Ep 217: Move to Millions Minute: The Right Connections

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Each week, I will release an affirmation of the week to help you to continue to MOVE your business toward the million-dollar mark.  Affirmations are supplied by our Move to Millions Million Dollar CEO Affirmation Cards available at www.movetomillionsmerch.com 

This week’s Million Dollar CEO Affirmation:


Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely place. This is why being in community and creating connections with the right partners can make a huge difference. This week, focus on identifying the right partnerships that you desire to pursue so that you can be in community with like and heart-minded people. There is power in proximity.  Who could you get proximate to this week?

Do this exercise:

  1. Write down the 5 people you spend the majority of your time with.
  2. Rate them following this legend:
    1. positive sign if they are a positive influence
    1. minus sign of they are a negative influence and a
    1. slash if we feel indifferent when we think about spending time with them.
  3. Make shifts so that your inner circle is adding value
    1. Positive influences get to stay
    1. Negative influences have to go
    1. Indifferent influences get 90 more days to make a move in one direction or another

Affirm with me:


Journal prompts:

  1. My most fruitful connections in my life and business are…
  2. When I spend time with my inner circle, I feel…
  3. I know I have the right connections and partnerships because …

Spend some time journaling about your best partnerships this week – doing so will bring you closer to more of the same.

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TheMove to Millions minute, as you know by now, is a new segment on the Move to Millions podcast. I like to come to you midweek to help you to get a quick dose of inspiration and empowerment so you can continue moving your business and your life forward and finish out this week with grace and ease and full confidence.

And knowing that everything you are doing.

In your business is making a difference in the world at large. As a reminder, I am using our powerful move to millions affirmations cards from our Move to Millions CEO affirmation deck, I will recite an affirmation, share some quick insights to help you to finish your week clear, confident and committed to your goals. Let’s jump into today’s move to millions minutes.

I attract the right connections and partnerships to scale and sustain my business’s growth.

Let me repeat that.

I attract the right connections and partnerships to scale and sustain my business growth.

Let me tell you what I love about this. First and foremost, entrepreneurship is a pretty lonely place. And as entrepreneurs, we often because it is lonely and it feels like no one else gets what we’re doing. And we cannot talk to our loved ones about the things that are going on in our business. It can get pretty daunting at times, right? We can struggle with mental health challenges because we feel isolated. Isolation doesn’t serve business and allow us to serve in the way that we’re really, truly called to. So attracting the right connections and partnerships in order to not only scale and sustain your company, but just to preserve your sanity is such an important part of your ability to build a business that serves you financially and spiritually at and beyond the million dollar mark.

Personally, I believe in the power of community. I believe that some things are only going to be done in concert with other people. And so I value community. One of my primary love languages is quality time. So I love to be around people in doses, because your girl is also an introvert, which is the most interesting thing. My gift is big, and I fully express it. And when I don’t have to have those periods where I just kind of have to go back in a corner and refuel. But I do love being around other people. I’m a member of several organizations, and I believe in personal development. So I’m in masterminds. Like right now, I am in three different masterminds. Plus I’m a member of the Bo collective, and I’m in a few other organizations that we don’t meet as often as I like.

Now, one of the decisions that I made, I used to be in a lot more. I spend approximately $100,000 a year on my own personal development. And so I used to. Last year, I was in five or six different programs. I made a strategic decision to pull back on a few of them that.

I didn’t feel were feeding me the way I needed to be fed so that I could go deeper. This is the year of anchored ascension into the ones that are really serving me well. And so now I’ve boiled all of my communities down to just three. And I’m very clear about the purpose that each of them serves for me, so that when I am in them, I am maximizing what I need to get. So, a couple of things I want you to keep in mind as you think about this week’s affirmation. I attract the right connections and partnerships to scale and sustain my business growth. I want you to think first and foremost about the power of proximity you have to get in proximation to those who can shift the trajectory of your life and your business. I want you to also think about the Jim Rohn quote.

You become like the five people with whom you spend the majority of your time.

Look at those five people.

In fact, if you don’t do an evaluation every quarter, if you haven’t done that historically, I highly recommend that you do. Here’s what I recommend. I want you to write down the people that you find yourself spending the majority of your time with, and you’re going to rate them. I want you to give them a plus sign if they are positive and adding value to your life.

I want you to give them a minus sign if they’re taking away or when you see them coming or their name comes across your phone. You roll your eyes and come up with an excuse as to not answer. And I want you to give them a slash if they make you feel indifferent. And here’s the legend. The pluses get to stay the minuses. You want to begin working out, phasing out, and the slashes have one more quarter to become a positive or a negative. We want to spend time with the people that are edifying us, that are creating an environment for us to go to our next level, that are holding.

Us accountable and not allowing us to dim our light or operate in mediocrity.

When we were created to be greatness.

You also need to guard your circle. The people that you spend your time with, the people that you trust with.

Your biggest goals and visions need to be people that can hold space and prevent you from operating outside of the will of that mission or vision. I also recommend that you don’t overextend or over leverage yourself. Instead, go deep and build quality relationships. This is not a game of quantity. This is a game of quality because your ability to attract the right connections and partnerships to scale and sustain.

Your business is at stake let’s jump into your journal prompts of the week.

My most fruitful connections in my life and business right now are

When I spend time with my inner circle I feel

I know I have the right connections and partnerships because use these three journal prompts to finish this week.

Preparing yourself to continue moving towards the million dollar mark, and I’ll see you next time. Take care.

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