Ep 186 – Brandon Dawson – Nine Figure Mindset

“Behind the life you want lies the power you already have inside to create it .” Brandon Dawson

About Our Guest:

Brandon Dawson​ is a serial entrepreneur and business leader with a passion for helping business owners amplify their vision and impact, through belief, strategy, and team alignment.  He founded his first company at age 28, Sonus, where he served as Founder and CEO for seven years. In 2016, Brandon sold Audigy for purchase price of $151M, which was 77x EBITDA. The equity structure he created allowed for everyone from our members to all of our employees share in the proceeds. What has been most astonishing in his career is that while Audigy had this growth in value, we transformed hundreds of lives as well. On average, our customers grew 3 times the value of their peer group who didn’t work with us. It was beyond gratifying to help so many business owners elevate their belief about what can be done, build dynamic teams, and dominate their markets. Since selling Audigy, his team has worked closely with the acquirer to grow their business. Since the purchase, they have grown by three times in value, which is a testament to the strength of our network, our collective teams, and our ability to execute.

Episode Summary

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When I first started coaching other business owners, I couldn’t wait to dazzle them with my strategist mind.  Listen, I love strategy and the ability to think at that level truly fills my cup.  The only problem I encountered was that many clients weren’t leveraging the strategy because they didn’t feel or believe that they could succeed. Yes, they had a mindset block. So, instead of dazzling them with the right strategy, I switched gears, put on my coaching hat and coached them on mindset.  Slowly but surely, the strategies they had started to work because they shifted their perspective and belief around implementing the strategy. It was then that I realized that no matter what level you’ve achieved in your business, mindset work never ends.  At least once per week, I repeat something that I have always believed – mindset is 95% of your success and unless you consistently work on the six inches between your ears, you’ll never feel six, seven or nine figures between your fingers. Mindset is more important than skill  – and when you find yourself stuck or stagnant, it typically requires a mindset shift not a new strategy. My guest in today’s episode, Brandon Dawson, is here to set the record straight.  From the moment Brandon opens his mouth, he shares the importance of adopting a “Nine-Figure Mindset” and breaking free from mediocrity. Brandon shares his own journey of defying reasonableness and achieving extraordinary success. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with practical strategies to take your business and mindset to new heights. Grab your Move to Millions Podcast Notebook and pen to discover

Unless you Listen in to discover:

  • 3 keys to embracing unreasonableness
  • How going against societal norms and expectations, you can overcome limitations and achieve greater success
  • 5 reasons to seek mentorship
  • How to convert liabilities into assets
  • And so much more

Powerful Quotes During the Episode:

  • “Being reasonable leads to mediocrity because everyone has a different opinion about what’s reasonable.” – Brandon Dawson
  • “Operational effectiveness helps reinforce and stimulate our belief system.” – Brandon Dawson
  • “Degrees do not equate to real-world knowledge. True understanding comes from applying what you’ve learned.” – Brandon Dawson
  • “What you don’t know can unexpectedly impact you. Seek wisdom and guidance from the right people.” – Brandon Dawson
  • “The only job of a leader is to make other people’s success easy.” – Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon

How to Connect with Brandon Dawson:

Websites: www.ninefiguremindset.com

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/brandonmdawson

His New Book: www.ninefiguremindset.com

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