Ep 155 – Dr. Shamieka Dean: Hang Up The Hustle

“Belief systems become birthing systems.” Dr. Shamieka Dean

 About Our Guest:
Dr. Shamieka Dean, award-winning business owner, and social thought leader is the number one marketing solutionist for business owners, organizations, and corporations. She serves service-based entrepreneurs helping them to shift from six figures a year to six figure launches without sacrificing their sleep, sanity, spouse, or seed in the process.

Episode Summary:

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Hustle, although widely used in the business arena, isn’t always black and white.  Sure, it can mean that you’re working too hard for way too little.  But it can also mean that you are undercharging, creating reasons why you discount your services so that it feels good and masks the real reason you’re doing it – you believe that you aren’t worthy to earn what your service costs.  Hustling can also mean that you are putting your business before your family.  In this powerful episode, that took on a turn neither of us were expecting, Dr. Shamieka and I explore the role that hustling plays in your life, business, marriage and family dynamic.  If you desire to make, move and leave millions and you don’t want to sacrifice your family or freedom in the process, this episode is for you. One of the struggles women face when striving to succeed in their professional lives is balancing having sustainable relationships.  Grab your pen and paper and listen in to discover:

  • How to prepare your spouse and family as you scale your business
  • Three questions to ask yourself if your marriage is imploding as your business is growing
  • The top three mindset shifts you’ll have to make to hang up the hustle
  • Dr. Shamieka’s success as a Move to Millions Mastermind client
  • And so much more

Powerful Dr. Shamieka Quotes from The Episode:

  • “Trying to mirror or mimic someone else’s model is not the move.”
  • “Build your business around your life, so you don’t have to build your life around your business.”
  • “Hang up the hustle because rest is the new revenue.”
  • “Hustle hurts.”
  • “Stop treating your business like a 24-hour hotline.”

Last Book Dr. Shamieka Read: We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

Favorite Quote: “Language is a locator.” Shamieka Dean

Tool Dr. Shamieka Swears By: Dubsado

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Dr. Shamieka Dean: Hang Up The Hustle

I am so excited for you because this conversation is about to change your whole life. I do recognize that I say that a whole lot, but the fact of the matter is, and you know because you come back to read another episode, we are having life-changing conversations here on the show. My guest, Dr. Shamieka Dean, says, “Hang up the hustle because rest is the new revenue.” Our conversation went in a direction that I wasn’t entirely prepared for, but I’m also at the same time so grateful that we had this conversation because I know that it’s going to make a difference for you.

Dr. Shamieka Dean, an award-winning business owner and social thought leader is the number one marketing solutionist for business owners, organizations, and corporations. She serves service-based entrepreneurs helping them to shift from 6-figures a year to 6-figure launches without sacrificing their sleep, sanity, spouse, or seed in the process. I am just here to tell you that you need a pen and paper and some tissues. This conversation even had me at a moment of reflection about the difference it makes to invite your family, in particular, your spouse, on the journey with you as you make the move to millions. Dr. Shamieka is also a client in our Move to Millions Mastermind. You’ll read about her sharing her experience and how she’s doubled her business two years in a row and had a 162% growth in one quarter. Let’s jump into my conversation with Dr. Shamieka Dean.

Dr. Shamieka Dean, I am so excited to welcome you to the show. How are you?

Awesome. How are you?

I’m excited. Any time I get a chance to talk to you, I get crazy excited. For those of you who are reading, Dr. Shamieka and I met years ago through another client. Shout out to Jasmine Womack. For me at least, it was like an instant love affair. The thing that I think I love about you, knowing you as a woman, as a leader, as a CEO, and also being one of the coaches that support you and your efforts, is that your mission is so big, and I love it because we share the same mission.

This is one of the things I want to make sure we talk about. There are a lot of people who think that when they see someone else sharing the same message as them, the person is copying from them. What we know, what we’ve talked about on numerous occasions, is that no, it means that the vision and the mission are so big that guy gave it to multiple people. I’m going to have you introduce yourself in a second, but I’m geeking out.

I remember we had that first conversation, and then you got your welcome box in the mail and you opened it up, and there was a book in there that was called Market Like A ROCK Star. You were like, “I’m writing a book called Market Like A Mogul,” which is a lot of what we’re going to talk about. I wanted to say that even before you introduce yourself.

I want everybody who’s reading to know that when your vision, when your destiny, when the assignment that you have been given is so big, God loves you so much that he’s going to appoint other people to help you out. Dr. Shamieka, I totally see you as a woman helping me out on this journey because we got to transfer this wealth. With that, take a quick moment and tell everybody who you are in your own words.

I am Dr. Shamieka Dean, your favorite marketing solutionist. My jam is organic marketing methods, teaching people how to beat those algorithms and transcend all of the trends with marketing methods that are going to work no matter what’s going on in the industry. What I love most is helping women and men take their time back, helping them hang up the hustle because rest is the new revenue.

That’s one of the things that we share similarly. We don’t believe in hustling. You say grace and ease and I say rest is the new revenue because I believe that there is a way to make the money you want to make the impact you want to make without sacrificing yourself, your spouse, your seed, or your sanity. That’s the gist of why I do what I do. I don’t feel like you should have to choose between being present with the people you love or making a profit. You should be able to do both. That’s why automation, automating your marketing and sales, is also one of the things that we focus on teaching our clients how to do as well.

I want to nibble on many of the things that you already said. I love what you said, and I try to capture it. One of the things I need you all to know is that Dr. Shamieka speaks in alliteration. This is the way that her brain works. What I love about that, for those of you who are reading, is that you’re going to get so many little nuggets and gems that will be easy for you to recall because she’s using the same letters in order to say that.

She says that language is a locator. The words that we use help us to locate ourselves, our clients, our next level, our challenges, and our fears. All of those things are located by what we’re speaking out and what we speak over ourselves. I’m going to need you to back that thing up. You said, “I believe that you ought to be able to earn without sacrificing yourself, your sanity, seed, and spouse. Let me ask you this, Dr. Shamieka. Was there a time in your own business journey when you did sacrifice yourself, your spouse, your sanity, and your seed?

Absolutely, to the point of being hospitalized. My daughter found me on the floor one Saturday morning, and I couldn’t breathe. It was because I was so burnt out. I thought that the way to make a lot of money was through hard work. I worked so hard and it almost cost me. I say that hustle hurts, and that’s exactly what it did. In the beginning part of building my business, it caused a rift in my relationship with my husband and with my children.

To have your 7 or 8-year-old son say that you’re always busy hurt because I was, and he was the one that brought it to my attention. That’s why systems are so important to me because he had come home from school one day and I was in my office getting ready to try to get to the next client. He was trying to get my attention, “Mama.” I said, “What, boy? I’m busy.” He said, “I know. You’re always busy.”

It shook my whole world. It changed the trajectory of business for me forever. That’s when I started implementing systems so that my business would work for me. Hearing my husband saying that, in short, I was pretty much married to my business. I was choosing my business over him because the passion was there, needing to generate a profit was there, but not understanding that my partner was suffering because I had married my business. I knew that I had to do things differently.

I love all of that, Dr. Shamieka, and thank you for your transparency in sharing that because I know that the women who read this probably struggle with the sacrifice. I’m going to try my best to speak based on what I’m feeling in my spirit that the women that are reading this episode are like, “The challenge is I love what it is that I do, and I don’t feel like I’m working.”

I love how you said passion, profit, and partnership. That partnership is optimal that your spouse is not feeling neglected as you’re going through this process. I know I’ve been guilty of that. I love what I do. It doesn’t feel like I’m working. My husband has gone so far as to say to me, “Are you ever going to put that phone down?”

Sometimes I am legit working. This was before I got a separate business phone. Now I have a separate business phone that I leave in my office when my workday is over. Sometimes I have my personal phone in my hand, but it’s because I’m playing a game. I play Candy Crush. These are my obsession. I play Candy Crush and I play Spades on my phone. It calms me down. It allows my mind to slow down because my brain never stops. I’ve had to turn my phone and show him I’m not working. I’m playing Spades. He has said to me, “Why don’t you play with me?”

That was probably a little TMI for the show but I’ve had to stop myself because I think that it is so easy, not necessarily in the grain of hustle, but in the grain that you love what you’re doing, you love the mission you’re on, you love the clients you work with. How were you able to turn it off? We can talk more about the systems that you put in place, but before we go there, can we get practical for our readers? I know there are some people who are struggling with this right now.

It’s practicality. I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of, “Will it matter tomorrow, or does it have to be done now?” If it doesn’t have to be done now, then can it be done tomorrow? I don’t remember the exact quote. I started to think about the things that could wait. I realized that those emails, text messages, the phone calls are not life-and-death situations, so they could wait until normal business hours. I had to stop treating my business like a 24-hour hotline and start treating it like a business and setting those business hours, setting those standards for the client so that they will also understand those boundaries.

I realized that when I treated it as a business, a business has structure. It has its own boundaries. When I started treating it like that, then I noticed that what I thought my clients would be upset about or my need to respond to the email when you sent it, those types of things, those things were not a priority. Some of the practical things I did, number one, was that our office hours are from 9:00 to 5:00. I’m not responding to emails, inboxes, text messages, or any of those things if it pertains to business. I’m only doing that between those office hours.

For you now, it has become your everyday life and it’s what you do without even thinking about it. I want to put a pin in it fast. I want to pull back on that a little bit. Something as simple, as Dr. Shamieka said, as setting office hours. I always say give your business the same respect you gave your job. Part of what I mean by that is I worked from 8:30 to 5:00. You went to work from 8:00 to 5:00 if you wanted a one-hour lunch, and that was the time that you were at work. Similarly, inside of your business, give your business those boundaries and set up something as simple as office hours. I love that you said to stop treating your business like a 24-hour hotline.

You don’t have to be available. That’s one of the reasons why every single one of my clients is on my business phone. You might not have even realized this. Sometimes you text me and girl, I’m gone and I get it the next day. It’s because I leave my business phone in the office in order to create integrity and boundaries for my husband and for my marriage. I’m fine with sacrificing things, but my spouse, the one I waited until I was almost 42 years old to get, is not one of those things that I’m willing to walk out of my life because I don’t know how to shut it off.

You prioritize what you value. That’s the biggest thing.

Prioritize what you value.

One of the things Dr. Shamieka said is that every single one of us, Darnyelle Antoinette included, needs to stop treating our business like a 24-hour hotline. You have to figure out which boundaries are going to work for you so that you do not sacrifice yourself, your spouse, your seed, or your sanity. Dr. Shamieka, you were about to share another quick point about this boundary piece. I want to give you the opportunity to keep going.

Prioritizing what you value and when you value your spouse, when you value yourself, you’re going to prioritize those things. I would challenge any person that is sacrificing their self or their spouse to dig deep into why they have placed their finances or business as the top priority in their lives. Why are you striving so hard for that? Why has that become the thing that you prioritize the most? The other thing is, even with my spouse, there are seasons in business. We know that if we are doing a launch or we’re doing an event, we may have to work outside of normal business hours to get some of those things done. Things happen. They come up.

Preparing your spouse in those moments like, “This is what’s going on. It may take me working an extra two hours while I’m in this season.” One of the biggest mistakes that I made was that I was doing without including. I’m growing and evolving, but I didn’t include him on the journey. To him, it looks like this woman has completely changed. Who is she? I don’t know her. Am I even a part of this vision that she’s building?

Oftentimes we may feel like they don’t understand, but we have to ask ourselves, did we make it clear? Did we write the vision and make it plain? Did we include them on the journey so that they wouldn’t feel like they were being replaced? They understood that now it’s taking a shift in the way that the household has been going or things have been going. It’s a shift now and this is a temporary shift. We will be able to get back to our normal ebb and flow.

That is so important because even as I started to write my book. Shout out to Move To Millions, the book coming out. I can’t wait for you to be able to pre-order and get copies and I’m going to be telling you soon how to do all of that. I remember when I first took on the project, we got the book deal and I decided to create an aggressive timeline to get the book done. I remember saying to my husband, “Babe, I need you. This is what I’m going to need. This is what’s going to happen.”

I love that. I always say people support what they help to create. You don’t want him to feel resentful over what you’re doing. The resentment is because they don’t understand. You’re not including them. They have no idea that’s what’s going on. They see you coming and going with little regard for them and their needs. By telling my husband in advance, “This is what it’s going to look like.”

We commit that Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays are our family days. Monday night, we’re going out to eat. Friday night is date night. We’re getting cute. We’re going to go look sexy and do the things. Sunday, we’re going to breakfast or brunch. Those are our things. I said to him, “Babe, for the next three months, are you okay if Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I’m in my office longer accounting for getting this book done? I will still make sure that you got something to eat.”

I don’t cook anymore. We have other people who do that, “But I’ll still make sure you got something to eat. Is this okay?” First of all, he was so excited that I included him, so I know you’re on point. As women CEOs, these are our businesses. Our husband is not a contributing factor to our business. We don’t “have to” include them. The joy, admiration, and respect that come out of us doing that are game-changing. It makes a difference.

The other thing that you said that I want to pull on a little bit before we move from this point is you talked about whether or not helping a person or having a person ask themselves a question to identify why they are striving for that thing, money, or whatever it is that has their attention because we prioritize what we value. I wanted to again pull on this a little bit for our readers. Striving is an indication that you are out of alignment.

I believe that when God gives you something, it won’t need batteries. I’m not saying you won’t need to work, but you won’t need to force-fit that thing in order to make it work. That’s strive energy. If you’re experiencing strive energy, it means you are out of alignment. If we’re going to keep it real and be honest, part of the alignment is the consideration of your husband who should be the head of your house. The head of your house, not necessarily financially. You know this, Dr. Shamieka. With more people that hang around me and stay with my camp, you are going to outpace your husband financially.

If you’re experiencing strive energy, you are out of alignment.

He might start at this game in the lead, but eventually, you’re going to make more. That has nothing to do with his position and him being able to cover you and you honor him for that. That is the important thing to understand as a woman CEO. As you are growing and building and excited about the work that you’re doing, there is still a need and opportunity to check in with your spouse and make sure that they’re on board with it. People support what they help to create.

Let me do a quick review of what you’ve shared with us so far about how to avoid sacrificing yourself, your spouse, your sanity, and your seeds. 1) You need to ask yourself some questions. Will it matter tomorrow or does it have to be done now? That’s going to help you to prioritize. 2) You want to make sure that you stop treating your business like a 24-hour hotline. The way to do that is by instituting some business boundaries and setting office hours. 3) Evaluate what you prioritize because you’re going to prioritize what it is that you value. As a part of that, make sure that you are preparing your spouse for the season that you are in your business.

I might have to do a whole episode about scaling season. If you’re in scaling season, it’s what I like to call the Millions Messy Middle. Everything’s going to be breaking, which is going to require more of you and you need to prepare him for that season and your children if you happen to have little or even not-so-little people hanging around. Did we miss anything around this piece of not sacrificing yourself, your spouse, your sanity, or your seed?

No, I think that understanding that you are in partnership and so partners don’t make moves without communicating with one another because there has to be cohesiveness and congruency. Make sure that you’re treating your husband as a partner, even if he doesn’t have any stakes in the business. Everything that you do impacts everyone that you are connected to. That’s your spouse, your children, and all of those things.

Remember that it is a partnership. I believe that when you are in a partnership, you respect feelings. You respect that every move that you make impacts them negatively or positively. How can you be proactive in preparing them for the shifts, the seasons, and the cycles? How can you be proactive in that and how can you make sure that there is inclusiveness on the journey?

I like that one time we were at an event and you shared that one of the things that we could do was ask them what they would like to do when we meet this certain milestone in our business. That was very beneficial for my family because I didn’t realize that I hadn’t included them. Now when I say that I have to go and work on this, they understand. Everybody benefits from it. We can say, “This is for you too,” but when we haven’t shown them how this also benefits them, then it’s just words to them.

I want to talk about this a little bit more because it is so important. People support what they helped to create and when you get the buy-in from your family, there’s something in it for them. Everybody tunes into two stations. What’s in it for me and will it work for me? As soon as you come in and you’re like, “Babe, this is what we’re doing,” your husband is listening for the answer to those two questions.

What am I going to get out of this? Maybe he’s going to get a little bit more bedroom boom, as you like to call it, or maybe he’s going to get that car that he wants, that vacation that he’s been talking about, or whatever it might be. It’s the same for the kids because when they know there’s something in it for them, they’ll make it work for them, which is important.

Here’s what I didn’t plan for to happen, but it is happening. You guys are getting an amazing blueprint of how to include your spouse and your family in your business by hanging up the hustle and leveraging the power of partnership in order to go to the next level. You’re so welcome. I didn’t know this is what we were going to talk about, but this is what God desired most for you through us coming together.

We’ve been talking about so many amazing things so far. We’ve shared a lot of practical tips and applications of what we can do to include our spouse. I want to shift gears a little bit, Dr. Shamieka, because, as you stated in your introduction, your jam is organic marketing. This is probably going to sound a little crazy, but it is important that we at least talk about how leveraging the power of organic marketing can help to ensure that you are able to continue being whom you need to be for your family and still moving your business forward.

I know for you it is important, especially through, and I didn’t even know that you were found on the floor by your daughter and had to spend time in the hospital behind hustling in your business. Even for me now, that makes it so much more powerful to know that hanging up the hustle comes from real-life experience and learning how to rest and turn that rest into more revenue in your business.

Let’s talk a little bit about how this rests, these systems, and this organic marketing infrastructure that you help your clients to set up turn into revenue while they are being present for what matters most for them. Tell us a little bit about Market Like A Mogul, the system, and what you have your clients think about and focus on in order to market in a way that doesn’t require all of their time.

The first thing is that I ask my clients to create the blueprint for the business they want to build. The reason we start there is that I believe that oftentimes we try to model a corporate construct into our own business. It’s the very thing that we said that we didn’t like when we were working for them or we tried to mirror or mimic someone else’s model that doesn’t align with our core values and core beliefs.

I always want to know what business you want to build. Build your business around your life so that you don’t have to build your life around your business. We always start there because I believe that’s the foundation of how we’re going to help them to build. The other thing is one of the questions that shocks a lot of my clients is I ask them, “Who would you be if the world wouldn’t judge you?”

Build your business around your life, so you don’t have to build your life around your business.

Dr. Shamieka, who would you be if the world wouldn’t judge you?

I would be who I am, humorous with some holiness, a little bit of hood, and offering all the help to the people in the world. I believe that I have tapped into owning the totality of who I am because I operated impartiality for so long.

Who would I be if the world wouldn’t judge me? I would be who I am, too, because similarly, I spent a lot of time in comparison. Comparison is not the thief of joy. It’s the thief of everything. I was always comparing my day one to someone else’s day 7,298 and always coming up short. When I finally started to realize who I am and how brilliant and amazing I am, I vowed that I would be confident to the detriment that someone else might think I’m cocky. I would be confident and I would be committed to helping as many other people as I can. Cash in on the clarity that goes along with confirming who it is that God called you to be.

That’s who I would be. I would be Darnyelle Antoinette Jervey Harmon, even though Antoinette isn’t my middle name anymore. I gave it up for Jervey to become my middle name. I would be the woman that is here now because the world needs us. The world needs Dr. Shamieka, holy, hood, humorous and helpful, and Darnyelle, all the Cs that I cannot recall at this moment. I love that question. When you ask your clients that, how does their energy shift?

They light up. I had to help them understand that their difference is not the problem. It’s the solution. What’s your standout quality? What makes you unique? Why should people choose you? When you don’t own who you are authentically, you can’t truly answer that question. You can’t show up fully because you’re trying to be who you think would be the most acceptable, what’s going to get the most approval, the most applause, the most accolades. You rob the world of the beauty and impact of who you are called and created to be.

Whenever I ask them that question, you would think that they open up their most wanted Christmas gift on Christmas day because you see the smiles. You see them talking about what they would do. My thing is I charge you now to be that. This is your clarion call to be that person. How would you wear your hair? What clothes would you wear? What music would you listen to? Would you dance in the grocery store? That’s what the people are looking for. They’re looking for a sound that stands out amongst all of the noise that they’ve been hearing. Helping them to activate their authenticity is a vital step in their ability to be as successful as they want to be.

It’s so good because I think you’re right. When you sit in the seat of the significance of whom God created you to be, and from that place you create or pontificate, you do all the things that you need to do to move your business forward. You rise above the sea of sameness. You show up as something that is remarkable to those that you’ve been called to serve. It does change everything. I know that there are some other practical things.

I don’t even want to taint this interview with getting into all of the practicality of marketing. That means I’m going to have to have you back so we can have another conversation all about marketing. Understanding that is the key to hanging up the hustle because rest is the new revenue and it is also the key to learning how to trick the algorithm.

Authenticity will always be your highest converting marketing strategy.

Authenticity will always be your highest-converting marketing strategy.

I shared with everybody at the start of our time together that you are a client of the Move to Millions Mastermind. I would love it if you would take a moment and share about your experience. What brought you in? What’s kept you renewing? I know you’re coming up on your second renewal. What makes you want to stay engaged in this community and what are the things that you’ve seen happen and shift and change inside of your own life in business as a result of being here?

What made me join was alignment. I was looking for someone with whom I was aligned with my core values, which are faith and family first. Those things were vitally important to me because I believe that when you hire a coach, you’re giving a position of authority in your life. I wanted to make sure that I was aligned with someone who could understand how to guide me and how to coach me without altering my core beliefs. That was the first thing.

I was also looking for not someone who was like me but someone whom I felt was on a journey or who had traveled a similar journey and understood the way my brain worked, not even realizing the similarities that we initially had until after I got in. As you said, I saw the book and I was like, “Shut the front door.” It was not just the book. You had next-level everything. I had Next Level Business Academy.

I had Move To Millions, you got Map To Millions. We were like McDonald’s and McDowell’s, to those of you who know Coming to America.

It was everything. I was like, “This is not too good to be true, but this is an answered prayer.” Coming into the community and not just sharing a space with people who were on a similar journey, but sharing a space with people that I could be inspired by, that I could learn from. Coming into a community that felt like family where you could come in and be yourself and be embraced for who you are, but also being challenged to change the things about yourself that don’t align with where you want to go.

What has been your biggest transformation?

Mindset has been my biggest transformation because I believe mindset mirrors the money that you’re going to make. I would always say mindset because there were some barriers, some belief systems that I didn’t realize were holding me back. I always say that belief systems become birthing systems. I knew that there were some belief systems that were causing me to birth things I didn’t want, but I was unable to identify them. As you say, you can’t see the label inside the jar.

I needed to be in an environment where someone could see what I couldn’t see. That transformation in the mindset, when I would say certain things, I always say language is a locator. When I would say things, you and some of the other coaches would be able to help me recognize that this was something I needed to shift. Being continuously cultivated mentally alone was priceless. I don’t even think there’s a monetary value you could put on that.

As a result of that mindset, we’ve seen your business double in the first years. It’s doubling again this year, right?

Yes. We had a 162% increase in one quarter. I was like, “Shut the front door.”

Also, the success of your first live event.

I was blown away. We did 305 in 2 days. It was a 3-day event, but it happened in 2 days. I was completely blown away. You know how you see it. You can see it happening for everyone else and you know, “I’m supposed to be doing that,” but when it happens, you’re like, “It happened.” I had one of those surreal moments like, “This is possible.” It was powerful.

For people that are reading right now that are thinking about whether or not they want to learn more about working with me and the team and the ways that we serve our clients like you, what would you share with them? If someone was to slide into your DMs and say, “I’m thinking about it,” what would you say?

I would say what I tell everyone that has approached me because I’ve had many. I would tell them that if they want their entire life changed, then they need to be inside of this community. I believe it’s holistic. I don’t think it helps you move to millions. Move To Millions is a byproduct of all of the other transformations that you experience inside the community.

I feel that I know and can attest to that because my mindset shifted. My marriage is amazing because my mindset shifted. I have even better friendships because my mindset has shifted. I’m able to collaborate and partner with people. I didn’t have the confidence to do those things before. I’m charging what I’m supposed to be charging and I don’t hustle. I don’t work hard. I rest. I will kick my feet up with fuzzy socks in a blanket on any given day if I desire to because of the impact of the strategy, structure, and support that I’ve gotten inside Move To Millions. As Ginuwine said, “My whole life has changed since you came in. I knew back then.”

Thank you so much for that, Dr. Shamieka. She’s amazing at organic marketing. We didn’t get into it in this conversation. I promise you I will have her back and we’ll geek out on marketing. What she is able to do without running ads is astounding. When she says she can help you trick the algorithm, she is able to do so.

Dr. Shamieka, before I let you go, I do have to ask you our three closing questions. I like to use these questions because as what happened, the conversation doesn’t always pertain to business. I like to also ground what we talked about in business because I believe that the people who are coming here are looking for tools and resources that are going to continue to help them to make their own move to millions. My first question is, what is your favorite quote?

Language is a locator.

What is one book that you’ve read that made a difference in your own move to millions?

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers. That was very good.

Lastly, what is one tool that you swear by that has made a difference as you continue to move your business to the million-dollar mark?

One tool, I would have to say Dubsado. It has saved my whole business.

Go out there and grab Dubsado or learn more about Dubsado. If you have not read Rachel Rodgers’ book, make sure that you get a copy of it. Think of it as a great case for why we should all be millionaires. It can help you to start thinking at that level, so then you can go and find the practical strategies that will help you to make that move to millions. Who knows? That could be right here with us inside of this community.

I want to thank you so much for being here, Dr. Shamieka. This was awesome. I already know lives are going to be changed and people are going to read back this episode over and over because you broke down such an amazing blueprint of how to make your family part of your business. That one quote you said was good. “Partners don’t make moves without communicating with one another. Treat your spouse as a partner even if he doesn’t have a financial stake in the business because when you do that, every move you make will impact them. It will create more love, excitement, and passion inside of your relationship.” That’s a recipe right there. With that, we want to thank you for coming and hanging out with us and we’ll see you next time. Take care.

I already know. You are so very welcome. I’m so excited that our conversation went down this path because one of the things I see happen far too often as women, women on the move to millions that start making more money, is they believe that they have to choose that they cannot make millions, love God, and have a loving and sustainable relationship at the same time. You now know that Dr. Dean and I say not so.

If you follow the blueprint that Dr. Shamieka laid out for us in this episode unexpectedly but so refreshingly, you will be able to invite your spouse to be your partner regardless of his financial stake in your business. That will create an environment for your household to just continue to thrive so that you don’t have to strive. I say it’s time to hang up the hustle. Rest is the new revenue.

When you allow your spouse to be a part of the journey with you, it will allow you to build your business around your life and put yourself in a position to go to your next level. Can we talk for just a second about that question that she asks her client that I, in turn, asked her and then answered for myself? Whom would you be if the world wouldn’t judge you? If you have not already asked yourself that question and written the answer down in your journal, do yourself a favor and do that before you read the next episode. It is true that rest is the new revenue. I’ll see you next time. Take care.

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