Ep 157 – The Floor

A million-dollar business is not the ceiling; it’s the floor.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Episode Summary

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One way to make sure that you achieve your goal of crossing the million-dollar mark in your business is to change the way you think about your goal.  For most, crossing seven figures is their ceiling.  Truthfully, that’s not thinking big enough.  For years, I have taught my clients that they need a pipeline that is at minimum 4x their revenue goal to achieve that goal AND they need to build their business to handle 10x to make sure that when they achieve the goal it won’t break their business. 

In this week’s episode, we explore the powerful shift that every millions-minded business owner must make – what is currently their ceiling MUST become their floor. When your goal is the floor, you expand your capacity for more to come into your business – from clients to team and everything in between.  My goal is to help you to shift so that your business is ready for all the growth that is destined to come your way. 

Grab your pen and paper and listen in now to discover:

  •  Why shrinking back will delay your move to millions
  • 3 signs you’re ready to turn your ceiling into your floor in your business
  • 3 keys to shifting your ceiling to your floor 
  • 3 benefits from looking at your goals at the next level 
  • And so much more

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

  • “God will let you live on whatever level you settle for.”
  • “When you’re bumping up against the next level version of yourself, distractions will attempt to derail you”
  • “six figures is a stepping stone not a stopping point.”

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Hey, hey, y’all! I’m excited to be back with you for another episode of the Move to Millions Podcast. In the event that this is your first time here can I, first and foremost just say, welcome. I am over the moon, tickled, purple, excited that you have decided to join us on the Move to Millions Movement.  Move to Millions is the creation of God. He literally stopped me dead in my tracks on October 20, 2020, and gave me these 3 powerful words that are changing my life and the lives of those around me.

So I’m excited that you are here. This podcast, as you’ll come to learn, is about so much more than getting your business to the million-dollar mark. It’s about being the best version of yourself. It’s about embodying who you were created to be before you were formed in your mother’s room.

On this podcast, I’m going to share so many amazing nuggets with you that will not only help you to increase your revenue and become a stronger, small business owner, but will help you to be a better spouse, parent, sibling, community servant, leader, and CEO. I am so excited that you are here.  Right off the bat., I have an amazing gift for you. I want to invite you to go download our Move to Millions Method. It is the perfect place to start if you just got here, and millions are on your mind. In this powerful download, I share our proven framework that is turning 6 figure service-based entrepreneurs into CEOs, who make move and leave millions. I think you should be next. Go now to movetomillionsmethod.com.

In today’s episode, I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for a couple of weeks.

I was having a conversation with a client a few weeks ago, and she said something that really made me stop dead in my tracks and offer her an opportunity to be edified and also correct it. See, that’s if you ask me. That’s part of the beauty of being a coach. Right? Coaches tell you what you don’t want to here, and they show you what you don’t want to see all in an effort to help you to step into being who it is that got created you to be.

I’m really grateful that I was able to be that for my client at that time, and she said something to the effect of but, Darnyelle, I’m just trying to get my business to consistently doing $50,000 a month. and I know, depending upon where you sit right now inside of your business $50,000 a month might sound great, but for this particular client that I’m talking about this client, who has already had a business above the million-dollar mark.

This is her settling for a level that God will absolutely let her live on.

It was back in 2019,  I was driving my car down the road adjacent to my home when God just started speaking. Does this happen to you? We’re got just out of nowhere to start speaking to you. For me this was particularly important, because that same year, 5 separate times 5 different arbitrary people stopped me dead in my tracks and basically told me that I was playing too small. That who I was meant to be in the Earth realm.  I was being a fraction of that at that particular moment in my life. And there is a lot of backstory that I can get into. As to why, that’s the reason but none of that is relevant In this moment. I will get to that later.

And on this particular day, after the fifth person has stopped me and told me that I was understated, and that I was playing too small, and that the world needed more of me. And then I needed to take up more space.  I was literally driving the car, and God says I will let them live on whatever level they settle for. y’all. I had to pull my car over because I’m like what?

 First of all who you talking about, and second of all, why did you just sucker punch me like that. Why, God, I thought we was cool. So anyway, I get my car pulled over, and I stop, and I say, God, what did you just say? And He repeats it.

“I will let them live on whatever level they settle for. “

And I said, God, who are you talking about? Who is them?

He said entrepreneurs.

That was the year that we ended up doing our next live event. At that time we were doing Breakthrough in Business. Our theme became Next Level Everything. This is the 2020 event. This is the year when COVID-19, came into the world.

As I sit back and reflect today, y’all. Can I be honest and tell you that I don’t think I was talking about you at all, I think I was talking about me. and this became so clear to me. It came rushing back as I’m listening to my client, who had the previous year already did $100,000 months. She had already exceeded the capacity for what was her best case scenario inside of her business. And in this moment, as she was settling for having $50,000 cash months, I realized something really important, and that is that she was willing to shift and to go back, to shrink back and become something less than she had already been to settle for something less in an effort to not do the work.

Not hustling grind work, but the inner work that must be done to get to your next level. Write this down if you’re taking notes: Getting to the million dollar mark in your business is less about the strategy and even the outcome of a $100,000 cash month. It is all about who you become, the embodiment in the process.

Because of some of the things that were happening inside of her personal life. It was easier for her to decide that she would just shrink back, because at the $50,000 a month mark, that’s still a $600000 dollar year business. Still a pretty good business. I mean. Most businesses are not making $600,000 a year.

That took me all the way back. Many of you know this story after we cross the million dollar mark in 2014 – 2016 multiple million dollar years, 2017- 2018 well beneath the million dollar mark, because I did the same thing that my client is doing.

I said. Well, you know, I don’t really need a million-dollar company. I was starting to live into that fallacy and  belief that the philosopher, the notorious B. I. G., said – that  more money meant more problems.

 She was trying to allow herself to decide that she could lower her standard for who God desired her to be based on what was coming into her life right this down.

If you’re taking notes: when you are bumping up against the next level version of yourself, distractions will come to derail you, in an attempt to talk you out of your destiny.

See, she was actually created to have a business that generates somewhere between 5 and 10 million dollars. In order for that to happen, we’re talking about somewhere between a half million dollar cash months and million dollar cash months.

The amount of leader, servant, woman, CEO and entrepreneur you have to become and be on a daily basis to operate at that level is scary for a lot of people.

and As a result she was willing to lower her ceiling.

And here’s what I want to share with you today. If your goal is to have a business at the million dollar mark or beyond the million dollar mark. One million dollars needs to become your floor, not your ceiling. See the reason why you’ve got it all wrong is because you’re operating as if getting to the million dollar mark is the end game. No, ma’am, no, sir; that is, when business actually starts to be that that is, when you get a seat at the table; that is, when you are offering enough influence out into the world in order to steep that influence in that impact at the next level. It’s the starting point, not the steppingstone.

Those of you who have heard me on previous episodes say that a 6 figure business is the steppingstone and not the stopping point. Yeah, and that’s true, too. Because here’s what I know.

You gotta do 6 before you can do 7, but by no means in any way. If you’re thinking millions is million dollars the place that you stop. One million dollars is your floor. Your ceiling is five million or ten million or fifty million or one billion.

See the Gd that you serve, the God that I serve, He thinks big for you. That is why he said in Genesis 1:26, “let us make man in our own image and likeness. Let us give them dominion over the earth, and the power to subdue it.”

It’s about raising your floor and putting yourself in a position for the sky to be the limit.

You’re listening to the Move to Millions Podcast. This is your host, Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, and today we are talking about a little something I want to call the floor.

Your floor may be too low, and we need to raise it right. We have got to shift and change the way that we are actually showing up inside of our businesses, and I started telling you a story about a client just before the break. Now I want to share something that I’ve learned with you when I was in high school I was blessed

In high school, I had a tenth grade geography teacher, Mr. Remsberg. I’ll never forget Mr. Remsberg, because he and I share the same birthday. He used to tell us so many things that are writer-downers. Here’s one I want you to write down. If you’re taking notes.

if you can do it, in your own strength, you are playing too small.

You have got to dream so big, incredible one, that only God can actually make it happen for you. That’s what I mean when I talk about taking what used to be your ceiling, the million-dollar mark and making it your floor, because that’s starting point.

That is, when you get to arrive at the party. Now that I run a business that is beyond the million-dollar mark. As we’re climbing to 8 figures. I now have come into the realization that there are so many places you can only go if you’re at least doing a million dollars in your business that didn’t even seem like it was in the room of possibility before.

But here’s what I need you to know. Life and business change substantially when you are impacting enough lives to generate millions of dollars in one year.

It is no small feat. I’m not about to be the one to lead you to believe that it’s going to be easy. Peasy lemon squeasy. No, there is going to be work. I’m not talking about. Hustle and grind work. Most of the work that you will do to raise your floor to the million dollar mark is going to be internal work.

Most of the work that you’re gonna do is going to be about embodying or becoming the best version of yourself, because in order for you to operate a business that is making a million dollars, or five million or ten million or one hundred million –  You’re going to need to be the next level version of yourself.

But before I get it too far ahead of myself, let’s take a moment, and let me share with you some of the ways, some of the signs that will make it very clear to you that you’re ready to make your ceiling the million dollar mark your floor starting point for taking your life, your business, and the impact you can have on the planet to the next level

Number one. If you are feeling extremely overwhelmed. More than likely, if you are overwhelmed as a small business owner, entrepreneur that is growing your business to and beyond the million-dollar mark. It’s for several re. It’s for one of several reasons number one.

You’re probably over delivering. And if you’re over delivering it means that you don’t really trust your value and what you bring to the table for people you feel like you have to give them more in order for them to stick around, and that means that there’s probably a story that you’ve been telling yourself from your childhood as to why you feel like you have to over deliver. If you’re overwhelmed right now, it’s probably because you’re under charging.

You’re not charging what you should be charging. You have made it okay to serve clients fully, deeply, richly, at a rate that does not allow you the opportunity to earn very well for yourself, and to have enough money left over to pay other people. That’s a whole problem.

Another reason why you might be overwhelmed and overwhelmed. Because your ceiling needs to be your floor is because you’re over promising again. You you’ve got this. People pleasing  energy ruminating through your life and your business because of some story someone told you when you are a child, that you have not been able to process and deal with.

When I tell you that getting your business to the million-dollar mark is less about strategy and more about alignment. I’m not lying. A big part of the work we do at Move to Millions Live is the mindset. We spend so much time on the principles, and helping you to unlock alignment and forgiveness and understanding, confidence, and your significance because when you are clear about who you are, you will cease to over promise and over deliver. But you’ll be doing it from an entirely different vision point, and not the vantage point of not being enough, and you, absolutely, unequivocally, will not under charge.

Another sign or another symptom of being overwhelmed is not establishing clear boundaries right. I had Dr. Shamika Dean on the podcast recently, and she said that you do not need to be a 24 7 hotline.

Some of you are making yourselves too available to clients who are not paying you enough for you to be that available, and that’s the reason why you’re overwhelmed.

And then the last reason why you might be experiencing overwhelmed right now is because you are not clear about your unique selling proposition USP, At every level you need to re-evaluate it. So even if you were clear and understood your unique value and selling proposition when your business did $300,000 or a half a million.

You need to go back and tighten that thing up as you approach the million-dollar mark, and as you endeavor to get beyond the million dollar mark. Guess what you’re going to have to take a look at it again. These things are going to contribute to the overwhelming that goes along with operating at a ceiling that really should be your floor.

The second sign that you have worked to do so that you can raise that that floor is recognizing that you’re the bottleneck because you don’t have anyone to delegate to. You keep thinking and telling yourself that you can’t afford to hire, and you know you’ll have what you say, and the reason you can’t afford to hire is because you’re over. You’re under charging.

You understand the value associated with your work, but yet you charge way less and listen.

I’ve never been a fan of the value stack. You all know the value stack where you stack everything up, and it’s worth $100,000. But you can get it today for the low low price of…

Yeah, I’m not talking about, and nor will I ever be an advocate for value stacking? I’m talking about you, not recognizing the transformation that you bring into the lives of those you serve. So here’s what I want you to do. If this is what you struggle with.

I want you to go and pull your client’s success stories, every single one of them that has a result that you can tie to money, because I know every single one of you is not necessarily a business coach, or does something in and around business. But if you help them, get more time back to spend with their family, or if you help them, lose weight, anything that you could tie back to money.

I want you to do your best due diligence, and add it all up.

I talk about this in my book Move to Millions, which will be out later this year. I talk about one of my clients, Lindsey, who is a brilliant consultant, and when she came to work with me and told me that she had a $5,000 offer, and that was her highest offer. She was burnt out and frustrated and bottlenecked, and all of the things I said, okay. we have got to help her to realize what she should be charging. We realized that that program that she was running at that time should have been at minimum $18,000, and she honestly said that there’s no way in the world. She had the confidence to charge $18,000, so I helped her. I helped her first to identify what she had done, so I said, let’s look at all of the clients that you’ve worked with just in the last year she did. She wouldn’t pull them all out. Let’s look at their results. We added it all up each of those clients that she had work with there. If I remember correctly, there were about 15 clients that she had worked with that year. If she put a monetary value on the transformation that they experienced and working with her, those 15 clients had done more than a half million dollars that would be worth more than a half million dollars.

Yet the combined amount she had charged those 15 people was $120,000, allowing her to see it black and white in numbers. Plain English, No emotion involved started us on the journey for her to realize that she needed to raise her ceiling and then her floor needed to also raise right. And so, as we went through this process, finally got her to see the need to be charging 18,000. She still wasn’t there, and that’s totally okay, because I get it not. Everybody can just show up fully as themselves the moment that they realized that they should be doing something different. So we institute what we call the confidence curve. You’ve Also, there’s an episode here on this podcast, talking about the confidence curve, and of course I’m going to break it all down for you inside of the book. Can’t wait for you to be able to pre order your copy

The moral to the story. And what ended up happening with Lindsay is, we helped her to realize that she should be charging $18,000 for her work. And so guess what happened?

Her ceiling raised substantially because her floor became 18,000. Can I tell you that today, a couple of years later, after we did this work together, still checking in with Lindsay, Lindsay is now enrolling people on her, consulting for 50 to $100000, and here’s the thing she’s not doing much more than she did when she wanted to charge 5,000, and we got it t0 18000.

Something amazing happens when you realize that it is time to make your ceiling your floor, and that’s what I want to invite you into the third sign that, and this is this is the biggest one honestly, is that you don’t see yourself in and your business the way that God sees you and your business because you’ve had some success, whatever that means to you. You don’t realize that you’re settling at your last level instead of positioning and thriving at your next.

All of those things are going to need to change in order for you to actually position yourself to shift, so that your floor becomes getting your business to the million dollar mark. We’re going to take another quick break.

And when we come back we’ll round out this episode with some of the things you can begin to do right now, so that the floor, that 1 million dollar business that you desire to have, you can start to be in the energy of it long before it shows up, because millions is, is a construct in your mind before it is a tangible expression in your bank account will be right back.

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Just before we went to the break, and in this whole episode. We’ve been really talking about how to make what used to be your ceiling your floor. because time is up for playing small y’all. It is time for you to play big for you to take up space for the significance that you are to actually shake this

planet. But that will only happen, if you do what I talked about just before the break. Shift the way you see yourself in the way you see your business. Now I get it if we look at the IRS and the SBA. They say that a small business is any business that has less than 500 employees. I get it.

But I don’t want you to think about your business as a small business, and as in small and stature. I want you to think about your business as a business that is impactful, that is transforming more lives. I want you to see the problem that you solve

as an indication that you are the defining moment in other people’s lives like. How cool is that I can think about so many people. We have our Move to Millions docuseries which will also be out later this year, that I just really cannot wait to share with you in the docuseries. It features me and 4 0f my clients that I worked with to help them to make their first or next million.

and one of the clients features in the Docu series TerDawn. I loved TerDawn’s story, so TerDawn, and I first met, when back in 2,015, she took a greyhound bus to come to my then live event which at that time was called Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live! She, I didn’t know this at the time ,I learned all of this as a result of working with her for the docus-series.

She basically took her last. She said, and she talks about it in the docu-series that she was literally getting evicted from her home. And she came to this event back in 2015, and

took copious notes, and went home and got into action, did everything I told her to do, and got her business to the 6-figure mark.  When it was time for her to think about getting her business to the 7 figure Mark, of course she called your girl right so, and then, so we did some really really powerful work, and we got her business to the 7 figures mark.

 Here’s what I know: right now who you are successful. I’m. I’m not questioning your success. What I’m questioning is the fact that what you deemed to be success, is too small.

Well, God really desires for you is way bigger. Ephesians 3:20 says He will do exceeding and abundantly above all you could ever ask of, think, or imagine. Did you catch that? Ask. Think. Imagine.  You need only ask. think. or imagine to experience the bigness that God has for you. The bigness that God has for you is the floor, not the ceiling.

And I just need you to know that, like and trust me, there have been times where, as I’m saying to you, I would be reflecting back to me like I could be looking in a mirror right now, because there are times in my own journey where I need to be reminded that my goals, even my next goal. It really is the floor. It’s not the ceiling.

It’s just another stopping point, right when I think about the Move to Millions Continuum.

Which starts with momentum, which is a $100,000 a year, and then goes to mastery, which is a $100,000 a quarter, then to millions, which is a $100,000 a month, into majesty, which is a $100,000 a week, and then monumental, which is a $100,000 a day.

They’re all stopping points, or I’m sorry they’re all steppingstones, not stopping points.

And so I just want to say the same thing to you. So what do you need to do

in order to make sure that you are looking at your goal as your floor and not your ceiling. Number one. I want you to decide.

It is literally as simple as a decision. I love that Emerson quote. That’s why I quoted so much. Once you decide, all of the universe will rearrange itself to bring you what you decided you need only decide.

In fact, let’s all decide right now.

Lift your right hand unless you’re driving and repeat after me. I [insert your name.] have decided that it insert your goal is my floor. Let’s do it one more time. I [insert your name,] have decided that [insert your goal] is my floor. I encourage you to make that a story on Instagram and tag me if you’re feeling me with this episode, because here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to start living from the floor.

I want you to start realizing that the best truly is yet to come, and you have everything that you need right now to make it happen. That’s why the first thing you need to do is decide.

Second thing. This is gonna be tactical for you, because I know it sounds good. You’re listening to me on this podcast. You come back every single week. You love hearing, my voice. I’m inspiring you and all the great things, and you’re welcome, and thank you so much for seeing me that way.

But all of that sounds really good As long as the episode is playing what’s gonna happen Once the episode stops. You’re gonna need a tactical reminder of your floor

and what it is that you are doing day in and day out, in order to keep pressing forward, and the consistently blow the roof off. Take the limits off what your ceiling could ever possibly be. I want you to think so big that you need God in order to make it happen so. How do? How do we do that, Darnell?

Well, I want you to gather all of your results. I want you to do exactly what I had, Lindsey, do

I want you to gather all of your results together? I want you to look at the difference you’ve made in the lives of those you’ve served for as long as you’ve been in business. Because see, sometimes we just need to be reminded we have a bad month. We don’t have a good launch, you know. We lose some of our best clients, whatever it is that might shake us and make us question whether or not we still have it, and we are who is most needed in this season. Why, I want you to look back at the results of what you’ve accomplished right before we moved into our workhouse I used to have this, and I need to find it. It’s pat somewhere. I used to have this picture frame that I had a USB jump drive in the back of that loaded every client’s success story.

If you want to go right now to incredibleoneenterprises.com, or DrDarnyelle.com, and click on client results.

You would be scrolling for days. We have more than 500 testimonials on our website.

So when I have those moments when I’m thinking that I should revert back.

I look at the proof. I look at what I’ve accomplished. I look at the lives that I’ve changed. I look at the difference that I’ve made, and I remind myself that I am still her and I’m becoming the next level version of her. Because remember this move to millions. This Move to Millions is less about the strategy and more about who you become on the journey.

And then the third thing I want you to do to make the shift is, I want you, I. This is probably one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done in my life. I want you to create a journal.

and I want you to start writing letters to yourself, your future self letters that you’re going to write that you’re going to read years from now in periods of time. In fact, let’s not get a journal. Change my mind, Scratch that.

Let’s just get some a sheet of paper and I want you. Let’s get 10 sheets of paper.

and on the first sheet of paper up in the corner, really small, because you’re going to write a letter to yourself. I want you to write a letter to yourself for one year from now

on the next sheet of paper. I want you to write a letter to yourself for 3 years from now on the next sheet of paper. I want you to write a letter to yourself from 5 years from now on the next sheet of paper. I want you to write a letter to yourself 7 years from now on the next sheet of paper. I want you to write a letter to yourself 10 years from now. and I could keep going. But we’re going to stop at 10 years from now, and I want you to first get in your vision point.

and I want you to look at your life 10 years from now. Where will you be in 10 years?

Where will you be in your business? What will you be in your core relationships? Where will you be in your family? Where will you be spiritually? What will you be mentally? Will you be physically? I want you to jot that out 10 years from now, vision point only.

And then I want you to back into an order to be there in 10. Where must you be in 7 in order to be there in 7? Where must you be in 5 in order to be there in 5. Where must you be in 3 in order to be there in 3? Where must you be next year? And then I want you to write those letters to yourself from that vision point. And then I want you to give them to someone you trust to mail them to you like on that on the back side, and small letters of the envelope right the date that it needs to be mailed and give it to someone that you trust.

So that they will put those letters in the mail so that you can be reminded of the bigness, so that you can be reminded of the floor that you said in your life and the period of increments ago, and be reminded that the sky truly is the limit, and what God has for you. N0 0ne can withhold it from you, because he made you a promise to do exceeding and abundant. Above all, you could ever ask of think or imagine.

I am so excited for you. I’m excited that your floor used to be your ceiling. I’m excited that your ceiling is now so expensive. and your eyes, I think about first Corinthians 2:9. Your eyes haven’t seen your ears haven’t heard, neither has it entered into your mind. What it is that God has for you because you made what used to be your ceiling your floor.

I’ll see you guys next time. Take care.