Living boldly in my spirituality is the true Incredible Factor in my business.

In this powerful episode, my guest, Joel Brown unpacks exactly why going beyond self-actualization into a relationship with God is centrifugal to realizing your full potential. Along the way, we delve into procrastination and attachment styles and the roles they play in how we show up in our lives – in the natural and in the spirit. Listening to Joel breakdown topics like overcoming the fear of failure, the importance of forgiveness, and how to break free from procrastination really shifted my spirit. Joel emphasizes the significance of living in alignment with God’s original design. Plus, you’ll hear about Joel’s unique perspectives on religious rituals versus having a true relationship with God, and his transition from new age to Christianity.

So, if you’re ready to shift from rituals to relationship so that you discover who God created you to be and get the power to walk into it, grab your pen and Move to Millions Podcast Notebook and listen in to discover:

  • The formula for hope
  • The 6 procrastination types and why knowing yours is key
  • Why inviting God into your business is essential for your next level  
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes from The Episode:

  • “You can have it all, just not at once.”  Joel Brown
  • “Christians are corny.” Joel Brown
  •  “If someone can rise again from the grave, they can transform my mind and heart.” – Joel Brown
  • “God’s kingdom brings individuals back to their original design and purpose, while Satan’s influence leads to fear, lack, and division.” – Joel Brown
  • “Forgiveness is for your benefit, not the offender’s. It releases the resentment, making space for new opportunities and abundance.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon
  • “Aligning with personal values and seeing oneself the way God sees you helps in making decisions and staying focused.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon
  • “Systemizing your business is crucial. Don’t rely solely on goals; create systems to ensure sustainable success.” – Joel Brown
  • “When Gives you something, it doesn’t need batteries.”  Darnyelle

Move to Millions Wisdom Questions:

Book: Think & Grow Rich Napoleon Hill and the Bible
Favorite Quote: Romans 12:2 – Do not confirm to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

Tool Joel Swears By: System

How to Connect with Joel Brown:

Incredible One Enterprises, LLC is not responsible for the content and information delivered during the podcast interview by any guest. As always, we suggest that you conduct your own due diligence regarding any proclamations by podcast guests.  Incredible One Enterprises, LLC is providing the podcast for informational purposes only.

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Joel [00:00:00]:
And sometimes people aren’t ready for Jesus, then, you know, like, I might talk to them like, I don’t want to hear about that God stuff. But then when they start healing and they work through those patterns, they rise up closer to creation and power of what God created them to be in. And then they actually start to open their mind. That’s where I was saying going beyond self actualization, because a lot of self actualization is what we hear all the time in personal development. But God’s focus is beyond that.

Darnyelle [00:00:28]:
You’re listening to the Move to Millions Podcast with Dr Darnyelle J. Harmon. If you’re ready for high level conversations that position and prepare you to move your company cash flow and connection to and beyond the million dollar mark, let’s get this party started. In today’s episode, I am joined by the Joel Brown. He is a top coach and a trailblazer in transformation. Oh my gosh. I don’t even know if you guys are ready. I hope you have a helmet and some shoulder pads where you are because this conversation was absolutely, it was phenomenal.

Darnyelle [00:01:10]:
Like, I had to pause for a second because that is just how juicy good this conversation with Joel was. Joel is a seasoned expert trainer and coach in self development, unconscious repattering, trauma work, problem solving, critical thinking coaching, executive coaching, and kinesthetic transformation for teams and leaders. He’s built two seven figure online self development businesses and is highly sought after for his ability to build massive online communities, monetize online brands, and has been featured in four documentary films with the world’s top leaders such as Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bob Proctor, the Dalai Lama, Grant Cardone, John Aseraff, John Mackey, who is the co founder of Whole Foods and so much more. He is a dynamic speaker who travels the world sharing his wisdom and is featured in the hit movie Think and Grow Rich which is the classic self help book which is about the classic self help book by Napoleon Hill. He hosts highly successful the addicted to success Podcast. Y’all listen. The boy is bad. The conversation was ridiculous and amazing and he’s a God guy.

Darnyelle [00:02:23]:
I didn’t see that one coming, but I’m so excited for you to hear my conversation with Joel Brown. Grab your pen and your Move to Millions Podcast notebook and let’s jump in. I hope you’re ready. Joel Brown, I am so excited to welcome you to the Move to Millions Podcast. How are you today?

Joel [00:02:44]:
Doing amazing. Thank you so much for offering to bring me onto your Podcast to share my wisdom with your audience as well, and, you know, I saw your content, and I just love your message. I love that you have God at the center. I love that you are sharing your wisdom with others and creating an impact in the world, too. So thank you for inviting me in and trusting me enough to be able to be here with the audience, too.

Darnyelle [00:03:11]:
Absolutely. I mean, you’re a rock star. And just what I have learned about you, I’m excited for this conversation. I’m excited about the things that you don’t even know in this moment that you’re going to share with them that’s going to literally blow their minds, that’s going to open up this paradigm shift that will take them to their next level. Like, I can just already feel it in my spirit. But before we jump in, I always like to start with, just in your own words, who is Joel Brown?

Joel [00:03:36]:
Yeah. Who am I? I’m a child of God. I keep God at the center in everything that I do. I do my best at that. Sometimes we can forget that. But, yeah, I. You know, I really believe that I am called to raise up leaders in this time. I’m only really a vessel for the glory of God.

Joel [00:03:57]:
And I created a platform 14 years ago called addictedtosuccess.com dot. It’s one of the biggest personal development and inspiration websites. We’ve reached over 376 million views worldwide. And, you know, when I first created it, I didn’t know how big it could get. I just loved personal development. I loved sharing wisdom with others and watching other people get excited about growth like I did. And it worked really well. There’s this formula for hope that’s implanted in it.

Joel [00:04:32]:
And as I got beyond the personal development, beyond self actualization, I realize that God is beyond that. God is calling us to something much greater. So, yeah, I’m a coach, a speaker, a trainer, investor around entrepreneur, and I just. I just love this service that I’ve been called to, and I love seeing other people really live in their passion.

Darnyelle [00:05:00]:
Yeah, I. I feel all of that. I have. Literally, my whole body is one big, fat goosebump because you’re totally speaking my language. Right. I would call you a God guy. Cause I’m a God girl. Right.

Joel [00:05:11]:

Darnyelle [00:05:12]:
And I love that there are so many more of us who are unapologetic about the role that God plays in our lives. Like, I feel like those of us, and I used to be one of those, Joel, that my God was, like, in the background, like, you wouldn’t know about it because I thought that there’s no way I could bring that into business. Right. And so to have more of us. You a man, right. I think I feel like I experienced it a lot amongst women, but to hear a man talk about God and the glory of God and being called to something higher, it does something to me. And so I know that even our listeners, the men and the women who listen every single week to this show, they’re going to get something good, because you already set the stage that got us first. Right.

Darnyelle [00:06:01]:
And it’s such an important thing. The other thing that you said that I really loved, just off the bat, you said, I didn’t know how big it could get. And what I love about that, Joel, is that you didn’t let that stop you. Because we know people, that the fear of success would paralyze them and keep them from taking the next action, because they don’t want people to know out of this fear of, quote, unquote, imposter syndrome, which, you know, I personally don’t know if there really is a such thing as imposter syndrome, but we can get into that if you want. But I just. I just love that you didn’t know how big it could get. And the only motivation, what I heard between the words that you said was that you knew you were called to something higher. You knew you were called to be able to elevate leaders, and you decided to go, not knowing what might come of it, but just knowing that if you went, you will create an environment for other people to get to their next level.

Darnyelle [00:06:55]:
That inspires me. And so I just want to say thank you. I want to honor you for your service, for the work that you’re doing and how other people are going to be able to come into their own right. You said beyond self actualization is God, and that there’s a formula for hope. So I’d love to get into that. Talk to us about the formula of hope.

Joel [00:07:14]:
For sure. For sure. So, there are a few things that you shared just then that I would love to unpack.

Darnyelle [00:07:19]:

Joel [00:07:20]:
I’ve been coaching for 14 years now. I specialize in overcoming procrastination. That’s my specialty. And I developed a system eight years ago that supports people to be able to discover what their procrastination type is. There are six different procrastination types. We have the obsessive idealist, which is the high achiever, very ambitious type a player, probably you and I are obsessive idealist, and one of the very obvious patterns is that we tend to put so much on our plate right we’ve got these big dreams, big visions. Run. Run.

Joel [00:08:03]:
We have a lot of expectation on ourselves. And so what comes with that is burnout. What comes with that is beating yourself up, judging yourself, maybe even judging others, and projecting that on others, sometimes being a bit hard on other people, expecting them to be where you want them to be, you know? And so we struggle with managing our expectations.

Darnyelle [00:08:25]:
If you have millions on your mind, then you need to get in the house. House of Millions is our up leveled suite of business advisory programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners ready for community and connections to accelerate their cash flow. Learn [email protected]. dot register now to join us for the Move to Millions live after party. It’s going down on Tuesday, June 11 at 07:00 p.m. eastern Standard Time. Secure your seat right now for [email protected]. forward slash after dash party.

Joel [00:09:03]:
So there are good and bad things about this particular type. I work with a lot of high achievers, and one of the big things is that they have adrenal fatigue, right. And a lot of the time they have this, like, black and white thinking, I can only be a millionaire and crush it in my business, but I can’t be a family man or a family woman, right?

Darnyelle [00:09:23]:
Yeah. Like, they feel like they have to choose. They can’t have both. There isn’t an and. There’s an or. Got it?

Joel [00:09:29]:
Yeah, exactly. And I believe you can have it all, just not all at once. Right? Sometimes there’s a season where you’re in hustle mode. Sometimes there’s a season where you’re realizing, hey, I gotta be here with my partner. We’re going through some things in our relationship. We need to, you know, water the seeds, right? So there’s that first type, which is the obsessive idealists.

Darnyelle [00:09:48]:

Joel [00:09:48]:
Second type is the dreadhead. Now, the dreadhead has big dreams. They want to achieve success consciously. They’ll say, I really want this. And. And I truly believe them when I hear it. I’m like, yeah, I believe that you want it consciously, but on a subconscious level, they’re playing small and they’re shrinking back in. They’re in fear of leaving their comfort zone.

Joel [00:10:09]:
So they almost like turtle back in and play small. And often they are plagued with these fears of not being good enough or failure. Mistakes are bad. This is a story they keep telling themselves, right? Because maybe when they were younger, they were told off for not. For getting out of line, right. You got to stick to the rules. You got to stay in the comfort zone. You can’t stretch out too much.

Joel [00:10:37]:
It’s too dangerous out there. And a lot of the time, we learn this from our parents. It’s not even what they say, it’s what we see them do. Right? So that’s the second type, the dreadhead. Then we have the diversion junkie. The diversion junkie tends to hop from ship to ship with entertaining distractions. Now, we can all do the, you know, scrolling too much on social media and all that, but the diversion junkie has a strong tendency to play high stakes when it comes to dopamine hits. They tend to be big gamblers.

Joel [00:11:09]:
They will sit and binge watch Netflix shows that will choose to go to a party instead of actually taking responsibility and stepping in and starting their business or maintaining their business. And this is because they don’t like the feeling of the weight of responsibility on them, so they divert away from it. Right. The fourth type is the stargazer. Now, the stargazer tends to have really big dreams. They’re very good at visions. If you were to ask a stargazer, what’s your vision that will pump it out and share it with you with so much excitement? They have great ideas. They’re very creative, but what they tend to do is they have this shiny object syndrome, right? So they get scattered as the strategy is required.

Joel [00:11:55]:
As you step more and more into your business to systemize things, they tend to feel the weight of that, and they want to rush back to the creative ideas again. They don’t want to take on the integration. They don’t want to be involved in the mechanics of the business. And often when I coach entrepreneurs that are stargazers, I pick it up very quickly and I say, hey, I’m noticing that you are lacking systems, you’re lacking groundwork. You’ve got all these ideas, and it sounds great, but that’s not going to make you money. That’s not going to bring you clients. That’s not going to increase your sales. Right.

Joel [00:12:29]:
Then we have the fifth type, which is a radical, defiant. They’re very rebellious. They have this idea in their head that it’s a dog eat dog world. They can come across actually very selfish, sort of like, I got to step on everybody to get to the top of the ladder. And, you know, they may have this strong charisma, and it looks like a lot of confidence, but deep down inside, they’re pretending and putting a mask on to try and win, and they feel very lonely. You know, when I sit with them and work through their stuff, I realize like, hey, they had a childhood where their parents never really poured love and supported them, and so they always felt like they had to do everything themselves. Right. And then the final procrastination type is the angry altruist.

Joel [00:13:16]:
Now, altruism is all giving. Narcissism is all selfish. Right, right. And we all live on a spectrum. We can move in and out of it. Sometimes we can be narcissistic about things without knowing it. Right. And I know that’s a strong label, but we can be a little bit self centered, and sometimes we can be giving way too much.

Joel [00:13:34]:

Darnyelle [00:13:35]:

Joel [00:13:35]:
So the angry altruist hasn’t learned how to balance in the center, to have good boundaries, to be able to clear, clearly communicate their needs. And so they tend to give and give and give, often realizing that they’re not getting the same in return, and they build resentment.

Darnyelle [00:13:52]:
Yeah. Then eventually, it’s like a volcano.

Joel [00:13:55]:
Yeah, exactly. Right. And what I noticed, too, when I’m coaching people that are in romantic relationships and they’re at the point where they’re on the rocks and they’re about to end, they’ll say, the angry ushers tends to say things like, oh, that person just took advantage of me. They took everything from me. I gave so much. And they start to sort of name the person. Right. And I sit with him.

Joel [00:14:17]:
I’m like, okay, cool, that might have happened. Okay, great. Let’s. We’re clear on that. But ultimately, deep down inside, are you actually angry at that person and resentful towards them, or are you angry at them? Was yourself. Yeah. You gave away so much. So anyway, they’re the six types.

Joel [00:14:34]:
You can go to a link on my site. It’s called doquiz.com. nice and easy. Doquiz.com. dot. You can take the quiz. It takes, like, three minutes. And be able to find out what your procrastination type is.

Joel [00:14:44]:
And I send you a full report on how to be able to overcome that, how to re pattern the subconscious patterns.

Darnyelle [00:14:50]:
So let me ask this question. I like this direction that we went into. Interestingly, I feel like, and you tell me, you’re the expert here, it’s possible to have a little bit of all of these in you.

Joel [00:15:03]:
Absolutely. Absolutely.

Darnyelle [00:15:04]:
And you’ll have one that’s more dominant than the others, I assume, right?

Joel [00:15:09]:

Darnyelle [00:15:10]:
And how does this procrastination play into my ability to recognize what I need to do to get to my next level? Like, why is this such a thing? Like, why. How do I want to ask this question? Like, yeah, why is this such a thing? Why does my style of procrastination, or what does, what is the core between my style of procrastination and my ability to get to whatever is next for me?

Joel [00:15:38]:
Well, we’re going to go to the core, right? So it depends on what your type is, I’m assuming, based off the little that I know about you in our conversation and what I’ve seen so far. But if you are the obsessive idealist type, which most entrepreneurs are, there is a feeling of deep at the core of I’m not good enough. And, and it’s a driver. A lot of time for obsessive idealists. And so every type has their driver. Like failure. Mistakes are bad. I’m not loved.

Joel [00:16:05]:
I’m not good enough. What if I fail? You mentioned before that fear of success. Right now, fear of success doesn’t actually exist. It’s actually fear of failure. People don’t want to get to a level where they have a responsibility that they feel like they’re out of their depths in because then there’s a higher chance that they’ll fail or make a mistake. So it’s really that. Right?

Darnyelle [00:16:26]:
Right. Yeah. Well, and it’s really a fear of rejection. I mean, like, if we really drill down, it’s not even failure. It’s the fact that they might be rejected, which will go back to the, am I enough? Am I worthy? And do people see me? Like, that’s the root of everything that we have, but, you know, because we understand God and we know who God is, right? We know that we came here worthy. Right. Our abundance was never in question until we met our parents.

Joel [00:16:56]:
Yeah. Well, this is crazy, right? I don’t know if you know this, but within the first two to three months that we’re brought into the world, we’re developing our attachment style.

Darnyelle [00:17:07]:

Joel [00:17:07]:
And there’s four different attachment styles. You have the secure attach, which is a goal for everyone. You have anxious, preoccupied, you have the fearful avoidant and the dismissive avoidant. Right. Ultimately, at the core, every child, every human wants to love and be loved. We want to be heard and understood. Right. And if we’re not getting that, we start to create these coping mechanisms and these sort of strategies to be able to get our needs met.

Joel [00:17:34]:
And often it’s met in unhealthy ways. It’s like throwing tantrums. It’s shutting down and going quiet. It’s. It’s emotional manipulation to get a result which we don’t even know we’re doing it. It’s crazy. And so when you actually start to understand your subconscious patterns, self awareness is a really big thing.

Darnyelle [00:17:54]:
Yeah, I agree.

Joel [00:17:55]:
And I truly believe that when I came to God, I had this awesome revelation and had this experience with Christ eight years ago in tulum, Mexico. I grew up Christian, got to, like, 13 years old. Didn’t really want much to do with the church. I felt it was, I thought christians were corny and like, just. Just, you know, like, they play small when they got a poor money mindset.

Darnyelle [00:18:20]:
Can we just talk about that for a second? Let’s just put a pin right there, Joel, because I don’t know if I would have ever said christians are corny, but I completely co sign, and I do believe christians play small. They do not understand money. They do not understand what it is that God desires. Like, this is going to make some people upset. And I’m okay with it, because even me, I love Jesus. I absolutely, unequivocally love Jesus. This is the way I always subscribe, describe my faith, subscribe to the doctrines of Christianity. And the reason I say that is because of everything you just said.

Darnyelle [00:18:54]:
Because when I was in my twenties, when I really started to explore and question, my first question was, why do we come here talking about the church every single week? Go to the altar when there’s an altar, call for the issue. The same issue every single week. Where is the deliverance and how are we created in God’s image and likeness? How do we have the power to call everything under our command and subdue? And we are bound by these things? Like, it just didn’t make sense to me. So, yes, I completely subscribe in and agree with christians are corny. I’m going to start to say that christians are corny. They play small, they don’t understand money. Yes, I agree.

Joel [00:19:42]:
Well, yeah, and I guess at the end of the day, like, my challenge is, don’t forget who you are or whose you are. You’re a child of God, right? We are crowned under the authority of God, the creator of the heavens and the universe. When we operate under him, we’re under his authority, and he is sovereign. But he’s also like, I think about this, right? When you think of all the rulers of the world. Name one huge ruler, king, emperor, whoever that wasn’t at some point corrupt or narcissistic or greedy, you know, that ruled over a huge empire. None of them. They all had their issues. We are so blessed to know that the creator of the heavens and the universe is a loving God.

Darnyelle [00:20:27]:

Joel [00:20:27]:
He has a plan. For us, he has salvation. So he is the one that turns broken things into new promises. We’re so blessed. I don’t think people understand that.

Darnyelle [00:20:37]:
And you know why just before I let you go on, because I know this is going to be good. I believe it’s because there are far too many of us who are or them that are still suffering under religious.

Joel [00:20:52]:

Darnyelle [00:20:53]:
Or religiosity instead of having a relationship with the creator. Right. Because there’s something different that happens when you move from the rituals and you move into the patterns of relationship. Right. It changes everything. And when you understand that, then you can connect who I am and whose I am and recognize that you’re created in God’s image and likeness, which means if he has the ultimate authority, your authority is literally right underneath of that. And because you have that power and that authority, there isn’t anything that should control you and prevent you from continuing to rise up and be everything that he sent his son for. And until we understand that, we have to move very far away from religion.

Darnyelle [00:21:37]:
Right. I think about the US and how it came to be because of all of the people that were escaping religious persecution, and we just replicated that. And, I mean, I could go so deep, I won’t necessarily take us there, because you were about to say something really, really good. But I think that that’s a big part of it. Like, if we could stop being religious and we could start having relationship with God, everything would change. Or we would at least open ourselves up and create capacity for some of the things that we don’t know that are impacting who we are, how we show up, our embodiment and who we be in the world for our identity to shift. And when our identity shifts, everything else also shifts.

Joel [00:22:18]:

Darnyelle [00:22:19]:
If you have millions on your mind, then you need to get in the house. House of Millions is our up leveled suite of business advisory programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners ready for community and connections to accelerate their cash flow. Learn [email protected]. dot the reviews are in move two millions. The proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind is a best seller. With thousands of copies sold, we are raising a generation of million dollar CEO’s. You got next. Grab your copy in our bonuses [email protected].

Joel [00:23:02]:
Every line that you dropped almost opened up another rabbit hole. Everything you say, and I’m like, we could go there. We could go there.

Darnyelle [00:23:09]:
We get, let’s go, like, here’s the thing. This is my show, and we can talk about whatever, however the spirit blows us. I know that this conversation is going to plant seeds in the hearts and minds of the peeps in this community. And as a result of that, we’re going to create an opportunity for them to experience a massive shift. And that’s the whole reason why I do this. Right. You talked earlier about just being of service and doing this because you’ve learned so many things that it would just be so selfish to keep to yourself while I’m the same way. Right.

Darnyelle [00:23:48]:
I think about that Patti Labelle song. When you’ve been blessed, you pass it on. And so this is our opportunity in this moment to pass some things on that will at least plant a seed that if watered, these people can begin to experience life that is unparalleled, that will solve some of the mysteries and the things that have them operating in these procrastination styles that are preventing them from seeing themselves as who God truly sees them to be and showing up as imposters or whatever, the Achilles heel that might be impacting them and where they are in their life right now.

Joel [00:24:24]:
Absolutely. Yeah, I like this. I like that we can look at, okay, here’s a subconscious, here’s our fears, here’s the world, here’s God. I love this conversation. This is great. And I’ll do my best to make it cohesive and tie it together. What I see, right, is I see there’s two kingdoms. You have God’s kingdom, and then you have Satan’s dark, fallen kingdom.

Joel [00:24:45]:
We often call it the Matrix, right? We call it empire. We call it whatever, empires of the world and so on. But ultimately, God’s original design resides in his kingdom. So the way that he created us initially, Adam and Eve, and his, his call for us to come back to who he created us to be in the identity he created us to be is within his kingdom. Even Jesus, like, people like, oh, what was Jesus purpose? Jesus literally says it in the, in the book of Matthew. He says, my purpose is to spread the good news of the kingdom of God. Like, he told us straight up what his purpose is. So many people don’t even hear it, right? And so he, he was there as an ambassador representing the kingdom and saying, come and be part of me.

Joel [00:25:28]:
It’s sort of like, you know, when you have these elections and you have the before that, they’ve got people going on these, like, tours and they’re promoting and they’re on the circuit to try and get people to win them over, like Jesus essentially did that with ease and flow, he showed up, he did his thing, he healed people and all that. He represented the kingdom and gave us the option to choose. Now most people in this world are operating in the dark fallen empire of Satan. And when Adam and Eve gave over dominion to Satan, that’s why we call them the prince of this world, they were no longer under the authority of God, right? That’s why they had to exit the Garden of Eden. They weren’t allowed to come back into it because they weren’t in the rhythm or the authority anymore. They could choose if they wanted to, to continue it. But now the dominion was given to Satan. God’s got to operate in principles.

Joel [00:26:19]:
He needs to operate because the whole universe is witnessing this, right? Like, it’s not just Earth, it’s. We don’t even know. There could be other planets and, and, and the heavenly realm witnessing how God is showing up. And he can’t go outside of his character. That’s how amazing he is. So this has to play out in the way that it does. So what I see is I see that Satan and Christ are fighting inch by inch, every second of the day for your soul. It’s like this play and counter play that’s happening.

Joel [00:26:51]:
That’s how important your soul is.

Darnyelle [00:26:53]:

Joel [00:26:53]:
And if Satan as a top down influence can create systems of this world that pulls us away from the glory of God, then that’s going to amplify his recruitment for his empire. And so we get brought into a world where there is lack, where there is scarcity, where there is fear, where there’s division, right? And this feeds into our insecurities within ourselves. So we’re constantly distracted and putting out, setting our sights on trying to be good enough. But when you’re with God, you know, you are good enough.

Darnyelle [00:27:28]:
You are good enough. Let’s say that just one more time for the people on the back. You are good enough right now as you are. You don’t need to gain an inch, lose an inch, lose a pound, gain a pound, clean your teeth, you don’t even need to put on clothes. You are good enough as you are. Okay, continue.

Joel [00:27:45]:
So what I would say is that the greatest thing that I’ve worked through with in my life is forgiveness. And you know when you see Christ, right, like Christ is walking, he’s dragging his cross, he had his beard ripped out, ribcage showing, like just massacred on his back and all over his body. And he looks up to the heavens and he says, father, forgive them for they do not know, like Jesus saw beyond the cross, he saw the mission, he saw the resurrection, he saw the ascension, he saw the. The gateway to come out of this dark, fallen kingdom, this matrix, as a proxy to bring the Holy Spirit in to give us salvation. It’s like he saw the big mission.

Darnyelle [00:28:25]:

Joel [00:28:26]:
And my question to you is, can you forgive your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your friend, your ex? Can you forgive these people so that you are no longer bondage, held to the boulder behind you, so you can move forward like Christ did, to go beyond, so you can receive what is meant to be received as your purpose and with this mission that God has given you. And most people are still holding on to their resentment, they’re still holding on.

Darnyelle [00:28:53]:
To their anger, so much so I have this event that I do every year. It’s called Move to Millions. Prior to Move to Millions, we did an event called breakthrough in business. And both Move to Millions and breakthrough in business are really spiritual alignment incubators. So they’re an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to come to work on what I call the softer side of entrepreneurship. Embodiment, alignment, surrender, forgiveness. The parts of who we are that are less tangible, but allow the strategies and the sales and the systems that we want to set up to actually integrate and work in a way to allow us to make money with grace and knees instead of hustle and grind. And I remember a few years ago when we were doing the event under the name breakthrough.

Darnyelle [00:29:39]:
I do this exercise around forgiveness. And, you know, 100, 5200 people in the room and these men and women sitting there, those of you who will see the video will see this with their arms crossed, like, not willing to forgive the person who doesn’t even know that they wronged you 100 years ago. And I’m like, you know, forgiveness for me is releasing someone from the obligation of having made a mistake, a lapsed judgment that did something that caused you either emotional or bodily harm, like, it’s releasing the obligation. I think about Mark eleven starting at verse 20, when Jesus and the disciples are walking to Bethany, and Jesus sees the fig tree. He wants the fig Newton, and the tree isn’t producing, so he curses the tree to die and they keep walking. And the next day, when they’re walking back, the disciples cannot believe that the tree has actually died. And Jesus turns around and he gives them what I call the winning formula for how we make any mountain move. He says, verily, I say unto you, you can make, you can say to any mountain move, and it will move if you do these four things.

Darnyelle [00:30:46]:
If you believe it, if you don’t doubt it, if you speak what you desire for it and you forgive. Forgiveness is such a key to the kingdom. It’s the key to having whatever it is that you want to have. And so when you ask that question, I really do hope our listeners are saying to themselves, yes, or at minimum, I want to learn how to forgive. And I just want to remind you before I give it back to you, Joel, forgiveness is for you. It is not for them. It is for you. And I highly recommend that as you forgive, you don’t actually call the person and tell them that you forgive them, that you allow that to be an exercise where you release them from the obligation for your own sake.

Darnyelle [00:31:30]:
Because often the person you forgive, they don’t even remember that they wronged you. And you telling them that you forgive them is only going to make them probably piss you off all over again because they’re flipping about it, because they can’t even believe you’re still holding on to that thing. But do the work to forgive, because it is so important for you to unlock what it is that you truly desire to bring into your life experience.

Joel [00:31:54]:
So interesting, you know, because what. What’s happening on a subconscious level when we’re holding on to it is it can play sneaky games and pop up on you, right? It’s kind of like, I don’t know if you’ve ever done this before. When you were a kid, maybe with your friends or your siblings, one of you, like, ran behind a wall and waited as you got closer and then jumped out and scared you, right? And if you’ve ever seen the person running around the corner, you could see, like, you know what the game is. They’re about to try and scare you. So when they jump out, it’s like, I wasn’t even scared. You can’t shake me, right? That’s what it’s like when you start calling it out, when you realize that you have been holding on to resentment and you go through the forgiveness process, you expose it, you shine light on that like, little critter in the dungeon. It can no longer, like, jump out and try and scare you. And a lot of people don’t realize that certain subconscious patterns come up in fears, right? They come up as fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, failure.

Joel [00:32:56]:
Mistakes are bad. I need to play small. I need to be quiet. I need to shut up, right? All these sort of things that we tell ourselves when we expose it, we no longer are bought into the charge of that emotion. So we can start facing life head on. And you know what’s amazing, too, is that when I coach people through the forgiveness process, these are like, seven figure entrepreneurs, and they’re like, I’m crushing. But then they tell me, they’re like, after they do it, they’re like, oh, my gosh, my sales have gone to next level. Double their sales.

Joel [00:33:25]:
Their revenue has increased. They start getting bigger opportunities. I’m like, yeah, because you got out of your own way, right.

Darnyelle [00:33:31]:
They create more capacity.

Joel [00:33:33]:

Darnyelle [00:33:34]:
Forgiveness is taking up the space where abundance is supposed to live on the inside of you.

Joel [00:33:40]:

Darnyelle [00:33:41]:
And so when you’re in unforgiveness, you don’t have full capacity for whatever it is that you desire. So as you release that unforgiveness and begin to forgive people, you create space. And so now we can fill that space with abundance. And abundance could look like increased sales, it could look like a bigger opportunity, it could look like a book deal, it could look like so many different things because you actually created capacity for more to come into your life experience.

Joel [00:34:06]:
Yeah. Amen to that. Amen to that. Look, the entrepreneurial journey is, is not easy. It’s not a cakewalk, but it gets to be fun, right? If you can get out of your own way, there’s so many amazing things that you can do. I would fight hair, tooth and nail to never go back to nine to five job. Like, I remember the day that I left my nine to five job. I was working in the city doing sales in Perth, Western Australia, and I remember driving down the freeway after I told my boss, it’s costing me too much to be here.

Joel [00:34:36]:
And I remember that classic feeling of freedom, right? Yeah. But even on top of the classic feeling of freedom, I realized what it was wasn’t just freedom to, like, travel the world and wake up when I wanted to, it was the freedom to create. Because when I was working at nine to five, I didn’t have time to create the things I wanted to create. I had only very little energy left at the end of the eight hour, ten hour shift, doing hustles and trying to hit my KPI’s of sales to get my commissions. I get home and I’d be like, burnt out and then trying to put in 20% energy into the thing that I love. So I would say, anything you can do to get out of your own way, anything you can do to come back into alignment with God’s original design, to recharge and power up and not live in force, but live in the higher brackets of creation. We’re not meant to be weapons of mass destruction. We’re meant to be weapons of mass creation.

Darnyelle [00:35:31]:
Yes. I love the kingdom of God.

Joel [00:35:32]:
You know, I love that if you.

Darnyelle [00:35:35]:
Have millions on your mind, then you need to get in the house. House of Millions is our up leveled suite of business advisory programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners ready for community and connections to accelerate their cash flow. Learn [email protected] register now to join us for the Move to Millions live after party. It’s going down on Tuesday, June 11 at 07:00 p.m. eastern Standard time. Secure your seat right now for [email protected]. after dash party so how would you define alignment?

Joel [00:36:17]:
Yeah. Alignment is when you are clear on what your values are in life, what you value. So, you know, moments to moment, if someone wants to ask you, hey, do you want to go and do this? In that split second? You evaluate. That’s where the word values comes from. Evaluate. Is this something I’m willing to put my time into? Because you and I know this and all your listeners, too, I’m sure that people say time is money. It’s not true. Time, you never get back again.

Joel [00:36:43]:
Every second that goes by is gone forever in this world. Right? While we’re here, obviously not in heaven, but here. And so, you know, I look at this and think, okay, I’ve got to get clear on this because this is robbing me from my time. If I’m spending time in the things that aren’t lighting my soul on fire and part of my mission and part of what God has called me to. So the more that you stay in your values, that is your alignment. And I liken it to imagine out the back of your garden, you’ve got this hose and it’s like running along and it’s wrapped around a tree and it’s wrapped around a shovel, whatever. And you’re turning the tap on, but it’s like it makes that noise, right?

Darnyelle [00:37:23]:
Yes. The water’s not coming out.

Joel [00:37:24]:
It’s not really coming out. But then when you go and unkink the hose. Hose, right. The water flows freely. And when we’re in our values, it’s the same thing. There’s no noise anymore. That noise, it’s just like. And as.

Joel [00:37:37]:
And you’re not distracted and you’re clear minded and you know what to focus on and you know how to hold yourself accountable to it because you have a clear understanding of where you’re going. Most people in this world have no idea where they’re going, they’re literally just like, the blind leading the blind, or they’re just walking around the world like a zombie or a pinball in a pinball machine, just bouncing around like this, letting life happen to them. Are you noticing this done down?

Darnyelle [00:38:02]:
Absolutely. Absolutely. I think that, I mean, there’s so much about your definition of alignment that I love. It is different than mine, but I think we arrive at the same place. My definition of alignment is seeing yourself the way that God sees you.

Joel [00:38:17]:
And so that’s great.

Darnyelle [00:38:19]:
So I say, you know, we make I am statements. So the fastest way to know if you’re out of alignment is to make an I am statement and then change I am that God is and see if it still makes sense.

Joel [00:38:29]:
Ooh, that’s fire.

Darnyelle [00:38:31]:
Yeah. So, so if I say I am broke, and then I change it to God is broke, out of alignment, there’s no way God is broke. Right? So it’s the fastest way. And that’s what I just think seeing yourself the way that God sees you, but, or. And. And understanding your values. I think the challenge is most people don’t stop long enough to figure out what their values are. They let other people dictate their values.

Darnyelle [00:38:56]:
And instead of being conscious to say, these are the things that are important to me, and they are important to me, whether they’re important to you or not. Most people don’t hold the unapologetic filter to look at themselves from a value center in that way, to be able to even describe what their values are.

Joel [00:39:14]:
Right. And the thing, too, is if you don’t clearly define what your vision is, even if it’s a one year vision or a two year vision. I do. Ten year visions and reverse engineering get really clear. But for some people, they might freak out hearing ten years. Some people don’t even know what they’re doing tomorrow. But if we could, like, get clear on, like, a one or a two year vision, then what happens is we start to show up in life with direction. And I truly believe that God created us to be directed.

Joel [00:39:41]:
He created us to actually lead. We should be leaders in the world. We should be showing up knowing who. Whose we are and representing that strongly. Like, why are we playing so weak? It goes back to the comment of, like, corny Christian. I believe there’s such a big opportunity for so many believers to really step in. Like, just forget that there’s so much available to us. Like, God created all the resources on the planet.

Joel [00:40:05]:
He put iron ore in the mountains, he put wood in the trees. Like, all the things that we use to, like, create things.

Darnyelle [00:40:10]:
He did that, right? And he did it for us.

Joel [00:40:13]:
He just wants, he has so much grace to just be like my children. Like, what do you need? Let’s go with his. But he wants to see us show up in it, right? Imagine you have a little child, right? And your child comes up to you and says, like, mommy, can you teach me how to build a business? You would be so excited, wouldn’t you?

Darnyelle [00:40:28]:
You’d be like, I would. I’d be a little excited, yes.

Joel [00:40:31]:

Darnyelle [00:40:32]:

Joel [00:40:32]:
You’d be like, my child wants me to teach him how to be, you know, an entrepreneur. You’ll be so excited. God wants the same for us, too. He wants us to come in and be like, father, show me, like, how I can really show up in this world for your glory. Show me how I can play at my best. Show me what my potential really is. Yeah, give me vision. Like, go to him.

Joel [00:40:49]:
Because you’re in relationship with him. You allude to relationship over religion, which I absolutely love and agree with. Then if you were to buy, like, a big house, right? A new house, you would go to your partner and have a conversation with your partner because you’re in a relationship with your partner. If you’re about to buy, like, a really expensive car, you’d probably have that conversation. Unless it’s a gift. And so we do the same with God is I always consult God and my vision. I say, hey, God, here’s my vision. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Joel [00:41:15]:
But I know that your ways are greater than mine. Give me revelation, speak through other people, reveal to me passages in the scriptures. So I know that I’m on track. And if there’s anything I must take out of my vision, it gets in the way of my mission. Make it very obvious to me.

Darnyelle [00:41:30]:
Absolutely, absolutely. And what I love about that and what I would add is even as a part of that conversation with God is like, and remove the parts that I don’t need. Like, for me, it’s an element of surrender because I can share my vision, which I believe is in a complete alignment with the father because of our relationship. But then I’m also willing to detach from how the vision manifests. I’m willing to allow God to be God and to use me and to demonstrate to others what it looks like to be a person who is fully sold out for the God in them and showing up in the world powerfully. I might have an idea to do it this way. But as you just said, a minute ago, God’s ways are higher than my ways. His way will get me there so much faster and deepen it way more than I could.

Darnyelle [00:42:23]:
And so I’m never attached to how we make this vision happen and getting into alignment with that. Right. Like, I. For me, I’m always checking in once I speak a vision out. And I do speak it out loud because there is power in speaking. And I. Then I sit and I see where it lands in my body, or if it lands in my body, right. If it shows up somewhere in my body, then I know that there’s still work I need to do in surrendering, potentially forgiving, whatever it is that could be creating, that disconnect that shows up in my body until I feel free when I speak the vision, because I know that I am in alignment with what God has said and what he has shown me, and I know that then.

Darnyelle [00:43:04]:
And because in alignment with that vision, he’s already made the provision for that vision to be made manifest in the world. And there’s not anything I need to do extra to make it happen. I don’t have to work hard. I don’t have to grind. I don’t. I believe when God gives you something, it doesn’t need batteries.

Joel [00:43:22]:
Ooh. There’s flow and momentum, right?

Darnyelle [00:43:26]:
Momentum, it’s ready to go. It’s working, right. And so I don’t have to stop and read the directions. I don’t have to make sure the battery, I don’t have to do any of that if God is really in it. And so my mission is just to always make sure that I’m a conduit for God to be in it.

Joel [00:43:41]:
Yeah. Amen. Yeah. Because God created us to be in the upper brackets, right? He created us to be in power, but a healthy power in creation. And in creation, if you look at the frequencies of creation, it’s acceptance, understanding, love, joy, peace. These are all the things that Christ represented to show us how to be able to start showing up like it’s. But Satan operates from force. He operates from shame, guilt, anger, fear, apathy, blame, judgment, evil views, miserable loneliness, like he operates from all those lower brackets.

Joel [00:44:15]:
And a lot of our childhood wounds developed and festered. This feeling of inadequacy and of blame and judgment and shame and guilt. A lot of the healing work that I do when I go through our subconscious reprogramming modalities and work on childhood wounds, it alleviates a lot of the shame and the guilt. And sometimes people aren’t ready for Jesus then, you know, like, I might talk to them, like, I don’t want to hear about that God stuff. But then when they start healing and they work through those patterns, they rise up closer to creation and power of what God created them to be in. And then they actually start to open their mind. That’s where I was saying, going beyond self actualization, because a lot of self actualization is what we hear all the time in personal development. But God’s focus is beyond that.

Joel [00:44:59]:
Right. Just like Jesus focus was beyond the cross. Right. And I think a lot of the time we operate in ambition, which, like, gets things going. And it’s. It’s sort of like sometimes we got to get the ambition out of our system so that we can arrive at purpose and start living in that. And there’s a difference, right? Ambition is sort of like, I don’t know if you ever did this when you’re younger, but I used to party. I got into drugs.

Joel [00:45:23]:
I, like, drank in my night away. I was like a wild child. And then when I really got to my maturity, I realized, like, wait, it’s not about that anymore. I’ve emptied it out of my system, and I want more of what God wants for me. And I started showing up purposefully. And I feel like ambition in the entrepreneur world can be a bit like that. It’s like the material and all the things. And then we get to a point of going beyond significance and all that.

Joel [00:45:47]:
We realize, hey, there’s not much at the end of that rainbow. I want to live in purpose and be a vessel for God. That’s when you reach mature success.

Darnyelle [00:45:54]:
Yeah, I agree. I agree. This has been amazing.

Joel [00:45:59]:
Yeah, it’s fun. Great to, great to have a conversation with. I love this.

Darnyelle [00:46:03]:
Yeah, this has been amazing. This has been better than I could have ever imagined that it would be. I just want to say thank you again for, for who you are in the world and the eloquence with which you speak, the way that you break down concepts so that it makes it easier for other people to be able to understand them and to process them in order to be able to even consider the feasibility of making change. Not everyone is able to do that, especially when we’re talking about the subconscious mind and childhood patterns and wounds and traumas and those things that are very hard for most people to even begin to figure out how they can express how these things are impacting them. So your ability to be able to take these concepts and make them palatable and palpable for someone to be able to do something with it is really a gift. And so I’m honored that we’ve had an opportunity to spend this time together before. I have my wisdom questions that I’m going to ask you, but just before that, I just want to give you the floor. Is there anything else that’s on your heart or in your spirit that you would like to share that you know will add value to our listening audience?

Joel [00:47:12]:
Absolutely. I’m not sure if everyone here is a believer in Christmas. Would you say most of your audience are believers or you have a split?

Darnyelle [00:47:20]:
Most are.

Joel [00:47:22]:

Darnyelle [00:47:22]:
We have some who aren’t, and we also. We get a lot of people to understand the significance of having relationship with God and to come into the family as well.

Joel [00:47:31]:
Right, right. Yeah. Look, you know, I would say I’ve spoken on some of the biggest stages around the world. I featured in documentary films with people like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield and Russell, Richard Branson, and many, many like, you know, huge titans in the space, and I’ve lived in penthouses that kiss the sky, and I’ve done the red carpet events and all those things. But the greatest thing has been inviting Christ into my heart. You know, he transformed me. And his holy spirit changes you. When I first became a believer, I wanted all my friends to get it.

Joel [00:48:08]:
You know, I was hitting them over the head with the gospel pretty hard and maybe scared a few of them away because they just didn’t know how to communicate at the time. And I learned christian apologetics, and I learned theology, and I did all these things right. But ultimately, the greatest thing is that the Holy Spirit is the one that does the work. It leads before you. And so if you’re listening right now, I just pray that you invite the Holy Spirit into your heart to transform your mind and to renew your heart. And for some of you, maybe the concept of God may be foreign. Maybe you’ve had a relationship with your father where you didn’t feel close to your father. Our fathers here on earth are imperfect, just like us, but our Father in heaven is perfect, and religion has told you a lie.

Joel [00:48:53]:
Religion has painted God as somebody to be feared, in the sense of he’s a dictator and a ruler, and it’s not true at all. Jesus way. If you actually see what he teaches in the gospel, it was referred to as the way the disciples are called, the followers of the way. It wasn’t until romanism was brought in and used as a control mechanism with power and greed to manipulate it into a pagan perspective of Christianity. And so we’ve been fed alive for a really long time. And I think a lot of people that don’t know it once actually come to realize it’s about relationship with God, which was Jesus was preaching this all along. We can let our guard down and let him into our life. And I would say, you got nothing to lose if you just invite him in.

Joel [00:49:39]:
Just like, hey, God, I’m going to challenge you, God, and just say, come into my life and show me who you are. Right, I just do that. Just hey, just show me who you are. Show me how you can transform me from the inside out. And it’s not always like more money in your business. It’s not always like my business goes ten x. It’s who you are. At the core.

Joel [00:49:57]:
Jesus isn’t superficial, right? He cares about our heart, he cares about our character, he cares about our soul, our salvation. So I would just pray for you that you just maybe haven’t spoken to him in a long time or never before, but just ask him to say, hey, God, I heard you’re the real deal. Work in my life, start showing me who you are. Start connecting me with people and bring me revelation so that I can understand you more. You got nothing to lose.

Darnyelle [00:50:22]:
Nothing at all.

Joel [00:50:23]:
Transformed my life and he transformed so many. I used to be in the new age. I left going to church when I was like 13. I thought it was like corny and silly and all this stuff. And then I went off into the world. I learned all the metaphysical stuff and all the quantum stuff and the law of attraction. I did all those things. I was around some of the biggest new age teachers in the world and I was even helping to promote them, which I wish I never did.

Joel [00:50:45]:
But when I came to Jesus, he lifted the veil off my eyes and I realized the darkness of the dark empire of Satan and also the deception and the confusion that’s in that space. And I spent a lot of time just letting that come off me. And since I have, I can’t tell you how much the fullness of my life is amplified tenfold because of it. So I pray for the same thing, for you to come to know that truth. Because there is, there is one truth. And the truth is that God loves you and he created you with a plan and he fulfills his promises. There’s over 3800 prophecies in the scriptures that are already fulfilled. 87% of the prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled.

Joel [00:51:24]:
That means God said it would happen. And it did.

Darnyelle [00:51:26]:
And it did.

Joel [00:51:27]:
13% left. So we are in last days and I don’t say that for you to have fear. I say that for you to be excited to know that God, God’s plan is unfolding whether we like it or not, it’s because he said it did. And wouldn’t you rather be on that team than to be choosing something that is leading to destruction? So that’s my words of wisdom. I left. That’s what felt, I felt in my spirit to show you. There were like a hundred other things I could say, but for some reason, this was placed on my heart.

Darnyelle [00:51:56]:
That was beautiful. And I just want to say thank you. Thank you, God. First and foremost, just because of who you are and for using Joel in this moment to speak your truth to those who need to hear and who will likely be able to hear from him, I think God raises up the voices that he knows that we need at the time, that we need him, so that we can get what we need to get, so that we can experience the fullness, the kairos, of what it is that he desires for us in every moment. And so thank you so much for that. This has been such a rich conversation. So before I let you go, I just have my three wisdom questions that I always ask at the end. So again, I’ll give you all three of them and then we’ll go one at a time.

Darnyelle [00:52:35]:
What is the quote? The quote that when you’re having a moment, you need to be reminded of who you are, of who you are. It really, really re anchors your soul and your spirit. What’s one book that has made a difference as you’ve been on your own journey? And then lastly, what is one tool that you swear by that has aided you on your own move to beyond millions?

Joel [00:52:58]:
Yeah. Okay, so one quote, romans twelve. Two, do not be conformed to the patterns of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind? Yeah, you know, we talk a lot about the Matrix in culture. Everyone’s like, we got to get out the Matrix. And the Matrix is, you know, here to rob us and all these other things. But I truly believe that Christ is the way out of the Matrix. No one else ever did it. No other religious figure or prophet or whoever has ever done that.

Joel [00:53:26]:
None of them have walked the earth in perfection and risen again from the grave. No one has. And so I believe that if he can do that, he can transform my mind and heart. And so I dont want to conform to the patterns of the world. The world is built off greed and manipulation and control. I want to be conformed to heaven and I want to be part of the kingdom because its much greater and its just, just, it’s an, it’s an eternity move. It’s an infinite game that’s much greater. So that’s the quote that I would say has changed my life.

Joel [00:53:58]:
I have two books. I mean, I have so many books, but I have two books. One is think and grow rich. I’m actually in the think and grow rich movie. I got asked to be in it, and I’m on there quite a few times. I’m sharing my wisdom, and it was really powerful. You know, I remember before I left my nine to five job, I used to. This is so crazy, .

Joel [00:54:17]:
I used to work in the deserts of Western Australia catching snakes and lizards and kangaroos before I started addicted to success. I know it sounds so crazy and weird, but I was, like, working in the desert, 120 to 130 degree fahrenheit, he doing twelve hour shifts 28 days straight with four days off. It was crazy. Good money, but crazy. And I used to listen to think and go rich in my earphones over and over and over and over again. And it really just taught me to shift my patterns of thinking. That was, like, the greatest thing. Instead of, like, going into what if it doesn’t work, go into what if it could work.

Darnyelle [00:54:52]:

Joel [00:54:52]:
And, and also just the power of the mastermind, like, having people around you, you know, not giving up on that last quarter mile, like, just really going that extra to see what we can create. And then I would always have my breakthroughs when I do that. So I learned so much from that book because I applied everything. It’s, it’s no good. Just like, reading and learning, you also got to apply it. So I applied as much as I could from that book. So I saw the greatest breakthroughs from that book in personal development. But my greatest spiritual breakthroughs and even bigger leaps in character building has always come from the scriptures.

Joel [00:55:26]:
It’s come from the Bible.

Darnyelle [00:55:27]:

Joel [00:55:28]:
You know, so I’d say if you haven’t picked it up yet, pick up the Bible. Start with the New Testament. If you’re starting out fresh.

Darnyelle [00:55:34]:

Joel [00:55:34]:
The Old Testament can be, like, quite, quite heavy and also a little bit harder to understand, but you’ll get there. Start with the Book of John. Because John the beloved was closest to Christ. He walked with him more often than all the other disciples. He knew Christ’s character better than all the others. And so when you read the Book of John, you actually get to understand Christ’s character. And Jesus says, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father, which means that when you understand Jesus, you understand God for who he truly is. So read the book of John, and that will give you a great understanding of who God is and how to have a relationship with him, and it will drop away.

Joel [00:56:10]:
A lot of the religion think that you have so great. Two great books, and the last thing you asked me was, like, my greatest Move to Millions.

Darnyelle [00:56:18]:
The tool.

Joel [00:56:19]:
My greatest tool. Yeah, that’s. That’s tough, because I’ve integrated so many tools to get, get to that place. I would say systems. Systems for sure, because I was able to scale to millions through systemizing my, my business. So instead of, like, having to, like, do these run ups and hustle to try and make money, I ended up having systems created to be able to have money coming in. So I would have people that were hustling for me. I would delegate, hire people.

Joel [00:56:50]:
I would negotiate deals where there was an opportunity for growth instead of just these short term wins. I started thinking longer term, I started thinking about the vision, and I started thinking about building the actual construction of the business systems. James Clear, who wrote the book Atomic Habits, which is a great book as well, I’m good friends with James, had him on my Podcast a few times, and he just blew me away. Every time I interviewed him, he said this in his book. He said, you don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

Darnyelle [00:57:21]:
Oh, that is good.

Joel [00:57:24]:
I had chills when I first heard him say that to me. And then I, like, read it again in his book. And I was just like, that’s right. That’s the line. Because so, so often we’re told in personal development, like, gotta write goals down. Gotta have this, you’ve got to write. But it’s like, that’s all good. If it’s written on paper and you’re, like, rehearsing it in your mind, that’s the first part.

Joel [00:57:41]:
But actually creating the system is where your baseline will be. So if your systems aren’t built, you always fall to wherever, the baseline of wherever your construction is. Yeah, like, most people don’t have a system in place, like, let’s say, running ads or an email list or a social media content, like, plan or somebody, that’s, like, posting for you. Whatever it is, they don’t have that. So every time it falls back to you having to hustle hard again to build back up to make cash. So I systemize as much as I can without taking the authenticity of who I am out of it as well. We have AI now, which is crazy. You can automate so many things, too.

Darnyelle [00:58:16]:
Yeah, definitely.

Joel [00:58:18]:
That’s only going to get better. So if you’re not using AI, at least introducing a little bit of it, you don’t have to go crazy with it. But if you’re not doing that, you’re literally going to start competing with people that have a thousand times more bandwidth than you because they’ve systemized everything. So that would be my, my big takeaway on moving.

Darnyelle [00:58:34]:
Awesome. This was phenomenal. Thank you so much for being here.

Joel [00:58:38]:
I loved having this conversation.

Darnyelle [00:58:40]:
Oh, it was going to be so good. I can’t wait for part two when I’m on your show. That’s going to be absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much.

Joel [00:58:48]:
Go check out addicted to success Podcast, too. is going to be on there as well, so make sure you check it out.

Darnyelle [00:58:54]:
Absolutely. And we’ll see you guys next time. Take care. What’s that not amazing? Are the hairs on your arms still standing on in? I’m literally vibrating at the highest of levels right now because of the God that resides in Joel Brown. In this phenomenal conversation that we had, I mean, we touched on a lot, right? We talked about the six different procrastination types. We got into forgiveness, which I’ll know is my jam. I love talking about that. We talked about becoming weapons of mass creation, y’all.

Darnyelle [00:59:30]:
It was phenomenal. At the end, the quote that he shared, you don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. When he was talking about the tool that he swears by this conversation, I already know you’re going to come back and listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over again. And for those of you who are looking for going to the next level in your relationship with the father, that invitation to get to know God for yourself, y’all, oh, my gosh. It was ridiculous and amazing. My spirit is full and I’m excited for you and I’m excited about your next level. I cannot wait to hear you share with me what you took away from this conversation.

Darnyelle [01:00:17]:
So do me a favor. Take a screenshot of however you’re listening to this Podcast and tag me in your story as you share what you got from this powerful conversation with Joel. It’s a game changer. And I invite you to just keep leaning in to every nugget that he shared, because in each nugget is your opportunity to experience abundance unparalleled. I think about ephesians three and 20 that you could do, exceeding and abundant. Above all you could ever ask of, think or imagine according to the power that is at work within you. That was just what you tapped into just in listening to this powerful conversation with Joe Brown. I’m excited for you.

Darnyelle [01:00:59]:
I’m excited for your next level. I’ll see you guys next time. Take care. Thank you for joining me for the Move to Millions Podcast. If this if this episode has impacted you in any way, would you please take a moment and rate and review? Doing so helps us to deepen our impact and expand our reach around the world. And if you are ready to start your very own Move to Millions, I highly recommend that you order your very own copy of my brand new best selling book, move two millions, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. You can get your copy and our bonuses [email protected]. until next time.

Darnyelle [01:01:42]:
Remember, millions are your birthright and to access them you need only move. I’ll see you next time.