Ep 213 Move to Millions Minute: Attract Loyal Clients

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Each week, I will release an affirmation of the week to help you to continue to MOVE your business toward the million-dollar mark.  Affirmations are supplied by our Move to Millions Million Dollar CEO Affirmation Cards available at www.movetomillionsmerch.com 

This week’s Million Dollar CEO Affirmation:


This week, it’s all about your best clients, the ones you desire more of.  Take a look at your client roster and put a start by the clients who respect your boundaries, pay on time, show up fully and get results.  Then spend some time in gratitude for them.

Affirm with me:


Journal prompts:

  1. I love when my clients…
  2. For me a loyal and supportive client looks like…
  3. I am so excited and grateful now that I have loyal and supportive clients who…

Spend some time journaling about your best clients this week – doing so will bring you closer to more of the same.

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You’re listening to the Move to Millions Minute on the Move to Millions Podcast With Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon.

Welcome to another Move to Millions Minute on the Move to Millions Podcast. I am so excited to see you this week and to share this quick dose of inspiration and empowerment to continue moving your life and business forward towards the million dollar mark. As a reminder, our move to millions minutes affirmations come from our move to millions affirmation card deck, which are available right now at www.movetomillionsmerch.com. They make a great gift for the million dollar ceos in your life. Here is how it will work. Every week I will pull a card from our affirmation deck. Some weeks I will freestyle and just share with you what is on my heart. I will recite the affirmation and share some quick insights to help you to finish your week more clear, more confident and more committed than ever to your goals of moving your business towards the million dollar mark.

Let’s jump into this week’s Move to Millions Minute affirmation. I attract loyal and supportive clients, and as I serve them, the impact is felt by millions. I attract supportive and loyal clients and as I serve them, the impact is felt by millions. Yo, listen, as I read this card, it just really hit my spirit in an amazing way. And let me tell you why this is important. If you happen to be an entrepreneur or small business owner that spends a good portion of your time in the online marketplace, then you know that loyal, supportive clients can be hard to come by. There are so many people who technically do what it is that you do that it can often feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill to get in front of clients who really understand the nature and the purpose of your work and are willing to show up fully for themselves through partnership with you to get the result that it is that you describe. So this week, as you think about the clients that you serve, here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to look at your client roster, pull it out, and I want you to put a star by every client that you absolutely love working with, that shows up on time, that pays on time, that honors your boundaries and does the work to get results. Put a star by every single one of them. You have your stars. Here’s what I want you to do as we recite this affirmation again, I want you to get it in your spirit, get it to get seeped down in there, that you want more clients just like this. What I love about a practice of gratitude is gratitude is when you are telling God to bring you more of that. So the clients that are loyal and supportive, the clients that when you ask them to refer other people to you, when you need a volunteer, when you need someone to travel with you to a speaking engagement in their city, these clients show up for you because you’ve changed their life. I want you to ask God to send more of those clients your way so that as you’re being consistent out in the marketplace and you’re marketing and you’re positioning your content and how you can solve the problem that they have, that they’ve been unsuccessful at solving on their own. These people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

So that when you have a conversation with them, to talk about what they’re currently challenged by and how you can help them to resolve those challenges through them coming to work with you in one of your programs, they don’t hesitate. They sign up because they know that you are their next best step. I want you to get in the energy and the feeling of attracting loyal and supportive clients so that as you serve them, the impact of your service to them is felt by the millions that they also connect and serve every single day. That’s the ripple effect we want out in these streets. We want to be making sure that we are connecting and serving people in such a way that our service to them lives on through them talking about us to others. And that comes when we show up fully. We understand who we are, we understand who our client is, we understand how to serve them, and we’re committed to serving them well in excellence at all times.

Not only so that they get the result, but more importantly, so that we transform their life. This affirmation this week is going to encourage you to attract loyal and supportive clients so that as you serve them, the impact is felt by millions. Let’s move into our quick journal prompts. I love when my clients, number two, for me, a loyal and supportive client looks like. And number three, I am so excited and grateful now that I have supportive and loyal clients who use these three journal prompts to journal this affirmation into your spirit and into the fabric of your business, so that this week you can get one move closer to the million dollar mark. I’ll see you next time. Take care.

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