Ep 153 – FOCUS

Follow one course until success is the result.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

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If there is one thing that millions-minded entrepreneurs need right now, it’s FOCUS.  Let’s face it – the marketplace is filled with distractions, many of whom will derail the best laid plans unless you can be disciplined and patient enough to focus and stick to what’s proven instead of bandwagon hopping.   In 2023, consumers are being called a cross between being more sophisticated and more skeptical.  That means, it could take longer to turn a prospect into a paying client.  As you learn my best strategies for focusing on your focus, millions will come into view. Grab your pen and paper and listen in now to discover:

  • Seven areas to focus on in 2023
  • A reintroduction to the Incredible Ones
  • My #1 Strategy for focusing to get better results
  • Why you have to allow more time to close sales this year
  • And so much more

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

  • “Your goal should be to refine and amplify vs. strategy hopping.”
  • “Simplicity scales.”
  • “Focus allows you to sharpen your expertise so that you can become known for the problem your pinnacle clients most need help solving.”
  • “No is a complete sentence. “

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Welcome, I’m so excited. I am tickle purple that you’ve decided to join us on this Move to Millions movement. Our mission quite simply, is to normalize wealth, legacy, and abundance. And Yes, it is not just about money. It’s about breaking those belief barriers, those things that have threatened to derail you from your destiny and your purpose. We get into all of that, and so much more here on this powerful podcast around here, we believe that millions are your birthright.

We also believe that you do not have to choose that. Yes, you can love God and make millions. And we created the move to millions Method, which is our proven methodology, which helps 6 figure service based Entrepreneurs make the move to the million dollar mark. Since we underwent our rebrand, we’ve actually helped 18 entrepreneurs become million dollar CEOs, a total of 38 in our business tenure, and I’m excited to help you too. Stop what you’re doing right now, and go to movetomillionsmethod.com. It is my gift for listening to this podcast to share this powerful proven framework with you in today’s episode.

We’re going to get into something that the average entrepreneur doesn’t enjoy very much. I’m talking about focus, actually following one course until success is the result. I first learned that acronym for focus when I was in my Mary Kay days. Now, if you’re an OG listener then you know all about my Mary Kay story. If this is your first time listening. Let me bring you up to speed.

So back in 2001, I was engaged to be married the very first time. I’m not gonna get into all the times that I’ve been engaged. That’s a whole other episode. But on that first time being engaged 3 months before our wedding, my first ex-fiance confessed that he had gotten an older woman in our church pregnant. Now again, if you know the story I was about 23, about to be 24. She was 45, and literally in minutes the bottom fell out of my life.

You know I did what most people would do, I allowed it to overwhelm me for a period of time, and eventually one of my good girlfriends at the time, Anita, she just could not take me, continuing to sit in my slump. So she invited me to a Mary Kay Cosmetic skin care class. She had just become a consultant and she wanted to cheer me up, and I remember sitting there putting the product on half of my face to be able to feel the difference in the product and realizing right then and there that that was the beginning of my comeback. That through Mary Kay cosmetics, first using the products and learning about skin care and eventually becoming a beauty consultant, turned sales director, turned pink Cadillac sales director, turned independent executive sales director, I could really change my life, and the important thing that I had to do to be really successful in my May Kay Business was focus. Follow One Course Until Success is the result.

This is the problem that I see with a lot of entrepreneurs that come up in and through incredible factor University.

Now, we’ve been in business for 15 years. We’ve been successful in business for the last 12, and I have personally encountered thousands of entrepreneurs and varying stages, many of whom struggle with this little 5 letter word.

The thought of doing one thing over and over and over the quote unquote monotony of a proven business strategy that can accelerate you to your next level. Yeah, a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t trying to hear that they’d much rather hop on every trend that is coming into the marketplace.

I’m gonna encourage you. Incredible one. If it is your desire to build a business that makes moves and ultimately leaves millions, you’re gonna have to focus and not just any focus. You’re gonna have to focus on what I like to call the Incredible Ones.

I love talking about focus because I am a bright, shiny object person, I promise you. If the notifications are my phone or my email are on every time they ding. I’m stopping what I’m doing to go and see what’s going on. And that’s just who I am, naturally. But I’ve learned, as I’m, going to share with you some of my tips and and strategies and keys, and how I’ve been able to build this multiple million dollar company, be a millionaire, an 8 figure millionaire, all because I’ve learned the premise of focus. So we’re going to get into a lot in this episode, and I’m really excited for you because it is the top of the year. At the time of recording this episode in season. 4.

It’s the perfect time for you to decide that you’re going to focus.

I was having a conversation with a client just last week, and this client has been pretty successful by most people standards. They’ve been extremely successful, and they’ve hit a law where they feel like what they have been doing is no longer working inside of their business. And so they came to me for some coaching and some advice to consult them around what they should do next.

My recommendation to them was to keep doing what they doing. I believe in refining and amplifying, not starting something new. Do you realize that every time you decide to start a new strategy, you, it could take you 90 to a 120 days before you even know if that strategy was effective.

And if you’re bouncing around in your strategy like you change your panties that’s going to create a problem for you. And so one of the things that I told this particular client and I’m telling you like I told them, is that you have got to dig in and focus on again what I like to call the incredible ones.

When I came up with this particular framework inside of our move to millions, mastermind, it was really just because I wanted to create an environment for our clients to understand that simplicity is what scales. The more streamlined your focus on messaging and marketing and sales the easier it will be to accelerate your results. People don’t want to believe me. They want to think that the best thing for them to do is to hop on every trend. Listen. I know right now at the time of recording, challenges are the bees needs. Everybody’s doing a challenge, or if they’re not doing a challenge, they’re doing a 5 day workshop, or it’s still a challenge. They’re just giving it a different name. And here’s the thing they were hot before, like I remember, back in 2013, 2014, we did a challenge. That was the last wave of them being hot, right?

But here’s what I know, and this is what I really want to impress upon you is that when you understand who you serve and how you serve them. You don’t need the fat thing that’s coming. You can keep doing the same things at work, and I think this is important, because yes, today social media is everything to a lot of people. But I still like to remember the point in time when there was no social media, and i’m not trying to suggest that we don’t need to have a social media presence and therefore have a social media strategy. But what I’m saying is that there are tried and true things that if we focus on them we will get our business to the next level. We’re gonna take a quick break, and when we come back from the break I’m gonna introduce you to the incredible ones so that you know exactly what it is that you need to focus on your focus. We’ll be right back.

Welcome back to the Move to Millions Podcast. Today we’re talking about the importance of focusing or following one course until success is the result. And just before the break I introduced you to, or at least the the premise and the concept of what we call the Leverage and Scale Incredible One. The things you need to focus on in your business.

If you really want to make the move to millions, here’s what I know: you can make the move to millions in 12 months. I know it, We have clients who do it. Every single year they come into the mastermind, and in one year they have become a million dollar, CEO, and the way they do it is through focusing. Yes, all the things you want to try. They all work. They all work, challenges work, webinars work, live events work, They all work.

The key is to identify which is going to work best for your pinnacle client. Your pinnacle client is the client you aspire to serve. The client who pays you in full shows up fully gets the results and invite someone else to enroll to work with you your pinnacle client you in order to find them and serve them well. Me to focus. What do I want you to focus on? I want you to focus on I down identifying the one traffic source you’re gonna leverage to get in front of your idle clients the one lead generation strategy that you’re going to leverage to get in front of your clients, the one marketing opt-in that brings you your most ideal pinnacle clients every single term. The one nurturing and converting a message sequence. The one sales tool, the one that works the best, the one that is the most leverage. and the one signature offer.

And you’re going to focus on each of these things for one pinnacle client for one year.

Here’s what I know. If you were to focus to follow one course until success is the results honing in on each of those things based on who your ideal client is. You could make the move to millions in a year. You see, every time you change your strategy you delay your result by anywhere from thirty to ninety days.

Sure you might see some initial success. But in order to really gain traction and to be known in the marketplace for that thing you want to be known for. You’re gonna have to focus. You’re gonna have to hone in and focus on one message that you convey like a broken record – over and over and over, and one more time again after that.

We used to feel a way about the fact that it could take eight to eleven times of someone seeing you and your message for it to resonate with them that that is what you are known for, and to consider you top of mind and tip of tongue. Well, now we’re learning that because the buyer.

There’s two different schools of thought here. Some people believe that buyers are becoming more sophisticated. Some people believe that buyers are becoming more skeptical.

No matter which way you slice it. The bottom line is that now it’s taking anywhere from nine to twenty-one attempts or impressions before a person will see you as the one that they should consider to help them to solve the problem. They’ve been unsuccessful at solving on their own. What does that mean? It means you’re going to have to focus. You’re going to have to pull on one clear, contrarian, compelling, confident, concise message.

And you’re gonna have to exploit that thing. That means you’re gonna have to ride that thing until the will fall off. You’re going to have to focus. Now, here are the keys of focusing, because I believe that if you would give yourself permission for one year to focus on these things. You could get to the 1 million dollar market side of your business. So number one, you’re gonna need to have a very clear vision of your next level, as my Nanny used to say. You’re gonna have to get somewhere and sit down now she used to tell me that because I was inquisitive and getting myself into trouble. The premise is still the same. She would have me focus on what I should be doing to stay out of trouble. And I’m going to suggest that you do the same that you get somewhere, and you focus on positioning your business to accelerate the plans that you have for yourself. Second thing you’re going to need to do in order to be able to focus is you’re going to have to learn the power of No.

No, is a complete sentence, and there are distinct times in your business where you need to say no. No to another strategy, no to another product or service offering. No, no, no, because you, incredible one have decided to focus. Third thing you’re going to need to do is you’re going to have to respect your calendar. First of all, you need to calendar everything.

Everything needs to be on the calendar. That is how you make sure that it actually gets done. And when you respect your calendar and do what is actually there, it promotes, focus. It creates an environment for your energy to be stored up on that one thing, and to give you what you need in order to accomplish it.

I told you that I am a bright, shiny object person. Any little distraction I want to take it. I am like to move around between different things. But here’s what I need you to know is that multitasking is actually a miss. You will not do anything well if you’re trying to do too many things at once. So instead, turn off the distractions, and then my second My next favorite to time block. I like to give myself an hour or ninety minutes with the timer set focused, and then, after I’ve worked for sixty to ninety minutes, I can get up and goof off for thirty. That time block gives me that reprieve so that I don’t get sucked in and distracted while I’m trying to get something that I really need to get done. Done.

The next thing I highly recommend is that you don’t follow trends, but instead, you stick to what you know to be tried and true. What you’ve already proven, what your data is telling you because the data when you mine, it will give you the queues and the clues to what you should be doing, and how you should be focusing inside of your business, and then I want you to delegate your inbox to your executive assistant.

Let somebody else respond to the messages Turn that dang blasted notification off. You don’t need to know what is happening in your inbox at the moment that is happening. Trust me, it’ll keep until you take your next thirty minute break. Then I want you to also start to make sure that as a part of your focus regimen you schedule some self-care and time away from working so that you can refresh your mind. You can give yourself that creative outlet to do some of the other things that are important to you so that the time that you’re actually spending working you can work. And my last focus tip for you is to make sure that you identify your revenue generating activities and your business development tasks, and you do them first every single day.

Do the thing that in focusing gets you to the results before you do anything else every single day. This is what has worked for me. This is what has gotten this business to the multiple million dollar mark, an Inc. 5000 CEO.

This is how we’ve done it by actually focusing, following one course until success is the result. You’ll notice, like, if you look at what we do. We we do the same things over and over and over again, because we’ve got the data to support that doing those things produces the result that we want. I’m not really a bandwagon jumper. It’s never served me well, even though I’m easily distracted. I like to focus in on what I know to be true and leverage that find time to refine and amplify, refine, and amplify, refine, and amplify, because when you refine, refine, and amplify, you actually put yourself in position to accelerate the achievement of the result that you most crave.

Listen, y’all. The bottom line is to focus, because when you do you can make the move to millions. I’ll see you next time.