Ep 236 – Sheri Riley: Listening To Your Spirit

About Our Guest:
Dr. Sheri Riley is a transformational speaker, high performance life coach and award-winning author of Exponential Living and the creator of the Exponential Living 360 Degree Champion Curriculum. For more than two decades Sheri has been committed to helping her athlete, entertainment and high performing executives experience personal development that fuels their professional growth. With clients that include the NBA, Chicago Bears, Universal Music Group, The Coca-Cola Company, JP Morgan Chase, Converse and WNBA’s Indiana Fever to name a few, Sheri’s work is creating Power Brokers globally. To learn more about Sheri visit, https://www.sheririley.com

Episode Summary:

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Has there ever been a time in your life where you took the road less traveled and did something that others felt was unthinkable because you were listening to your spirit?  As a high-achieving CEO, your path to millions isn’t just paved with hard skills and strategic acumen. What if I told you that embracing your personal value and building a spiritual connection could catapult your success to levels you’ve never imagined? It’s no secret that the quest to build a life and business that serve you financially and spiritually will have you moving left even though everyone else believes that you should go right.  For aspiring million-dollar CEOs, the journey isn’t just about accruing wealth; it’s about embracing a transformation that runs deep—integrating confidence, humility, and financial acumen into the very fabric of your being.

In this powerful episode, my guest, Sheri Riley shares her powerful story of shifting from existing into exponential living. As someone who has pivoted from the allure of entertainment industry acclaim to the fulfilling pursuit of helping others live exponentially, Sheri dissipates the fog around personal and professional growth. If you are ready to transform your understanding of success and leadership, this episode holds the keys to unlock profound growth and actionable insights, setting the stage for you to not only reach but sustain multi-million-dollar achievements.

So, if you’re ready to listen to your spirit on a journey to living exponentially, grab your pen and Move to Millions Podcast Notebook and listen in to discover:

  • The importance of spiritual alignment in business
  • How to shift from false humility into exuding personal power 
  • The relevance of being about to hear the voice of God on every leg of your journey
  • Why making your own decisions is key to being a Power Broker 
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes from The Episode:

  • “Peace is the new success.” – Sheri Riley
  • “Personal development fuels professional growth.” – Sheri Riley
  • “When the Holy Spirit speaks, challenges may arise, but so does clarity.” – Sheri Riley
  • “Feeling there’s a shortage of money causes it to flow away from you.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon
  • “Embrace your greatness; don’t hide behind false humility.” – Sheri Riley
  • “You’re not being humble; you’re hiding.” – Sheri Riley
  • “Drive and confidence are not the same thing.” – Sheri Riley

Time Stamps

00:00 Embrace exponential living with Sheri Riley.
14:04 Building relationships, seeking God’s desires and confidence.
21:50 Successful career shift with integrity and purpose.
35:32 Patience in process critical for growth.
39:55 Reflecting on an impactful advice from the past.
46:02 Success can lead to self-sabotage, misery.
52:50 From small town, becoming driven not confident.
55:07 Realizing hiding instead of being humble impactful.
01:00:56 Serve, grow, and face challenges for success.
01:07:37 Reflecting on deep conversation with Sheri.

Move to Millions Wisdom Questions:

Book: 10X Is Easier Than 2x Dr Benjamin Hardy
Favorite Quote: “Peace is the New Success” Sheri Riley
Tool Sheri Swears By: The Bible

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Sheri Riley [00:00:00]:
Patience in the process is so critical because a lot of times we get so frustrated, especially this new generation, that it didn’t happen instantly, but that patience in the process is where I got solid in who I was.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:00:19]:
You’re listening to the Move to Millions Podcast with Dr Darnyelle J. Harmon. If you’re ready for high level conversations that position and prepare you to move your company cash flow and connection to and beyond, beyond the million dollar mark, let’s get this party started. This episode is powered by the power Broker Academy. PBA is your exclusive invite only gateway to more transformation and next level living than you have ever experienced in your life. Over the course of a nine week journey, you will be immersed in breaking through to what is required as a senior leader to ignite your personal and professional clarity, capacity and action. This is not just a program. It is comprehensive.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:01:08]:
It is immersive. It is an experience that is curated in order to transform every area of your life in a way that will not be overwhelming. Learn more today by going to powerbrokeracademy.com. I am so excited for you in this amazing episode on the Podcast that I am sharing with you today. I don’t know if you’re ready now. It’s been a while since I told you to get your helmet and shoulder pads because I needed you to brace yourself, but this is one of those episodes. Our guest today is here to shine the light on your absolute next level because it’s time to start living exponentially. It’s time to take every area of your life to where it is that God desires for you to be living right now.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:01:58]:
You’ve heard me say before that God will let you live on whatever level you settle for. And as a result of this episode, you will stop settling for anything more than the exponential living that was created for you since before you were formed in your mother’s womb. My guest today, the Sheri Riley doctor, Sherri Reilly to be exact. Man, this woman is phenomenal and amazing and anytime I get to share in her space, I am stretched immensely. She’s an empowerment speaker, a high performance life coach, and the award winning author of Exponential Living. She’s all about personal development and how it fuels professional growth. She will walk us through an amazing journey of her own story to living exponentially, giving you powerful tools, tips and techniques along the way to help you on your journey of living life with your full power exposed. I want you to grab your Move to Millions Podcast notebook, your helmet, an ink pen and a box of tissues and join me as we jump into my conversation with Sherri Reilly.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:03:09]:
Sherri Riley, I am so excited to welcome you to the Move to Millions Podcast. How are you today, girl?

Sheri Riley [00:03:17]:
Look, you know, I have started this reality of being very transparent and honest because usually I would be like, girl, I’m good, but today is tough. And I share that because I’m still smiling, I’m still persevering, but I’m also crying and I’m also grieving. And those two things can coexist. And that’s gross for me because, you know, as the woman who has it all together and the coach and all of that good stuff, the truth of the matter is some days I can cry and smile and be present and give my all and wanna go to bed all at the same, all at.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:03:57]:
The same time, all at the same time. And I appreciate that. I appreciate your transparency. I think there are far too many people who are leading people to believe that they woke up like this and that it’s always all sunshine and rainbows. No, sometimes it’s torrential downpours. And we’re still given the grace to move through it in a way that honors who we are without being victims but instead being victors. And even this, in this moment, at this time, I know that you’re still a victor. And so I support and I honor that transparency.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:04:29]:
Cause we need it, especially here on this show. Right? Cause I’m not, I’m not into faking the funk and pretending as if, like, no, we gonna keep it real and we’re gonna tell the truth and we gonna help, help somebody in the process so that they can get the comfortability to do the same.

Sheri Riley [00:04:42]:
Yes. Which is one of the things I have absolutely learned to love about you.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:04:46]:
Thank you.

Sheri Riley [00:04:48]:
I love someone who will literally jack me up, love me, pray for me, and then send me on my way and then check on me.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:04:57]:
Yes, absolutely.

Sheri Riley [00:04:59]:

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:05:00]:
And we were talking just before we started to record, even before I have you tell everybody who you are in your own words, like, I met you through your book, before I even knew who you were in the earth realm and that I could call you my super friend. So I’m excited that we get to be here and have this conversation. So why don’t you just take a quick moment in your own words, tell everybody who you are.

Sheri Riley [00:05:23]:
Yes. I am Sherri Reilly. I am a wife. I’m a mother. I’m a daughter. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an empowerment speaker. I’m a high performance life coach.

Sheri Riley [00:05:33]:
I am an author. And the reality is we know all those things. It is not easy, but I have figured out how to make it simple. But the most important title that I wear for me personally is I absolutely love Jesus Christ with my heart and soul. I am a listener to the Holy Spirit. And through that, I get to do all those other things of being the wife, mother daughter entrepreneur. Dot, dot, dot.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:06:01]:
I love that. Okay. Listener to the Holy Spirit. I have chills all over my body already. I want to park there for just a second. A listener to the Holy Spirit. I know what you mean, but in the event that it is unclear for anyone, will you break down for us? What you mean by that?

Sheri Riley [00:06:21]:
I will. So, you know, I work with high performers and always ask them, like, who are you? And 99% of them cannot answer that question. And then I was convicted because I was just like, okay, but can you really answer that question? Can you really answer that question? And as I began to really dive deep into the layers of who I am and got rid of all the descriptions and the titles, what I really discovered is I am a listener. And the most important voice I listen to is the voice of God. And for me, as a woman of faith, and I don’t put my faith on anyone, but I call that inner voice. Some people call it intuition. Some people call it their gut feeling. Some people call it the universe.

Sheri Riley [00:07:03]:
I call it God. And because of my relationship with God, I know he’s the Trinity, and the power in his voice is through the Holy Spirit. And so when I say I’m a listener to the Holy Spirit, I mean I am truly listening to that inner voice that lives in me, because my favorite book says that that voice lives in me, that power lives in me. And so I listen to the Holy Spirit. I listen to that direction within me. I listen to my gut instinct. I listen to the voice. When I believe mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, professionally, I should be doing a.

Sheri Riley [00:07:39]:
And that inner voice, that small, still voice is saying, do be. I know that’s the voice of God now. And so I listen. And when I listen to that voice, that inner voice that I believe to be the Holy Spirit, it has empowered me to be a better listener, period. So it has made me a better listener in my relationships, in my work, and most importantly, Danielle, it’s made me a better listener to me. Now I ask myself, Sheri, what do you want? And I really listen to the answer and not be influenced by everything external.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:08:13]:
Oh, that’s so good. Now you said now twice. So that tells me that there was a time when you wasn’t doing that. How did you get here? Tell us, how did you get to the point where you decided to silence all of the other voices? Like you could still hear them, but they don’t get to have the last word so that you could clearly listen to the Holy Spirit. Tell us about that journey.

Sheri Riley [00:08:36]:
Yeah. It honestly first started with me recognizing that that voice was the Holy Spirit and calling it that, you know? Cause I grew up in the church. I grew up going to church every Sunday, but I didn’t grow up in a relationship with God. I didn’t grow up in relationship with the Holy Spirit. I didn’t grow up in relationship with. You go to church and you read the Bible, right? You know, I went to church, and it was like, you did the church thing for 2 hours on Sunday, and then you went home, and then Monday through Saturday, you just kind of waddled and figured it out.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:09:14]:

Sheri Riley [00:09:15]:
So it’s been a series of occurrences. The first series in this journey was meeting a young lady named Tashawn Macon and learning what it meant to really read the Bible, activate the Bible, and then recognize that that voice was the Holy Spirit. And then the next reiteration of it is when life fell apart for me and I had to learn that voice. But I’ll tell you, the biggest lesson in learning God’s voice was when I was single and for ten years, I wanted. Well, I wanted to be married. I always told people my a plan was to be married, to be a wife and have children, and the b plan was to be a successful career woman. And so when I got in my thirties and the b plan was now the a plan, I was like, something’s off here. I want to be married.

Sheri Riley [00:10:09]:
Right? But God gave me one bible verse, and that was psalm 37 four, delight thyself in the lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. And so the more I prayed for a husband, he was like, I already gave you the word, girl. He didn’t give me nothing else for ten years. Like, for ten years, that was the only. And so I had to really learn to listen in that journey to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Like, no, I’ve given you the word. Now, in that ten year period, there were all kind of lessons along the way, but those were three instrumental moments where I really learned meeting Tashan and then really trusting and believing God for something and him only giving me that one word. And I had to keep training my ear around that and then growing in that understanding of, you know, how a lot of people when they’re driving, and they go, man, I just.

Sheri Riley [00:11:00]:
I turned left, and I don’t even know why, you know, but I just turned left, and then I heard it was a wreck the other way that I didn’t go. I started having a lot of those occurrences where that thing, that instinct. No, the Holy Spirit would tell me things. And honestly, sometimes I didn’t do it, and I paid the price.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:11:19]:
Me too. I remember one time I was going to catch the train, and I push it. I’m like, okay, if I leave it this time, I’ll get there just enough time. It’ll be a parking spot. And the holy spirit said, take 495 and Darnyellee. Antoinette thought she knew better, so she stayed on 95, and it was literally a parking lot. But let me tell you how good God is and how much grace he even shares with us when we are disobedient. Because, you know, my train was delayed, and it was delayed enough for me to make it.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:11:49]:
And I was on my way to New York for a photo shoot when we were going through our rebrand, and I was like, okay, God, I’m a listen. I’m gonna listen the next time. So I think it’s. I think it’s powerful to. That the way that you told us who you are, right. That the listener of the Holy Spirit, and then to do the work, to train the ear and to be able to know and to call it what it is, right? Like, I, you know, I’m similar to you. I don’t put my faith on anyone, but I also don’t apologize for it, right? And I’m. I’m bold with my thing, and I’m like, you know, I don’t care where I go.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:12:21]:
I have never had anyone walk me out yet. And I promise you, if I ever get on a stage, you gonna hear me quote scripture. Cause I quote the scripture just like I’m quoting exponential living. Cause it is a book that I use in order to refer to in order to prove my point, right. And so I have had, in being that way, I have had so many people express to me that I was a breath of fresh air. And I said all of that to say. I know that even these little nuggets you shared about how you came to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit is going to be a nugget for so many people. If you love the Move to Millions Podcast and the Move to Millions book is blowing your mind, then you have got to join us for Move to Millions live.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:13:06]:
All the details are waiting for you to secure your seat at movement to millions event.com. While we are on this quick commercial break, let me take this opportunity to remind you that when it comes to making the Move to Millions, we’ve got you covered. I created my proven framework, the Move to Millions method, to help you simplify, scale and sustain a company that serves you financially and spiritually. From the book to the planner to our live event, and tons of free cheat sheets to help you plan, prepare and position your company to make millions, we are your full service resource. Learn more now by visiting movetomillions.com. So the first one was you had Tashawn who showed you, right? Who, who broke it down in a way that made it palatable for you. Because being raised in church makes you religious. It doesn’t necessarily give you a relationship with God.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:14:04]:
So you learn how to build a relationship. And any relationship that we’re in, we got to spend time with the person we’re relating, right. If you’re not, I don’t know. Anybody who’s in a relationship that ain’t spending no time with a person is still in a relationship, right? So that being the first thing and then the second, asking for something and being given a word to vacillate and meditate on for ten years. And what a powerful word to be given, right? And, and sometimes we have to figure out, what does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord. What does that mean? Right, because those desires, he wants to give us the desires. But there’s a, there’s always an equation. There’s a part we have to do in order to experience the blessing and the resource and then being able to, as you’re hearing, call the voice what it is and deepen your confidence around the fact that that is in fact the voice.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:14:52]:
So that those times when you didn’t follow the voice, it strengthened your ability to know it’s the voice. So that you can begin to follow the voice and experience what was always intended for you, which is why the voice came in in the first place, to tell you to do something.

Sheri Riley [00:15:05]:
Yes. And really learning that voice, like now, even in those moments when I know God is speaking, but I’m still trying to make sure. Cause, you know, you have to learn the difference between your intelligence, your experience, your insight, your wisdom. You do have to learn when it’s those things and when it’s the Holy Spirit. And that really does take relationship building. That takes, that takes listening, that takes talking, that takes making the wrong turn going, ah, God, you told me to go that way and I didn’t. It takes those things. But the thing about my relationship with Christ and how it’s evolved is when he knows I’m shaky, he will.

Sheri Riley [00:15:44]:
The Holy Spirit will speak to me. You know my voice.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:15:47]:

Sheri Riley [00:15:48]:
And when I hear that inside of me, that’s when no matter how hard it is, no matter what it’s going to cost me, no matter how tough it’s going to be, no matter how much I have to grow in it and stand on it, when I hear that, I know it’s God’s voice. And so when you. But that’s just like you in a relationship with the people that you love. And when they say, I’m here for you, you like, right. There’s something you get in that confidence in the relationship and that comes with, you said, spending that time and knowing that voice.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:16:18]:
Yeah. Or it’s just like if you’re a mother and you’re at a kid’s party, I’ve literally. I’m not a mother, unless you count my dog lady. But I’ve literally been at baby or kids parties. And there’s 50 kids and 50 moms.

Sheri Riley [00:16:35]:
And let Dominique and one of them kids says, mom, I know it’s my baby.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:16:40]:
The right mom turns around. Cause she knows that’s her baby.

Sheri Riley [00:16:44]:
Yeah, it’s just like that. It is just like that. Yeah. And you take those natural instances and you equate them to those spiritual relationships. It isn’t that far to fathom that he hears my voice amongst all his children. And I can hear his voice because of that relationship that we’ve created. And I’ll share this with you because you mentioned the book and when you said you’re bold in that, and I am too. But even having to learn that, you know, learning, have that bonus and confidence.

Sheri Riley [00:17:19]:
Because when I was writing my book, exponential Living, it took twelve years to write the book, seven years to get my publishing deal. And we share a mutual friend, Raul Davis, who is my consigliere. And in that journey, literally Raul, my agents, there was two of them. They, all three of them was kind of like this thing. Really going to stay upset. Like what you speak it on. Can we tweak this? And we kept tweaking it, tweaking, tweaking it. And I finally had to just take a stance and ended up with the book that I wanted to write.

Sheri Riley [00:17:53]:
But I understood and I appreciated their insight and their wisdom because they were right, but they’re still a higher. When God has a word that he wants, listen, he overrides all of the greater his word, right?

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:18:07]:

Sheri Riley [00:18:08]:
And when I got to sending my book proposal to publishers, the final round of us doing that, it took two, three rounds. And the agent that I ended up in the publishing company, I ended up with my agents, one was agnostic, one is Cathy. The two publishers that were really want, the two editors who really wanted my book, one was jewish and the other was agnostic. I mean, atheist. She was actually atheist. And the one who was atheist said, I don’t even look at books that have what she called references, which was Bible verse.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:18:50]:
Right. Yeah.

Sheri Riley [00:18:51]:
She said, because I just don’t believe in any of that. She said, but there’s something different about your book, and I want it. And it goes against everything I believe, but I want your book. And she said, because, first of all, it’s a phenomenal book. Second of all, it’s a great, it.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:19:03]:
Is a phenomenal book.

Sheri Riley [00:19:05]:
Thank you. She said, but I’ve never met anyone that could take something I don’t even believe in and make me want to read that book. Core of why I want your book is because there’s a message of love in it. And so when I tell people, all those years of God pruning me to learn his voice, that was one of those moments, because you had someone who’s atheist, someone who’s jewish, someone who’s Catholic, and someone who’s agnostic, and all of were the linchpins to help that message, that book into your hands. Right. And so when you have situations like that, you small or big like that, you really do start to learn, wow, your voice is real. I can trust this, I can listen to this, I can believe this, and I can move in it. No matter how quick or how long it takes, you’ve stood true.

Sheri Riley [00:20:03]:
Even when I wavered, you stood true. And a lot of times, especially as high performers, we disregard these kind of moments and just chalk it and keep moving instead of really taking a moment in gratitude to appreciate it. And that’s where the real value of the lesson comes.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:20:18]:
Yeah. And I didn’t, I knew that it took you twelve years to write it. I didn’t know that part of that time was also searching for the deal and. And to even hear, you know, all of these people who got some, some similar beliefs, some no beliefs at all, right? Some keep me away from it, were able to read the book and to see the value in it. It just speaks to who God is and what message God wanted to get out. And even knowing the amount of time it took you to write the book, not only from your lived experience that flows through those pages. But even recognizing, it’s almost like, you know, the Esther anointing, it was for a time such as this, so that when it released, it would. We would be ready to receive it in a way.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:21:03]:
And having had it pass through all of those different hands that have similar or no beliefs at all, and for them to be able to see the value was literally like a focus group or a test market to prove the validity of the work once it came out. So that even Raul and the other naysayers being like, no one’s going to buy this book, could be like, but if God said, you ain’t said nothing but a word. And I just think it’s a testament to your journey and what you’ve been through and. And how you’ve chosen yourself and how you’ve chosen God over all things, even success in your former career. Right. Those of you who will watch this video version of the Podcast, you’ll see the Laface. And that is. Yes, that laface that is behind Sheri.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:21:50]:
Yep. Babyface L. A. Reid. That’s who it is. And the tremendous success that you had in that leg of your journey and how you made the bold and courageous and probably people thought you were crazy decision to walk away from that in order to pursue what you knew God was calling you to all as you were learning how to listen to his voice. So, I mean, I would love for you to talk about that crossroad experience of doing good and working with some amazing, talented people, but also feeling called to something more and being able to make the decision in integrity, because I know that you didn’t leave when you wanted to leave. You left in accordance to the integrity of who you said you would be in that season to make sure that as you left, you would keep relationships and doors open for that support into perpetuity.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:22:49]:
And I’m purposely trying to talk around it so you can tell it, but I would just love for you to share that and to share some of the. The milestones and mile markers that came to tell you when it was time to step away from what was at, you know, would be somebody’s dream job, that they would get the opportunity to work with a brand like that and why would anybody ever leave and then to pursue what it is, you know, God was calling you to.

Sheri Riley [00:23:13]:
Yeah. And I’m. I’m gonna give a little precursor to that on just kind of how you groom those muscles of integrity. Because when I started working with Gerald Avert, so out of, I’m from a small town in Kentucky. And I had this dream of working in the entertainment industry. And literally, it was like eight years of phone calls. And no after, no after, no after, no. If I could get anybody on the phone, which I didn’t, it was the journey.

Sheri Riley [00:23:43]:
But I ended up working, doing the marketing for Gerald avert in Cleveland. And I still. When I was 15, I told everyone I had this dream of working in Atlanta, living in Atlanta, working at a record label. I’m a date myself because this was before the Internet and before there was a music industry in Atlanta. And so when I was telling people, I’m gonna live in Atlanta and work in the industry, music industry, I literally could have been saying I was gonna build hotels on Mars. Like, I sound crazy, right? And. But I just. At that time, I didn’t know God the way I do.

Sheri Riley [00:24:16]:
I just had this dream. And so fast forward, I’d say studied Sylvia Rhone. And I knew, you know, Sylvia Rhone was the highest ranking african american female in the music industry. I knew she had this relationship with Gerald through his music and helping him and had just given him a solo deal. And so I moved. You know, I moved to Cleveland. I met Gerald. I ended up working at Gerald’s company, doing marketing at his company.

Sheri Riley [00:24:42]:
But when I got the call from Lafaith Records and got offered the job with Laface Records, here’s my dream job. Here’s my dream city. I get this offer. But I was literally at the beginning of setting up the marketing for what became Joel Laverde’s biggest album, Ruvon. And up until that point, with Laverd and with Gerald Verde and with his dad, their album, he’d only sold gold, which is 500,000 units. And so this went on to be his number one selling album, his only platinum album. And so I wouldn’t leave to go to Lafayette until I set his album up correctly. So that happened before I got to Laface.

Sheri Riley [00:25:23]:
So when fast forward, when it was time for me to transition out of the faith, at that point, I was working with Usher and he was this unknown teenager. And you make me wanna was the big record. We knew this was his breakout album. I literally had crashed and burned. I knew it was time for me to resign. But I wouldn’t leave until I set up Usher’s album. And so I learned that when I was working with Gerald, because I could have easily. I mean, everybody.

Sheri Riley [00:25:53]:
Everybody was like, girl, people do it all the time, right? I didn’t know at that moment when I said what I needed to do with Jerrold’s album that I would need that strength to have that level of integrity when I did have to make that transition out of the face. And so it was. I literally set up that you make me wanna record that album my way album. And it literally set the stage for the way, what I always say, do the right thing the right way. And being able to make that transition into the next calling, which was entrepreneurship. Cause I did not have, when I left Lafaith, I didn’t have the full vision for exponential living. God gave me exponential living. He gave me, stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are.

Sheri Riley [00:26:43]:
And there was nine principles. He didn’t tell me anything else. So I started a consulting firm, and I had the consulting firm for 17 years. But what he told me when he gave me the company glue, he said, always remember that I’m the CEO, you’re the president. Always remember that. The mission statement for this company is one Timothy 617 21.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:27:07]:
You know, I love it, girl.

Sheri Riley [00:27:08]:

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:27:08]:
Tell them what it. Tell them, girl. Tell them.

Sheri Riley [00:27:10]:
Command those who are wealthy not to be arrogant and put their hope in riches, but put their hope in God, who gives them all things. All things. Command them to be willing to share and to do great deeds, because that’s where you store up your treasures in heaven. But 21 is really the one when it talks about, you get to this place in space of false knowledge, right? And at that time, again, I’m dating myself. There was no Internet, and there was on social media. And so now you fast forward with the Internet and social media. So many of us are battling with, you know, what 617 through 21. 21 talks about is the false knowledge and things falsely calling themselves wisdom and knowledge.

Sheri Riley [00:27:57]:
And, girl, that is the summation of the Internet and social media pretty much.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:28:02]:

Sheri Riley [00:28:03]:
And so he said, that’s the mission statement. And I’m so grateful for that anchor. And that glue was the bridge to what he’s called and purpose for my life, because it was holding on to one Timothy 617 through 21. That was the anchor that I held onto so many times when it got tough and I wanted to do my own thing, and I could be. Do you know what else I could be doing with all of this talent, experience, and relationships and. But I held onto that anchor of one Timothy 617 to 21. So I always would say, you know, God gave me these couple of things, but he gave me more than what I needed, right? God don’t need a lot. He just needs a word and obedience.

Sheri Riley [00:28:47]:
He got the word. You show up in obedience. Yeah.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:28:50]:
And that’s going to produce his glory. And he’s good.

Sheri Riley [00:28:53]:

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:28:54]:
Are you ready for Move to Millions Live 2024? Well, registration is now open. It is going down maybe 22nd through the 24th, just outside of Washington DC. You have to be there if you have millions on your mind, if you think the book was something, wait until you get into proximity to your next level. The conversations, the clarity, the collaborations and the community that is going to get you to and beyond the million dollar mark is waiting for you now. Go grab your [email protected]. What could your life look like if you were operating in your full power? Introducing power broker academy. An exclusive executive experience to elevate your success to the next level. This is your exclusive invitation to learn more about power broker Academy, a nine week transformational journey of dynamic proportions led by Dr Sheri Riley.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:29:54]:
Go and learn more [email protected].

Sheri Riley [00:29:58]:
Dot what I love about this conversation is all of this is what leads us to Move to Millions.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:30:05]:
Absolutely. Before we go there, I’m gonna, let’s double back because as you were talking about how you really solidified who you are always operating in integrity, you gave three really powerful success clues that you were just speaking, but I was taking notes and I wanna make sure that our listeners can pull this out for themselves. So the first thing you said was you talked about the dream and you were going to do this thing that’s never been heard of. Small town Kentucky. In this industry, that’s not even a whole thing. And then you studied. You said, I studied. I forget her name.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:30:42]:
Rome. Sylvia Rome.

Sheri Riley [00:30:43]:
Sylvia Rome studied this industry.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:30:46]:
So number one, you studied, right? The Bible says, study to show thyself approved. A workman needeth not be ashamed. Right? So you studied. So for those of you who are listening right now that have a desire to live your dream in a business that serves you financially and spiritually to and beyond the million dollar mark. Study, study. Find the person, the people that have the value system that you hold and that are commanding the industry that you want to at some point dominate and.

Sheri Riley [00:31:18]:
Look for the success clues. And I’ll add and study the industry like I studied the people and I studied the industry.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:31:27]:
Yeah, that’s good.

Sheri Riley [00:31:28]:
I’m gonna add and I still do that. I mean, with our company now, in sports, I study sports. I study the industry. I study the people. I study the trends. I study. I’m so glad you highlighted that because.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:31:43]:
We think that all we have to do is decide there’s a you know, I mean, is there power and decision? Absolutely. But you got to decide. And then there’s an action that you need to take. I think about, you know, Matthew seven and seven. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. There’s an action that comes with the decision every single time.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:32:05]:
So it’s not enough to decide, I’m going to do this thing that no one in my small town has ever done. I also have to take an action. And the first one being studying role models in the industry. Second, and this is, I feel like a guiding principle, decide to operate in integrity. Your word is your bond. And if you tell people you’re going to do something, you are only as strong as the word that you have given. And so I believe it speaks volumes as to the caliber of person you are that when given an opportunity to go do something, that was your dream job. You didn’t just abandon what you had already done, but in integrity.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:32:42]:
And, and even for you to recognize, you know, as you were going through it and even now, as you recounted it back, that that was a setup for you to be able to now know how to flex that muscle because it was going to come up again as it did, as you wanted to leave Laface. And who knows? It may come up again. You know what I mean? But. And you now have the muscle because you chose to operate in integrity. And then the third thing was to take the actions.

Sheri Riley [00:33:07]:

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:33:07]:
To literally take one step, put 1ft in front of the other, to take the actions that are precipitated by operating in integrity and studying the role models and the industries. I wanted to pull that out because there’s somebody listening right now who’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah. But Sheri worked at Laface and she worked with Usher, and she’s special. The success clues that are part of her journey are steps that you can take, too. So there are no excuses as to why she’s experiencing the realities that she’s experiencing, because now you have the blueprint of how you can do exactly the same.

Sheri Riley [00:33:41]:
And I want to add a fourth one.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:33:43]:

Sheri Riley [00:33:43]:
And that was patience in the process.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:33:46]:
That’s good.

Sheri Riley [00:33:47]:
It was patience in the process because all those things I shared, none of them happened overnight. None of them happened overnight. And the patience in the process, highlighting, coming from Kentucky, getting in the industry, that was eight years, and there was four and a half years where I literally called again. I’m a date myself. I had a professor in college that said, find the industry you want to work in and ask someone in that industry to do a 15 minutes informational interview with you, and don’t give me an assignment. I was like, okay, put my. I was reading all the industry trades. I pull out my names again, dating myself.

Sheri Riley [00:34:28]:
We didn’t have cell phones. We had a phone at the end of the hallway. That was the communal phone, and we had a calling card. For those of you who don’t know what long distance is, long distance is when you had to pay to call somebody outside of your city. Okay?

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:34:43]:

Sheri Riley [00:34:44]:
You paid for that. And so we had these calling cards. And so I would. And then we’d have to go where there was a typewriter. I’d go to Kinko’s, didn’t have computers, so I couldn’t save and paste. I’d have to type 20 resumes, type 20 cover letters. And so I did this every week for about four and a half years. It was 20 to 25 resumes and cover letters I’d mail, and then I’d make 20 to 25 phone calls on my little calling card on the communal phone.

Sheri Riley [00:35:12]:
Danielle, no one ever took my call.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:35:14]:

Sheri Riley [00:35:15]:
No one ever took my call. And I kept calling. Right? And when Sylvia, after five and a half years, finally took my call, I don’t even remember what we talked about. I was so. I celebrated so much that she just took my call. Right?

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:35:32]:

Sheri Riley [00:35:32]:
And so patience in the process is so critical, because a lot of times we get so frustrated, especially this new generation, that it didn’t happen instantly, especially in this social media age and TikTok age. Girl, my daughter, who’s 17, will speed up a TikTok because she don’t want to hear, you know what I’m saying? Everything is but that patience in the process is where I groom the muscle. It’s where I grew the relationships. It’s where I amplified my experience. It’s where I got solid in who I was through that process. And one funny little note with that when I did start working with Gerald, because I had been calling these industry executives since I was in college. And so now I’m sitting at the table with Sylvia Roan. I’m sitting at the table with the vice president, Richard Nashville.

Sheri Riley [00:36:26]:
I’m girl, a 20 some year old college student. I’m so freaking green. But I’m sitting, literally, at the table of these senior level executives who are literally asking my opinion and wanting my insight. And here was the reason why. The person at that time who called me into these high level meetings, he thought I was their equal. He thought I had been in the industry forever because he knew my name well, what happened was because I had been calling throughout college all those years. This is when you took the phone message on a little notepad. He had been seeing my name for four and a half years.

Sheri Riley [00:37:04]:
He didn’t connect the dots.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:37:06]:
That just gave me chills.

Sheri Riley [00:37:08]:
Right. So we uncovered years later that they thought I was a senior executive in the industry because of name recognition, not connecting the fact that my name recognition was because I’m a college student. My name just ended up on your message pad every week.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:37:27]:

Sheri Riley [00:37:28]:
But he said, I will make your name great and bring you amongst.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:37:31]:
That’s what I was thinking. And literally, my name being spoken in rooms that you don’t even know, like, just everything that goes along with it. It’s like the original branding. Right before we put all of this emphasis that we do today on branding, just that call every week, and the consistency, consistency of it made your name great.

Sheri Riley [00:37:50]:

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:37:51]:
Oh, that’s so good.

Sheri Riley [00:37:52]:
Oh, that’s so good. Richard was like, when he finally realized and it came out, he was like, sherry, I’m telling you, I literally, I knew your name, sherry yougli. So why wouldn’t she be in the meeting? And my maiden name is Hughley, but that patience, that patience in the process is really the glue that binds those other three and makes them powerful.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:38:14]:
Yeah, I love it. I have chills right now just thinking about that because so many of us, especially today, we do, we live in a microwave society and we want everything yesterday. We want everything in 60 seconds, right? It used to be 140 characters when Twitter came out, or x, as it calls itself today. But now we want, everybody wants a short a reel. We want it in 60 seconds. And if you can’t drill it down to that, then it’s just not possible that it’s going to work. And I think it’s a great reminder. I say all the time, no one goes to bed a blunder and wakes up a wonder, right? And we’ve also heard you can’t plant a harvest and reap in the same season.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:38:51]:
So we know that it’s going to take time. And while the creator, I can collapse the amount of time it takes, it’s, do we still have to go through the process? So I love that patience in the process. It’s such an important reminder, even for people that are listening right now. And you want to be at the million dollar mark. You know, you have the makings of a million dollar business now. You know, you’re doing your work. It doesn’t always show up at the moment that you come into the full knowledge of that you are worthy of it. There’s still a process that has to happen.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:39:21]:
There’s still principles that have to be followed in order to produce the ultimate result that it is that you want. I tell the story all the time. I, for three years, I knew the day God gave me incredible one enterprises that it was a million dollar business. I knew it. And it still took me three years. And being willing to unearth the fact that I thought a million dollars was a lot of money. And what I know today is that money flows away from those who feel there’s a shortage of it. And if you think that’s a lot of money, money’s not flowing to you, because it’s not, you know, and so I didn’t.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:39:51]:
But I didn’t know that then, and that was a big part of what kept me from it.

Sheri Riley [00:39:55]:
Every time you share that, it takes me back to when I hear you share that. When I was at Lafaith, La said it was a. We had a room. I mean, I had a meeting in the conference room. And he said, for any of you in here who believe $250,000 is a lot of money, you’ll never make a lot of money. You’ll never make a million dollars. And that went over so many people’s heads, but I caught it, right? And what he was saying, you know, they were caught up in the numbers. But the truth of the matter is, like you’re saying, if you think 250,000 is a lot of money, if you think a million is a lot of money, then you’ll never make a million, you’ll never make more, you know? So every time I hear you say that, it takes me back to what LA said, you know, all those years ago.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:40:38]:
Yeah. It makes such a difference. I know you love the Move to Millions Podcast. I know you can’t wait every single week for me to drop a new episode. You know what that tells me? It tells me that you’re also gonna love my brand new book, Move to Millions. The proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustling grind. Listen to me. Everything you need to know to make millions of dollars without losing your shirt, your sanity, or anything that’s important to you in the process is in this powerful book.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:41:19]:
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Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:42:26]:
Get all the details you need to join us in our free Facebook [email protected]. What I love about exponential living is I loved, you know what, the principles, each of the nine principles were so simple, but it still gave me a duh. Like, it was like, it was so simple that I should have been able to figure it out for myself. But at the same time, it was so profound. Every single principle was so profound. And when I think about the premise of understanding that life is about more than we take on, right. We take on all these titles. This is my way of saying you’re 100% to 10% quote, right? We take on all of these things that we think make us feel important, and that increases the perception of our identity, and we leave ourselves out of the mix.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:43:17]:
And there’s no way you can live exponentially if that’s the way that you live. So, as you were going through the process to write this book, and God laid out to you the title, the theme, the scripture that it was referenced in, each of those nine principles, were you thinking that these principles, as simple as they looked, would be the key to you really taking your life to the exponential level? I did.

Sheri Riley [00:43:42]:
I did. Because God made me live them first.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:43:45]:

Sheri Riley [00:43:46]:
Always told me that I’m my first and most important client. And the reason it took all those years a lot, because God wanted me to live this like it is, authentically me. It is like it is not, you know, focus groups that I went and curated and then walked away with surveys and then compiled the data. And there’s a place and space for that, and it’s a very important part of the book writing process. But for this book, God wanted it to be real life examples. And so I lived those principles years before they became a book.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:44:21]:
And I thought so, like, I mean, I could tell it as I was reading it. The way that the story, like, it didn’t feel contrived at all. Like, it felt natural. Natural evolution. And I always wanted to ask you that question. I’m like, I’m reading this, and I’m like, they’re so simple, but yet they’re so profound. You know what I mean? So I felt that the reason why it was so powerful is because it was lived. It wasn’t.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:44:45]:
I read this in a book somewhere. I heard somebody say this when I was at this conference. It was literally your life experience that made the difference. And how. How does being able to translate these principles into the clients that you work with? I know you work primarily. Well, all high achievers, primarily athletes, entertainers, and then high level executives. Like, how do you see these principles breaking down into how you’re able to help them to continue to tap in so that they don’t burn out as they’re continuing to perform at a high level? Yeah.

Sheri Riley [00:45:18]:
And that’s really the thing I love most about what God saw in me and how God will use you the way he created you. Because I really do have a special anointing and love for high performers. A lot of people are called to those that are needing the push and the motivation to go and grow up. Where I have very unique anointing on those who have already been successful, who know how to go after the success. The challenge is learning how to live with it. Right. And there’s very few that speak to those who absolutely have achieved that success. And what I found and what God showed me is, oh, I am not going to cry.

Sheri Riley [00:46:02]:
Is okay if you do, though. I know, girl, I’m trying not to mess with my lashes. Is that working with, you know, working with entertainers and working with athletes that I really grew to love as people and to see them have this high level of success where the world was calling their names, where they could walk in any room because of the access, because they had more money than they could spend in two lifetimes. And these people be absolutely miserable. I mean, be absolutely miserable and not see a way forward. And to see the self sabotage, whether it was spending money exorbitantly, whether it was drugs, whether it was sex, whether it was broken marriages, whether it was not being the parent they wanted to be or the spouse they wanted to be, and all the other ways that we self sabotage. God just gave me such a heart for that. And so in my journey, my version of it was I did reach that level of success in Lafayette, where I could walk in any room.

Sheri Riley [00:47:10]:
I had the money. I bought my mother a home by the age of 27. At that time, I bought three homes. I had the cars, I had all the external things of success. And I was miserable. Yeah, I was miserable. And then also I saw so many people reach the highest levels of success in something they didn’t love.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:47:31]:
I think that’s one of the biggest.

Sheri Riley [00:47:33]:
Travesties in life, is extremely successful, is something you don’t want to do, right? And then to see and feel the noose around people’s necks and the handcuffs on their arms because they felt like they were just trapped in this life. And so when God gave me these principles, for me, really for me, I just bless everybody with what God gives to me, but, and I started seeing, it was working for me. And honestly, how exponential living started is I was working with Rashawn Ali, who’s an actress and a multimedia personality. Managing her and our managing relationship did not end well at all. I mean, it did not win well. We didn’t speak. It was a severed relationship, but we were still friends. I still loved her.

Sheri Riley [00:48:22]:
She still loved me. And as we navigated through that broken business relationship, because of our hearts, our genuine hearts for each other, I just literally just would pray for her. Like every Friday, I’d pray for her. And then I started doing the same thing with Terry Vaughn, who’s an actress. And I started praying with her every Friday, and I started sharing with them how these principles were applying to my life. And that’s when I began to go, oh, these aren’t just things I can do. These things really help others. And that’s when the book started forming because I started just taking notes around the things that was happening in alignment with these principles.

Sheri Riley [00:49:04]:
And so it really, again, back to the patience in the process. God could have easily just set me down and said, here, give me, I’m anoint you for a book. And I could have easily wrote a book. But what I love, and you tell me if you feel this way, what I love about what exponential ended up being. I wanted exponential living to be an actual living, breathing manual. I wanted transformation, not a transaction. So I didn’t want a book that someone just breathes and goes, oh, that was really good, and put it back on the show. I wanted this simple, living, breathing manual that had real life stories so that it read like fiction, but it was giving you impact.

Sheri Riley [00:49:43]:
That’s a whole lot to ask for a non author, right?

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:49:46]:
That is, I mean, well, I think it’s a whole lot to ask for anybody, right? But I agree. I mean, I think that it definitely reads like a life manual. And that’s why I love the simplicity of it. And I know you get this when I say it, I’m not meaning simple like these, or anybody could figure these out. But simple like, duh, why didn’t I think of that? Simple, right? And I think that is what makes it more practical. And you want to apply it because it’s not deep, and you don’t have to stop and think about it. It’s profound because it’s so simple. And it’s like, why didn’t I think about that, right? And it.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:50:20]:
And it. But it’s powerful because of the stories, the way you weave those stories seamlessly in. And I know there were many stories I could see myself in. So I imagine your reader is reading this book, like, oh, my gosh, that happened to her, too.

Sheri Riley [00:50:34]:

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:50:35]:
I didn’t know. I didn’t get. I didn’t know I should take that lesson from when I went through this. But it was, the way that it was weaved in was just so powerful that there was so much that anybody could take out and apply to their life. So they really did get that life application. If they did more than skim it, if they actually studied. Right. We think about studying role models in the industry.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:50:56]:
If they studied what it looks like to live exponentially, then they would definitely get a lot of things that they could take away.

Sheri Riley [00:51:02]:
And that’s the structure that I mentioned earlier with Raul and my agents that we like. It was all. It was all these different, amazing things we could have done. I just didn’t have the voice to what I wanted. And when I finally, again, patience in the process, when I finally grew in my voice, due to their help and due to their support, that’s what I wanted. What you’re talking about. That’s what I wanted. I even say in the beginning of the book, like, this is very simple.

Sheri Riley [00:51:31]:
There’s nothing you’re going to read in here that you don’t know. But I wanted it to be simple. I wanted it to be practical. I wanted to be applicable, because I really wanted transformation, you know? And so back to your original question. Those principles, really, those nine principles, you know, when I say, stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are, I wanted the answer to that question. And those nine principles truly serve as that other.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:52:00]:

Sheri Riley [00:52:00]:
The journey to that other 90% of you.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:52:03]:
Mm hmm. So good. Before I give you the floor, we have to talk about this. When I heard Dietra say this, I was like, so good. And I know you have a story behind how this came to be. But we were talking about something, and when I interviewed her for the show, and she was like, yeah, well, my friend Sherrie Reilly says you’re not being humble. You’re hiding. And I was like, oh, just.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:52:25]:
Just pull my whole wig off then. And first of all, it is so true. Like, again, practically so true. I know you have a story about how you realize that in your own life, and I would just love for you to share that with everybody because I know that there’s some people out there right now calling it humility that are really hiding from their own greatness, and it’s the reason they’re not living exponentially. Yeah.

Sheri Riley [00:52:50]:
You know, I’ve been driven my whole life, right? Coming from a small town, and the people that I work with are driven. And in this journey talking about exponential living, one of the biggest nuggets God pulled out was driving. Confidence are not the same thing. And honestly, darnell, if you had asked me, was I confident, abso freaking lutely. Like, what do you mean? Can you not see my resume? And God was like, are you not driven? You’re not confident. You’re driven. And so I started asking my clients, and at that time, my professional athletes, executive producers of morning shows and all of these high powered individuals, and I’d ask them, are you driven or are you confident? And immediately, they’re like, and what I realized is, I was not an anomaly. I was more of the norm that we thought driving confidence was the same.

Sheri Riley [00:53:49]:
And what I really uncovered is drive is what pushes you to achieve. Confidence is who you are when you get there and when you have this drive and this confidence. And I finally grew, and these two started becoming equal. I had always prided myself on, you know, being humble. You know, I’m not arrogant. Like, you know, these other people in this industry, and I don’t have to, you know, go out here. I even had a challenge with social media. Like, I’m not, you know, I don’t need all that flag.

Sheri Riley [00:54:20]:
You know, it’s not me. And I’ve always had the power behind the scenes. And, you know, one of the things people say about me is, you know, I’m the celebrity. Celebrity, right. People always say, like, I’m the person behind the person. And I took great pride in that. Like, yes. And so.

Sheri Riley [00:54:37]:
But I realized I reached the point in my career success that I kept asking God why he wasn’t delivering more from me. You know, why are you not delivering more from me? I’m praying. I’m doing the things I’m obedient. And why are you not doing more? Where’s the exceedingly and abundantly. Don’t ask God a question. You ain’t ready for the answer. I know that’s right. Because what he then said to me is, then stop hiding.

Sheri Riley [00:55:07]:
Then stop hiding, girl. And what do you mean, hiding? And what came out of that is God said to me, you’re not humble. You’re hiding. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. And it hit me like a ton of bricks because it literally was like, you know, the Grinch moment when you go back through your whole story, your whole life, and I saw all the moments that, let’s be real transparent. All the moments that I shrunk and called it humility, when really I was hiding. All the moments my voice could have had impact, and I sat in silence and prayed when God was calling me to speak. I thought of all the moments that I elevated others and then got upset because they didn’t turn around and elevate me.

Sheri Riley [00:55:50]:
I thought about all the moments when I was at the position of crossing the finish line, and instead of crossing the finish line and turning around to be the example for others to follow, I’d stop and pull people across and then get mad when nobody pulled me across.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:56:08]:

Sheri Riley [00:56:08]:
So all of those things God showed me was when I was hiding, and I called it humility. And so it hit me, and I’m so humbled and grateful because it hit so many high performers when I say that. Because everybody has that moment when they go back through their story and go, oh, shoot, I was hiding then, and I was hiding then, and I was hiding then. And so that place. Now let’s talk about. Because I love what you do. You talk about, okay, you’ve got the awareness, but what you do after that, right? How did you then use that? And so what that forced me to do is it forced me to absolutely recognize my value, because there’s a reason you’re humble. There’s a reason you’re hiding.

Sheri Riley [00:56:56]:
Right, girl, this thing on Zoom be making me laugh. And what I realized is, as much it goes back to the confidence, because connected to confidence is owning your value. And so, for me, I had always aligned my value with other people’s success. Think about my career. I was the one building the careers. I was the one. And so I’d always aligned my value with other people’s success. And so when God called me to align my value with my own success, that’s when it hit me in that place of, quote, unquote humility and hiding.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:57:37]:
Love that girl.

Sheri Riley [00:57:38]:
I could go on and on. I know we mindful of time.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:57:41]:
I love it. And I changed what I consider to be the definition of humility. So, for me, humility means having enough confidence to edify instead of to downplay and dismiss, because you have to like, yeah. Humility is not, let me not tell you who I am. It’s like, let me tell you who I am in a way that honors and edifies you instead of downplaying and dismissing you. So it’s not confused with me potentially being arrogant. You feel so edified when I show up fully, when I show up in confidence, that you want to figure out how to be that the same way. And so that’s what changed it for me.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:58:18]:
Because even as you were saying it, I’m like, oh, yeah, I remember when I was hiding. Yeah, I might be hiding right now. You know what I mean? Like, it’s. It’s one of those things where it instantly it hits you. And that’s why I wanted to make sure we got to talk about it, because I think there are so many people that are listening right now that their millions will show up when they stop hiding.

Sheri Riley [00:58:37]:
And we have to separate arrogance and humility. Arrogance and confidence. We have to separate those things. I know so many of myself, my clients, like you, just shared, we think arrogance and confidence are the same thing, or they can show up the same way and they don’t have to. You can be absolutely confident and not be arrogant. And it’s what you said, that definition of I’m owning my value, and me owning my value does not have to diminish you. And what happens is we roll with a lot of people who aren’t confident. And so what they do is they have to put everyone else down in order to elevate themselves.

Sheri Riley [00:59:18]:
And that’s where their quote, unquote, confidence shows up and shows out. And that’s not it either.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [00:59:25]:

Sheri Riley [00:59:25]:
It really is completely about how you see yourself and how you see your value and how you show up. And I can absolutely edify you and be confident in me. Those can be mutually exclusive. They do not have to coexist together. And that’s. And I know for, as a black woman in America growing up, you know, I would hear my dad tell me, Sheri, you can do anything you want to do, baby. You are powerful. You are strong.

Sheri Riley [00:59:56]:
You can be anybody. I’m an only child born on my dad’s birthday. He’s like, you’re going to take care of three generations. I mean, he just, according to me. And I love my dad. My dad was an amazing man. But then I would also hear him say things like, you know, watching tv and seeing a powerful black woman go, who she thinks she is. She thinks she’s somebody got a degree.

Sheri Riley [01:00:17]:
Right? And so you hear that external conversation, and it makes you think, well, I don’t want to, you know, I don’t want to be that. You know, or you see that false humility and go, I don’t want to be that. But they’re not the same.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:00:34]:

Sheri Riley [01:00:35]:
Yeah. They are not the same. So stop hiding. Stop hiding.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:00:39]:
Absolutely. Stop hiding. All right. This has been amazing. So before I ask you our closing questions, I do want to just give you the floor. If there’s anything else that is on your heart, in your spirit that you want to be able to share with the listeners, the floor is yours. I would.

Sheri Riley [01:00:56]:
Because you talk to an audience of people who absolutely understand and appreciate what you bring to the marketplace. And what you bring to the marketplace is who I want to serve and who we serve. Right. And I just want to share that when you get to that place that Darnyelle is so committed to not only getting you to, but keeping you to and then elevating you beyond that, always remember that it’s our personal development that fuels our professional growth. And at every level of professional growth, there’s a new you personally that you got to learn and grow. And so when you hit that next level, when you move to those millions and beyond, I want you to recognize that when that internal and external chaos begins at that next level, don’t fear that you can’t handle it at this level and try to shrink back, because you will unconsciously self sabotage all the lessons that you get from this amazing community. And also understand that at this next level, you have the tools to grow personally and professionally. And that’s what the power of exponential living is.

Sheri Riley [01:02:07]:
That’s what the power of the work we do is. That as you continue to grow to those next levels that you work so hard to achieve, that you continue to grow within yourself so that you can absolutely appreciate and excel at that next level of success. And I think I wanted that was what God really had placed on my heart, because a lot of times, and you know this, with the work you do, that we get to that next level of success, and we have this rosy picture of what it should look like instead of understanding that you just went from glory to glory. And at that next level of glory, it’s the next level of what’s going to keep you there and elevate you to that next.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:02:47]:
Yeah, absolutely. I love that. And I agree. You can’t scale your business without scaling yourself. You got to scale yourself first. And most people forget that part. And that’s why it’s not sustainable. Yeah.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:02:58]:
I could talk to you all day. I really could. But before I let you go, three wisdom questions. So, the book, the tool, the quote, you can answer them in whichever order feeds your spirit.

Sheri Riley [01:03:12]:
Yes. The book was the hardest one because the Bible is always my answer. But I wanted to give an additional book beyond the Bible. Cause that really is my everything. And if you ask me what’s the book, it’s gonna be the one I’m reading right now. But the one that has spoke the most to me right now is ten x is easier than two x. Ten x is easier than two x. And I’m a cheat.

Sheri Riley [01:03:39]:
But before that, essentialism was the one that really got me started on the journey to get here. That was a game changer for me. That was a game changer for me. Tool. The tool that really is the word of God for me. That really is the Bible. The word of God. Everything, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, for me is the word of God.

Sheri Riley [01:04:03]:
It is absolutely the word of God. God is teaching me how to receive big in my prayer meditation time. Before I even woke up this morning, he started speaking to me and gave me the definition for receive big. And I literally get up, go in my prayer closet. And the Bible verse today was mark 1124, asking, you know, I love that. That’s my tool. That word of God is my tool. Yes, honey.

Sheri Riley [01:04:29]:
And then what’s the third one, the quote? Oh, the hardest one, I will have to say. And I really did try to find someone else’s quote. But the truth of the matter is, peace is the new success. Yeah, peace is the new success. And I use that even though it’s my own quote, but I use it because it really is the quote that keeps me focused. My daughter is out of when she’s out of sync. Peace is the new success I’m seeking for how do I get my baby to peace, my marriage. Out of sync peace is the new success of my marriage.

Sheri Riley [01:05:07]:
What’s going on that we need to get back to that center of peace? My business. It really is. The guiding quote for me is pieces. The new success.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:05:16]:
Awesome. I love it. Phenomenal. Sherri Riley, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for imparting such wisdom with an immense amount of grace and seasoning based on lived experience and being able to catalog for our community exactly what the journey has been and what’s waiting for them on the other side. Thank you for your commitment to exponential living. And thank you for showing up even when life is lifeing and you’d much rather get back in the bed and cry. I honor you.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:05:52]:
I see you. I love you. Thank you for being my super friend. And thank you for being here. Thank you.

Sheri Riley [01:05:58]:
And I thank you. I will tell you the impact that you’ve had in my life. I’m going to share with you soon off camera, but I want to share with you on camera and for your audience, you. I have been watching you. I’m the honor. I’m honored to be your super friend. But I watch you. I watch you when you don’t know I’m watching you.

Sheri Riley [01:06:19]:
I watch you when you’re not, when we’re not in our brunch. And the true testament of a person’s character and who they are and the passion they have and the genuine desire that you have to do what you’re doing is seeing when people aren’t watching you and you genuinely speak about money. But when I tell you the way you teach and train and the way you educate truly empowers people past money. Money is the byproduct of what you give to them. Money is the byproduct. And I’m going to share this, and I know we got to go. When I sat in on your training and you did a training about Move to Millions, you didn’t talk about money. I took seven pages of notes.

Sheri Riley [01:07:03]:
I sat that night with my husband. I went through those things you talked about and the fact that someone who has been so committed to having over 50 some people in your time doing this become millionaires and beyond, and the core of your message has nothing to do with money, I think is one of the most power, giftings and gifts that God has given you. And I’m grateful to be aligned with you personally and professionally. I am.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:07:28]:
Thank you for that. I receive all of that. I take it in and it fills me and I’m just really, really grateful. Thank you so much. Thank you for being here.

Sheri Riley [01:07:36]:
Thank you.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:07:37]:
And we’ll see you guys next time. Take care. Was it good for you? Like, I mean, seriously, are you a big fat goosebump right now, too? Like, I am reverberating and vibrating at a whole nother level because of this conversation. From her describing herself as a listener to the Holy Spirit and getting into the layers of who she is and how she overcame to learn the voice of God and to leverage it. That powerful four part framework that she gave us. Studying role models in your industry, operating in integrity, taking consistent action and having patience in the process. Oh, how about the nugget when she said that driving confidence are not the same thing, did that do anything to you like it did to me? I mean y’all, my wig was blown back by the power that was packed inside of this amazing conversation. We are going to put how to connect with Sheri in the show notes.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:08:31]:
She has an amazing program that I want you to make sure that you check out is called power brokers. It is phenomenal and it will help you to get to your next level. As she said, personal development fuels professional growth and this could be exactly what you need to continue on your own. Move to million so go check out Sherri, get a copy of her book and learn how to experience exponential living. I’ll see you guys next time. Take care. Thank you for joining me for the Move to Millions Podcast. The way I see it, you deserve a business that generates millions.

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon [01:09:07]:
We’d love to have you join us in May at move two millions live to help you prepare, plan and position your company for the million dollar mark, visit move two millions event now to grab your seat. If you enjoyed our time together, do yourself a favor. Head on over to iTunes, subscribe rate and leave us a review until next time. Remember, millions are your birthright and to access them you need only move. See you next time. Take care.