Ep 208 – The Move to Millions Method 2.0

This year is about anchored ascension so that means we have to deepen everything we do.” – Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

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As you likely know, my latest book Move to Millions: The Proven Framework to Become a Million Dollar CEO with Grace & Ease Instead of Hustle & Grind came out in November 2023 and it’s been such a blessing and success.  Although you’re just becoming able to read it, the concepts in the book are several years old.  As a part of my creative process, I am always reviewing our frameworks and core methodologies to make sure that what we are teaching our clients is the latest and greatest which is why in today’s episode I’m introducing you to the 2.0 version of my award-winning and proven framework, The Move to Millions Method.  In this elevated version, we are going DEEPER into the success pillars that contribute to our clients scaling and sustaining a company that makes millions of dollars each yet. To deepen the methodology, we added two new pillars and they are true game-changers.  By breaking Success Mindset, which is very broad down into three pillars, we will be able to better serve our clients and better empower you to create a business that funds the life you crave in accordance to God’s desire for you: abundance. This episode will shift you from the boardroom to the deepest parts of your belief system, in a way that will infuse your entrepreneurial journey with insights that have sustained million-dollar prosperity for years. If you’re ready to rise above the statistics and claim your seat at the table of generational wealth, grab your Move to Millions Podcast notebook and your favorite pen and listen in to discover:

  • The newly updated 7 pillar framework that will equip you to ascend to your next million-dollar milestone (when I started the episode, we had 6 pillars but then the Holy Spirit gave me the 7th – it was a moment)
  • Why self-care is a pillar that accelerates profit.
  • Exactly why I’ve added spirituality as a pillar (it’s not what you think) and 3 ways to embrace spirituality as a key component in your business’ growth and success
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes During the Episode:

  • “When you sync your identity with your purpose and your profits, miracles move from possibility to reality.”
  • “In the realm of millions, sales service isn’t just a transaction; it’s a transformation for both provider and receiver.”
  • “Your strategy isn’t just about what you do; it’s about who you become in the process of doing.”
  • “High vibration isn’t a buzzword; it’s a business imperative that attracts abundance.”
  • “Million-dollar well-being precedes million-dollar wealth. They are not mutually exclusive; they are exponentially empowering.” 

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Full Transcript

Now everybody wants you to get to seven figures, and rightfully so, because a seven figure business is the floor, not the ceiling. It’s the starting point, not the stopping point, so that we really can change the world and be the change we want to see.

You’re listening to the Move to Millions podcast with Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, the place to be for high level conversations about all things millions. Your mission, mindset, methodologies, mandate movement, messaging, marketing metrics, and most definitely, your money. I am your host, spiritual business growth coach, Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon. Join me each week for inspiring stories, powerful interviews and business growth strategy to help you experience abundance in your life.

This episode is powered by move to millions live, happening May 22 through the 24th, 2024, just outside of Washington, DC. If you are a million dollar CEO or a million dollar CEO in the making, come on home to hang out with us to learn brand new insights and strategies to scale and sustain your business to and beyond the million dollar mark. Get all the details right now at movetomillionsevent.com. Welcome back to another episode on the Move to Millions podcast. If you are new here, the first thing I’d want you to know is that around here, we believe that abundance is your birthright. We believe that we are in a time such as this where it is time to reestablish and transfer your wealth. I believe abundance was implied at creation. And before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God knew you. He approved you. He called you a prophet, and he gave you a message to share with the masses. He gave you the vision of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. And it is time for you to come back home. You are literally abundance. Now, your life may not have been abundance because often our abundance is tainted by those that we are raised by. And don’t get me wrong, your mom, your dad, your Nana, your pop up, your aunties and your uncles, they did the best that they could with what they had. But their best was not the best.

And it is now time for you to return to your rightful standing of being abundance in action. We will help you do that here. And if you are just joining us for the very first time, and you want to know where to go to learn more about this powerful mission and the mandate and call for you to get back to your million dollar birthright, then I invite you to go to movetomillions.com. Everything you need to get started in this powerful community will be waiting for you. I am excited about this episode. Now, unless this is your very first time hearing me, you know that I wrote a book called move to Millions, the same name as this podcast, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. That book released to the world on November the 7th of 2023. So we are at the time of the recording of this episode, just a few months out from the release of the book.

And the book is doing extremely well. Here’s the thing. I wrote the book. I put my foot in the book. I wanted to write a book that was based on abundance that would give you a very clear snapshot of what it is going to take for you to be able to get your business to and beyond the million dollar mark and to do it in a way that would prevent you from having to compromise and sacrifice on the journey. I don’t believe you need to sacrifice your faith, your family, your freedom, or your fun in order to make millions. Contrary to what many of us are taught here in the United States, we were bred on. You got to work hard for money.

That’s what we were taught. That’s what we believe to be true. But what I have learned is that hard work doesn’t make you millions. It makes you tired. And so we have got to challenge those beliefs and allow you to return to your right standing of abundance. And so that’s what we intend to do through the book and through this podcast. When I wrote the book, which was more than a year ago, right? So for the book to come out in November, the book had to be done by the previous November. So the content in that book, which is still relevant and timely today, is at least two years old.

And not that it’s old, but I have new things I want to say, and I want to deepen many of the concepts that you were introduced to inside of the book. Right? So for those of you who will be watching this online, this is the book right here. It’s amazing. You need a copy. You need it in your professional library. You need to read it and internalize it so that you can learn exactly what it’s going to take for you to build a business and then decide, do you really want to? Because let’s keep it real. Million sounds like a really great thing, right? It’s the floor, not the ceiling. It’s what we should all aspire to is to have a business that millions of dollars passes through that those millions of dollars would allow us to live the life that we desire, whatever that means to us, it would allow us to build financial legacy for our loved ones so that long after our sun has set, our generations will know who we are.

I’m talking about getting to the point of establishing Rockefeller wealth. There was this show that came on, I believe it was the History channel. It was called american dynasty. And they did episodes on each of the families that were really the founders of wealth in our country. And one of the episodes was on the Rockefeller. I actually have this book called what would the Rockefellers do? I haven’t read it yet. I need to read it. But when I watched that episode, what they talked about is that the Rockefellers had so much wealth that that wealth, without them making an additional dime from what their forefathers did, would serve 500 years of Rockefellers.

Can you imagine experiencing that kind of wealth through your business? The business where you serve your most ideal clients and solve a problem they’ve been unsuccessful at solving on their own? Could you imagine that your business could create generations of wealth? I believe it’s possible. I believe it’s your birthright. And so when I wrote move to millions, it’s based on the move to millions method, the proven framework that we have utilized at this point, the time of this episode, in helping 45 entrepreneurs become million dollar ceos that have gone on to sustain their million dollar businesses and rightfully become millionaires with more than a million dollars in assets to be able to live today and to save for future generations. I am so proud of the work that we do. If you’ve been following me for any point in time, then you know that the move to millions method was not the original name of our signature framework, our signature business move that we leverage. It was originally called the leverage, your incredible factor system. I know. Don’t judge me.

That was the name, right? When I first started my business, my business is called incredible one enterprises. We wanted to help people find their incredible factor and unleash it in the world. Cheesy, I know, but that’s what we did. And so my first signature system, many of the components have transitioned into the move to millions method was based on helping you to define, own, unleash, and ultimately leverage. That thing, you do that when you do it, other people praise you. That thing, you do that when you do it, well, other people pay you. The incredible factor. We don’t even talk about the incredible factor anymore, which is, okay, we’ve deepened it, right? It’s about evolution.

This is the year of anchored ascension. So one of the reasons why many of these episodes, I’m going to pull back the curtains and we’re going to go deeper than even what I talked about inside of the book is because you got to go deep in order to go up. And so this year, I want to make sure that we equip you with a very clear knowledge and understanding of what it’s going to take if you desire to get your business to the million dollar mark. For those of you who know that this is your birthright and you are ready to do the work that is required because there is work, not hustle and grind work, but work also, that needs to be done in order to realize a business that generates millions of dollars and will leave a financial legacy for you. Now, let me just also sidebar and say that you don’t have to have a million dollar business to become a millionaire.

If you love the Move to Millions podcast and the move to Millions book is blowing your mind, then you have got to join us for move to millions live. All the details are waiting for you to secure your seat at movetomillionsevents.com. When I wrote move to millions, the proven framework to become a million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind, I wrote it with you in mind. As a loyal listener to the Move to Millions podcast, I wanted to take the time we spend together every week to the absolute next level. You need this copy in your professional library, and you need to take the time to get in community with us so that this book can come alive for you. Go now and grab your copy and bonuses at movetomillionsbook.com. A millionaire is defined as a person.

Who has at least $1 million in assets. So whether that means your home, your bank accounts, insurance policies, other real estate that you may have, an investment portfolio in the stock market or mutual funds, all of those things adding up to millions of dollars is what makes you a millionaire. Just so we’re clear, and one of the things that I always teach, and I think I’ll do an episode about it on the podcast later, is making the decision of whether or not you want a seven figure business or a seven figure company, because you could do either. Both of them get you to seven figure status in your business, but neither of them make you a millionaire. Because your million dollar business is a pass through entity. Millions of dollars may pass through it. You become a millionaire on what you have left over. So part of the game is to get to the point where you are profiting millions.

Could you get excited about profiting millions inside of your business. Well, in this episode, I want to talk to you about the move to millions method 2.0. So after I wrote the book and did all of the work around the method, I recognized something that would enhance it. And so we are now developing the 2.0 version. And from the 2.0 version, we have other frameworks that will branch off, like our sell millions method, which is based in part on the move to millions method, but specifically for sales. That’ll be an episode that I’ll do later. But in this episode, I want to talk to you about the six pillars to having a million dollar company or a million dollar business, because you do get to choose which one you want. Now, five of them are going to sound familiar because they are what makes up the move to millions method.

But I’m going to deepen them for you, because again, we’re anchoring in, we’re going down to go up, and then I’m going to introduce you to the new 6th pillar inside of the move to millions method. The reason why I added the six pillars, because I recognize again in hindsight, after writing the book, and as I’ve been teaching now that the book is out into the world for you, for the last two years, I have been teaching these concepts on stages around the world. I’ve been teaching it so much. And as I was going back to study my own framework, I realized that we could add, that we could go deeper in it. And so that’s what we’re going to talk about in this episode. So if you are just brand new to the move to millions method, and you don’t yet have a copy of the book, but you just want to understand the method itself, you could go to movetomillionsmethod.com, and you’ll be able to download a free guide that introduces you to the move to millions method. It will be a companion to this episode because I’m going to share some of the things that are in there, and I’m going to go deeper because that’s how we’re doing this year. It’s the year of anchored ascension.

So let’s jump in. All right, so the six pillars of the move to millions method, the six pillars to having a million dollar company are strategy, sales systems, support, success, mindset, and brand new spirituality. So here’s what I know. Businesses with a spiritual foundation go farther faster. You know, I’m an unapologetic God girl. Unapologetic. I am not apologizing about how much I love Jesus. I’m not apologizing because I know it to be true.

I know it for myself. And think about that Smokey Norfolk song that says, you can’t make me doubt him because I know him for myself. You can’t make me doubt him because I know too much about him. Listen, I know too much about God and who he is and how he moves. To ever doubt the significance of having him be a part of your business and getting that business to the next level. It’s one of the things that separates us from many that are in the marketplace teaching about business. And all of the people who have popped up out of the woodwork who now want to get you to seven figures. Listen, seven figures has become the new six figures.

Remember when six figures was the bees knees and everybody wanted to get to six figures, and that was the move? Well, now everybody wants you to get to seven figures, and rightfully so, because a seven figure business is the floor, not the ceiling. It’s the starting point, not the stopping point, so that we really can change the world and be the change we want to see. Because it is absolutely, unequivocally impossible to be the change you want to see when you don’t have any. And if you’re not making millions and even as you’re making millions, fiscally, responsibly making millions, so that you’re not making millions to spend millions. Right? Because we want to have profit. Profit is how we keep scoring business. Everything begins to change. So let’s break down what I mean by each of the six pillars.

And this is going to be important because this is the 2.0 version. So again, I’m going deeper. Some of this is not in the book. Some of this is not in the other episode on the podcast, the first version of the move to millions method. So, strategy. When I talk about strategy, there are distinctly seven things. The problem that you solve, first and foremost. Second thing, I’m talking about your pinnacle client.

Who is the client that when you see them and serve them, they get the results that you are known for, and you get the satisfaction and the joy of having served them. That’s your pinnacle client. Right? So the problem you solve, what is the problem you solve? And, you know, we like spice problems around here. Specific and substantive, pervasive and persistent, immediate and insurmountable. Clear, conscious and contrarian. Expansive and expansive problems. What is the problem you solve? That’s the first marker under the strategy pillar. The second marker is pinnacle client.

Who is the client that when you serve them, they get the results every single time with predictability. The third marker under your strategy is how you package and price the solution you are offering to the problem for your pinnacle client. We call that your offer suite. Right? You really only need one powerful offer to make the move to millions. So forget what you heard that you’ve got to have all of these offers, right? There are tons of ways to get there. You could get 1000 people to give you $1,000. You can get 500 people to give you $2,000. You can get whatever.

We can keep going down and change the increments and change the number of people to determine how quickly you can get to the million dollars in revenue coming in. But we got to be clear about the package and the price. And the price has to be commensurate with the value that you represent over a period of time. The next point in this first pillar strategy is positioning. Positioning is a fancy way to say message, right? What is the message that will make you millions of dollars? The next is promotion. Promotion is a fancy way to say marketing. How are you putting that message out there to talk about the problem that you solve, that you have packaged into a solution for your pinnacle client. And the last p is profitability.

See, it’s not enough to charge your client. You have got to charge them more than it costs so that you actually have resource left over to run your business in a way that will allow you to scale it and ultimately sustain it. So the first pillar and the move to millions method 2.0 is strategy. Second pillar is sales. I love sales. Nothing happens until somebody sells something. That’s what Mary Kay Ash said and I tend to believe her. Now, most people shy away from sales because they think of the icky used car salesperson that follows you around the lot and over talks you and doesn’t listen to what you want in an attempt to take your money.

That’s not the sales I’m talking about. I’m talking about the recognition that sales is service. That when you have the solution to a problem that someone is actively seeking that solution to, and you tell them about it and they give you resource in exchange for the solution, you are actually making the world a better place. I’m talking about recognizing the flow and the cadence of sales in your business. Determining your sales cycle. Determining what you are going to use inside of your sales cycle to take a person from prospect to paying client. Talking about the sales conversation and the sales script that you use. I’m talking about the sales tool.

Because there are at least seven different sales tools you could be using in order to make sales inside of your business. And I’m talking about the optimization that goes along with the sales process at every level. Tweaking and analyzing the data. The data is going to tell you how to be able to make decisions that will make you millions, right? I’m talking about understanding the role that cash flow plays in the sales process and determining your financial KPIs that is the sales pillar inside of the move to millions method 2.0 systems is the third pillar. When I talk systems, I’m talking about your standard operating procedures. I’m also talking about the software that you use that help you to do what needs to be done over and over again. I’m also talking about the automations that you set up to operate in the business without you having to be present. We’re also talking about client management under the systems pillar and onboarding new clients.

All of that is under the systems. The third pillar in the move to millions method 2.0. The fourth pillar is support. Support is a fancy way to say team. And when I’m talking about your team, this team can be comprised of both employees and contractors. I’m going to do a whole nother episode on when to have what and who should be an employee and who it’s okay to be a contractor for. We’ll do that later this season. Under the support pillar, we’re talking about building out your team.

So the entire hiring process, the interview process, the job descriptions, the benefits package, everything that goes into team building. We talk about this in your hiring suite, inside of the book. We’re talking about leadership, you being a leader for others, as well as you leading yourself, as well as you teaching self leadership tips and principles to your team so that they achieve the results that are required for your company to move forward. We’re talking about execution, taking action consistently. We’re talking about being cohesive, working together in one accord on the same core values. And we’re talking about productivity and efficiency when we talk about support. Each of these pillars will have their own episodes on the podcast in this and subsequent seasons. The fifth pillar is the success mindset pillar.

Now, previously the success mindset pillar and what is now the spirituality pillar used to all be in one. But I really saw a need to deepen it and to pull it out. Because again, businesses go farther faster when they acknowledge a spiritual foundation. And I want you to notice that I said spiritual foundation because I’m not necessarily talking about religion. I’m talking about having a relationship with your creator and recognizing the power the deity, the holy Trinity, that is greater than you. That’s what I’m talking about. But we’ll talk about the spirituality pillar in a second. So, under success mindset, we include money mindset and money consciousness.

There is a difference. I’ll break them down to you on a future episode. We’re talking about strategic vision. You know, how you hear me say, you got to see it in order to see it so that you get to experience it? That’s strategic vision. Not just seeing with your natural eye, but seeing through the lens of what you know is possible. This is vision point versus vantage point. And we talk about growth mindset, which is different than a lack or poverty mindset. And a lack mindset is different than a poverty mindset.

So when we comprise all of this into a success mindset, what we get is a being of ourselves that allows us to understand the significance of who we are and how the six inches in between our years will determine how much money comes into our bank account, how much we can feel. You know my quote? Until you work on the six inches in between your ears, you will not feel six or seven figures in between your fingers. The success mindset pillar, if you ask me, is the most important pillar outside of spirituality. To get to the million dollar mark, all of the strategies that you want to leverage will work. You don’t need all of them. You just need to pick the right one. Learning how to sell and to learn how to sell in a leveraged format will make you the money, but only if you believe that you’re deserving of it. Having the right systems and methodologies in place, building out the right support team, all of that matters, and it is important.

But most critical is the way you see yourself. And that is success mindset.

Move to millions live is the only event that supports you before, during, and after the powerful experience. To make sure that you prepare, plan, position, and profit to and beyond the million dollar mark, move to millions live is the only live event that you need. If you have millions on your mind, get in proximity to your next level by joining us May 22 through 24th of 2024, just outside of Washington, DC. All the details are waiting for you right [email protected]. Want to know what it’s like to work with me and the incredible factor university coaching team. You can get started today with the move to millions 90 day business growth planner. 90 days at a time, you’ll be setting your business on a trajectory that will make the move to millions happen much faster for you. It’s got everything that you need to track every strategy, every sale, all of your KPIs, as well as your self care and life transformational needs.

We made sure we left nothing out of this amazing planner. And by accessing the planner, you’ll get a behind the scenes view of what it’s like to work with me and my team. Go grab yours today at movetomillionsplanner.com.

And the 6th and final and brand new pillar is the spirituality pillar. In move to millions, the book, we covered this under operational obedience. Operational obedience, the ability to hear what you’re supposed to do and to operate in accordance to that. That’s operational obedience. And so here we’re talking about confidence. Yes, I consider confidence to be a marker of spirituality, because if you really understand the miracle that is creation, the fact that you are here right now for such a time as this is a miracle, and I just cannot conceive how you could be created and not be confident when you understand what it takes to be created. I talk about in my book, I don’t know if I’ve shared it on a podcast episode all by itself. I can’t remember, but I talk about how my husband and I for five years were trying to have a baby, and we were unsuccessful.

That’s how I came to learn the significance of the journey to conception. And that’s why I believe confidence is about spirituality. I define confidence as thanking God for creating you, because how could you not be confident when you think about the fact that you made it out of however many billions of sperm that attempted to fertilize that egg, the one that came through that became you. Confidence all day is a measure of spirituality. Also included under the spirituality pillar, we have alignment. Alignment is the feeling of complete flow and rightness, and we can feel it in our body. I know when I’m out of alignment. Here’s the fastest way for you to know if you’re out of alignment.

If you ever make an IM statement, and remember, I am. Statements or affirmations are when we are summoning or shunning God because he is that he is. As he told Moses, tell him I am sent you right, I am. If you make an I am statement and you change, I am to God is, and it does not make sense any longer. You are not in alignment. So that’s a quick alignment check for you. Also. Under the spirituality pillar, we have surrender, detaching from the outcome.

It’s okay to state what it is that you desire, but once you state it, detach from it. So that God can bring it to you however he wants. So state, I am a million dollar CEO. I am so happy and grateful now that I am generating and profiting millions of dollars every single year in my business, working with clients that I love, doing work that I love around the world. Affirm that over yourself. And as soon as you affirm it, release it. Release the how, because the how isn’t your job anyway. The how is God’s job.

And if you allow God to do his job, then he could do it so much better than you. And that’s what happens when we surrender. When I surrendered my business to God, we became a million dollar company, and we have sustained it for five years. Surrender is a game changer. The next under the spirituality pillar. You’re not going to like it very much. Forgiveness. But forgiveness is a key to scaling your business.

Your ability to forgive is tied directly to the amount of money that flows into your life experience. So forgiveness is a core component of the spirituality pillar. An embodiment being right, it takes me back to Genesis one and 26, where God says, let us make man in our own image and likeness. Let us give him dominion over the earth and the power to subdue it. Your identity was established in Genesis. An identity. An embodiment of identity. Identity being another part of the spirituality pillar is the key to accelerating the rate with which you experience what it is that you desire.

You have to be it in order to become it. You have to be it in advance. We are energetic beings and we vibrate. You’ve ever walked in a space and you could feel the energy because there’s a vibration involved. And at all times, we’re vibrating. Those of you who will see this video will see this demonstration that I’m doing right now. So when we vibrate, we can vibrate here, we can be high vibrational, or we can be low vibrational and we can vibrate down there. The level of our vibration is going to determine the rate at which we experience an acceleration.

The things that allow us to vibrate high. Gratitude, faith. Appreciation, love and trust. That’s the highest emotion, contentment. And allows us to vibrate high. Significance. Confidence allows us to vibrate high. Things that allow us to vibrate low.

Fear. Doubt. Jealousy, comparison. Anger. Grief, powerlessness, despair, to name a few. Worry. All my worry words out there. You’re vibrating low when you worry.

And when you vibrate low, you are detracting from abundance. You are preventing abundance from finding you. Abundance is expanding around us at an ever increasing rate. It never stops. Abundance never sleeps. And your ability to experience abundance is tied to your vibration and your embodiment. This is why I had to separate out spirituality. You see where I’m going with this? And then the last under spirituality is identity.

Being knowing who you are, knowing whose you are and operating in accordance. If you think about it, your identity is what is going to determine your level of confidence. And those things together show up in a way that really will create an environment for you to experience everything you want. So the move to Millions method 2.06 pillars strategy sales systems support success mindset spirituality six amazing pillars. Each of these pillars, there’s an opportunity inside of your business to change everything. Okay, y’all, this is like fresh. This is fresh mana from heaven. Because there’s seven pillars.

I’m adding a 7th pillar. Hot off the press. It’s not even in my notes, y’all. We’re going to add a 7th pillar. And that pillar is self care. Oh gosh, that’s so good. Self care, mental health and wellness, which is part of the original definition of wealth. It’s part of the move to millions method.

This is brand new. I’m so excited. This is like right now. You guys are hearing this right now. I’m getting this download right now. I’m adjusting the move to millions method 2.0 to add in self care as our 7th pillar. You know why I love this? Because I wanted there to be seven pillars. I don’t like six pillars.

And you know why? Six is like incomplete, it just builds off. Seven is the number of completion, right? I like to think in fives or sevens. Five is the number of grace. Seven is the number of completion. So it is complete. You all strategy, sales systems support success, mindset, spirituality and self care. Because here’s the thing. I want you to make move and leave millions.

But I don’t want you to sacrifice your health and well being in the process. I don’t want you hustling and grinding and being overwhelmed. I want you to operate in a confidence, in a grace, and in an ease that lets it be known that you know who you are, you know who you are, you know the problem you solve and for whom. You know how to convert sales. You have the right system set up. You have a team supporting your efforts. You see yourself as God sees you. You tap into confidence and you take care of your vessel because it is hard to sell the dream when you look like a nightmare.

An inability to have self care will show up in your body. It will show up in your vessel and it will taint your ability to make millions. I am so excited. God, I love you so much. Oh, I’m so excited for the 7th pillar. Oh my gosh, you guys, this is awesome. There you have it. Move to millions method 2.0 hot off the press.

Brand new. Not in the book. The book is powerful. It talks about five, but we’ve added two because we know that this journey to the million dollar mark, it needs to be completed in you. And it can only be complete if you have the right strategy, the right sales infrastructure, the right systems, the right support, the right success mindset, a connection spiritually and self care as a clear part of who you are and how you show up in the world. Tell me how you like the move to millions method 2.0. Tag me in your stories with your picture of however you take in these episodes of the podcast. Let me know you love it.

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