Ep 168 – Vasavi Kumar: Say It Out Loud

If we express ourselves honestly and practice active listening there would be less suffering.” – Vasavi Kumar

About Our Guest

Vasavi Kumar the outspoken host of the Say It Out Loud Podcast, upcoming author of the Say It Out Loud book (Spring 2023), Self-Expression Coach, and Actor.

As a First-Generation Indian Immigrant Vasavi made her parents proud by going to Columbia University to receive her (second) Masters in Social Work.

Through her Say It Out Loud group experience, 1:1 mentorship, and communication training, Vasavi helps her clients be more comfortable, confident, and in control during media interviews, tele-presentations, and interpersonal communication so they can show up confidently.

For more from Vasavi and to learn more about how you can stop hiding and start shining in your business, stop by her Instagram @mynameisvasavi or vasavikumar.com.

Episode Summary

This episode is powered by the  Move to Millions Live (and the Million Dollar Intensives) 

Do you think it’s weird to talk to yourself out loud? Is it hard to admit you need help sometimes?    What are some of the things that instantly make you anxious?  These questions and so many more are posed by my guest Vasavi Kumar, author of the BRAND-NEW book, Say it Out Loud available everywhere this week!  When I learned that Vasavi, who is a previous guest of the podcast had written a book, I couldn’t wait to have her back on the show.  In this powerfully introspective conversation, we bridge the gap between the conversation going on in your head with what your heart is trying to say.  Regardless of where you are in scaling and sustaining your company, your ability to vulnerable and transparent first and foremost with yourself will determine the amount of grace and ease you experience on your own move to millions. If you are ready to become a vehicle of self-expression so that you can live your best life, grab your pen and paper and listen in now to discover:

  • How to self-soothe while leveraging the power to communicate to release fear, doubt and frustration
  • Two power moves to shift the way you show up in all conversations with yourself and others
  • How to find the capacity to be with your discomfort
  • The importance of curiosity
  • What active listening looks like (listening to feel instead of listening to fix)
  • And so much more

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

  • “I know the power of letting someone release what is on their mind or in their heart.”
  • “We are just walking pain bodies.”
  • “So many of us suffer in silence and allow our minds to attack us.”
  • “I never withhold my appreciation.”
  • “My earliest memory of helping other people say it out loud was in my own family.”
  • “I became a mouthpiece for my father.”
  • “I could hear what was not being said.”
  • “As a child, I just wanted to be happy.”
  • “Listen to feel don’t listen to fix.”
  • “When we are giving the space to process out loud, the truth exists in all of us and it comes forth.”
  • “Most of us don’t have the capacity to be present with our discomfort.”

Buy Vasavi’s Brand-New Book: www.sayitoutloudbook.com

How to Connect with Vasavi Kumar

Website: www.Vasavikumar.com 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mynameisvasavi

Twitter: www.twitter.com/askvasavi

Last Book Vasavi Read: She’s only been reading recipes lately

Favorite Quote: “You were built for this.  I got you…” God

Tool Vasavi Swears By Own Her Move to Millions: Captions and Voxer

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