Ep 147: REWIND – Shayna Rattler: A God Shift

Disruption is always an invitation to shift.” Shayna Rattler

About Our Guest:  Shayna Rattler has helped thousands of individuals and organizations achieve personal and organizational growth. She is the host of the God Shift Podcast and the God Shift TV show. As a prophetic minister, speaker and author she is passionate about helping others shift from disruption into their God-ordained destiny.

Episode Summary:

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After hosting the inaugural God Girls Making Millions in Miami last week, I couldn’t think of a better episode for you to hear again! The women entrepreneurs who joined me for the experience definitely experienced a God shift!!!

Many business owners find themselves experiencing disappointments, delays, and detours can leave them feeling as though they’re on the wrong path. Maybe they’re no longer passionate, feeling stuck, or sensing that where they are in life is not where they should be, or perhaps they’ve accomplished everything they’ve set out to do, but can’t fight the feeling that there is another level of success with their name on it. God uses these unexpected circumstances in order to get their attention and draw them into greater possibility.

Listen is to discover:

  • Why disruption is an invitation for your next level
  • The 3-step process to building your faith
  • Why your vision can be a big setback in your shift if you are not careful

Powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “It doesn’t have to look like you think.”
  • “What the hell is going on?”.”
  • “the more money you make the more people you can impact.”
  • “Your faith can be visible without being visible.”

Last Book Shayna Read:  Emancipation of Hurry

Favorite Quote:  “Keep going even if you don’t feel like it.”     

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Shayna Rattler: A God Shift

This episode, I have a treat for you. I sit down with Shayna Rattler and she says, “A God shift is eminent when you elevate God’s position in your life.” This conversation was straight fire. If you are a person who has been, as she calls it splintered into, “Do I focus on God or do I focus on my business? Can I love God and make money?” This conversation is for you. The answer is simply that you need to read to what Shayna and I get into to learn exactly step-by-step how you can make a God shift happen in your own life experience.

Shayna and I’ve known each other for quite some time. We met initially back in 2014. She was speaking at an event that I was attending. We reconnected in, as she told me, during the episode 2018 at an event where we were both speaking and we’ve had such an amazing connection ever since. She has helped thousands of individuals and organizations to achieve personal and organizational growth.

She is the host of the A God Shift Podcast and A God Shift TV Show. As a prophetic minister, speaker and author, she is passionate about helping other shift from disruption and to their God-ordained destinies. I cannot give you one favorite thing that happened during this conversation. There were many. I have many notes. It’s not even funny. I want you to grab pen, paper and get ready to experience a God shift firsthand. Let’s jump into my interview with Shayna Rattler.

Shayna, welcome to the show. How are you today?

I’m good. Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here.

I’m excited for you to be here for a myriad of reasons, to bring those who will be reading. I don’t even know when it was. I know who was the catalyst for our meeting, but I don’t even know how many years ago, maybe 2014.

I know that we knew of each other long before we were in each other’s presence in person. We never met until we were at the very first Black CEO Event but we already knew each other way before that. I think that was the very first time that we had met in person and that was in 2017.

I’m probably thinking about the corporate event that you were speaking at that year. Why don’t you take a quick moment and tell everybody who you are in your own words?

I was a “business only girl” from 2007 until 2018. I knew that I was living a siloed life, meaning that I always felt like I had to be business Shayna in one part of my life and I was Jesus Shayna in another part of my life. You got Jesus Shayna that if you hired business Shayna, but I always felt splintered. I was always looking for a way to merge those two lanes. I was always looking for an umbrella that I could be everything who I was on the forefront, not on the back end.

In 2018, I had a very successful business. I was speaking all over the world. I was making multiple six figures and it dried up. To not bore everyone with all of the details, it was because God was calling me into ministry. He said to me, “I don’t want you to change a whole lot about yourself because the voices that are going to be assigned to you, that I need you to bring to me, they’re going to relate to you, funny personality, your country wittiness, your six-inch heels and your big, bold necklaces.”

He said, “I want you to take the gifts, skills and abilities that you’ve been using to build the marketplace. I want you to use those to help me build the kingdom.” That was my very first what I refer to as a God shift because he knows how I am. Had he have allowed my business and my life to continue to flourish and yield the results that it always had. I would have been like, “Is he talking to you? Me neither.”

Your faith can be visible without being visible.

I still feel like I’m one of the least likely but at that time, I was looking for all of the ways to disqualify myself. I would have never paid attention to that nudging and all of those indications that were being dropped in my life. Had he nodded allowed things to dry up, but I was in my what the hell is going on moment.

In my recent book of A God Shift, I open it up, saying, “What the hell is going on?” I believe that these are six words that many believers ask at one point or another in their lives because I was like, “You told me to write this book. I spent $32,000 on this book launch. It didn’t yield results and now, a month later, you want me to go do something different?” Where’s my money. It’s April 2021 and I’ve only made about 15% of the money that I would’ve normally made by this time of the year.

I’m like, “I’ve hired the coaches and consultants. I’ve implemented the systems. I bought the software. I’ve done all the things that I’ve always done and nothing.” Everything I touched turned to dirt. Fast forward to what it is, I’m doing a ministry. I’m the Founder of the A God Shift Movement, where we help you to embrace disruption, collide with God’s purpose and move into a greater destiny.

I believe that God uses things like that in our lives. He uses disruption and unexpected circumstances to get our attention because we’re pursuing the wrong path. Whether that’s something physically, in a relationship, maybe it’s your mindset, anything that we’re putting energy into that is not on the path that he has designed for us.

He’s committed to his results for our lives. He’s going to do whatever he has to do to get our attention, to get us where it is that he desires us to be and who it is that he desires us to become. That’s what A God Shift Movement is, is helping you figure out when that disruption comes and when those unexpected circumstances come into your life. How do you identify what it is that you’re supposed to see where you’re supposed to learn and for many of us, where does he need us next?

There are so many things I want to pull on a little bit because I think that many people have this same dichotomy. You said, “I felt splintered.” I remember for myself, I was a separate church and state girl. Especially when you come out of Corporate America because it isn’t cool incorporate to be calling on the name, Jesus, it’s not cool.

I remember for me, and it was 2013 when I was hosting my live events. I woke up on day three and I had this massive unction in my spirit. My makeup lady hadn’t come yet. I went down to the meeting room and I started praying in my prayer language over every seat. I’m in there, I’m getting the spirit set and the door flings open.

This woman walks in, who had registered for the event the day before it started, who came to me during the welcome reception that said, “I don’t have a business. I don’t even know why I’m here. God told me to come.” I was like, “God bless you. I’m happy you’re here.” She walked in and she said, “I have a word for you from the Lord.” I was like, “I love it when God speaks to me.” She said, “God says, if you would take a bold stand for him, he would make it easy for you.”

This was 2013. The only thing I changed in my business was that I became fourth right about my own relationship with God. It’s probably confusing some people and might even piss other people off, but I don’t care. I say, “I subscribe to the doctrines of Christianity.” Here’s what I mean. I’m not for religion. I’m not for all of the dos and don’ts. I’m for the fullness of God and I believe that.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we came to this country with nothing. We came here as property and we practiced the version of religion they gave us. What they gave us was limiting God from day one. I happen to have access to the fullness of God. That is the mantle on which I stand. I decided that I was going to become bold about it. We had 68 people at that event. The next year we had 265 people. Darnyelle didn’t do anything else except saying that, “This event is going to be a spiritual awakening for you.”

We had Muslims who came from Saudi Arabia. We had atheists from all over the place because atheists live everywhere. We had Catholics, and we had everybody. Everybody was there at the business events. The eyes will never forget, one of the Muslims took the microphone and said, “If I knew God like this, I would do be a Christian.”

It was a God shift before I knew that’s what it was called because God hadn’t given that to you yet. I get the feeling splintered, trying to reconcile which part of you is for the marketplace. I want to talk about that a little bit more, we can swing back to your movement and how it all culminates because I do agree that disruption is often what God uses to get our attention and get us on the path of what they want.

MTOM 119 | God Shift
A God Shift: A Divine Move from Disruption to Destiny

I know that right now, there are thousands of people reading around the world that are battling with, “Do I love God or do I make money?” My thing is, you don’t have to choose. You can love God and make boatloads of money but the question is always, how do I do it right without offending? They’re worried about being offensive. I say, “I hope I offend you so much that you lunge into God.” That’s what I hope. That’s what I want to talk about.

Let’s say you finished a talk and it wasn’t an openly ministerial talk. You were at some business conference and they invited you to share because you’ve been able to converge the marketplace and ministry together in such a way that is edifying and uplifting. Someone comes up to you and they may or may not be a believer.

Let’s assume they are a believer, but they are a classy believer, like many of us start out. They’re feeling splintered. They say, “You make it seem so easy. What is the first thing I do if I want to bring my faith into my work without having to be worried about someone being offended by it?” What would you say to them?

The first thing I would tell them is that it doesn’t have to look like what you’re assuming it has to look like. You don’t have to take your Bible to the water cooler. You don’t have to have scriptures posted all over your office. When people say, “Good morning, how are you?” You don’t have to say, “Blessed and highly favored.” Your faith does not have to be visible in a taillight.

Let me say it this way, “Your faith can be visible without it being visible.” What I mean by that is when you come to work, do they see a light in your life? Do they see you behaving in a way that makes them go, “I wish I could behave in that way?” We found out we were being laid off, “I wish I could behave in that way when the boss ripped us a new one in the morning meeting.” People want to know what does it look like on a day-to-day basis. What does it look like when I’m struggling? To be honest with you, I believe all that I’m blessed and highly favored where you’re probably not because if you have to say it, you’re probably not.

Many stories of people and this are not necessarily about God but I’m authentic. You got to tell me who is authentic and then I know you’re not because why do you have to tell me? Why can I not see it? I love what you said it and it made me think about back in 2009, I was hosting my very first event. My event planner was an atheist and she was very offended by all of the scriptures because you touched me and I speak in tongues. That’s a lot coming to the marketplace. She was like, “You’re going to offend. You got a lot of corporate people coming. They’re going to be offended. You need to get rid of all of this.”

The only thing I knew to do at that time was to pray. I was like, “I’m not taking your word for it because you don’t even serve the God that I serve.” I prayed and what God told me was, “Everybody needs to feel me, but not everyone’s ready to see me.” When I heard you say it doesn’t have to look like you think it has to look in that, your faith can be visible without it being visible. That’s what I heard again.

I think an additional question because I love what you said about, can they see your lights even in the midst of darkness? Darkness being the layoff or whatever’s coming. How can you make sure that at all terms who you are representing is of the goodness of mercy? We have to make sure that we’re not sensationalizing even spirituality because there are those people who are like work, pray and slay, like, “Don’t be putting Jesus up in that slay stuff.”

I think that is good because there are many people who are splintered and struggling. The first step is it doesn’t have to look like you think it has to look. You don’t have to respond religiously and anecdotally to every single command. It’s about your presence, understanding and embodiments of who it is that you know that you are because of the God that is in you. What do I do next? I get rid of all of the things that make me religious and I personify that. Now what?

I want to set some people free. You’re not going to be able to do it on your own. That’s never the way that it was intended to be. If you want to live the way that God is intending for you to live, you have to trust the God that’s in you because if you’re trying to figure out what to do and what not to do, that’s the moment that you’re probably going to mess it up.

What I can say to you is that if you are spending time in the presence of God and in your private time, if you are praying and meditating on his word, if you are spending quiet time with him in the morning. If you subscribe to the tribute, meaning the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the portion of God that gives you the power to be in do and move the way that he desires you to move.

It’s not you moving on your own, but if you spend enough time with God and God is in you, you have to trust that he is going to operate through you in the way that he desires because especially if you’re new to try to figure out how you do this. If you try to do it in your own spirit and mighty power, you’re going to mess it up. That’s where religion got to the point that it is now that people have this whole slogan that drives me. It makes my skin crawl, I get it but I hate that it ever had to be here. I’m not religious. I’m spiritual.

Disruption does not always have to be negative. Most of the time, it is an invitation to pursue another level of destiny.

The kingdom was never designed to be religious to begin with, the rules and things of that nature that happened way back in the day. The Lord said he knew they couldn’t keep those rules but there were certain things that had to happen under the old covenant in order to get Jesus into the earth. It was never designed for us to have all these, “You have to do this. You can’t do that.” That’s the way that it was never designed but you have all these denominations.

Let’s say that’s how it is taught and that’s what we believe because we don’t seek him for ourselves, that’s what we ended up in. That was my story. I blew the dust off of my Bible on Sunday and Wednesday and other than that, I didn’t go into it until I had a cataclysmic life experience. Something happens to me.

I was very clear when something happened to me in the church that it wasn’t God. I don’t even know where that clarity came from because the suspects would have been God. I was in the church. These are people in the church who did this to me. At that moment, I realized that it wasn’t God and it was that moment that I decided, “I need to figure this out for Darnyelle Antoinette.”

What does this look like and what does this mean? I read the Torah, which is the first five books of the Bible. I read them all because I was like, “I need to understand what’s going on here and I need to figure it out.” What I found distinctly is that the principles are the same. I started looking into it and then I came into Christianity and looked at all of the denominational subsets and divisiveness.

I went into the New Testament and reading Paul talk about all of the various churches. All of the things and I was like, “They were right. Everything is the Bible if you open it and read it, but open it and read it through your own lens and not what someone else is telling you should be the truth because this is how I realized that a lot of what is taught is based on what they gave us.” We didn’t even have the full Bible and even though now we have the full Bible, most people aren’t reading it. They’re regurgitating what they’ve learned.

We’ve seen movies with this where they’re like, “Why don’t you preach daddy’s old sermon on such.” You go get his notes and you preach it the same exact way that he preached it instead of getting a new revelation that is going to deliver and set free. I think that it’s so important that we say that and I’m going to pull us back for a second for those of you who are reading. The reason why this conversation is important for us to be having right now is because the reason many of you are splintered and not able to experience the fullness of God is that you’ve only been open to the way you heard it first.

The Bible says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing.” You’re in an opportunity now to experience a new thing. Go back into the word, for those of you who are readers and partakers of it, and ask for the revelation before you go into it. Ask that it’d be revealed to you in a new way that you might see something that you hadn’t yet seen that would influence your ability to be successful for those of you who are also in the marketplace.

One of the reasons for taking up my mantle and taking a bold stand for God has completely shifted the way that I work with clients to indoctrinate these principles and to teach them the word. We have a prosthetic coach on our team that teaches them how to hear the voice of God for themselves so that they don’t have to be prophet junkies waiting for someone else to tell them what God is saying. They can know that they have the power within them to be able to hear from God.

The reason we do that is because I am 100% confident and I know the Bible says, “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.” I am fully persuaded in my mind that if you desire to experience life at the next level, whatever that means for you, God has to be in it. It’s not possible without it. I feel like many people they’re battling. They’re straddling the fence because they want to be mainstream and popular. They don’t believe that’s going to be possible if they do something that is offensive.

I want us to shift a little bit. You said something earlier about the mission of the movement and this mantle of disruption. I personally believe that disruption is a big part of the MO of God and disruption is not always bad. Disruption is always a shift. You started telling the story about your disruption, but talk a little bit about that particular tenant inside of the A God Shift Movement and how you use disruption for individuals to be able to converge in such a way that they get to experience the shift that God wants them to experience.

I want to unpack what you said a little bit more about the fact that disruption doesn’t always have to be something that’s negative. I believe that those are the ones that often get our attention and remember the most. Those are the disappointments, delays, detours and all the things that didn’t go right, “I don’t have what I want to have. I’m not where I want to be.”

What about those times when you’ve accomplished everything that you’ve wanted to do but you still have that inkling that there’s another level of success on your name with it? What about those disruptions where it’s like, “You may have had to move to the other side of the country, but you’re now living the life of your dreams and making more money than you’ve ever made?” Disruption does not always have to be something negative, but it is always an invitation.

MTOM 119 | God Shift
God Shift: God uses unexpected circumstances to get your attention when you’re pursuing the wrong path. He will do anything to get you to where and what He really desires.

I believe that regardless of what you’ve done or what you have not done yet, I believe that there’s another level of destiny for us but a God shift is going to be required in order to access it or in order to reveal it. I think that your life is the perfect testimony to the fact that if you are going to be someone new and you are going to enter into any level of newness, elevating God’s positioning in your life is the number one requirement.

There are some things that we’re going to have to do his way. It doesn’t always have to be a major thing and an overhaul. Sometimes it’s that 15 degrees shift you set yourself. The only thing that I did differently was this one thing and I went from 60 something to 260 something but you did put him first. You did elevate his position in your life in order because he wants you to have more than you even know you should ask for.

He is so in it the glory and others seeing you experience the influence of what it’s like to know God might seek them for himself. It is a little disjointed because it’s often the material things that bring people to him but God is even okay with that.

My grandma used to say, “You can have stuff, don’t let stuff have you.” Let’s debunk this myth that God is this cruel father that is sitting with a staff waiting to condemn and beat us. He’s not sitting there waiting for you to do something wrong because he can’t wait to disappoint you. That’s not even how he operates. He wants you to have what you don’t even know you want. The whole thing of like, “I can’t have God, money and all this other stuff.” Do you know that they talk about money in the Bible more than they talk about any other stuff?

I love talking about this. When people invite me to speak, I’m like, “Let me talk about God and money. Please let me talk about that because that’s my favorite thing to talk about.” Eight hundred times, 49% of the parables are about money. I would never follow anyone who was professing God but was broke and broke down. I’m not going to do it. There is nothing attractive and sexy about that. Who wants that?

I don’t know if I was learned or told, it doesn’t matter, but they said, “The more money you make, the more people you can impact.” You say you’re in business because you want to have impact and influence. You can’t do either of those things if you’re broke. I’ve got some big things that I want to do for people.

I’ve always said like, “I got these things that I want to do when I don’t have to make money from it.” The only way that I can never get there is when I’m making so much money and these other things that I’m doing that I don’t have to rely on an income from those other things. I know that those are the things that God placed on my heart.

We need to debunk the myth that he’s sitting around, being this cruel father that can’t wait to discipline us. He wants us to have things, live life and live it more abundantly. That includes stuff, money, health, love, all of those things but he also desires that we put him first and that we do things some of the ways that he desires.

He doesn’t want us to be walking around talking to people any old way because we can’t. I’m in this ministry school and they were talking about the difference between the fruits of the spirit and the gifts of the spirit. They said, “You don’t need the Lord in you for the fruits of the spirits to manifest. Love, patience, kindness and whatever, all of them are. You don’t need God in you to do those things. Those are the things that you should strive for your life to demonstrate regardless.”

If you want to get where you’re going and the next level that we’ve been talking about for the next 10 or 15 years, he does want you to manifest him in the earth. He does want people to be able to see God on you. It’s back to what I said. He wants people to come to you and be like, “If I’m going through something, I need to ask this person that looks like they’re always happy in spite of.” You got to do this right and you’ve got to elevate his position. I can guarantee you that when you do that, you’ll go from 60 to 260, whatever your 60 and 260 is and it doesn’t have to take all night.

It’s such quick work, just the decision to elevate God’s position in your life.

You have to go back and say, “Team, what do we want to do?” Not to say that you’re not strategic because there’s something on everything we do but you could have continued to do the same level of marketing and nurturing. Everything you do to feel sees and you still would’ve had 268 because you elevated his position.

I say that all the time, “The how isn’t your job. Stop trying to do God’s job. Just make the decision, clear your heart of any unforgiveness so that you are in alignment with the vessel that God formed or knew before you were in your mother’s womb and watch him work.” He is not a man that he shall lie as numbers tells us nor the son of man that he should repent. If he said it, it would come to pass.

The bigger the goal, the bigger the challenges and adversity you will face. It is a clear sign that you are on the right track.

If it hasn’t, you’re not ready. You’re the only one that can get ready.

That alignment piece is real. I was talking about that just how, “As soon as you’re in alignment, you experience the flow.” People take all of this time to get into alignment when it doesn’t have to be hard. See yourself the way that he sees you. Get rid of whoever did whatever to you. It’s over, it didn’t take you out, let it go.

I’m probably trivializing it and making it sound so simple, but I wasn’t there when they wronged you. Here’s the thing, that thing that they did, what if you looked at it differently? What if they didn’t do it to you? What if they did it for you? What if you could now use that as a point to be able to help somebody else to work through what they’ve experienced at as in similar regard? We are holding on to so many things that we don’t have to and it’s coming out in our businesses. The first thing that I change whenever I’m working with someone, it isn’t the strategy. It’s their alignment often. That’s the only thing we changed. I’m like, “Let’s do some work around this.”

The strategy is not going to work. The how-tos are never the issue. The how-tos are the easiest to find. You can Google most of the how-tos. It is never the make or break. It never hinges the door, open or close. It’s not the strategy. It’s those other things that you can’t get through the door because you’ve got too much crap you’re carrying. Your strategy can open the door, but are you carrying too much to walk through it?

It’s such an important thing for those of you who are clear enough to even visualize what it is that you want because that is the first step. You have to see it before you’ll be able to see it, but going through the process. I think about Ephesians 3:20. The point I’m trying to get you in the scripture is even more than you imagined. That’s the part I’m trying to get to. Even more, than you can visualize or the first Corinthians 2, “Your eyes haven’t seen. Your ears haven’t heard, neither has it entered into your mind what God has for you if you love.” The only condition of that scriptures is that you love him.

As long as you know God for yourself and you’re not riding on the coattails of someone else’s relationship or else’s interpretation, and you’re not blaming God for the things that have happened in your life experience. Just because it’s allowed, it doesn’t mean it’s God who did it. I know that one is always hard for people. When I talk to people who had moved away from that, it is almost always because they lost a loved one. They were praying that their life be spared, they transitioned and they blamed God because of that. It doesn’t mean that your prayer wasn’t heard. It means that it was their time.

There are things that he has to allow and have to happen in your life because if it didn’t, you wouldn’t get where you are. My son decided to take a leave of absence from his mind and do some things that he shouldn’t have been doing. Long story short, he ended up homeless for five months. Everybody doesn’t know me as you know me, but you know that I have done everything in my life to make sure that living like that was never an option. This boy has been riding around in Mercedes-Benz since second grade and not to say that it’s material things that make or break your children but he should be the last person who should ever be homeless.

Even though it broke my heart to see some of the things that he was experiencing during that period and some of the things that he’s having to do to clean up some of the things that happened during that period, those things had to happen for him to see things the way that he sees them now and for him not to continue to make mistakes like that again.

This is the same thing with God. He says, “I know it didn’t feel good, but it will all work together for your good.” Some of us can be shifted up. Others of us have to be shoved. There are some times that God has to allow things in our life to occur, to shove us because we ignore the whispers and the little taps on the shoulder. If we’re not hit with a two-by-four, we would never pay attention. I know my kids. I can’t tell her, “Don’t touch the stove.” I got to make the stove fall on top of her.

Parents who have multiple children can relate to that. One of your children, you could say, “Johnny, don’t do that something bad will happen.” Johnny will never do it and then you have Jessica that you have to tell her it’s going to happen. You have to let it happen and you probably have to let it happen again before she’s like, “I guess you know what you’re talking about.” It’s the same thing, God. He knows his children and he knows what he has to use to get our attention. I wish I could do that but I’m not him. I can get to zero before I pay attention.

I love that because I think sometimes people think that when you are in God, things don’t happen to you. I heard a Bishop T.D. Jakes say this. I was watching one of his sermons and he said, “The presence of adversity is not the absence of God.” I was like, “That is so good.”

We have stopped wanting to be people, especially leaders that never go through anything because I think one of the biggest lies that I was told in business is that if you’re doing what it is that you’re supposed to be doing, that it’s going to be easy, that’s BS. That’s the biggest that has ever been told. The bigger the goal, oftentimes the bigger the challenges. The more commas, the more problems you have.

MTOM 119 | God Shift
God Shift: You cannot live life on your own. That’s never the way it was intended to be. You have to live according to what God has planned for you. Put your trust in Him.

I think sometimes God is testing us. How bad do you want it? Are you interested o are you committed? Will you keep going even when it gets hard because what I have for you if you can’t do this, when it gets a little dark, that you’ll never be able to handle what it is that I have that’s above and beyond what you can ask or imagine? I believe that if you’re facing adversity, that’s a sign that you’re on the right track.

That’s what I say. I always say that. I say, “There are two indicators that your next level is present.” The first is fear. When you feel fear, you’re not supposed to run away from it. You’re supposed to say, “I’m getting close.” When all hell is breaking loose, at least, I used to say, “When your best times are colliding with your worst times, it is then that you’re on the verge of unleashing your incredible.” Your business could be up and your marriage could be down.

It’s possible to have that dichotomy going on. It’s a sign that you’re moving in the right direction or you’ve lost focus somehow. You’ve put in too much of your energy over here and you forgot about making sure that your energy is also here so that you can ride the ship because if any side of the ship is heavier than the other, you’re going to tip and then eventually you’re going to sink. That’s not God’s desire for you either.

We take the splintered approach to God and business instead of allowing them to converge because it’s natural. First of all, we are in business to make money. In money says, “In God, we trust.” The foundations of this country are religiously and spiritually based. I get the lady back in the day who said you shouldn’t be able to pray in school, that got everybody to get on her side and started this whole running a mock in terms of separation of church, state and all of that. I get all of that.

Everything we touch has a foundation of that. Our political leaders, they give speeches and at the end of their speeches, they say, what? “God blessed America.” We don’t think anything about that. I want to go to Corporate America and I want to do a talk on whatever you brought me in to talk about. I want to pray at the start of my time and now you’re trying to walk me out of the building. Why are we allowing that to be okay? Everywhere I go, I pray at the start of my talk. That’s the first thing I do. I’ve spoken to some Fortune 10s and they haven’t walked me out.

I used to do it on the walk too and now I’m like, “Whatever.”

It’s the confidence that you have to do that. It’s not the fact that you did it because if they go to a sporting event, they do the national anthem that talks about God. It’s not the fact that you’re doing it. It’s the fact that you are confident and bold in that space enough to do it. If you do it, they’re going to allow it but we’re so afraid that we’re going to offend. I want you to offend so that they figure out how they can get what you got.

They’re asking themselves, how can I be down? This girl came in here, finished the whole sermon and got a check. Put me down with that instead of, “They might be offended and they might walk me out.” Even if they walk me out, I’m already paid because I show up paid to any engagement I go to. I’m not waiting until I get there in your face.

Even if it’s not because there have been times that they’re like, “If you do this, you might lose your job and you might descend in the other thing.” Do you honestly think that God is the type of father that if you get slide because you’re honoring him that he’s not going to make up for it? There’s a book about it and a saying in the culture now like, “I’ve got zero Fs to give.” I wish people could have zero Fs to give when it comes to God as well.

Can we get to the point where we’re like, “I don’t care?” Like, “This is who I am, who is in me, what I stand for and I don’t care who likes it.” We do that in every other area of our lives. Why can we not adopt the notion of, “I’m going to be myself and I’m going to do what I stand on.” If something happens as a result of it, I know he’s got me.

It’s like your homegirls. If you end up running off at the mouth with somebody and somebody hits you. A bunch of girls gets in, I go like, “Darnyelle, you shouldn’t have been running her mouth.” I’m going to take the rings off and I’m going to get in it too. Why can’t we recognize that God is going to do the same thing? If someone slights you for saying yes to him, he’s got a whole lot more for you lined up on the other side.

That is the perfect way to look at it, especially for those of us that are in our own companies. It’s your company. It’s yours to create the bylaws. You get to do everything and get to decide. The people who come to work for you, they’re making a decision based on a clear understanding and embodiment of who you are and who you be inside of your company.

Don’t make the grave mistake of doing a knee-jerk reaction when God gives you a new vision. This will push you to filter through your old perspectives automatically.

Our job descriptions make it very clear who we are spiritually. Everyone who comes to work here loves that we are taking that bold stand up about it. The bottom line, in my opinion, and I’m very interested in hearing yours as well, is the way you experience a God shift is to make a bold decision. You want the fullness of God, whatever that means and look without apology and unequivocal because God knows.

He knows the number of hairs on your head. You said trust earlier and it’s one of those five little words that people get in trouble because they want to trust that the chair will hold them and their car will start when they push the little button. They want to trust all of those things, but they don’t want to trust the creator of the universe, the lover of our souls, the one who saw us, chose us, approved us before our mom and dad even got busy. That’s crazy to me.

I would like to give a little warning about a God shift because I think we’ve talked about a lot of things that we can do to put our God shift in motion, but I can tell you what I did. My first God shift was from God and my second God shift is I imposed on myself. When the Lord gave me the vision for ministry, I was in Bali, Indonesia, on a spiritual retreat and I vividly saw what he said my ministry was going to consist of.

He said, “I was going to preach and teach in stadiums. I was going to have a television show and I was going to work with celebrities and politicians. I saw it as well as I see you right now.” In my mind, I thought to myself, “I know that you can do it like this, but more than likely, that’s not going to happen in the next 90 days or whatever.” The word tells us, he will bless what he puts our hands to. I understand the importance of being in action.

What I did was I made the grave mistake of taking that new vision and filtering it through an old perspective. I created a coaching business out of it. Anytime you’ve been in a certain industry for any amount of time or doing anything for any amount of time, it’s easy to filter everything new through that old lens.

You could come with me and say, “I’m going to start selling this great product and act like a girl. You can create a program, teaching people how to use it and charge $7,500.” We’ve been in that world for so long. God told me a ministry and I created the coaching business out of it. That means that for the second half of 2019 and all of 2020, I knew that what I was doing was too small. I felt as though the anointing on my life was bigger than what I created. I did love it.

It didn’t help people, yes. It wasn’t good, yes. Did I love it? No. I was sitting in my house in December of 2020, doing what most of us do, who are in business, trying to make plans for 2021. I knew something had to be recalibrated, but I was like, “I don’t know if it’s the messaging or audience.” Everything I would write, I didn’t love it. I called on Pat Perkinson and Doreen Rainey.

It was a Thursday afternoon. I believe it was December the 30th of 2020 and I said to them, “What is the time that both of you all can get on Zoom for about twenty minutes?” I thought that’s all that was going to take. We got on the Zoom on December the 30th of 2020. I don’t remember if it happened that exact day or not. I didn’t have the language for it but what I was trying to say to them was, “I’m looking for something that could be a movement. I’m not looking for a tagline or program name, but I’m not loving anything that I created.”

We were talking through some things. I’ve been saying for some time like, “If you’re going to get on the other side of disruption, burnout or whatever it is, a God shift is required.” Two and a half hours into this, what should have been twenty minutes. Doreen gave me the side-eye like only Doreen Rainey can give and said, “Why don’t you create that? That’s it. I got you.” This is what Doreen was saying to me like, “You were saying that you know that God doesn’t have to be wrong by wrong. You weren’t even on the ladder. God told you television stadiums, celebrities, politicians and you over here creating five-day challenges and coaching. What did he tell you? Why is that not what you created?”

That’s the moment that A God Shift Movement was birth, was on that Zoom. A couple of days later, I wrote the book, rebranded the show, produced the television show, and did the whole first season. I say that to say, “Don’t make the grave mistake of when God gives you a new vision of doing the knee-jerk reaction of filtering that through old perspective because that’s what you will do automatically.”

I wasted a year and a half. My first God shift in 2018, when things dried up because he was trying to open my eyes and he was calling me to ministry that was my first God shift that was God shifting me. I brought that second God shift on myself because I filtered that new vision through all perspectives. I’ve wasted a lot of time.

You have been warned, good people who are reading. I am loving this conversation and I don’t want to let you go. I know I need we need to honor each other’s time but before I let you go, a couple of things I want to share with you then I have a couple of questions I always like to ask to round out the interview. I don’t even know if I ever told you this story.

MTOM 119 | God Shift
God Shift: God is not sitting there, waiting for you to do something wrong. That’s not how He operates. He wants you to have what you don’t even know you want.

At the time of the recording of this particular episode in 2022, it hasn’t even been a year yet since God gave me this show. October the 23rd, 2021, we were on the final day of my event, Breakthrough in Business, which was a three-day spiritual alignment incubator. The first he said, “You know this is the last time you’re doing this event.” I was like, “I know now.” He goes, “Move to millions.” That’s all he says. I’m like, “What does that mean?” “I’ll tell you later.” About a week later, he gave me the acronym for move. Move stands for Mastery, Operational obedience, Vision and Execution.

He said, “It’s not about the money. It’s about the income but it’s about the impact.” We’re going full throttle. We’ve been changing everything over, going hard and fast on working with six-figure service-based entrepreneurs who want to build a business that serves them financially and spiritually to and beyond the million-dollar mark while deepening their connection, alignment and faith to the father, all the way in.

I share this with you without you even knowing that. We talked a lot now about the O, the operational obedience. I wanted to point that out to you because it was our own God moment without me purposely saying that to you just to see how the conversation would go, knowing that where you are right now and where we are taking other people is in alignment. I wanted to honor and celebrate that for you. I have a couple of questions for you before I can let you go.

We had a couple of moments of business in this conversation, but this is my way of grounding out because our readers are entrepreneurs and small business owners. They’re coming to read to this show, not to read pontificate on the principles of abundance and how we can unlock them, but also to look for those small nuggets that are going to help them to get to another place inside of their business. My first question is, what is the last book you read? It can’t be your own book.

I’m reading The Militant Suffrage Movement: Emancipation in a Hurry. It talks about setting the world of hurry. We can’t create what it is that we need to create. We can’t serve God in that. I’m reading that right now. I’m not far into it yet. My pastor used to say, “If you can’t say amen and say ouch.” I have a lot of ouch moments.

We had a dinner when I was in Atlanta filming my docuseries Move to Millions and that’s where she mentioned it. My second one is what is a quote that you live by that whenever you get out of alignment or unsure about your next step, what is the quote that brings you back?

Keep going, even when you don’t feel like it.

My last one is about the tool. Is there a tool that you would swear by that has been essential in your journey of being in the marketplace while also being a minister?

It’s a tool that I created for myself because talking about this conversation is not just business. The God Shift Movement is not the only thing I do. I own an assisted living facility. I have my hands on a lot of different things at the same time. If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t operate off of to-do lists, that I operate off of appointments, there’s no way that I could get everything done.

I’m on the leadership team of a ministry. I’ve got the assisted living facility, A God Shift Movement, so my tool is my calendar and I don’t create to-do lists. To me, the word to-do is the indication that it’s going to get done later. I need to get it done. I created an appointment, put it on my calendar and I treated it like a doctor’s appointment.

I love that reframe on the to-do list because that means it’s going to get done later versus setting the time up to get it done when it needs to be done. That’s that would feed the procrastination spirit for those of us who love the point of procrastination.

I love the to-do list, don’t get me wrong.

Each day that you don’t access the wisdom you need is a delay in answering the amazing life waiting for you and putting your God shift in motion.

I’ll meet you there. I live my life on a whole list because I am easily distracted. It’s not the disruptions that get me. It’s the day-to-day. When I used to have the sound on my email, the email would go off and I’m like, “I got to go see. Somebody is trying to talk to me.” I’m that important that at that moment, I need to stop what I’m doing and go see what’s going on in the world. I’m easily distracted. I need a good list, but I get that. Is there anything else you want to share with the people in closing before we call it an episode?

In closing, I would say that every day that you don’t access the wisdom and information that you need as a day delay to answering the amazing life that’s calling. Figure out where it is that needs you, elevate his position in your life and put your God shift in motion.

Thank you so much for being here, Shayna. I know this is going to bless many people that will be coming back to this episode over and over again.

Perfect. It sounds good. Thank you, Darnyelle.

You’re welcome.

How are you feeling? Did you experience a shift? I told you at the onset that this conversation with Shayna was going to be straight fire. Many amazing nuggets are available to you. If you enjoyed our conversation, you’d want to make sure you check out the show notes. That’ll give you all the information you need to plug into Shayna, her podcast and her TV show.

I had so many notes from this episode. There are many things that she said that resonated deeply with me. Starting at the top of our time together when she talked about feeling splintered in our business and I got to share my own story about how I made the bold decision to take a bold stand for God and how that’s made all of the difference in the way that I get to show up now in the marketplace.

It made it easy. I talked about how in 2022, we had 265 people at our event versus the 68 we had a year before. What I didn’t share with you in this particular time is that it was also the first year we did a $1 million in three days. As soon as I decided to take that bold stand and experience my own shifts, God showed up for me fully.

It showed up in my business to let me know that I could love God, take a bold stand for him and make boatloads of money at the same time. That is what I want you to understand. You do not have to choose. You can love God and you can make lots of money. They are not mutually exclusive because God wants you to have them. He wants you to have the resources that are going to create influence in the marketplace so that others will be drawn to the God in you and see come for himself.

I loved when she talked about all of the stories around her own shift. Do you guys remember this when she said the warning at the end? To make sure that when you are now clear that you are to experience a God shift, you don’t make the mistake of putting your new revelation into an old process. All that was so good, eighteen months she said that she spent doing something that she wasn’t supposed to do because she went back to what was familiar.

When you experience a shift, keep moving in the direction of the shift so that you don’t miss God and you don’t miss what’s waiting for you. There are so many things that she said. I loved how she said that disruption was always an invitation. When we got to talking about money, you guys know, I love talking about money. The more money you make, the more people you impact.

MTOM 119 | God Shift
The militant suffrage movement: Emancipation in a hurry

For those of you who have been questioning whether or not you should be charging more and earning more inside of your business and what that’s going to mean? It’s going to mean is that you have more to impact. I stopped setting revenue goals a few years ago in my business, and I started setting tied goals. I get excited looking at the income that comes in and thinking about the checks I’m going to get to write out.

Not the checks to pay my team and I’m grateful to have an amazing team that I get to pay, not the checks to pay for all of the software and things that we use, but the checks that I get to write to help others do work that advances the kingdom. That’s what I get excited about. In case you’re wondering when I tie, I don’t tie to church ministries. I’m tied to all types of organizations because the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. When I had a God shift to start focusing on tied goals instead of revenue goals, my income jumped again.

I hope that you have some amazing nuggets that you’ve taken away from this conversation with Shayna and that you are ready to encounter your very own God shift. I want to also give a quick shout-out to the Move to Millions Group on Facebook. That is our free, exclusive online community and you are invited to join us there. If you go to MoveToMillionsGroup.com, you’ll get an opportunity to answer a few questions and come into our community for free. Every single week, I show up and I do free training exclusively for this group, plus there’ll be other opportunities to be served and supported by my team inside of our community.

I can’t wait to see you there because that’s where we continue the conversation. If you enjoy this episode, I want you to go to the Move To Millions Group and share your biggest a-ha moment. Share with other people what you’re taking away from this powerful conversation with Shayna. Remember that if you don’t come from millions, millions out of come from you. That is God’s desire and birthright for you and I’ll see you next time. Take care.

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Shayna has helped celebrities, influencers, military officers, political dignitaries, pastors, corporate executives and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve personal growth and organizational excellence. She and her businesses have received multiple awards, she has published 3 books and has been featured in over 450 media outlets. She is also the host of the God Shift Podcast and the God Shift TV show.