Ep 209 – Move to Millions Minute: The Ability to Overcome

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This week’s Million Dollar CEO Affirmation:


This week, I want you to remember that challenges are an indication of the anointing of your life.  When you understand who you are and who’s you are, you develop the ability to overcome. Let’s keep it real – who you are was designed to shake the planet.

Affirm with me:


Journal prompts:

  1. I am confident in my ability to…
  2. When I am feeling confident, I can…
  3. The last challenge I overcame helped me…

I know these three journal prompts will enhance how you finish this week.

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Full Transcript

Welcome to another move to millions minute on the Move to Millions podcast. I am so excited for you to be with me. Halfway through the week, we come to you with just a quick dose of inspiration to keep you moving your business forward towards the million dollar mark. Know that anytime you are ready for my team and I to support you on your journey to the million dollar mark, you can learn more about working with [email protected]. Here’s a quick reminder of how our move to millions minutes work. They are affirmations that come from our move to millions affirmation card deck and you can get your very own deck today at www.movetomillionsmerch.com. Every week I will pull a card from the affirmation deck. I will recite the affirmation and share some quick insights to help you to finish this week more clear, more confident and more committed than ever to taking your business to and beyond the million dollar mark.

I love these quick doses because I don’t know about you, but once I get to Wednesday, I’m like, oh, just get me over. Tuesday is typically a day where I’m working directly with clients in our programs and I need Wednesday to just give me that quick dose to get me to the rest of the week. Let’s jump into this week’s move to millions minute affirmation of the week. I am confident in my ability to overcome any challenge and emerge with strength and significance. Oh, I hope that feels good. I am confident in my ability to overcome any challenge and emerge with strength and significance. Let’s talk about significance for a moment. When I first started my business, I was very confident.

I’ve always been very confident. I think knowing my story about how I came to be in the world is what makes me so confident. But when I flipped that confidence into significance, everything began to change. Here’s what I mean when I say significance. Significance is understanding with every fiber of your being, being fully convinced in your own mind that who you are, the work you do, the space you occupy on the planet was uniquely designed for you. And when you carry that level of confidence in your business, man, does it change things. So when I think about this affirmation, I am confident in my ability. Confident that I know what I need to know.

And when I don’t know the answer, I know where to go, starting with God and then to coaches and mentors to support me, to be able to overcome any challenge. Everything that I need, I already have. And the same goes for you. Everything that you need, you already have. It is already within your reach to be able to leverage to overcome challenges. I believe that challenges come to make us stronger. Challenges come to teach us lessons that we can leverage and transfer into other areas of our lives. And challenges are an indication of the level of anointing and power that resides on the inside of you.

When you are a weak vessel, you are not going to be bothered. You will be able to meander through life without any encumbrances. But when you pack power, challenges will come to keep you on your game and to remind you of who you are and whose you are. I think about all of the adversity I’ve faced in my own life, from my mom going to jail when I was eight to my stepmom not really wanting us to be there and treating us like we were second class citizens, to going to college and going to a predominantly white campus and feeling ostracized from the day I started to starting my career in corporate America and the setbacks that happened along that journey, to filing bankruptcy, to being engaged to my first ex fiance and learning three months before my wedding that he had gotten an older woman in my church pregnant, to bankruptcy, to my second ex fiance having a bipolar disorder and just wigging out on me, to my third ex fiance, I could go on and on and on about the challenges that I’ve experienced in my life. Here’s the thing. Every single time I was able to confidently overcome them. And I bet the same would be true for you if you took some time today and looked back over your life. Look from where you have come into who you are standing strongly and boldly in this particular season for such a time as this.

Honey child, please. I know you will feel like I feel that who you are is designed to shake the planet. Let this energy guide you for the rest of the week as you affirm over yourself. I am confident in my ability to overcome any challenge and emerge with strength and significance. Let’s move into your journal prompts for the week.

Number one, I am confident in my ability to… .

Number two, when I am feeling confident, I can…

And number three, the last challenge that I overcome helped me…

I know that these three journal prompts are going to change the way you finish this week. Know that I’m rooting for you and I’ll see you on the move. To millions. Take care. Here’s what I know. If you could make the move to millions on your own, you’d already be making millions, so why not let us help? When you go to movetomillions.com, you’ll see all the ways that my team and I can help you as you make your own move to millions. From the podcast that you’re listening to right now, to my best selling book, to our amazing planner, to our life changing live event experience, and of course, the move to millions mastermind. Everything you need to make the move to millions is within your reach, and our team can’t wait to help you do it.