Ep. 139 – Erik Luhrs: Be It To Become It

When we use language in place of feelings we limit ourselves.” Erik Luhrs

About Our Guest:
Erik Luhrs is the founder of BE SCALE. He up-levels Tech, SAAS & Service Business Leaders so they can grow fast, attract top talent & kick a$$. He is also a Fortune 500 Consultant, NLP Master Practitioner, Psychic, Peak Performance Coach, and the creator of the GURUS Selling System™, Subconscious Lead Generation™, and Peerless Positioning™.

Episode Summary:

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There is something to be said for living in flow instead of constantly operating out of flex.  I remember when I first started my business and I operated in what I consider today to be “hustle energy.”  I was desperate for success in my business.  Interestingly, hustle didn’t bring me success, it made me tired.  What if the fastest way to the million-dollar mark was to just be? By focusing on being it to become it, my guest, Erik Luhrs believes that you could change the game in every area of your life. The power in becoming leads to the abundance you are most seeking. As you listen to this episode, ask yourself: who must I be so that I can do what I desire to do and have what I desire to have?  While you ponder the answer, this conversation is going to give you the lift you need to finish this year being the CEO  you were created to be. Grab your pen and paper and listen in to discover:

  • Why operating in your own strong causes more harm than good
  • Why surrender and alignment are the most important principles to leverage in your business
  • How to channel your emotions to support your next level
  • 3 ways to discover your highest purpose and energy
  • And so much more

Powerful Erik quotes from the episode:

  • “The people who change the world are starting businesses that fulfill a mission.”
  • “Feelings drive the universe.”
  • “Your highest purpose is what you decide it is.”
  • “Bump up your being.”
  • “Life is a journey not a destination.”
  • “Most people go with the devil they know not the devil they don’t.”
  • “Desiring your next level already puts you in the 1%”
  • “The outcome we desire now are based on our current level and perspective.”

Last Book Erik Read: Corporate Mystic 2.0 Gay Hendricks

Favorite Quote: “Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow, or creep, or drip or crash! Be water, my friend.”  Bruce Lee  

Tool Erik Swears By: Meditation

How to Connect with Erik:

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Erik Luhrs: Be It To Become It

Before we jump into the interview, which is going to knock your socks off, I need you to do me a favor. If you have not left me a review on this amazing show that you come back to, can you please do me a favor and do it quickly? Here is why. We are in about 44 countries around the world, and we need to continue to expand our reach so that more people can hear our message. Believe it or not, you taking five minutes or less to write us a review is going to help us. I’m going to say thank you in advance and be on the lookout because your review could win you some special time with yours truly.

In this episode, I have a conversation with Erik Luhrs of BE DO SCALE. Doesn’t the name of his company make you want to jump up and give somebody a high five? Seriously, what I loved about Erik, if I can make it about him for a second, is his cool, laid-back demeanor. His energy calmed me down. You all know I’m almost always on ten. He immediately gave me this confident assurance that I could take my time, and we could have a powerful conversation. Erik Luhrs is the Founder of BE DO SCALE. He up-levels tech, SaaS, and service-based leaders so they can grow fast, attract top talent, and kick ass. That’s what his bio says.

He is also a Fortune 500 consultant, NLP master practitioner, peak performance coach, and the Creator of The GURUS Selling System, Subconscious Lead Generation, and Peerless Positioning. This conversation was all that. My husband says that all the time, “It was all that.” I cannot wait for you to get your whole self together because you are going to learn how to be it first so that you can become it. This episode goes out to every one of my millions minded dreamers.

You’ve got millions on your mind. You can feel it in your body but you are not there yet. I believe the missing link is that you are not being it already. You’ve heard me say before, you have to see it, to see it to get to experience it or you have got to be it to become it. Grab your pen, grab your paper, and keep your tissues close by because you might need them. Let’s jump into my conversation with Erik Luhrs.

Erik, I’m excited to welcome you to the move to the show. How are you?

I’m wonderful. Thank you for having me.

I’m excited about this conversation. I still remember when we first met and sitting and vibing on the energy. There are a lot of things that we agree upon and believe are important in this journey of going to your next level. Before we get into all of that, take a quick moment and tell everybody who you are in your own words.

I am a scrappy kid from Jackson Heights with a nickel and a dream. Ultimately, I look at myself as a continuous pathfinder. I’m never satisfied. As soon as I figure something out, I want to figure something else out. That’s my journey. That’s the purpose of life. I try to help people do that. My platform, per se, where I do my art, is in the world of business. I’m the guy who wants to help people discover their highest purpose and energy. Bring that into the world of business. We can ultimately improve the world and have a better life and more fun.

I love all of that, even the joke about being the scrappy kid with the nickel and a dream. I have an episode on this show which I called Ramen Noodles and a Dream. There were eighteen months, and I was trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing, where I ate ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly every other day. I was trying to hold onto this dream so I could totally get behind that.

I love what you said, though, “I want to help people in the realm of business discover their highest purpose and energy.” Can we pull on and unpack that a little bit? Why is understanding your highest purpose and then, therefore, your highest energy? I believe that there’s a distinction and a difference between the two but they converge together, essential to being able to do business in a way that does serve and supports all that you are.

It’s interesting. I was having a conversation with a colleague about the same thing. There are two ways of going about business. There are people who start businesses because they say, “This industry is exploding. I will be able to start something. Through hiring marketing firms and killer salespeople, I will jack it up in such a value over the next six years and then sell out. I will make a lot of money. I will be hollow as a person but I will be a billionaire.” That’s fine. The world needs that. Some of the innovations that we have are because of hollow people.

They started a business to be able to sell a business. I get that. What’s the second way?

There are people who start a business because it is burning inside of them. There’s a passion, purpose, and mission. They go forth. What happens is that a lot of times, in trying to build a business, they listen a lot to the egotistical people and the egotistical way of doing things. They lose the thread of passion and purpose. They try to become more commercialized. They can make some money, can have some success but feel that emptiness inside them. When you are somebody who’s purely money driven, the emptiness doesn’t matter to you. You are like, “I will buy my way to happiness. I will buy another Ferrari.” There are people who are like, “I’m making money but I’m not happy.”

Ultimately, they are not going to change the world and affect the world in a positive way because it’s my desire and my belief to try and leave the world better than how we found it. Everybody has free will. The key thing is that the highest purpose is whatever you decide it is. That’s why you have these people who are like, “Money can be my highest purpose.” That’s fine. Even though they feel empty and shallow, they are living out their dream because they’ve decided because of free will. There are people who are like, “I want to change the world. I want to make an impact. I don’t like what’s happening. This could be better. I’m going to be starting with a company, and we are going to be helping to improve water quality.”

Your highest purpose is whatever you decide it is.

That’s an incredible thing. It’s an important thing in this world. That’s the thing, to be able to find the things that matter to you, you work on them, as opposed to just for money. It’s about having a life where you say, “I can choose these things through my free will. I can bring what I consider these gifts to the world, whatever they might be.” To have done that through a turn of a desire into a reality is a powerful thing for people. Again, you can do it either way but if you want to be happy, it’s doing the things that bring you happiness as opposed to things that are for money.

I want to pull it back for everybody in case you missed it or I’m going to say it the Darnyelle way based on what I heard Erik say that when you are starting a business, you are standing at a proverbial crossroad and have a decision to make. From the moment you start that business, what I’m hearing you say, Erik, is that you have to exercise your free will and decide, “Are you doing this for the material gain, the money, or are you doing this for the mission of the work to change the world?” Making that decision at the onset of starting a business is the catalyst to open you up to get to the place and point where who you are and what you desire, how you desire to change the world flowers everything you do to move that business forward.

That moment when you make that decision, your energy will take you in a direction. Every morning though, it’s the same thing. You got to get up. Now, my free will because every day you could sell out. Every day you could change course. Every day you can take the edge. You can go from sharp to dull. Kim Kiyosaki, Robert Kiyosaki’s wife, taught us a lesson one time about, “Every day, we have to get up and decide that we want to stay married.” The same thing, this is a business. Even though it’s my business, this is a marriage or even a birth. You are giving birth to this thing.

You can be a good, bad or negligent parent. How is my child going to interact with the world? What’s my child going to do for the world? Every day is, “What does this mean to me? What do I want to bring to the world?” over and over again. It also gives you that opportunity to get reinvigorated and find a new thread, a new facet of the diamonds you didn’t see yesterday.

Ultimately, you also expand as a person. Every day, I work on levels of being helping people create synchronicity, serendipity, and all this stuff. Yet when you bump up your being a little bit, all of a sudden, you are at a higher level. More opportunities come but also new perspectives on your business come. That’s why I love what I do.

Every day I get up and have a new insight into what I do, how I work with people, and another little offhand quip. I’m not going to name names but there are people taking my offhand quips and turning them into seven-figure businesses. I love that. I don’t want to sit here and say, “Give me money,” but it’s that thing. Your business, whatever it might be, get to see another facet of the diamond. It gets bigger and bigger.

I want to pull on a few things that you said a little bit more. I love that the highest purpose is what you decide that it is. Sometimes, we are so esoteric when it comes to purpose, destiny, and all of those things. I think about the Bible. I’m thinking about Genesis 1:26, which it says, “Let us make man in our own image and likeness. Let us give him dominion over the Earth and the power to subdue it.” At that moment, we are given the authority to determine what our purpose is. I hear all the time from people who are struggling to identify their purpose, and what I’m hearing you say, and I agree 250%, is that if you are struggling with your purpose, you are struggling to decide what you want your purpose to be.

We all come here with the same purpose at the end of the day. We are all here to help people and to further the extension of the planet. That’s why every single one of us is here but how each of us walks that out is different. That’s the decision I feel you are saying that we get the opportunity to make. Our highest purpose is whatever we decide it is. You went on to say, “I get to choose what those things are that I’m going to focus on in my purpose. I get to choose how I’m going to even bring my gifts into the world.”

You said, which I also agree with this 100%, “Every day, you could choose to sell out.” I would love it if you pulled on a little bit more. How do we get up every single day and sit in the significance of getting to decide to live inside of our purpose? You talked about levels of being. I’m interested in hearing what those levels of being are and how they integrate with this daily decision that we get to make.

The easiest way is what I do every day, clear the decks. That’s why I meditate every morning. There are various versions of meditation. A lot of the work that I do is in different types of meditation with people to achieve different outcomes. Every day meditating and getting to a point where you get yourself in alignment with your higher self because ultimately, your higher self is the full expression and potentiality of yourself. In a thousand lifetimes, you could never become the fullness of your highest self because your highest self is every option that could potentially ever be you. It’s always expanding. You said we are here to expand life on Earth. I will take it a step further.

We are here to expand the entire universe and the potentiality to experience it in physical form. Every day that you get up, you first get into that alignment. From there, it’s like, “What am I feeling compelled to now? What aspect of my business am I feeling compelled to?” You feel compelled to that. That’s the way that I work is like, “I have a couple of different things I can work on.” I will look at them. One of them is, “Whatever for the vibe I’m having, it will pull at me.” That goes to that level of beingness. If we think about the universe, if we want to go deep, I believe not just in a single universe but multiple universes coming up off of every single decision.

That’s how you have multiple dimensions. I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole too far. Since we are choosing, “What am I going to focus on?” which you are making a decision and splitting, you are taking yourself into a new level of beingness. From this level of beingness, what’s pulling me? What new ideas do I have? What energy am I at? We can make decisions that can take our energy down. That’s that sell-out thing. We can look at it and say, “I’m having this problem. I’m going to bring in a marketing agency. I’m going to have them figure it out for me or something.”

The marketing agency might come up with the most stupid things for you to say, “I’m fine with what they are saying,” but they are the experts. I made this choice and continued with this choice, even though when they came to move their proposal, I was like, “I don’t feel this.” You start moving back towards that standardized commercial model. That’s when we are getting pulled from that passion. You can either take yourself to that higher level and say, “What is my higher self giving me these ideas?” For example, one of my client’s grading authorities. After I worked with the founder for a couple of weeks, we created a 300% increase in a single quarter.

It wasn’t me sitting there espousing ideas to him. I took him through the processes. I have a methodology called FEELD Work, where I take people out into the quantum field through their feelings. Out there, tapping into the feelings that you want to have and reverse engineering from there brings our reality back. All of a sudden, I took him out there, and he had his epiphanies and feelings. I helped him reverse engineer so that feelings became outlines, and outlines became thoughts and ideas. It took more form. He bumped up. He moved into a new level of beingness that he didn’t have before. Energetically, that translated into 300% more growth for the company. It’s the same thing.

Somebody that’s reading this is like, “I’m sorry. Did he say that by getting into my feelings, I can increase my results by 300%?” Let’s unpack that a little bit more. I get it but I want to make sure that the people reading that may not understand the significance of meditation and get into alignment may not even be able to conceptualize their highest and fullest potential. That makes it hard for them to begin to get into alignment with that. Can we unpack that a little bit more about what it would look like to be able to be in a space that produces that result?

I have studied meditation for many years. In every form of meditation, first, it was to be mindful, focus on a flame, and clear your mind. I don’t mind. I did mindfulness. Eventually, I found Abraham-Hicks. I started understanding the Law of Attraction. I studied other people’s constructs of it. Finally, I found Joe Dispenza. Joe started making more sense. He was saying, “Get into the field.” My issue with that was Joe’s great. His shortest meditations are 45 minutes. In the end, I would do his stuff and realize I would get out into what he called the field.

Ultimately, I realized it was being more in the brain, not out into the field. Have an elevated emotion, a clear intention, and a picture. Soon I was like, “Picture what you want.” The brain got involved. As soon as the brain gets involved because the amygdala is right there and going up. It’s a poison pill. You picture the Ferrari and the house and then, “How are you going to do it, loser?”

Out of meditation, you come. I would be like, “Almost there.” He kept talking about the field to field. I started figuring out how to go into the field without using my brain but feeling and using awareness and sensory awareness and moving even beyond that. From Abraham-Hicks, I picked up that feelings drive the universe. The universe doesn’t hear what you say.

The universe doesn’t even pick up on what you picture. The universe picks up on what you feel because that’s the strongest and most sustained energy. It picks up on a consistent signal, not the, “I want a Ferrari,” the one-shot little signal you sent out one time that picks on every day. Do you feel great? Do you feel sucky? Whatever it is.

It feeds that back to you like a mirror. I’m like, “I’m going to go out to the field.” I started learning how to go out to the field and be in the field. I’m like, “Now I’m going to start playing around with having a feeling.” Joe said it, and it made sense. I was like, “I have an elevated emotion.” You have a desire. Ultimately, you could break every desire down to a feeling. You go out to the field and have that feeling. All of a sudden, what would happen was I had the feeling and let myself feel the feeling out in the field, not even trying to do it in my body.

All of a sudden, different ideas would start coming. Different visions would start coming. Entirely new outcomes would start coming vastly different from the outcome I wanted. Let’s say your levels of beingness are 1 to 100, and you are at level 12 of your potentiality or your beingness. You keep espousing things that are at level 40 of your beingness.

As soon as you go from level 12, where you are, to level 13, you change the angle, the perspective, and the point of view. All of a sudden, everything that made sense when you were down here starts to change. As you go up, you are getting this completely different perspective. What looked like, “I want a Ferrari and this house and that thing,” starts to change. Why? It’s because my energy and perspective are changing.

You have changed. What I love about what you are saying is that it sounds weird. You are not a person who understands the energetic flow and the role that energy plays. I love what you said about feelings driving the universe like, “I wish I could get people to understand that.” I will be talking to a client, and they will be like, “I’m going to have a $10,000 day.” I’m like, “That’s awesome. That’s great. How does that feel? Take some time. First, I want you to write it out. Tell me the story of how it’s going to be. What it’s going to look like? What does it smell like? How do you feel? What is the energy you hold when you have achieved this $10,000 day? I want you to act as if it has already happened.”

They do the exercise. Now we start to get into the actual day that’s going to be the $10,000 day. There’s a disconnect because they have now become something different because they spend time sitting in the energy of that being their reality. I love that you are breaking this down. For those of you who are reading, the reason why it was so important for me to have this conversation with Erik for you is that I want you to understand that what it is that you ultimately desire is going to be completely contingent upon you. You consistently sit in the significance of being that and being that now, not waiting for it to show up, not waiting for the Ferrari to show up but being as if you have a Ferrari now.

What you do is, first, you accelerate the Ferrari. We are using that as the example in this particular scenario. The arrival of the Ferrari is accelerated by you sitting in the energy of being. What you also come to realize is that you don’t want to for Ferrari. What you want is a Bentley. It’s because you’ve elevated your consciousness about who you are that you get to the heart of what the desire truly is for you to get to your next level.

That’s that whole construct of life as a journey, not a destination. The whole thing is that people think the Ferrari or the house is the destination. What you find is that the people who are truly successful and happy have these intentions. With the Ferrari, by the time the Ferrari shows up, they are like, “Okay.”

They are past it. It’s like when my husband and I built our home. Everything was about building this home. It’s a gorgeous, beautiful 7,700 square foot home but we are on to the 15,000 square foot home. That’s who we are being now, even though we live in this particular place. It serves people first to understand that this is the way that it works because then it also opens up an opportunity for you to become detached from the Ferrari or the house and open to the possibilities of what’s coming beyond that initial desire.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe from your perspective, Erik, the initial desire isn’t the true desire. It’s what you knew based on where you were. I always talk about the difference between your vision point and your vantage point. When we are stating our desire based on where we sit now, it’s always skewed and in lack. It is only once we’ve become and are up to that higher level of consciousness that is our vision point that we can truly see what it is that we truly desire.

It’s the old story of the blindfolded people and the elephant. They put one person’s hands on the foot of the elephant and describe the elephant according to the foot. One is holding the tail, one is holding the nose, one is holding the tusk, one is holding an ear, and one is touching the side. You ask them all to describe what an elephant is, they are all completely different descriptions but it’s the same thing.

The whole thing is that when you are at a lower level, you are doing your best to describe, and this is where I came to understand, having studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, that language is limiting by design. Our language literally has to cut things off for us to describe things. When we try to use language in place of feeling, we limit ourselves, which is why I finally came to understand that going out into the field with nothing but a feeling and not a lot of feelings.

I’m going to take one feeling that I want to feel and, all of a sudden, let that be like a clarion note out into the void. That energy would wave back. You don’t even get past your brain because your brain is already going, “You can’t do it from where you are, limit, limit, limit.” Getting past it that’s the key thing because limit language is limited but emotions are eternal.

I want to continue to explore these levels of being so that we can help our audience to start to sit, and I keep saying to sit in the significance because in my mind, the embodiment of is, it’s not active. You don’t have to be moving to do it. It’s just the realization of who you are. Erik, you have shared so many powerful gems so far. I want to go back to the levels of being as best as you can define them for people who are reading for them to get an idea of how they even get to their next level of being. Can you share a little bit about what that would look like?

Now, you have a life experience that feels a certain way to you. You feel about your work, home, the people in your life, and your potentiality a certain way. You are at a certain level of being. First, the physical form to experience everything that’s potential in physical form so that you can go out dodge, you can outsource, highest energy or great spirit. It wants to experience itself as much as possible. We’ve gotten to a certain level of experience. If you look at it like an orb or whatever, that’s you. You’ve had these many experiences. You’ve grown to this big of a size or this small of a size.

Your next level of being is whatever is beyond this. It’s like, “I’m going to make a decision now.” The vast majority of people in the world, unfortunately, because of conditioning, make choices that take them back within their established comfort zone, which is their current level of beingness. “I’m going to go with the devil I know instead of the devil I don’t.” The old saying goes, “They live lots of quiet desperation.”

They go as far as the world has conditioned them and will allow themselves to go. If you want to go to that next level of beingness, just by the desire to say, “I want to go to my next level of beingness,” you are already in the one percentile of people in the world. Most people would rather have a beer and another night of ignorance than a day of completely being lost.

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. You want to say, “I want to go beyond this. What would that be like? What would be more than me?” Again, we come back to free will. We say, “I’m going to try dancing that I’ve never done before. I’m going to take my business in a direction I’ve never taken before.” Wherever you play it out in your life, usually in multiple directions but it’s like, “I’m going to experience these new things.” Simply by making the choice that you want to experience these new things, you start to force the orb bigger. You are becoming this new version of yourself. You can do that through effort.

You can say, “I’m going to go to these places. I’m going to do these things.” That’s an effort version of expansion versus an energy version of expansion. With energy, you could say, “There are these feelings I want to feel. I want to feel them powerfully.” A lot of times, maybe you have multiple clients and say, “What would that feel like?” “It makes me feel happy.” Feel happiness. What they are doing is they are imagining happiness in their head. They are not feeling it. “I feel so happy.” “I can tell it with that smirk. I will buy what you are saying.” When you say, “I want to feel happiness,” all of a sudden, you can go out and start looking for different ways to get into a higher level of consciousness through meditation or whatever.

You send out that signal. All of a sudden, if you do it clear enough or strong enough or whatever, then you have that little serendipity like, “I want to feel the mystery.” You sit there and get into that feeling of mystery. You don’t know what the hell it is going to be. You feel the mystery. All of a sudden, you feel it may be in the field and eventually in the body, that surprising mystery. That night you are getting done with work or something, and your friends call you and say, “I’m going to try out a belly dancing class. Do you want to come with me?”

It’s that little tingle of mystery that crosses as you hear it. You follow that gentle and general inclination. You go, and this whole new world is like, “What is belly dancing? What does it mean? There’s this history to it. Power.” All of a sudden, you’ve let the universe guide you. You’ve taken the path of least resistance because you are working from the energy as opposed to, “I’m going to find something athletic to do after work. I will join a volleyball league because that’s what everybody does.”

It’s wanting to have new experiences but then also, how do you have these new experiences? Most people don’t even want new experiences. The more you let your higher self bring these opportunities to you, you send this signal of, “I want to feel this. I want to experience this sensation.” Your highest self is okay. It opens up opportunities. You might get three different things the same night. All of them give you that feeling. Any of them is right.

That’s one thing that I was going to say. The most important part of everything that you said is you first being open. However, in this particular scenario, the mystery plays out for you but not have a construct that it has to happen this way. Being able to be in the state of being and leveraging that being to get to your next level, a big part of that is detaching from any and all outcomes.

Knowing that the fact that you’ve decided that you are ready to go to your next level automatically puts you into the 1% of people because most people don’t even think that way, and then being detached from how your next level shows up. Being completely open to allowing it to come into your life experience in whatever way is best for your highest good.

There’s this element of faith that plays in there, faith in yourself, faith in God, universe source. I always put the asterisks there because God is the universe. He is the creator of the universe. He is the source of all that is good. He is the facilitator of the Holy Spirit. No matter how you decide to describe all that energy, it’s all covered and who God is. It opens up or has the possibility, if you are open to it, to open it up. Quickly before we round out this episode, I want to make it more granular for people. We are talking out there. Now let’s bring it in a little bit more specifically to business.

You gave one example earlier as you think about this process of being and being conscious of the fact that there is a higher version of yourself and that you can access that highest version of yourself through various modalities, meditation being one of them. Opening yourself up to see yourself from your highest potential and then looking back down and figuring out or allowing for the path that brings the two to the same level. If we could come up with maybe a real example inside of a business, I will start the scenario, and then you help me fill in the gaps. I’m a business owner and have been stuck at six figures. I have this desire to get my business to seven figures.

I know, believe, and have decided that I am worthy at that level. That’s probably a whole other body of work. It’s hard to be it if you don’t feel you are worthy of it. We are going to make the assumption in this example that I’ve done my worthiness work. I know that having a seven-figure business will serve me and humanity. I’m not just doing it so that I can access the materialism that comes along with having more money.

I want to be the change that I want to see. That is my stance. How does me deciding all of this play into the steps I need to take almost takes us back to the example of your client who went to 300% growth in a month? How does me making this decision show up as results inside of my business? If we can make this practical for the people, that will be helpful.

In terms of showing up as results, results may vary. Results will vary because they are based on the person. It’s about first saying, “I’m at $400,000. I want to get to $1 million.” That makes it a tangible thing. That keeps it in the realm of effort, of the real world, of material, and everything else like that. If we go about it, normally, we are setting ourselves up for a lot of work, talking to that consultant or taking that program, or hiring these people. What I always do is I say you are picturing the $1 million. The $1 million is a material placeholder for a feeling or a series of feelings. Let go of the $1 million and say, “What would you do with the $1 million?” “I would do these things.” “How’s that going to make you feel?” “It’s going to make me feel this.”

Let’s get down to the most simplistic things like, “I would feel loved or impactful. I would feel safe. I want to feel that feeling but I want to feel that feeling in a way that truly, if I’m going for this feeling, I’m not feeling it to the intensity that I want to experience. I’m probably not even feeling it. I’m seeking some point I’m going to achieve some materialistic outcome that will allow me to give myself permission to feel this feeling.”

Push all that aside and go for the feeling, so the way that you do it is you go for that feeling. Again, when I’m working with clients, I take them out into the field. I have them move beyond out of the brain, into the mind, which field of the potentiality of the higher self, and ultimately to the source. It’s like, “We are going to the source, and the higher self meet.” Say, “I’m going to let that feeling be there.” It slowly brings its way back. Ultimately, you start to feel it at some level of yourself and let that seep backward until you are feeling it within your body. When you feel it within your body, it’s like hitting the gob.

The feeling in your body is what allows the practical, tangible things that you would do to produce. Feelings drive the universe. If feelings drive the universe, any time that we don’t spend feeling at our highest level of what it is that we want to desire, we are delaying the results that we want to show up. I’m going to turn it back over to you in a second, Erik.

For those of you who are reading that have a desire to make millions of dollars inside of your business, get into the feelings and detach from the outcome of the number. Erik called it a material placeholder. Don’t choose a material placeholder for a series of feelings. Instead, allow the feeling of what it will be like to have that life experience to resonate, ruminate, completely converge upon all that you are, and then take the next step from that place instead of the place where you are trying to figure out how to get the tangible or the material placeholder.

That’s the biggest piece of advice that I can give you. Erik, I do have a few questions I always like to ask as we round out an interview but before that, I want to turn it back over to you if there’s anything else that you would like to share with everyone who has been hanging out with us and got their whole life changed as a result of this conversation.

Is this the final thought or is this the bold-faced pitch?

This is the final thought.

As a final thought, ultimately, it is my firm belief that it’s easier to feel your way to a fortune than it is to work your way to wealth.

It’s easier to feel your way to a fortune than it is to work your way to wealth. 

That’s a mic dropper. I’m glad that you stopped there to let that breathe for a moment because that is good. As we finish out this conversation, I always have my final three questions that I like to ask. The first is, what is your favorite quote?

Bruce Lee, “Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation.”

What’s the last book you read? I always like to ask about a book because our readers like to read. We want them to have an amazing professional library. What’s the last book that you found yourself reading?

I’m in the process now of reading In the Hands of the People, which is from the Monticello Society, and the Thomas Jefferson Society. Jon Meacham wrote it. He’s taking quotes from the letters and speeches that Jefferson gave and talking about liberty, service, being a citizen, and all the different things that are important to us as citizens of the United States and, ultimately, citizens of the world.

Lastly, what is one tool that you swear by that is making a difference in your own business as you make the Move to Millions?

A physical tool or a tool-tool?

It’s open on purpose. I’ve had people say meditation has been the most essential tool. I’ve had people say their calendar software has been the most tool. Any and anything in between meditation and your calendar.

If you said you could have only one thing that you do that’s the one tool to build a business, I would say meditation. Working at the level of energy in the field ultimately attracts everything else.

I want to thank you again for being here, Erik. I hope that every single person who’s reading this episode you have gotten your whole life. Your feelings are going to govern the universe and what shows up in your life experience. I want to thank you guys for hanging out with us. We will see you next time. Take care.

Let me know what you are thinking here. I know that conversation was probably a little bit different than you are used to but can I tell you it’s exactly what you need to know? We held our Move to Millions live event. I spent a lot of time talking about embodiment and the role it plays in bringing what you desire into view as quickly as possible. I know that Erik is right about it. Many things that he said were so powerful. My favorite quote is, “Your feelings drive the universe.” Part of the reason you don’t have what you want is that you are not feeling into it. I loved when he said that there are basically two ways to go about doing a business.

You can start a business to sell it, and you will likely be hollow as a person or you can start a business to fulfill a mission. He said, “The people that change the world are starting businesses that are mission-driven and based on their highest purpose.” I love that. He then said, “You get to decide. You have to decide every single day to clear the decks and often to do that through your own form of meditation or prayer, and then to get into alignment, to see yourself the way that God has always seen you. From that place, operate inside of your life and your business.” We talked a little bit about the levels of being and how you get to get to the next level by being in the current level. Whatever it is you desire, you are desiring it from your vantage point.

As you start to go to your next level, you start to uplevel your consciousness about what’s possible for you. Your desire begins to change. We talked about the scenario of it being a Ferrari and this desire for this Ferrari until you get to the point where you could have the Ferrari, and you realize you want to Bentley. You are constantly evolving.

Every time you sit in the power of being, you become the next version of yourself. I’m here to tell you that the Move to Millions is far more about these principles than it is about strategy. Don’t get me wrong. There will have to be marketing, and there will be sales. Operating from who you were and were created to be, even as you do that, marketing and sales become an accelerant for those that you truly desire to come into your business, pay you great money, and ultimately increase the amount of revenue that you see that gets you closer to that million-dollar mark.

He said, “The outcomes we desire now are based on our current levels and perspectives.” Be open to the fact that what you think you want, you are not going to want when you get to the level when you could have it. This is an oldie but a goodie. Life is a journey, not a destination. You will never arrive. You will always be becoming, which is exciting.

Lastly, I loved when Erik talked about the fact that desiring to go to your next level already puts you in the top 1%. I want you to celebrate yourself because you are already a one percenter. I am excited that I got to share this conversation with Erik with you. I know that your life has the potential to change as you continue to live into being the current and best version of yourself.

I want to remind you to make sure that you leave us a rating and a review on this show. If it’s changing your life, if it’s changing your perspective, if it’s opening you up to be who it is that God created you to be, then I invite you to rate and review this show. Until we meet again, know that you have everything you need to make the Move to Millions. I will see you next time. Take care.

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