Ep 148 – REWIND: The Million Dollar Assets

“There’s a difference between selling, making and leaving millions.” – Dr Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Episode Summary

This episode is powered by the Move To Millions Live

“It’s going to take more than a laptop and a beach to make millions in your business.” – Dr Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

If you scroll on Facebook right now, you’ll see at least one “expert” spouting that they make millions a year while sitting on the best beaches in the world with their laptop.

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. In this episode, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon shares what it actually takes, The Million Dollar Assets TM, so that you can get a true idea of what is required to have a company that makes, moves, and leaves millions. This one will be a quick but powerful overview. And when you realize you are ready to learn more and start working on your Assets, you’ll want to join us at Move to Millions Live this May.

Listen in to discover:

–     The 7 Assets required to have a business that serves you at the million-dollar mark and beyond

–     Which order you should create the assets for maximum result inside of your company

–     The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make that derail their assets

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

–     No one goes to bed a blunder and wakes up a wonder

–     It will take work to make millions, but it can be grace-filled not grind filled

–    When you’re at 6-figures, clients are hiring you; when you’re at 7, they’re hiring your company

–    Assets make your ability to scale possible

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This episode is powered by Move to Millions Live, the live event experience for millions-minded entrepreneurs. To learn more and grab your seat, visit MoveToMillionsEvent.com. I am so excited to be back with you for another powerful episode. This time around, let us get up close and personal with the million-dollar assets. Let me keep it real with you.

If you take a moment and scroll on Facebook, you will likely see tons of coaches and experts making it look like getting to the million-dollar mark is as easy as grabbing your laptop and heading to your favorite beach. I am sorry to burst your bubble but I got to keep it real with you because here is the thing. If you have millions on your mind, you have to know that it is going to take a lot more than that.

If it was about having a laptop and a beach, do you not think everybody would be making millions? Exactly. Having a million-dollar company will work. I am not going to lie to you. I do not believe that it has to be grind-filled work. I know first-hand, that it can be grace-filled. I have shared my story umpteenth time of having seen both sides of the coin.

When we first crossed the million-dollar mark in 2014, it was grind-filled work, everything Biggie said it was going to be. When we decided to go back to the million-dollar mark this time with ourselves in alignment and surrender, everything was grace-filled. It was the easiest I had ever experienced making this level of income and impact. I want to be clear, there will be work.

One of the things that are important to understand is that the work that you do will be work that is in alignment with your mission, your mantle, and the mandate that has been placed on your life when you are operating your business from a center for something greater than you. We know that you cannot be the change that you want to see in the world if you do not have change. A big part of the reason we are going to get up close and personal with a million-dollar asset is so that we can create some change in your bank account. You have to know that this is an important part of the process, getting in handle on what it will take to get to the elusive million-dollar mark in your company.

It is not just about having a million-dollar business. That is great and an important milestone for you to set. You are millions-minded. That is why you’re reading this show but it is also and more importantly about being a millionaire and leaving millions to your children’s children. I love that scripture in the Bible. It is not even about your kids. It is about your kids’ kids and being able to leave an inheritance to them. The Bible says, “A wise man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” My mission in this episode is to give you more insight into what it is going to take to prime and position yourself to get prepared to leave an inheritance for your children’s children.

One of the things that we created for our clients that helps them to manage everything that goes into having a business that performs at this level is called the million-dollar asset. Incredible Factor University is our suite of coaching and consulting programs for millions-minded entrepreneurs. We tend to create things in seven. It is one of my absolute favorite numbers. It is the number of perfection and completion. In true form, there are $7 million in assets. I am going to talk about each one of them, high-level. This episode is powered by Move to Millions Live. That is my brand spanking new live event.

No one goes to bed a blunder and wakes up a wonder.

I am not new to live events. This is just my very first time putting all of this amazing content into a format and a three-day live event experience. I am going to invite you and keep inviting you until we hit the event to come and hang out with me for three days if you are millions-minded. It is about you getting your business to the place where it allows you to have something to leave. It is not about the millions you will make for yourself. It is about the millions you will be able to leave. Even if you don’t think you can leave millions, you need to come and hang out with me because I am going to show you how you can leave millions. You got to make millions to leave them.

The Offer Suite

Let us jump into each of the assets. Number one is the leverage and scale offer suite. Your offer suite is where you house your high-end programs, the complete solutions that serve your most ideal clients. We teach our clients that all offers start with your signature offer and then to create your full suite, you can have a superb offer, which most likely shows up as your downsell, and a select offer, which most likely shows up as your upsell. Your signature offer is your most leveraged offer and it also offers the highest level of transformation in a group setting.

The Messaging Suite

Number two, we have the leverage and scale messaging suite. Your messaging suite includes all things messaging to get and keep the attention of your most ideal clients. It is about making sure that you have a message that is compelling by being contrarian and also emotionally connecting with your prospects deeply. This suite will include what we call your must-have marketing messages.

There are fifteen of them, all of the copy for your emails, videos, social media, as well as your signature stories that you use to connect deeply with your most ideal clients and prospects. Everything in your messaging suite must have SPICE. SPICE is an acronym that has a different meaning based on the piece of the messaging inside of your suite that we are referring to. This framework is essential for cutting through the noise and converting clients into your programs.

The Marketing Suite

The third million-dollar asset is your leverage and scale marketing suite. We refer to this internally as the business success formula. It includes a full sequence from idle client to onboarding that client and every single step that happens in between that. We go through the process of making sure that we think every phase of the journey through the eyes of your most ideal clients. This is going to include your marketing tools, the ones you will use to track your key performance indicators and develop your lead magnets. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, marketing is the oxygen of your business. It is essential to keep your business breathing.

The Sales Suite

The fourth million-dollar asset is the leverage and scale sales suite. Your sales suite is going to be based on 1 of 4 different options of how you want to bring sales into your business. It is about setting an infrastructure for your company that is going to allow you to get sales every day, every week, every month, every quarter and ultimately, annually inside of your business.

It will take work to make millions, but it can be grace-filled not grind filled.

There are four different options that you could choose from as a sales tool. That sales tool is often going to be dependent upon who your ideal client is. For instance, if you work business to business, then you are probably going to be using proposals, the RFP process and engagement letters as your sales suite. Whereas if you work business to consumer, you have a few more options you can choose from. The process that you used inside of your sales tool mirrors the sales conversation mastery framework that we have developed and the seven phases of a successful sales conversation.

Lastly, each sales tool inside of your sales suite follows the conversation framework, which allows you to master the tool that is going to work best for you and make sure that every single tool that you have at your disposal is going to get sales into your business. If marketing is the oxygen of your business, the sale itself is all of the mechanisms. It is your heart that pumps everything through. It is your heart and brain to make sure that the oxygen is getting to it. It is keeping all of your other vital systems inside of your business working for you.

The Systems Suite

The fifth million-dollar asset is the leverage and scale systems suite. Your system suite is going to govern all of the processes, procedures, frameworks and policies that are used by your team to keep your business running. I believe that systems make success predictable and documenting these key systems makes you the CEO and as the lead service provider duplicatable. Remember, when you are at six figures, your clients are hiring you, but as you make the move to millions and you get up the Move to Millions Continuum, they are going to cease to be hiring you and start hiring your company because you move away from direct client service delivery in exchange for the strategic vision, oversight and leadership for your team.

Seven systems will get you to 7-figures, your operational, client, financial, marketing, sales, talent and legal management system. Each of these systems inside of the system suite has its own SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures. They have their support software and team members that are responsible for the functioning of that particular system.

The Talent Suite

The sixth million-dollar asset is the leverage and scale talent suite. Your talent suite is going to govern everything that you use to build your team, like your hiring process, human resources, and all of your policies and procedures that are specific to the talent that you employ inside of your business. This is regardless of whether you have full-time employees or contractors, but I am impartial to hiring full-time employees. Here is why. I failed the lesson of sharing in kindergarten. The last thing I ever want to hear in my business from someone that performs a key function are these words, “I am sorry. I am working for another client.” That does not work for me. If you truly want to have a million-dollar company, it will not work for you either.

Inside of your talent suite, whether you have full-time employees or contractors, although, I prefer you have employees, this suite’s function is to determine that everything that is required to be a member of your team is broken down and out for your team. This suite will include your organization chart that is broken down into three core teams, your operations team, which is the daily management of the business, your marketing and sales team, which is how you get your leads in and turn them to sales and then your talent team, the people who are performing the service. It is also going to include job descriptions, compensation plans, onboarding processes, the performance review process, corrective action, HR support and everything related to the people.

The Legacy Suite

When you’re at six figures, clients are hiring you; when you’re at seven, they’re hiring your company.

Depending upon the state in which you live and the state in which you hire your employees, there may be some things that need to be or shouldn’t be inside of your talent suite. There are some things that we always recommend that you check with a local expert to make sure that you comply. Last but not least, the seventh million-dollar asset is your leverage and scale legacy suite. I am writing Move to Millions book and we are going deep into all of these assets, which will be in part two of the book. During the live event, we are also going to be breaking them down, giving you access to the blueprints for each suite so that you will know exactly what it is going to take to get to the seven-figure mark.

I had a business coach when we crossed the 7-figure mark for the 1st time, yet I was not prepared or advised on things I should have known to avoid some of the turmoil that came along with crossing the million-dollar mark. I will not let that happen to anyone on my watch and that is a big part of the reason why we created the million-dollar assets. Your legacy suite is essential for your ability to leave something behind when you decide to stop running your company or when your sun sets.

Included in this suite are going to be things like intellectual property protection, licensing and things that will allow you to be able to sell your company and make something for everything you have created like your wealth plan, succession plan, operating agreements and directives, investment portfolio, insurance portfolio and estate plan. If you opt for profit sharing with your team, that will be inside of your legacy suite as well.

The legacy suite, one of the things we are doing, is we are in the process of creating our foundation. I remember saying when I was ten years old that I wanted to be a philanthropist. A big part of my legacy is to do that. Most people define legacy in different ways but let me make it clear for you. Legacy is money. If you go to Google and say, “Give me the definition of legacy,” it is going to say something like, “What do you leave behind financially for others?” People are going to remember the fun times, the things that you said to them and how you made them feel but the legacy is about financial contribution. Keep that in mind.

Each suite comprises the framework, processes and methodology to be set up in a way that will do the heavy lifting for that particular area of your company. Each component is also essential to being able to make your success predictable in that particular area of your business. I hope that you see that I was telling you the truth. Having a million-dollar company will take work to get everything set up so that your company serves and supports your personal and professional goals. I am sure it looks like a lot but it doesn’t have to be something that you can’t get in place on your own.

We take the time to delve into the million-dollar assets at the live event, in this upcoming book and our Move to Millions Mastermind. We have lots of ways for you to learn and break down each of these seven, get yourself on a trajectory to millions and put everything in place. If I had to go back and do it all over again, if I could journey back to 2014, before having that amazing event where we cleared $1.3 million in three days, I would have had a lot of this stuff set up. It will take time. We see on average, our clients take them about three years to get everything in place. No one goes to bed a blunder and wakes up a wonder. No one goes to bed at 6-figures and wakes up at 7. It is a journey and a process.

That is why we created the Move to Millions Continuum. If you have not read that episode yet, it is right here in season three. I highly recommend that you go back and read the continuum episode. It will make the million-dollar assets make more sense to you as you get that overview of what it is going to take. We are talking about your offer suite, messaging suite, marketing suite, sales suite, system suite, talent suite and legacy suite. Each of these million-dollar assets is essential to getting your business to and beyond the million-dollar mark. We call them assets because every single suite is fully operational, licensable and can contribute revenue to your business’s bottom line. It’s that good.

Assets make your ability to scale possible.

This is just the beginning. We are starting to introduce you to this work. I have wanted to talk about this talk for so long. Part of the reason why I did not is that I was afraid and playing small inside of my business. I was keeping it to myself. I was doing myself and you a big disservice. I think about that Patti LaBelle song. The chorus sings, “When you have been blessed, you pass it on.” I was not passing it on for fear of getting too big and being abandoned.

While I am not going to have this episode turned into a session of therapy, I will share that often, the reason why we do not go after money and pursue who we were created to be is for one of those big fears. We call them the money blocks. They are typically one of the reasons why we don’t go for what it is that we know. Those money blocks include unworthiness, abandonment, fear of being too big, fear of responsibility and unforgiveness. Those things can continue to block the flow of your ability to be able to have more funds than you know what to do with.

Inside of the million-dollar assets, each one of these is compartmentalized to give you a roadmap inside of your company. One of the questions I often get since we started talking about the million-dollar assets is, “Where do I start?” The answer might surprise you or might not. You start with your messaging suites. That is where I would recommend you start.

People have told me, “I can’t figure out my messages until I know what I’m going to offer.” You could work on them in tandem but getting clear about who you serve, the problem you solve and the solution you provide is going to help you to build your offer suite. That is also going to double as the power key messages that you are going to share in the marketplace. Once you have your messaging suite and offer suite done, you are going to move into your marketing and sales suite. You are going to be working on those in tandem.

Once you see sales coming into your business consistently, you are ready to set up your systems and talent suite because as you get more sales and clients, your capacity is going to start to drain if you are the only one in your company. As you see sales coming in consistently, you are going to start developing the job descriptions and begin to hire. You want to hire before you need to hire so that you don’t end up bottlenecking your business and shortchanging your ability to scale to the next level. You grow to 6 figures, scale to 7 to 8 figures and soon.

In that growth mode, you are focusing on making sure that you understand the who, what, when, how and why for your company. Who you serve, why you serve them, how you serve them, all of those elements need to be in place because that is what is going to get you consistent customers and bring you on the trajectory of getting your business on the Move to Millions Continuum. Once you have all of those first six suites together, then you are ready to start working and thinking about legacy. There is no company to create a succession plan for until you have a proven duplicatable model that is consistently bringing revenue in.

Those are the million-dollar assets. That is exactly what it is going to take. I invite you if you want to go deeper, this is high level and you want to learn how to make this work for you, then you want to join us at Move to Millions Live. You can go to MoveToMillionsEvent.com and learn way more about the million-dollar assets and get some support as you begin to get them set up inside of your business. We start with the million-dollar assets and this is what it is going to take to help you to get on your move to millions. I will see you next time. Take care.

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