Ep 240 – JM Ryerson: Sit With Yourself

About Our Guest:
A seasoned entrepreneur and visionary leader, JM Ryerson has successfully sold three businesses and brings over two decades of experience to the table. As the co-founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win, JM is dedicated to uplifting leadership and transforming team dynamics. He’s also an international speaker, the voice of the “Let’s Go Win” podcast, and the author of the best-selling book Let’s Go Win: The Keys To Living Your Best Life. Committed to helping leaders embrace authenticity and effectiveness, JM currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida with his family, ready to equip you with the tools to conquer self-doubt.

Episode Summary:

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When I was a little girl, my inquisitive nature got me in a lot of trouble. Well, let’s say that it created lots of moment for me to “get somewhere and sit down.”  As an entrepreneur with goals and dreams of hitting your next level, there will be times on the journey where deep moments of reflection will be required to REST – reflect, evaluate, surrender and trust.  The importance of resting is what will give you the courage, confidence and consistency to win at your next level.

Any entrepreneur who’s been in the game for a while will tell you that “winning” is less about what happens externally and completely about the shifts you learn, leverage and lead from internally. In just 15 minutes a day, you can position yourself to BE the version of yourself that welcomes everything you desire.

In this powerful episode, my guest, JM Ryerson offers us a recipe for performing at your peak by taking the time to sit, reflect, express gratitude and deepen our connection to ourselves and our Creator. Following a very impact filled Move to Millions Live 2024, this conversation will be right on time for attendees, and it will set those joining us for our After Party on a trajectory to get proximate to millions. Positioned at the intersection of introspection and transformation, JM shares invaluable insights from his personal journey of struggle and triumph, offering a roadmap for those aiming to break generational curses and redefine their financial destinies. As you tune in, brace yourself for a paradigm shift.

So, if you’re ready to sit with yourself so that you discover who God created you to be and get the power to walk into it, grab your pen and Move to Millions Podcast Notebook and listen in to discover:

  • The morning routine that truly changes the game
  • Why attempting to pour from an empty cup is a recipe for disaster
  • The significance of self-care
  • How to stop being a public success and a private mess
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes from The Episode:

  • “What you’re grateful for expands.”  JM
  • Take care of your mind, body and soul before you do anything else.”  JM
  • “My why is clear.”  JM
  • “Relationships are better when they are simple.” JM
  • “I sat with myself. How can you heal if you don’t?” JM
  • “Gratitude and openness to life’s challenges determine our journey through tough times.” JM
  •  “It’s a conscious choice to be grateful, even in the face of adversity.” JM
  • “Feed your mind, move your body, and nurture your soul daily.” JM
  • “Simplicity, clarity, and self-improvement pave the road to success.” JM

Move to Millions Wisdom Questions:

Book: Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl
Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right.” Henry Ford

Tool JM Swears By: Breath Work, Journal, Meditation

How to Connect with JM Ryerson:

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M [00:00:00]:
Just because you finished high school or college or got your Drate, you need to continue to feed your mind. And often I’ll ask people all the time, what’s the last book you read? And it’s crickets. And I’m like, hey, I don’t care if you read or you don’t, but make sure you’re feeding your mind something.

Darnyelle [00:00:18]:
You’Re listening to the Move to Millions Podcast with Dr Darnyelle J. Harmon. If you’re ready for high level conversations that position and prepare you to move your company cash flow and connection to and beyond the million dollar mark, let’s get this party started. Welcome back to another episode of the Move to Millions Podcast. I am so excited for you to hear this powerful interview that I had today. You guys, listen. I am so committed to bringing you the best of the best to have conversations with them that are thought provoking, that are edifying, that are filled with success, clues that you can leverage to navigate your own Move to Millions. And my guest today is no different.

Darnyelle [00:01:10]:
We’re talking to J. M. Ryerson, the co founder and CEO of Let’s go win. Let’s just stop right there for a second. Let’s go win. Like, let’s just do it. This conversation was so thinking, powerful. We got into so many different topics.

Darnyelle [00:01:29]:
JM isn’t just a seasoned entrepreneur with three successful business sales under his belt. He’s your go to guy for leading teams all the way to the top. He’s a business leader with 20 plus years of experience, an international speaker, the voice behind the let’s Go Win Podcast, and the best selling author of three impactful books, including let’s Go Win, the keys to living your best life. As the co founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win, JM’s on a mission to elevate your leadership, enrich your team culture, and uncover the best version of you. He wants leaders like you to break through limiting beliefs, step into their true selves, and live life on their own terms, not with broken leadership styles of the past. Born in the rugged terrains of Montana and now living in sunny Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife Lisa and two rockstar kids, JM is ready to hand you the tools to smash through your self doubt. Y’all, we got into so much on this powerful conversation. I have one word for you or three words for you so that we can jump into this interview.

Darnyelle [00:02:34]:
Go sit with yourself, grab your pen and your Move to Millions Podcast notebook, and let’s jump into my conversation with JM Ryerson. JM. Oh, I’m so excited to welcome you to the Move to Millions Podcast. How are you today?

JM [00:02:49]:
I am freaking amazing. DJ. I’m going to go with DJ just because that’s going to make me make sure I don’t screw up your name. But no, I’m so excited to be here and I love the way you come in your presence. And so how can you not have a blessed day being with you?

Darnyelle [00:03:05]:
Listen, okay, I already love where this is going. We are just about to get this party started. So before we jump in, I want to give you the floor. You know, I will read your official bio in the intro, but what would you want them to know about JM? So tell us a little bit about yourself in your own words.

JM [00:03:22]:
You know, I’m. I’m a simple kid from Montana originally, that I’ve been very blessed in the businesses that I’ve had a chance to operate and. And build and sell. But mainly, you know, I’m a family guy. Have two amazing boys. My wife and I have been married for going on 19 years. And, you know, my boys and my family is my everything. Today, for instance, I have two tennis matches and two baseball games to go to.

JM [00:03:48]:
And it’s a Tuesday afternoon, for the love of Pete. But, you know, when I say that, it’s everything that I do revolves around having the freedom to go to these things. And so I think when you ask that question, it’s a big question, you know, what do you want people to think? I want people to think this is just a normal, authentic human being that loves his family, loves to help people. And that’s kind of me in a nutshell.

Darnyelle [00:04:12]:
Okay. Well, there’s two things that you said that hit me. The first, a simple kid from Montana, and what I heard when I heard that, I think that there are people who would be like, why is he saying he’s simple? When you look at your bio on all of the accolades and the things that you’ve done, but to be able to drill your identity down, to say, I’m about my family first and foremost, and I’m about the freedom to be with my family and everything I do is to bring me that freedom. So when I think about the journey that we’ll get into, I’m sure a little bit about your own businesses that you’ve built and sold and the coaching that you do today and your unique spin on leadership, it all stems from you having an understanding about who you are. And I just love that. I think so many people struggle when someone asks them, how would you tell me who you are in your own words. So to hear that grounding from the beginning and that very bold declaration that, for me, it’s about family, and how can I make sure I’m spending enough time with them? That really, really speaks to my soul. And I think I like it, because as I was looking over your website, I noticed that I’m assuming, but you’re gonna fill in the gaps for us, that it wasn’t always that way.

Darnyelle [00:05:27]:
I saw something about things spiraling out of control. And today, for you to be here, bold, powerful, confident in alignment, like the energy that is just coming out of you, I know that there’s a story there.

JM [00:05:45]:
I think the. The simple part comes from, we live in a really complex world to begin with, and I like simplicity. I’ve found that I’m able to build my businesses a lot bigger when it’s simple. My relationships are a lot more fulfilling when they’re simple. So I don’t take, you know, when I say simple, I’m actually. That’s the gift that God, one of the gifts he gave me is like, look, I can create something that. That is very challenging. I can make it more simple.

JM [00:06:13]:
Going to the question and the overall question that you asked, which is, I think, really important. Everyone at some point, I think, loses themselves. And I certainly did. My wife and I were separated for almost a year at one point. And if you looked on the outside, like, you know, I’m making, you know, over seven figures at a young age, and everything looks great, but then I’m almost 300 pounds at the time. I’m about to lose my family at least 50% of the time. And remember when I was asked as a six year old, what do you want to be in life? I wanted to be a dad. Now, no judgment to anybody that doesn’t have their kids 100% of the time, but for me, that was just non negotiable.

JM [00:06:56]:
These are my babies. So I think that’s why I try to remember where I’m coming from, and that’s that freedom part. It’s so funny how, especially if you’re driven and you’re you. You’re inspired and you’re motivated and you want to change the world, sometimes you do things that seem like, okay, cool, I’m driven. But now I’m taking away from the number one thing in my life, which is freedom. I’m building something that’s actually taken away from something I love. So I try to always keep that in mind. Uh, DJ, that, like, this is where I’m going, this is why I’m building this.

JM [00:07:30]:
This is my. And you know, Simon Sinek called start with why. I think it’s a great book.

Darnyelle [00:07:34]:

JM [00:07:35]:
Remember your why? Why are you doing this? And I ask myself on a daily basis, why are you doing this? Just like doing your show today. Why am I excited? Because we’re going to help some people. That’s amazing. I love that I get to be surrounded by someone that lifts other people up. I love that you’re going to be on my show and I get to feed my audience with DJ and it’s just like, so my why is clear in every scenario. And if it doesn’t, if it’s not an absolute hell yeah, I’m going to say no. It’s not fitting.

Darnyelle [00:08:04]:
I love everything that just proceeded out of your mouth. Every single thing. So much so that I’m like hanging on your every word. Want to know what it’s like to work with me? And the incredible factor university coaching team. You can get started today with the Move to Millions 90 day business growth planner. 90 days at a time, you’ll be setting your business on a trajectory that will make the Move to Millions happen much faster for you. It’s got everything that you need to track every strategy, every sale, all of your KPI’s, as well as your self care and life transformational needs. We made sure we left nothing out of this amazing planner and by accessing the planner, you’ll get a behind the scenes view of what it’s like to work with me and my team.

Darnyelle [00:08:51]:
Go grab yours [email protected]. dot while we are on this quick commercial break, let me take this opportunity to remind you that when it comes to making the Move to Millions, we’ve got you covered. I created my proven framework, the Move to Millions method, to help you simplify, scale and sustain a company that serves you financially and spiritually. From the book to the planner, to our live event and tons of free cheat sheets to help you plan, prepare and position your company to make millions, we are your full service resource. Learn more now by visiting movetomillions.com. i wrote a few things down that I want to pull on a little bit. I loved even when you said I like simplicity. My business gets to grow bigger when it’s simple.

Darnyelle [00:09:48]:
My relationships get to be stronger when they’re simple. And so I definitely want to come back to that and double click. But before we do, for people like us, JM, it’s not really a construct because we’ve learned the significance of understanding why, right. When you know your why, your what has so much more impact. So we get it. But I think that there are a lot of people who are stumbling around looking left and right, trying to figure out how to be relevant without going deep enough in order to get to an understanding of what motivates them, what. What gives them the power and the prowess to get up one more time, what makes them resilient, what makes them keep going. Because life is going to bring you setbacks, right, which can become an opportunity, as Willie Jolly says, for a comeback.

Darnyelle [00:10:35]:
But those things are going to happen. And to have that why, and have that why be predicated on being at seven figures, young age, 300 pounds, about to lose the most important thing. I love the, when I was a kid, I said I wanted to be a dad. Like, just seeing that level of clarity and watching how even when you went to the brink of, we’ll call it quote unquote disaster, right. Everything that you ever desired was almost without your reach, being able to remember why, to get yourself back in line. So I would love for you to just for a few minutes, talk about you’re at this defining moment. Your weight is not where you want it to be, even though some people would probably say, but you have seven figures. Right? Money isn’t everything.

Darnyelle [00:11:24]:
And the people who think money is everything, or those who don’t understand it and how to keep it flowing. But that’s probably another conversation for another day. Like, what, what was going on when you made the decision to shift everything, to keep everything that was important? And even that year where you and your wife were not physically together, working through and becoming the version of yourself that I’m blessed to have this conversation with today. Like, walk us through what was your thought process and then what were the. The action steps that you took to be able to give back everything that was really important to you?

JM [00:11:58]:
Yeah, it’s a really important question because I think often when we hop on shows, we’re talking about all the accolades, and the truth is there’s always some defining moment, some really awful moment, and that’s when you actually want to say, thank you. Thank God this happened. Thank God that I literally almost lost my family, and I was losing before I actually did. I realize in the moment you’re not being your best self. And so in the moment when I finally decided, I am going to take full responsibility now, could I. Was I pointing fingers in the. In the beginning when my wife. Yeah, man.

JM [00:12:34]:
I was like, no, she’s to blame. No, you don’t understand. Let me tell you, woe is me story. Well, the truth is, when you look in the mirror and you understand that, no, you own at least 50%, and let’s just go ahead and take it to the 100%, own every one of your actions, because the truth is, no one has the power to make you feel any certain way. Only you do. And the moment I decided to look in the mirror and say, this is not what I’m proud of being, this is not who I want to be. I have lost my focus. I have lost some of my faith in who I am.

JM [00:13:11]:
Let’s change it. And so it literally started with just starting to work out religiously again. I played basketball in college, so I love working out to look in that mirror, not be proud of who I was. It was like, well, you got yourself here, let’s get yourself back out. And so it really did start with that. And, you know, you said something that I think often people are scared to do. I sat with myself. I sat long and hard in these moments, being away from my kids, and I had to look in the mirror and say, where are you not performing at your best? That’s a scary proposition for people because we don’t like to.

JM [00:13:50]:
To face those demons. It’s not a fun process, but how can you heal if you don’t? So I look back and I’m so grateful for the times in that lonely house all by myself sitting there. I could have sat there and put the bottle in the hand and just, you know, drown the sorrows that way. Instead, I meditated, I wrote, I worked out constantly, and it allowed me to start becoming myself again, my authentic self, that happy kid from Montana that was like, oh, this is why I started this business to begin with. Now, here’s the crazy part. We actually grew. We were growing at about 15% after that time, it went to 22%, and the following year at 30%, spending less time at work. It grew more because I was actually performing at a much higher level.

JM [00:14:46]:
So you said, really taking that time. And I think that’s one of the things that I would really hope people hear. Don’t be afraid to just sit with yourself and be, and just realize, hey, if you’re not performing at your very best right this moment, if you’re listening to this Podcast, own it and just know that you got yourself in there, you can get yourself right back out. You have that ability if you make that choice.

Darnyelle [00:15:10]:
So good, so good. And I love that whole sit with yourself. It brings me back to as a precocious child going to see my paternal grandmother. We called her nanny. She lived in the projects of Southbridge, here in Wilmington, Delaware. And I would get myself in a lot of trouble. And so as a result, she’d often say, Darnyelle Antoinette, get somewhere and sit down and think about it. And so when I hear you say, sit with yourself, that’s what comes up for me.

Darnyelle [00:15:40]:
And I think that it is powerful to be willing to sit with yourself, to look at yourself, to take that introspective look in the mirror and to not like what you see and actually do something about it. So I just want to honor you, not only because it brought back to you what was most important to you, but it becomes a blueprint by which others can make the same decision, to sit with themselves, look at themselves hard, introspectively, and make a different decision. We’ve all. You said it earlier, we’ve all been down a road we’re not exactly happy about. And some of us pivot. We turn around, some of us keep going because we feel like moving in the opposite direction is somehow going to be worse. So I just applaud and honor that level of commitment to yourself to get back to where it is. And that’s why I believe it’s a defining moment.

Darnyelle [00:16:32]:
Right? Because were it not for that, we’d be having an entirely different conversation today, you know?

JM [00:16:38]:
Yeah, no, I totally agree with you. The other thing that just made me crack up laughing when you said, darn yell Antoinette. That’s so. My name’s James Michael. If I hear James Michael Ryerson, oh, man, I did something bad. And that’s ultimately what I had to look in the mirror and say, James Michael, like, not to ever go third person, but, yo, what are you doing? Yeah, you got yourself in this mess. Let’s get out. And that’s the beautiful piece, is we all have that power, but you have to make that choice.

Darnyelle [00:17:09]:
Yeah. And it’s leadership. It’s self leadership, which is so important. Before you can lead anyone else, you have to lead yourself. The other thing I wanted to pull on before we shift from here, and this is what I heard when you talked about your defining moment. So I wrote down, defining moments are for thanking God. I don’t think, and you correct me if you think differently. I don’t think that we thank God when it’s happening.

Darnyelle [00:17:38]:
I think we thank God when we look back on it.

JM [00:17:41]:
I had this conversation this morning. I was walking the dog and there’s a neighbor that he lost, his wife of 41 years. And he lost his dog of, you know, like, right in that same time period. So he’s had a rough six months. And I lost my dad two years ago, and I lost, you know, he actually killed himself. And I didn’t know that was ever a possibility. Now, I agree with you in the moment. Oh, no, I appreciate that.

JM [00:18:10]:
And, you know, I’m very open about it because, again, as tragic as it is, beautiful things come from tragedy. Right?

Darnyelle [00:18:18]:

JM [00:18:18]:
And that’s what I was telling this gentleman, Mark, this morning, because, you know, he was. He was having a tough moment. You know, we’re just walking the dog, two neighbors, and I know him, but I don’t know him super well. And I said, you know, mark, in these moments, I found it best just to say thank you. And he said, well, dude, I am literally, I’m like, I’m struggling and, you know, trying to get back. And I said, I hear you, brother. And I said, let me tell you something. Every time something really awful that’s ever happened in your life, what comes after it? Good.

JM [00:18:48]:
I said, you can’t really enjoy, you know, the light without the darkness. You can’t really enjoy the good without the bad. And so it was this really cool moment that, you know, this morning where I’m just, you know, a five minute conversation with someone, and he said, you know what? I am blessed. And he said, I have this in my life. I have this in my life. And he started talking about some of the things that he has. I said, yeah. And by the way, as you said, I love the word honor.

JM [00:19:16]:
By the way, honor your wife of 41 years by making sure that you live every day at your very best. And it was a cool moment. And he sent me a text afterwards, and I was just, you know, I think of even losing my dad that that’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, the way that I lost him. And yet it. One of the greatest gifts that came from it is this perspective that I could have never received without it, or I don’t know that I could have received it without it. And I want him back every single day. But ultimately, I’m going to thank God for the 61 years that my dad was on earth and the, at the time, 43 years that I had with him. And that’s ultimately all I can do is say, excuse me, 71 years that he was on earth.

JM [00:20:01]:
I misspoke there. But anyway, to thank God for the time I did have with him, all the lessons that I learned from him, not the action that took place not the, that doesn’t define him, but rather the moments that I have. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s certainly something I try to do.

Darnyelle [00:20:17]:
I think it’s. It’s so important. And I agree with you. Like, I think who we are is truly defined by how grateful we can be in the face of adversity. I mean, my, when I come on your show, I’ll get into all my business and, and you’ll hear and you’ll, your eyes will probably be like, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe she’s here. Living through all of those things. And I similarly have gotten to a place where I find the gratitude in everything for so many reasons. First, because I think about it being the highest emotion, right.

Darnyelle [00:20:51]:
And I say that, that which you are grateful for, you invite God to bring you more of. Right. And so when I sit in the seat, when I sit with myself, and in those moments of sitting with myself, I can muster up the gratitude of even that terrible thing is happening. I believe God carves out a space for something absolutely stupendous to come into my life experience, because I could have dragged myself, I could have dragged him, I could have dragged the other people and been a victim. But instead, I’m operating in the power of which he created me. Right? When I think about, and I probably quote this scripture every single day, jeremiah one and five. Before I was formed in my mother’s womb, God knew me and approved me. I came here as abundance.

Darnyelle [00:21:39]:
And even though abundance seeped out of my life in so many moments when my parents didn’t make good decisions or they taught me something or I caught something that they were doing, that wasn’t exactly the best way to do it. I can still find gratitude that I’m here, that it didn’t take me out. And because I’m here, I have an opportunity to reframe, and in that reframe, create an environment for other people to benefit from whatever it is that I’ve been through. And I love that. I love the grace that comes with gratitude. I just, I think that it helps us. When I looked at your website, you know, I saw three words that stand it out to me over and over and over. Happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Darnyelle [00:22:18]:
And when I think about gratitude and grounding yourself in gratitude, sitting with yourself in gratitude, it produces happiness, it produces health, and it is ultimately a catalyst to experience wealth. I know you love the mood to millions Podcast. I know you can’t wait every single week for me to drop a new episode you know what that tells me? It tells me that you’re also gonna love my brand new book. Move to the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustling grind. Listen to me. Everything you need to know to make millions of dollars without losing your shirt, your sanity, or anything that’s important to you in the process is in this powerful book. It takes what you are experiencing each week on the Podcast to the absolute next level. Go now to movetomillionsbook.com to grab your copy.

Darnyelle [00:23:19]:
Ever wish as a Podcast episode comes to an end that we could spend more time together? Well, I want to make sure that you know about our free community on Facebook. If you are a millions minded entrepreneur who wants to go from millions on your mind to millions in your bank account, then we should spend more time together. Get all the details you need to join us in our free Facebook [email protected]. i honor you again for, even in the face of life’s adversity, making a decision, although it might have been hard in the moment to do it, to keep walking forward in the gratitude, and now, being able to bless your neighbor with that, like, how powerful is that, right? That in five minutes, you can change his perspective and know that you’ve given him a gift that he’ll eat on for the rest of his life.

JM [00:24:10]:
It is so good. And what you said about, you know, we did come here in a. In. In abundance, in. In perfection. In all honesty, that’s. I talk about this often. Being authentically yourself, it’s the most.

Darnyelle [00:24:21]:

JM [00:24:21]:
Abundant thing you can be. It’s the most beautiful thing that you can be. But at some points, we. We do. We veer off or we make mistakes or we don’t live our authentic way. And I think these are the lessons we have to learn so we can get back to who we were, literally, as. As we are created, because we’re energetic beings. No one can argue that you.

JM [00:24:42]:
You cannot argue that. You’re a Dr. So, you know, I mean, look, we are energy. And when we bring certain energy to our world, that continues to build on itself both ways. And that’s the hard part for people to understand. It’s like if you were in that. But that tough way right now, and you have nothing but just negative, negative, negative. If you continue to focus, that.

JM [00:25:05]:
That. That will continue to expand. But if you’re able to say, you know what, I’m grateful for the fact that I’m breathing air. I am grateful for the fact that I you know, have a house to live under, that I have food on my table, whatever you’re grateful for. And no one can tell you what’s right or wrong. You can say what you’re grateful for. Now, guess what? That’s going to start to expand. And I don’t know if we talk about this enough.

JM [00:25:27]:
It’s just one of those things where when you put your energy and focus on something beautiful and positive, more of that’s coming your way. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to get an arrow thrown your way or adversity. No, that’s to teach you a lesson, is to keep you. It’s probably to teach you to be grateful again. But it is a funny thing life throws at us, and it’s good to have those reminders. Mark will pick me up one day where I’m not having the best day. I’m sure he’s going to say, hey, brother, just remember your beautiful soul, and, you know, you’re abundant. And whatever I need to hear in that moment, he will say that.

JM [00:26:04]:
And that’s. That’s if I’m willing to hear it, if I’m willing to see those opportunities.

Darnyelle [00:26:09]:
Yeah. And I think that that is the operative phrase right there. If you’re willing to see it. The openness that we exude in the face of life’s challenges that are going to come our way really determines how we make it through it. Right. And I think that recognizing what you just said a minute ago, or at least the way I wrote it down, what you’re grateful for expands. Recognizing that and choosing. Cause it’s a choice, a very conscious choice to choose to be grateful.

Darnyelle [00:26:40]:
Cause sometimes we get a raw deal. Sometimes it is not amazing. Right? Sometimes it is downright deplorable. And choosing in those moments for it to not be the best that there could be, to find the gratitude in it, it is a skill and it is an indication of your level of authenticity, self awareness and commitment to being the best version of yourself. Right. And it’s hard as a leader when you’re leading yourself and leading others. And I imagine three companies now that you’ve built and sold and the work that you get to do today, so many examples along the way where you could have made a different choice, you could have decided not to be grateful, you could have been disgruntled. And again, we’d be having an entirely different conversation right now if that were the case.

JM [00:27:36]:
Yeah. You know, one of the things that helped, too, because I often. It sounds so kind of silly but sometimes I’ll have people say, well, what should I be grateful for? And I’m like, I can’t tell you, but here’s what I will say. I used to always come up with new things to be grateful for, and I do still today, in moments, I’ll just say, oh, I’m so grateful for that. Or, but every single day, because I’m very routine based, very. So after my breathing exercise, there’s three things that I will always say, and there’s usually five. But to make it easy, I say, I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for my wife and kids, and I am grateful for my relationship with God.

JM [00:28:15]:
Those are my three things. Now, here’s what’s, if anybody that’s known me a long time, I’m not an overly religious person by any means, very spiritual, but not religious per se. And that word God, for years, it wasn’t necessarily something I was always comfortable with. I was raised Catholic. I’ve been confirmed Catholic. But it’s taken on this new shape and form where I just, I am part of God. We all are, whether you believe it or not, but we are right. And the moment that I’ve started to really affirm that over and over and over, it’s just amazing how now when I say to God, universe, spirit guides, whatever you want to say, I’ll ask for, is there anything more? What am I missing? Is there some intention? It’s amazing how every single time that answer does come to me.

JM [00:29:09]:
It’s why I think people that do prayer on a daily basis, I think that’s the powers, because it is a routine that it does tell you to, let’s go ahead and be grateful for these things. So I don’t know. This is a deep subject, for sure, but it’s one that I’m passionate about. And every single day, I say it every single morning.

Darnyelle [00:29:29]:
Well, and you know you’re in the right place to have conversations about God, right? Because I’m a God girl and unapologetic about it. And I think that. And I’m with you. I used to be religious. I used to be. Today it is so much more for me. It is about relationship. And when I think about relationship with the father or relationship with anyone, right.

Darnyelle [00:29:50]:
If you are in a relationship, you communicate every day, multiple times a day. You share your feelings and your fears. You share your biggest dreams and your biggest disappointments. You create an environment in a container for you to feel safe, safe and have sacred time with that person. And that’s what it’s like, for me with God, and that is what it’s become, because I recognize that. And when I think about, you know, some of my favorite scriptures, I do. I quote the Bible like people would quote any one of those three books behind you, right? If I open up, let’s go win or upgrade. And I find this amazing quote that you said I would quote it.

Darnyelle [00:30:27]:
So I quote the Bible the same way. And I really, my attempt is to normalize it for people because I believe that as a country, we are not agnostic to God. I mean, our country was formed from our forefathers escaping religious persecution, so much so that when they created money, they put in God we trust on it, God we trust. And our politicians, when they end every speech, they say, and God bless America. So we’re. So I don’t make it this big, arduous thing. I normalize it. And it gives people permission to seek their own relationship, whatever that looks like for them.

Darnyelle [00:31:09]:
I don’t have a heaven or a hell to put anybody in. And so for me, it’s about connecting and having a relationship, just like you would have with your spouse or your children, building your own relationship with God. And even down to, you know, if you want to call it, not you specifically, but people want to call create, you know, create a universe source. That’s your business. That’s not my business. I do speak God and Jesus. That’s me. Right.

Darnyelle [00:31:37]:
And I think that. Or I’m clear that that spiritual foundation is the key to my success. Even when adversity is happening, even when I’m experiencing something that is not favorable or I wouldn’t desire for myself, I can ground myself in the gratitude of even this. Not only will it pass, but it will make me better. So I love when you said that. Right. Because I think that when we understand the role that our relationship with the creator plays in what we do and how we move and experience life as energetic, spiritual beings in a human form, everything begins to change, right? And I think about, you know, our first. Our first identity and our first connection to the leaders that we all are and have the potential to be for others.

Darnyelle [00:32:28]:
It comes from Genesis one and 26, when God said, let us make man in our own image and likeness. Let us give him the power and authority to call everything under his command, like we were leaders from the moment of the thought of creating man. And we have the ability in building that relationship, to live into it and allow it to help us, to help other people in every possible way. So I love that. I love that the three things you express every single day, your health, your wife and kids and your relationship with God are part of what grounds you and allows you to really. I’m going to keep using sit with, with yourself. I think I’m going to call this episode sit with yourself. Allows you to really sit with yourself, to project out the version of yourself that you want to meet anyone, that you might come into contact every single day.

Darnyelle [00:33:18]:
And it’s, it’s really, really powerful. And the way that it resonates is so powerful for me.

JM [00:33:25]:
Yeah. I mean, it’s so well said. By the way, you have a great vocabulary. You’ve said a couple words. I’m like, precocious. She said arduous. I’m like, yes, this is so good. But yeah, what I love about what you said is there is no judgment one way or the other.

JM [00:33:38]:
This is your own personal relationship. And I think that’s where it gets messed up along the way, is that I’m right, you’re wrong. My way is better than yours. No.

Darnyelle [00:33:48]:

JM [00:33:48]:
And by the way, I’m not.

Darnyelle [00:33:49]:
That’s what religion does. Religion says my way is better than your way. And you’re wrong if you don’t do it this way. But relationship allows for you to be a human. It allows for you to make mistakes and still experience grace.

JM [00:34:02]:
It’s in your relationship. Gosh, this is so good. Because this morning I was telling my wife, there’s a, in the community that we live in, there happens to be some women that like to really gossip. And not all of it’s very, very kind. And it’s, she’s even fallen into this trap. And I finally, this morning, I was doing my meditation and something came to me. It said, if you don’t feed something, what happens to it? It dies. Right? And I told my wife, I was like, baby, listen, if you don’t feed into this any longer, I mean, not even just remotely take this on as people are gossiping and they’re talking trash about you or whomever, it doesn’t matter if you don’t feed into it, it will eventually just, it will go away.

JM [00:34:53]:
And it was this moment where she knows this, but yet she found herself getting trapped back into these conversations. And I said, just let them know. Respectfully, I’m not going to engage in this in any way, shape or form. I love you, but I’m just not. And it’s just funny, man, it just happened this morning. I was like, why would you feed into anything that is negative that way? If you could, if you choose you have the choice. You can choose to talk about whomever these human beings are, or you can choose not to. And I think if you want to live your best life, why spend any of that energy on that negativity?

Darnyelle [00:35:29]:
So anyway, yeah, I agree. The reviews are in move two millions. The proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind is a best seller. With thousands of copies sold. We are raising a generation of million dollar CEO’s. You got next. Grab your copy. And our bonuses [email protected].

Darnyelle [00:35:57]:
interested in working with me on a more intimate basis? We should chat. You can go to partnerwithdarnielle.com right now, and you can apply to work with me in the program that is going to be best for where you are right now on the Move to Millions continuum. Again, that’s partner with darnielle.com. dot. But I think it’s the human in us, right? You know, I say this all the time, JM. I literally said it to someone last week, and they’re like, I never heard you say that. I’m like, I say it all the time. I always say I’m on the cross with Velcro.

Darnyelle [00:36:28]:
And what that means is I’m a human. And it is possible that even though my intention and my spirit is to always be loving and gracious and forgiving, that you could catch me at a moment where that is not the response that you get. Right. And so the velcro means I could come down if I need to, and then I can put myself back up there when I get myself back together. Right. And I. And I think that we have to allow for our humanity and having you to be able to be there for her as a checkpoint. Right.

Darnyelle [00:37:02]:
She got caught up. She got caught in it, and then she comes and she’s talking to her babe, and you can just bring her right back into line. That’s the balance of relationship. That’s the balance of making sure that you guys want the best for each other. And so it ends up working itself out. But, yeah, sometimes we do got to veer down the path and realize that this is not what we want to do and this is not who we want to be, and these are not the people that we want to spend time with. I do this exercise, I do it once a quarter, where I evaluate all of the people in my life, and so I literally write them all down. And it’s out of the premise of you become like the five people with whom you spend the majority of your time.

Darnyelle [00:37:42]:
So I write everyone down, and then I rate them. If they’ve been a positive influence over the last 90 days, they get a plus. If they’ve been a negative influence over the last 90 days, they get a minus. And if I’m indifferent to their influence, I give them a slash. The pluses get to stay the minuses. I begin to phase out, and the slashes, they got another 90 days to influence me one way or another. And it’s my way of making sure I’m always protecting my circle. And I’m spending time with people who will hold me accountable because I am not perfect, and I do sometimes make mistakes.

Darnyelle [00:38:12]:
And when I make a mistake, I want a jm to tap me on the elbow and say, sis, that wasn’t your best look, that wasn’t the right way to respond to that. That wasn’t the thing to do. And so if that’s not what I’m not getting, then I shift. The people that I spend my time with. It has served me really, really well, and it helps me to constantly make sure that I can be vulnerable and transparent with the people that I want to be in relationship with, because we can’t. You know, we can’t sit up here. We’re high achieving people who have accomplished a lot, but we cannot act like that’s. We woke up that way, that we’ve never been through things.

Darnyelle [00:38:47]:
Right? We’ve got to be human, and so it really makes a difference that way. Do you have anything that you do that really allows you to evaluate who’s in your life and what’s going on?

JM [00:38:56]:
Yeah, I don’t have the slash. I have the plus or the minus, because I truly believe people either lift you up or they bring you down, and it’s. There’s no real gray area. Now, the other thing that I think that’s so important that you said is we are not infallible, not in any way, shape, or form. Right. I make mistakes all the time. And why I’m able to say these things to my wife is we’ve given each other permission, just like I don’t get out of. Yeah.

JM [00:39:20]:
Grace and permission to say, hey, these are my goals. These are my dreams. I want you to call me out. So, for instance, this morning, another great example is a busy morning. My goodness.

Darnyelle [00:39:31]:
I wasn’t feeling it. Man. You did more than most people do on a whole day. Before we got had this conversation, it.

JM [00:39:38]:
Was a busy morning. I got to say, I didn’t want to wake up this morning for whatever reason. It was the lunar eclipse, a full moon. I don’t know. I didn’t want to get out of bed. And you know what? My wife has permission to say, get your lazy butt out of bed. You know why? Because I’ve told her this is important to me. We talked to, we’ve circled around this, being a leader.

JM [00:39:59]:
Everyone is a leader. And I love that you said that, because you have to lead yourself in order to be able to lead anyone else. It’s one of the most true statements I can ever put out of my mouth. And I coach on this, so taking care of your mind, your body, and your soul before you do anything else. And females, I hope you are hearing this because every single one of my female clients, when I ask the question, hey, what did you do for yourself today? It goes, the husband, the car, the kids, the house, the job, the email. I mean, it is a litany of stuff that they list off. And I said, no, no, no. The question is, what did you do for you? And so what I coach on is, look, I want you to take care of your mind, your body, and your soul every single morning before you do anything else.

JM [00:40:48]:
That is your time, and it is the most important, unselfish time that you have. And so that’s what my wife has permission to. Hey, jm, you said this is important. Get your lazy butt out of bed and get going. You told me it’s important to you. And she, thank goodness she did that for me because I was able to have an amazing morning. But that leadership thing, it’s like, hey, at least five minutes per day, five minutes on your mind, your body, and your soul, and then put on whatever hat you’re going to do. So, uh, yeah, you.

Darnyelle [00:41:18]:
What would that look like? So if I’m. If I’m making sure that I focus on my mind, my body, and my soul before I do anything else in that five minutes, am I doing five minutes on each of them? Is it one five minutes? Like, what does that look like? Just let’s give them a roadmap for especially our women listeners, because you’re right, women tend to take it on. I literally was texting with a client this morning who was like, I’m on the edge, on the brink, because everybody else is coming first. I said, well, that’s because you decided everyone else comes first. So what are you doing for you? What are you doing for your health? What’s your outlet? Create those things first, because just like our flight attendants say, secure your mask before you help anyone else. So what would that look like to make sure that I do my mind, body and soul time first.

JM [00:42:04]:
Yeah. I came up with the five minutes of each because my morning routine is two and a half hours. I know it’s way too damn long for most people, and I recognize that my wife is actively like, you need to trim this down a little bit. I’m all right, baby, but I love the way I feel. No, but specific. For somebody listening five minutes to fuel your mind, whether that be listening to this Podcast, this is a great way. A book, the bible, something that feeds your mind. Because, look, just because you finished high school or college or got your Drate, you need to continue to feed your mind.

JM [00:42:43]:
And often I’ll ask people all the time, what’s the last book you read? And it’s crickets. And I’m like, hey, I don’t care if you read or you don’t, but make sure you’re feeding your mind something that’s challenging you. The second part of the body, everyone knows, look, move the body. At the end of the day, I ask my clients just to make sure they get a sweat every single day. Do I need to lift 2 hours a day? No. Do you need to play pickleball or go run? There’s no set way to do it. For me, my first thing is I do approximately eleven poses of yoga every single morning. So I don’t, that’s like, before I even work out, that’s something that I’m doing to take care of my body and then the soul part, that’s such an individual thing.

JM [00:43:26]:
I’m guessing for you it would be the Bible. For me, it’s meditation. For some people it’s walking on the beach, for others it’s hiking the mountain. I really don’t care what the answer is because it is for you, but making sure that you’re filling that soul bucket to make sure that you’re really just looking at these three buckets. And to the females, it happens because they’re so maternal, right? They want to give. Now, the funny thing in my relationship, I’m the maternal one. And I used to not take care of myself. I take care of, you know, the kids first.

JM [00:44:00]:
And then I realized there’s a shelf life to that. That doesn’t make sense. And so it’s, you know, the whole idea you have to be pouring from a full cup, so you need to pour into your cup, your bucket, in order to fill others. And so, yeah, it’s. I just give yourself that 15 minutes. I’d love for it to be maybe a little bit more. But you know what? I’ll take 15 minutes because here’s what I know about habits. Once you start doing it and you start to fall in love with it, it’s going to get a little bit more, going to get a little bit more involved, and you’ll fall in love with the whole process because now you’re showing up as a better version.

JM [00:44:38]:
And great advice, obviously, that you gave your client this morning.

Darnyelle [00:44:41]:
Yeah. And I love that. I love the simplicity of it. There you go. Here we go with the simplicity again. I like the get a sweat every day. Like, that’s my, my thing. I make sure, you know, I’m a black girl, and in our community, hypertension and all of that stuff is really, really high.

Darnyelle [00:44:59]:
Diabetes, I’m like, I’m moving my body because I don’t want any of these diseases. So I make sure I do 30 minutes on the treadmill every morning. And typically, while I’m on the treadmill, I am, I’m not meditating because I’m very active, but I am praying I’m in conversation with God while I’m on there. And sometimes I’m listening to an audiobook or listening to a Podcast. So I’m, like, combining all of this at the same time. And it has made an immense difference. The days when I don’t do it, I feel like something is missing.

JM [00:45:33]:
I’m chuckling because yourself. No, for sure. I’m chuckling because you multitask, as every amazing woman can do. I’m telling you, that is, look, that’s the one thing in my first book, I’m like, multitasking doesn’t exist. Somewhat retracted that, because females seem to just do it better than guys. But, yeah, I love that. And absolutely the fact that you’re being efficient with your time and you’re saying, hey, this is pouring into me, and.

Darnyelle [00:46:02]:
Now for me, right. It’s my self care. Yep. And it’s made a huge difference. I mean, I’m so much more alert. I’ve got so much more mental clarity, and I’ve lost, like, 20 pounds.

JM [00:46:14]:
So it’s.

Darnyelle [00:46:16]:
And I’m just really moving my body and being more conscious. Right. I spend a lot of time these days really operating. I talk a lot in my book and in my work of operating from your vision point and not your vantage point. And so our vantage point is where we are right now, and it’s always skewed, but our vision point is where we desire to be, and it’s aspirational. And so when I operate from my vision point. And I think about what it is that I want to bring into my life. Experience.

Darnyelle [00:46:43]:
Experience. There needs to be a healthy version of Darnyelle on the end of that. I love how you said, there’s a shelf life to putting everyone else first. Right. And because of that, I turned 48 this year or last year. November. Jm. Oh, my gosh.

Darnyelle [00:46:57]:
I felt like I heard a click. And it wasn’t like the click of a clock. It was kind of like the click of a gun that went off on my 48th birthday. And all of a sudden, I wanted to. I had this immense craving and insatiability to become the version of myself that I talk about. And not that I was out of alignment or lying to people, but I just wanted to be a better vessel because there is a shelf life. I have no idea when my son is going to set. I know it is quite possible that it could set.

Darnyelle [00:47:34]:
I might not have 48 more years. I don’t know. And all of a sudden, the desire to put away, eating terribly and being sedentary and all of those things were just no longer an option for me. And I said, I have got to get it together. I say often, you cannot sell the dream when you look like a nightmare. And I don’t want to be on anyone’s stage. I’m so grateful to be able to stand on some of the biggest stages around the world, and I don’t want to be on anyone’s stage huffing and puffing and out of breath, because I’m not taking care of myself. And I’m talking about, you can have millions, right? I believe that you don’t have to choose, that you can love God.

Darnyelle [00:48:17]:
You can’t have millions of dollars. You can have an amazing relationship. You can have all of those things in season without having to sacrifice and choose. And part of that is deciding to, like you said, making sure you spend time on your mind, your body, and your soul every single day.

JM [00:48:33]:

Darnyelle [00:48:34]:
So that is great advice.

JM [00:48:35]:
The other thing, really quick that I love that you do, the 30 minutes, because here’s the other thing. And if anybody’s listening, they’re like, oh, I just don’t like to work out. You feel better because, literally, hormones at play, right? You’re firing off endorphins and serotonin. Like, every good hormone is going off in your body. So just by moving, you are going to feel happier. And it’s. It’s one of those funny things that we forget. It’s like, this is our natural body at play.

JM [00:49:02]:
Um, so, yeah, I just, I love that you do that. And it’s. I hope if somebody, just one person’s listening, they’re like, you know what? I haven’t been that active. Just go out, move the body a little bit, and let those hormones shoot off. And, and you know what? Don’t you know, whether it’s a gun going off in the head, that’s amazing that it’s like, boom, I’m going to be the best version of me right now. Already been doing so much. I think that’s beautiful to say. You know what? I can get a little bit better.

JM [00:49:29]:
That’s why I literally wrote the last book, upgrade, right?

Darnyelle [00:49:32]:

JM [00:49:32]:
I feel all of us can upgrade. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. But can I upgrade just a little bit more?

Darnyelle [00:49:39]:
Sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. This has been a phenomenal conversation. I want to just give you the floor. If there’s anything that’s on your heart, sitting in your spirit that we haven’t talked about, that you want to be able to share with our listeners, the floor is yours. And then when we finish with that, I’ll come back and I’ll ask you our Move to Millions wisdoms, questions, and then we’ll call it an episode.

JM [00:50:04]:
Love it. You know, the one thing that’s on my heart, and it often is, and we talked about it briefly, but being your authentic self, taking off the masks, let go of whatever you chose to fit in, at some point, you decide, I want to fit in because we all want to be liked. Right? But the ability to take off that mask, because masks are meant for parties, they’re not meant for real life. And I love that. Yeah. And it’s so true. You see people walking around and if you keep putting these masks on, it gets really heavy. Imagine if you took all that off and you just said, I’m just going to be me, this beautiful being, this light, and you just let that shine.

JM [00:50:45]:
Imagine taking that energy instead of trying to look a certain way, sound a certain way, fit in a certain way. You just be you. How much energy you can now bring to each one of those projects or relationships or whatever you’re trying to work on, that’s. That’s something that’s been on my heart big time. And, and it’s. It’s a gift. When somebody can truly be themselves, when you see somebody that can truly, like you said, unapologetically be them, I love that. I applaud those people.

JM [00:51:15]:
I don’t care if they’re my cup of tea or not. If they’re unapologetically them, I am. Like, you don’t get to see that every day. Good for you. Keep rocking it. So I think that would be my. Before the questions, that would be the last thing I want to make sure the audience heard.

Darnyelle [00:51:32]:
Awesome. And I agree. So I won’t even add my two cent to that. All right. So this, again, has been a phenomenal conversation. I always like to. I never know what direction the conversation is going to go in. Cause I purposely don’t do a whole bunch of research.

Darnyelle [00:51:47]:
I just want to have an organic conversation. Right. But I will also want to ground it in something that can support our community and our listeners. Our listeners. They’re working. They want to get to the million dollar mark. They want to have businesses that serve them financially and spiritually. And so I like to ask these three questions because it gives them something they can add to their professional library, gives them a tool they can potentially look into that could help them to do what they do better.

Darnyelle [00:52:12]:
And being a person such as yourself, who’s had three companies that they’ve built and sold and are helping leaders all over the world experience peak performance, I know you have some good tips that you’d love to share. So my first question is, what’s one book that you feel like if an entrepreneur or small business owner or business leader is really looking to position themselves to be that authentic, powerful leader that is healthy, wealthy, and happy, what is one book that you would recommend that they add to their professional library?

JM [00:52:50]:
Oh, my gosh. One book. You know what? This isn’t a business book, but it is a life altering book. And it’s called man’s search for meaning by Victor Frankel. It is a book that I read every single year to give me perspective. And I think anyone that reads it is going to realize that no matter where you’re at in life, you can rise above whatever circumstance you may be in. And it’s a heavy read, by the way. It’s not a long book.

JM [00:53:17]:
Yeah. So about 150 to 160 pages, but it’s a. It’s a powerful book.

Darnyelle [00:53:23]:
It is a powerful book. I co sign that. And then what’s one quote that when you are having a day or a moment that really just regrounds you and brings you back to yourself, whether you.

JM [00:53:34]:
Think you can or can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford. Whether you like Henry Ford or you don’t, there’s some to obviously admire, and there’s some, you know, things in his past, like we said, that nobody’s infallible. But I will say that quote, it’s simple. And it tells me, like, are you thinking this way? Oh. Oh, so you’re right. You can’t. Oh, you’re thinking you can.

JM [00:53:58]:
Absolutely can.

Darnyelle [00:53:59]:
Yeah. That’s so good. I always say, you will have what you say. Whatever it is you say, you’ll have it. And then lastly, a tool. And I’m leaving it open on purpose. So it can be business, it can be life. But something has made a difference for you as you’ve continued.

Darnyelle [00:54:16]:
I mean, you are beyond millions, but as you continue to move and grow your companies and do the work that it is that you do, is there one tool that has made a difference on that journey?

JM [00:54:28]:
If I can give two, I would say it would be breathing and meditation. And I cash. I got to throw in journaling. Those are the three. It’s free therapy for you for journaling. The papers never said I’m brilliant or I’m an idiot. Doesn’t say anything. It just takes pen to paper.

Darnyelle [00:54:46]:
It just takes it all in. Just takes it and allows you to release it, right. So you get it out of your body so that it doesn’t cause disease. And you can. And what I love about journals, I’ve been journaling since I was ten, is I can go back to them. I have every journal I have ever written in my whole life. And I can go back and I can look at things I said I wanted to accomplish that I’ve actually accomplished. I have this box in my bedroom that I put my goal.

Darnyelle [00:55:12]:
Statements are my. I’m so happy and grateful now that statements are things that I want to come into my life experience. And I was in my bedroom this past weekend, and I opened up the box and started reading out the cards, and almost every one of them has happened. Almost every one of them. So I put it on the card, and then I go to my journal and I write out the whole story of who I’ll be, how I’ll dress, how I’ll act, who I’ll spend my time with, when that thing is in my life, as if it’s in my life right now, which helps to reinforce and accelerate how quickly it comes in. So, um. So, yeah, I love that.

JM [00:55:46]:
It’s so powerful. I. You know, it’s how I wrote the first book I literally had forgotten. I wrote about, uh, let’s go win. When I was a 20 year old in college, and I’d forgotten about it for almost 20 years. We’re moving from California to Florida, cleaning the garage. I opened it up. There’s literally, let’s go win the three circles as the logo.

JM [00:56:06]:
I had already written the book. I forgot about it, but it was marinating upstairs for that long. So I think that’s so cool that you do that. And it is powerful.

Darnyelle [00:56:16]:
Absolutely. JM, this has been amazing. I will make sure that we put all of your information in the show notes so that our peeps will be able to get out there and find you so that they can continue to just eat off of your wisdom. I thank you for all that you, you’ve been through. I thank you for the grace with which you share your story. And I thank you for your commitment to really help people to step into best versions of themselves authentically. I’m so grateful that we had this time together. I’m looking forward to being on your show and let’s go win.

Darnyelle [00:56:46]:
Let’s just. Let’s just get out there and win.

JM [00:56:49]:
Well, DJ, I am so honored. I appreciate you so very much. And, yeah, what an amazing conversation. And yeah, let’s go win. And go. I can’t wait for you to be on the show. It’s going to be freaking amazing.

Darnyelle [00:57:01]:
Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Well, thank you so much for being here, and we’ll see you guys next time. Take care. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, darn yell that you’re the bomb for bringing us JM. You’re welcome. Listen, so many nuggets I want to pull out about this conversation. He talked about something I think many of you, many of us have experienced, being that public success, but experiencing a private mess right when he got into being 300 pounds and on the verge of losing his children or spending only 50% of his time because him and his wife were going through.

Darnyelle [00:57:35]:
And how he turned it all around. How he used their year of separation to get himself together. I love how simplistically he thinks. It’s so refreshing to run into people who understand that complexity is very hard to scale, and instead he leverages the power of clarity and simplicity to help people to go to the next level. He said, my business can grow bigger when things are simple and my relationships are better when things are simple. I took away from when he talked about the finding moments. The finding moments are for thanking God and finding the gratitude and the grace. When he said, I sat with myself, that’s how that became the title of this particular episode.

Darnyelle [00:58:19]:
So much power. How to spend those five minutes on your mind, five minutes on your body, and five minutes on your soul. Every single day and how that will allow you to always be pouring from an empty cup. And that last nugget he gave right towards the end that masks are for parties, y’all. It’s time to get authentic. It’s time to understand the significance of self leadership. And it is time, once and for all, to sit with yourself in such a way that what comes out of the other side is the success that you were created to enjoy. I want to thank you so much for tuning in.

Darnyelle [00:58:52]:
We’ll put all of JM’s details in the show notes so that you can reach out to him, follow him on social media, and listen to his Podcast. Let’s go win. I’m looking forward to my conversation on his Podcast as well. This conversation fed me so well today and I hope it’s done the same for you. I’ll see you guys next time. Take care. Thank you for joining me for the Move to Millions Podcast. The way I see it, you deserve a business that generates millions.

Darnyelle [00:59:19]:
If you’re ready to get started, grab our move two millions quick start guide and join our online [email protected]. if you enjoyed our time together, do yourself a favor. Head on over to iTunes, subscribe rate, and leave us a review until next time. Remember, millions are your birthright and to access them, all you have to do is move. I’ll see you next time. Take care.