Ep 219 – Move to Millions Minute: I Attract Abundance

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Each week, I will release an affirmation of the week to help you to continue to MOVE your business toward the million-dollar mark.  Affirmations are supplied by our Move to Millions Million Dollar CEO Affirmation Cards available at www.movetomillionsmerch.com 

This week’s Million Dollar CEO Affirmation:


Let this week’s affirmation serve as a reminder that you were born abundance. And to experience abundance you need only be yourself. Now, more than likely, life has told you a different reality so it’s time to shift back into your birthright and here’s an exercise to help you. 

Do this exercise:

Pick a time through out the day that you will consider “Abundance O’Clock.”  Set a reminder to go off every day at that time and when the gentle, loving and affirming alarm sounds, spend time asking yourself three questions:

  1. What would abundance do?
  2. What would abundance say?
  3. How would abundance respond and react in this moment?

Based on your responses, begin to indoctrinate them into your day.

Affirm with me:


Journal prompts:

  1. I know I am abundance when…
  2. Abundance is my way of…
  3. When I am feeling abundant, I can …

Spend some time journaling about your abundant birthright this week – doing so will bring you closer to more abundance every day in every way.

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Welcome back to another Move to Millions Minute with your girl. I’m so excited. Here we are, another Wednesday, another opportunity to move so much closer to your million dollar milestone. I’m excited for this week’s affirmation. As a quick reminder, these affirmations come to you from our move to millions affirmation card deck. You can get an entire deck right now by going to movetomillionsmerch.com this week.

Our affirmation is I attract abundance every day in every way, just by being myself.

Let me say that one more time for the people in the back.

I attract abundance every day in every way just by being myself.

You can hear my smile. For those of you who won’t see the video of this quick episode, because I am abundance. Now, I didn’t start as abundance. Well, actually, that’s not true. I did start as abundance.

Right from the moment you were thought about, Jeremiah one and five says, before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God knew you. He approved you. He called you prophet, and he gave you a message to share with the nations. So when you are born, you are abundance. You are a complete vessel of light, whether you are pulled out or pushed out. And then you meet your family, right? And that’s when your abundance tends to go down, because we’re introduced to things that we can’t even put voice to as infants and toddlers, right? But it’s the antithesis of abundance. We’re introduced to fear and lack and confusion and chaos, and who we are is called into question. And these questions ruminate and they surround us all the time.

And our abundance gets farther and farther away from who we are until we realize and come back into a knowledge and understanding that we were meant to be abundance all along. It’s almost like the wizard of Oz, right? If you’ve ever seen that, or the whiz, if you prefer. And you know the story, Dorothy gets lost and she needs her friends to help her to get back home. And at the end of the day she realizes that she was at home all along, that it was in her all that she needed, she already possessed. Well, that’s the truth about you in abundance. And so once you recognize that you are abundance, I think about the scripture, right? I think about, why am I drawing a blank on the scripture right in this moment that God sent his son, that we might have life and have it to the full. You know what scripture it is? Because I can’t tell you what it is in this very second. But when I think about that, when I think about Ephesians three and 20, exceeding and abundant, above all you could ever ask of think or imagine, abundance is your birthright.

And being able to walk in that today is something that is waiting for you. So as you affirm over your life, I attract abundance every day in every way, just by being myself. I give you permission to try on what it feels like to be abundant. I have this exercise that I do. I’m probably going to do a full episode on it, but for now, this will just hold you over where throughout the day, I have these alarms that go off. I have one that goes off at 10:00 a.m. One at 01:00 p.m. One at 04:00 p.m.

One at 07:00 p.m. And one at 10:00 p.m. When the alarms go off first. The alarm itself is a soothing sound that raises my vibration. It’s a 528 mhz sound, so it immediately gets my vibration elevating. I literally say, and I smile. I say, it’s abundance o’clock. And I set those reminders to remind me of this week’s affirmation that I attract abundance every day in every way, just by being myself, because I am abundance.

I also often will ask myself when I’m presented with anything. So if I’m presented with something that makes me a little nervous or afraid, because fear is natural, right? It’s your ego protecting you, keeping you safe. When I’m presented with anything, I ask myself, what would abundance do in this moment? What would abundance do? So if you’re at Chipotle and you’re getting a burrito bowl, and the lady asks you, do you want the guacamole? And you look over and you see that it’s $2.70, or it might be more. Wherever it is that you live, I want you to ask yourself, what would abundance do? Would abundance get the guacamole? I think abundance will get the guacamole because abundance recognizes that just by being itself. It is abundance every day, in every way. Let me give you three journal props for the week. I know that I am abundance. Win.

Number two, abundance is my way of. And number three, when I am feeling abundant, I want you to journal on those three things. And I want you to remind yourself that you attract abundance every day, in every way, just by being yourself. And I’m going to encourage you, even if it is not your reality in this moment. Start saying it. Here’s the cool thing about your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind takes everything you present to it as if it is the truth. It doesn’t know the difference.

So if you keep telling yourself something that is contrary to the actual reality of your life experience, your subconscious mind has to treat it as if it’s true. So it begins to shift and change things. The more you think about abundance, no matter what’s going on around you, the sooner you will raise your vibration and increase your ability to vibrate at a higher level. The law of circulation says that abundance never stops. It is expanding around us at an ever increasing rate. Abundance never stops unless you stop it. So affirm with me today, I attract abundance every day, in every way, just by being myself. I’ll see you guys next time.

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If you want to make millions move, you’re going to have to challenge what you believe to be true about money. So go secure your free seat for the Make Millions Move Summit At movetomillionsmasterclass.com.

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