Ep 152 – Sought After

Being sought after is about flow not flex.  You’re being and that is attractive and magnetic to those you serve.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

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If you were to ask ANY entrepreneur what they want so that they can scale their company to the million-dollar mark, a resounding response would be that clients find them and in large numbers.  Being found consistently by pinnacle clients is a function of being sought after.  Being sought after doesn’t just sound nice; it’s the result of showing up fully so that others take notice.  It’s not pretentious or contrite – it’s operating from a true essence of who you are, who you serve and the problem you have been successfully solving for hundreds of clients.  Opportunities and clients abound when your expertise is KNOWN for solving a problem that your pinnacle clients have been unsuccessful solving on their own. When you learn the secrets of being sought after, it will shift everything in your business.  In this episode, I will introduce you to the principles of being sought after.  I invite you to join us in May at Move to Millions Live where our theme is Sought After so you can experience the principles in real life.  Learn more and secure your seat today at www.movetomillionsevent.com  Grab your pen and paper and listen in now to discover:

  • Why embodiment is essential if you desire to become sought after
  • 5 keys for being sought after 
  • The #1 mistake to avoid if you’re after omnipresence
  • The importance of systems and infrastructure
  • And so much more

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

  • “Being sought after is about flow not flex.”
  • “Being sought after is about becoming a broken record and holding the same space every time you enter the marketplace”
  • “We live in a world of fake it until you make it but pretentiousness won’t make you sought after, it will make you replaceable.”

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If you are new around here first and foremost. Welcome, Welcome to season 4 welcome. I’m. So delighted to have you join us on this move to Millions Movement this podcast, as you will come to learn, is about so much more than your business. It’s about the spiritual principles and mindsets that govern the way you show up, and the mindsets and principles that often keep us from the success we crave and pray for inside of our businesses. Now we have one mission, and that is to normalize wealth, legacy, and abundance for today’s 6 figure entrepreneur. Oh, and I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about impact. I’m talking about you incredible one. Shaking the planet. We created the move to Millions method, which is our proven framework to get you from 6 figures to 7 figures. And I want to gift you that just for being here with me today. If you go to www.movetomillionsMethod. com, you can get your hands on a powerful toll and resource that will put start you on that journey to making, moving and leaving millions.

Now it’s a new season, and as a result of the season being brand new, you know I have a lots of thoughts on my mind, lots of things I want to say, and so I want to talk to you in this episode about what just happens to be our theme for move to millions live sought after. So let me tell you a little story.

About 3 months ago, I was in my favorite place to commune with God. I don’t know if your shower is like my shower, but in my shower the Holy Spirit don’t be playing. He speaks loudly, profusely, consistently, and so on. One of those moments when I was taking a shower, God starts speaking. and often, whenever God is speaking to me. He will just give me a couple of words or a phrase. and that’s all he’ll leave me with to figure out on my own how i’m actually gonna do anything with what it is that he’s giving me. And so i’m in the shower minded my own business handle in my business and out of nowhere. I hear this small whisper sought after. Of course, he whispered it. I’m not whispering it now. but I just keep it moving. I get out of the shower i’m towing off. I’m. Starting the process of getting dressed. Can I hear it again sought after?

By the time I had myself fully dressed, and I’m. Walking out of my bedroom and heading downstairs. This is when our offices were still adjacent to my home and my husband’s home in Newcastle, Delaware. We’ve since moved into our workhouse. As we’re calling it. I, by the time I got to my desk, walked past, my executive assistant said, Good morning, sat down at my desk. I heard it a third time sought after.

I then began to have a conversation with that. Oh, my God! Are you trying to tell me something. What is it about? This phrase sought after? And then it it hit me. This guy began to reveal to me that that was going to be the theme for move to millions live.

I know it sounds nice, right. It sounds cute. It’s it’s what we probably all desire. If I if I were to survey a 1,000 entrepreneurs right now, and ask them what is the one thing that they wish they were that would make a difference for them taking their business to the next level. I promise you.

By and large they would say they wish that they were sought after. And so, when God said it 3 times in a row, and I actually began to listen and let it seep into my spirit. I got really excited, and you know my first checkpoint. You guys probably don’t know this about me.

but whenever I hear something really good, and it tickles my spirit, and I get excited about it. I actually, the first place I will often go is to my clients, to my move, to millions of mastermind clients shout out to the move to millions, Mastermind. And so I went to the mastermind. and I said, I am thinking that the theme for 2023 move to millions is solved After what do you guys think? I got met with emojis and gifts? Now, we’re basically telling me I was on point that what I was suggesting, what I was hearing, it gave them a visceral reaction. That’s one of the first ways you can know that you are on to Something really great is when you have that visceral reaction.

I believe that our body keeps score. I believe that everything we could ever possibly need to know is in our bodies, and if we are paying attention to what our bodies are telling us. We can get the answers to just about anything we could possibly want to know.

And so i’m having this visceral reaction. They, the clients, are having this visceral reaction. God is doing cart wheels because he’s like. Yes, that is what I desire for you in the season. That is what I desire for my children in this season. and I just really started percolating. What does it mean to be sought after. And so that’s what we’re going to have a conversation about today.

We’re gonna talk about what it means to be sought after, because what I know for sure is that business change when you are sought after. I remember a few years ago, when I was books and busy and bankable right. It’s most people out there are booked and and busy I was that, but I was also making crazy bank. I was everywhere speaking. I I had who I am in the world, the work that I do, and constantly refining and amplifying that work. And so I know I had been putting in the work to create the environment for them, for me to be assault after speaker. You know there are a lot of people who have that in their bio, and they’re and I mad at them. They’re speaking it into existence, right? They’re speaking those things that be not as though they are.

But for me. I was actually thought after at this particular point in time in my business. And so when we come back from the break, I want to walk you through the keys, the threads that rain through that particular time in my business, and i’ll also tell you the story about why I personally made a decision at that time to cease to be sawed after, and to focus on some other things. I’ll see you guys in just a minute. Let’s take a quick break.

You are listening to the mood to millions, podcast. And today we’re talking about being sought after. It just happens to be the theme of move to millions live happening. May the 24 through in the Washington DC. Area. And just before we went to break I started telling you a story about a time in my business when I was sought after, the year was 2,015 and 2,016. If you’ve been listening for a while. Then you know that these years coincide with the first time we had a business at the 1 million dollar mark, right? I was everywhere. People were literally coming out of the woodwork, inviting me to speak at their man. I don’t even know how they heard about me. but they heard about me, and they wanted to hear me share. what I had learned, what we had accomplished up into that point. It was a really really powerful season. Now

: I am going to share the 5 keys that I identified as I look back on that period of time, and and the things that we are doing again to reinstate because i’m having a year. It’s just starting, but i’m already having a year that is bound to be one that is filled with salt. After moments I personally made the decision back in 2,016 to step away from being sought after. Now I’m gonna do a whole other episode on the podcast. it’s also some of the language that’s in my book that’s for coming later this year. we’re just a little bit away from actually being able to share a place for you to go. Get on the wait list so that you’ll be able to get a copy of the book as soon as we make it available. But I made the decision back in 2,016, to step away from being on the road as much as I was, I was literally on a plane to see somebody to talk to somebody about something. Every 4 to 5 weeks I had massive ear infections happening at that point in time because of the constant altitude change that happens when you’re constantly in a plane, right? And I have a deviated septum. It was a mess. I had also met the love of my life, who was today my husband and I didn’t. I remember one time he was taking me to the airport. and he said. you’re leaving me again, and it just made my heart sink. And I was like, okay.

need to figure out how to shift my business, so that we’re in this new relationship, I can really protect it and set a foundation for it, so that when I am at the point where I have to be away from him. You know we kind of have something undergirding us. It’s not like I’m just constantly running off. I knew people who at the time, who had either just gotten married or gotten engaged, and then gotten unengaged, all because they were gone too much right, and I didn’t want that not after being

in my forties. When I finally found the love that I was gonna take me until my sunset right, I definitely wasn’t trying to do anything to make it turn away. And so I made a personal decision to really shift my business model and to shift the way that I was showing up at that particular point in time, and you know if you’ve been here for a while, it coincides with the time when I decided to stop chasing the number, and instead decided to just focus on chasing purpose. And as a result, the business it, you know, wasn’t a 1 million dollar company for a few years, and I was totally okay with it.

But there are 5 things that, as I reflect back as I’m preparing content for move to millions live and thinking about and serving our clients, who have desires to become sought after and spend more time out in about amongst the people as the center of attention. There are really 5 keys that

you need to be thinking about now. and begin to position yourself in your business, for if you desire to be sought after. I’m going to introduce you to them here.

You’ll definitely want to join me in May, because in May I’m going to break down how you can create a plan to be sought after while still having a life that serves you in a business that serves you both financially and spiritually. I believe today that being sought after is about flow and not flex.

I believe today that the way that you build a business that serves you in every way is to be authentic and genuine, and we’ll talk about that in a more in a minute as well. Okay. So first let’s jump into the keys.

So if you desire to be sought after, and if you definitely desire to be sought after, I want you to make sure that you leave me a content, or slide into my DMs @DarnyelleJerveyHarmon, so that we can talk about it.

So the first thing that you have to do if you want to become sought after is, you have to solve a spice problem, a specific and substantive, pervasive and persistent, immediate and insurmountable, clear, conscious and contrary and expensive and expansive problem.

You have to solve a problem that your clients have been unsuccessful at solving on their own. Because when you can solve that problem, and you are able to, in solving that problem, make people feel whole and not treat them like they’re broke or broken.

People will desire more of you.

Second important key is that you have to demonstrate your expertise validate, that the problem that you solve you solve it on like anyone else. And when you solve this problem, it creates a predictable result for your client.

You have to be able to demonstrate that expertise through your client’s success. See, this is the one time when you, tooting your own horn is not going to cut it as much as you to in your own form because of the work you’ve done for others. You have to remember Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, which says that every single one of us is looking for a place to belong. The easiest way to find a place that belong is to his stories of other people who are just like us.

That experience the problem that we have, and also experience the results. So when you demonstrate in your expertise via your client’s success, that will help to make you sought after a third important key to becoming solved after is holding a contrary in viewpoint.

You have got to be saying that something that no one else is saying.

You have got to be going high when they go low. You have got to be going left when they go right. You have got to up here different, because your pinnacle client is programmed to notice what is different.

And if you sound like every other talking head in the marketplace, then your clients are going to hear them. Well, and that is not what you want if you’re after being sought after. So you’re gonna have to get that contrary and viewpoint.

and you’re gonna have to exploit it. And what I mean by that is, once you figure it out, you have to become a broken record. Sharing that as often as you possibly can in the marketplace for other people.

Key # 4 is to engage wherever your pinnacle clients are gathering.

so it’s not enough just to be busy. You want to be busy where you can be seen by the people who can make an investment in themselves through you, to access the solution that you are known for that. You’ve gotten others result for, and that makes you salt after.

So you’re gonna have to get out where people can see you.

And then the last key kind of ties into that. But it’s slightly different. You’re gonna have to become omnipresent. The present is the ability to be all places at once. Now this is where systems and support come in. You hear me talking about the move to millions, method and the components strategy, sales system, support and success. Mindset. This is where your systems and support really come in as it pertains to you becoming sought after. The presence is only going to be as possible as the amount of systems and automation you have in place.

We all only have 24 hours in any given day – how you’re using them, how you’re maximizing them, how you’re leveraging them is going to be what makes a difference for you and helps you to get to your next level.

Now I again believe that being sought after is about flow and not flex.

So that means you’re gonna have to be real. You’re gonna have to be genuine. You’re gonna have to be authentic. You’re gonna have to be likeable. You’re gonna have to be human.

If every single moment of every single day. You are a filter on Instagram. You’re probably not going to be sought after, because people will be able to see through that. You have to keep marketing 101 in mind which says that people buy when they know you like you and trust you. So you’re gonna have to use your platform to share things about yourself that are personal, but not private.

To engage with your community in such a way that they feel like they get to know you.

So they all. Ultimately you open up a place for them to see themselves inside of the solution that you offer, and as a result of that they look in your direction to be experiencing that particular result.

So again, you need to solve a spice problem. You need to demonstrate your expertise via client success. You need to hold a contrary and viewpoint. You need to engage wherever your political clients are gathering, and you need to be the present we’re going to take another quick break. And when we come back we’re gonna round out this episode. On being sought after with a few final thoughts, I’ll see you in a moment.

Welcome back to the move to millions. Pack! Has we’ve been talking about being sought after, and just before the break I was sharing with you the 5 keys that I’ve identified and observed over this period of time, of actually being sought after having experienced it and watching it, and play out over and over and over again.

Now, here’s the thing that I want to leave with you before we call this an episode, the complexity of trying to scale often means you’re doing too much. But when you are sought after it’s really about becoming a broken record and holding the same space every time you enter the marketplace

it’s about finding that contrary and viewpoint, and riding it until the wheels fall off.

It’s about every time you’re given an opportunity or a platform extension, meaning someone else shares their platform with you. You are saying the same things that you want to be known for. So that’s the first question I want you to ask yourself if you desire to be sought after. What is it that you want to be known for? And then I want you to just do a quick self Assessment – is what you want to be known for what others would observe when they were to take a look at you, and how you show up online and offline. If you have any of that collateral for offline.

I want you to ask yourself that because that’s one of the things that’s going to need to change. There are a few other characteristics of thought after CEOs that are going to be important for you to embody as well, and I want you to notice that I’m using the word and body

right. You have to be it already. You have to be it to become it.

We had a great episode with Eric Lors about being it to become it on last season of the podcast. So a couple of characteristics for you.

Number One sought after. CEOs are consistent.

What does your consistency game look like? Are you showing up for yourself? Because here’s the thing. If you’re not showing up for yourself, will you show up? For your clients?

Consistency is really key to becoming a sought after? CEO sought after CEOs are light. Now, people may not always agree with them, and what they say, because often when you take a contrary and viewpoint, you’re going to ruffle some feathers. You’re going to upset some people. You might downright piss people off.

and even when that’s what you’re doing. People like you, they feel like they can’t get enough of you and saw that for CEOs are confidence.

They exude confidence. You already know my saying your confidence will close more sales than your skills ever will. Now we know that we live in a fake it until you make it world like I don’t.

I don’t know of everybody out there who is getting out of a private jet or a Bentley actually on them.

We live in the land of pretentiousness, but being pretentious, will not make you sought after. It will make you replaceable.

And here’s what I need you to know.

Being sought after is going to be an indication to those who are seeking you out that you are answered Prayer.

You are exactly what they have been seeking God for, and have been unable to find until you showed up consistently, and came into their purview.

They will be praying for you. They are praying for you right now.

So, before you leave this episode, I want you to be able to answer that question for yourself.

What is it that you want to be known for?

Let me state it this way. I want you to finish the sentence.

If I were to show up fully and consistently in this particular area. Fill in the blank.

I would be sought after. What goes in the blank? What would allow you an opportunity to be sought after? Because you are answer prayer because you solve a SPICE problem because you demonstrate your expertise through your client’s success because you hold a contrary and viewpoint, because you engage with your pinnacle clients where they are gathering, and because you have done the work and your due diligence to set up the systems and the automation to be on the President.

Now, online, this looks like being on every platform, but not necessarily being on every platform.

You don’t have time, if you desire to be a 1 million dollar CEO, to be sitting on Facebook or Instagram, you don’t have time for that.

But there are enough softwares and products where you can schedule out content, or have members of your team to schedule out content in a succession that consistently delivers that message that you want to be known for again broken record.

That’s what being solved after is all about becoming a broken record and holding the same space every time you enter the marketplace.

Here’s what I know right now. There are people looking for you. There are people praying actively for the problem that you saw. They don’t know you exist because you haven’t taken the time to be consistent, and to show up confidently for that one thing. There is a reason why so many people talk about the importance of drilling down to one thing. And it might go against everything. You believe, as an entrepreneur. You’re a multi-talented, multi-faceted entrepreneur but there is a reason why we drill down to one thing I still remember 2018 when I was at an event, and someone asked me, what is your movement? And I couldn’t give them an answer because I wasn’t sought after at that point sure. 2,000. 17,016. I was. I decided to step back in my business. Stop chasing the number, fired a lot of clients revenues went down.

Everything got called into question because my confidence waned.

And as a result of that I didn’t know. By the time we got to 2018.

What movement? Why, I didn’t have a movement. There is no way I could be sought after if I didn’t have that one thing. I didn’t have that movement. I didn’t have that vision and mission that was calling me forward.

But once I got that in 2020 you guys know the story. Third day breakthrough in business guys says move to millions as I’m getting ready, and that was the beginning and that was October. Since October 20, 2020, we have helped 17 CEOs cross the 1 million dollar mark, when I tell you I’m not playing. I’m coming for my salt after ability. I’m watching it show up literally this week.

Someone called me. I was like. Listen! I don’t care what it’s gonna cost to get you to speak at my event. I need you there. I’ve had people slide in my DMs. How can I get you at my event?

Because I’m solving a SPICE problem. I’ve demonstrated my expertise through my client’s success. I hold a contrary and viewpoint. I engage where my ideal clients are gathering, and I am on the present. I am consistent. I am light, and I am confident

What about you? Because Here’s what I know for sure. Incredible one.

Your ability to be sought after is completely up to you.

It’s time for you to decide. Are you going to show up fully, and be it to become it. Are you going to continue allowing bright, shiny object syndrome, or following the trends.

being pretentious to keep you in flex. When God created you to be in flow.

I’ll let you think about that until the next time we meet.

Take care.