Ep 184 – Retreat to Ramp Up: 5 Keys to Team Retreats That Accelerate Business Growth

Your business can only grown at the pace of your team, leadership, planning and implementation  .” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Episode Summary

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One of my favorite best demonstrated practices is spending time in the third quarter to prepare and define the strategic plan for the next year.  To help me do this, I get my team together for a week and we plan, play and prepare for all the possible scenarios that could happen in the coming year in the company. During our retreat, we always focus on the next year in our 3-year strategic plan. We poke and prod the plan to make sure that we are looking at it from every angle. We perform a SWOT Analysis on the company, our programs, everything. We map the calendar of all the things that are centrifugal to the following year’s goals.

We highlight who we need to add to the team to achieve our core goals and objections.

We reimagine. We challenge. We push limits. We refine. We confirm. We commit.

I have always believed that people support what they help to create so we also make personal commitments to the role we will play in achieving the plan.

Regardless of the size of your team, taking the time to clarify, confirm and commit to a plan will serve your business well in the coming year.  If you want to make next year your best year yet, this episode is for you and it’s the perfect time to plan a virtual or live retreat as soon as possible with your team. Grab your pen and paper and listen in now to discover:

  • How to plan and prepare for a team retreat
  • The importance of running your company on a 3-year strategic plan
  • What activities to conduct during your team retreat and so much more
  • And so much more

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