Ep 116 Moses Moments

MTOM 116 | Moses Moments

Moses Moments are designed to define you.” – Dr Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

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Have you ever felt like you weren’t equipped for the task or assignment in front of you? Join the club. I can assure that on the Move to Millions, you’ll have many “Moses Moments.” These moments aren’t designed to distract or derail you. Instead, their purpose is to define you. These moments are an indication that your next level is present, and you’re being granted an opportunity to up-level. If you have ever found yourself distracted, downplaying, or doubting your purpose and how that parlays into your million-dollar company, this episode is for you.

Grab your pen and paper and listen in to discover:

  •     How to navigate those moments that cause your imposter syndrome to rise up’
  •     The #1 way to leverage a Moses Moment
  •     The role your Moses Moment plays in your story
  •     Why celebrating these moments is essential to your ability to get to the other side

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode

–     “When you enter a Moses moment, you should get excited.”

–     “After the initial distress of feeling like an imposter, there is a breath-taking clarity that overwhelms you and gives you comfort in knowing that you are where you are supposed to be.”

–     “You are always exactly where you are supposed to be when you live in the surrender that accompanies knowing who you are.”

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This episode is powered by Move to Millions Live. If you are a million’s minded entrepreneur and want to know exactly what it is going to take to prepare for rain in your life and your business, go now to MoveToMillionsEvent.com. I was driving down my car and had this big epiphany. You may or may not be aware that I am writing a book. You probably would have guessed the title. It is called Move to Millions. In this book, I am chronicling my own journey to and beyond the million-dollar mark, not just in revenue in our company but also in becoming a millionaire. I’m also going to dial back the success clues that I have learned on this journey while also featuring many of the clients that we have helped to get to and beyond the million-dollar mark as well.

As I was writing this book, when I was driving in my car, I had this very clear revelation that there is something I need to share with you. I cannot wait until you are able to read my book. In this episode, we are going to talk about a little something I like to call a “Moses Moment.” If you are not following me online, shame on you. You need to go right now and follow me on IG @DarnyelleJerveyHarmon, Facebook @DarnyelleJerveyHarmon, and Twitter @DarnyelleJervey, stop playing, follow me, so you don’t miss anything that I put out into the world.

If you have been following me for some time, you know that in everything that I do, it is important for me to unpack the spiritual principles that help us individually deepen our connection to God, the Father, the Creator of the abundant universe, where we get to live every single day and parlay that into the strategies that we leverage inside of our companies to make more money doing what we love and building a business that serves us both financially and spiritually.

I have to tell you about this phrase, Moses moment, but before I tell you what it means, I have to take you back. The year was 2014, and we were at the third Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live, a marketing and sales conference with a twinge of spirituality, especially by 2014. It was the year that event was deemed a business revival. It was ridiculous and amazing. I have never experienced anything like it. You could not have told me in a million years that I would facilitate an environment for people from all over the world, different walks of life, and different religious backgrounds, to be in a safe space, all serving and praising God together. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

We have many of these moments, but at one particular point in time of the event, we had erupted into what I like to call a praise break. A praise break is when you stop what you were doing, whatever you were focused on, and give it up to God because He is ridiculous and amazing. The way he shows up and out in your life is out of this world. We had one of those moments, and that parlayed into a testimonial service.

You are always exactly where you are supposed to be when you live in the surrender that accompanies knowing who you are.

If you happen to be a reader who is from old school church, you remember testimonial services. I don’t actively go to church these days. I don’t know if testimonial services are still going on if you are familiar with it. If you know, you know. It turned into this testimonial service. People were expounding on the revelations they were getting during this very intentional but also happenstance moment.

I did not plan for it in the run of the show, but it happened. It was perfect, ridiculous, and amazing. People were being delivered and set free. The clarity was coming. It was out of this world. At one point in time, my event manager, Tiffany, took the microphone. By 2014, we had been working together for years. I knew of her, but I clearly didn’t know her. For the first time I had ever experienced in my life, she took the microphone, and the anointing of her life poured through the microphone into the speakers and the room.

It caused an entirely different eruption. The attendees at the event were able to bear witness to her saying and calling me Darnyelle Antoinette, a modern-day Moses. I remember hearing her say that and making a note to myself that I needed to go back and re-familiarize myself with the story of Moses in the Bible. I remember ever since that moment realizing when I talk about telling and breaking your story down into the Robert Frost, the Sam Cooke moment, and the Harriet Tubman moment, I essentially am saying that all of us have the potential to be a Harriet Tubman in our own unique ways.

Harriet Tubman was considered by many to be a Moses in her timeframe. To hear that regulatory word dropped from Tiffany’s spirit into the microphone and the speakers, erupting around the room, that I was a modern-day Moses, I immediately got the chills all over my body. I can still remember feeling them to this day. There is no way you could have told me that I would hold a live event and at this live event, this spiritual eruption would take place.

For years following that, this concept of being a modern-day Moses stayed with me. Let me sidebar for a second. In the event that you don’t know what I mean when I say modern-day Moses, and this is the Darnyelle version, go fact check in the Bible all of the things. It may not be biblically sound entirely. I’m going to journey all the way back to Moses’ birth. He was born at a time when the Pharaoh was killing all Hebrew boys who were born. His mother didn’t want that to happen. She wrapped him, put him in a basket, and put him on the river.

The Pharaoh’s daughter was out bathing and happened upon this basket with this cute little baby in it, took the baby home to raise as her own, and ended up calling the mom without knowing to be the nurse. The mom still got to raise their son, but under the protection of Pharaoh, isn’t God good? That is how Moses grew up. There was a point in time when Moses was battling with himself. As a part of this battle, he does not feel like he belongs anywhere.

He learns who he is and his story. Sitting in the hypocrisy of the time under Pharaoh did not work for him. He runs away. In so doing, he ends up killing a man, which makes him flee even further. Fast forward to the point where God goes to Moses and calls him. Talking to Moses, the bush is burning, but the bush is not burning. That’s what’s happening.

Moses was like, “What in the devil is going on here?” Darnyelle’s words. It’s not necessarily from the Bible. The angel appears and tells Moses that God has an assignment for him. Moses immediately begins to question, doubt, downplay, and distract from the words that are coming out of the angel’s mouth about his next assignment. That’s who Moses is. I’m also simultaneously not necessarily on purpose but defining for you a Moses moment.

A Moses moment is when you have been given an assignment or task to do, and that assignment or task is bigger than you. The mandate to perform it is not from you. Immediately at the onset of getting the revelation that this is your assignment, you begin to question, doubt, dismiss and seek distractions to take you from fulfilling that particular assignment because, in your mind, you are not worthy. That is a Moses moment.

As you hear me define it, how many of you can honestly say that you can recount a time when you had a Moses moment? I can. I’m going to tell you about mine while you think about yours. There are been so many, but the one as of late was at the end of 2020. You have heard me say ever since we have come back with a rebrand of this show. I have talked about it many times. The event we were doing at that time was called Breakthrough in Business, and it was not going to be called a Breakthrough In Business anymore. The new name was going to be Move to Millions.

Jesus came and gave his life so that the abundance doesn’t stop flowing.

You have heard me say that. You probably have not heard me say this part because I only started writing about it in my book. First, I was excited and elated. I had goosebumps and was like, “This sounds catchy.” I finally have my movement and have been wanting a movement forever. Can anybody feel me on that? I remember being around a lot of people who had clearly articulated who they wanted to be? How do they want it to show up in the world? What was their movement? I could not figure mine out for any reason.

Finally, when God spoke those three words to me on October 23rd, 2020, it immediately was well with my spirit that was my movement, my cataclysmic realization of my purpose, and how that decision when I was ten to use words to change the lives of others had culminated into this experience to show people how to prepare and position so that they could eventually make millions of dollars, move millions of people, and leave millions of dollars to their children’s children in the form of a legacy. You have heard me share that before because legacy is financial.

As excited as I was, the hairs on my hairy arms were beginning to come down from their high. Over these three magical words, it hit me. I’m not worthy. Maybe God has sent someone else, similar to how Moses found an excuse for why he should not be sent and offered up his brother or someone else to go in his place. I did not go so far as to offer up someone else to go in my place, but I did vacillate temporarily on the enormity of the weight of the assignment. Could I pull it off?

If you happen to find yourself in a place similar to that, I want to say to you what my spirit said to me, “If you are called, you are already equipped.” That is what I realized this Moses moment was a realization that I was ready for the enormity of the assignment. Why? You might be wondering because I asked myself this, “Do we even have Moses moments?” I’m certainly not the authority by any stretch of the imagination, but as best as I can answer for you, the reason we have Moses moments, I believe, is for two reasons.

Recount The Assignment

Number one is to be a purpose check. I believe two things happen when your next level is present. Number one, I believe that fear sets in first, and I would lump this Moses moment into that fear.

Ask Yourself Questions For Clarity

The second thing that happens is that all hell breaks loose. There is an uprising or uproar. You are rearranging the universe. When the universe is rearranging, the good and the bad all come to a head and show up in your life experience. That is what I believe happens. We encounter Moses moments to be an indication that the purpose for which we were created is deeper, bigger, and greater. We are on the verge of encompassing an ability to walk out in it.

Once these Moses moments come up for you like they have come up for me, here is what I do. I believe success leaves clues. You know that because you are hanging out with me. If you are brand new, this is your first time reading, welcome. You will come to learn that I believe that success leaves clues. I do always want to give you some success clues on how to navigate this. If you find yourself in a Moses moment, there are three things that I think you need to do. To be able to get to the other side where you are no longer overwhelmed by it, but instead, you are in a position to be obedient to it. You can open up the overflow that wants to come into your life experience when you do what has been assigned to only you to do that caused you the doubt and the overwhelm in the first place.

Number one, recount the assignment and run it back. Often, when we are in the midst of the assignment being downloaded, we stop listening. We check out once we get to the point where it is a little scary, and it is outside of our comfort zone. The first thing you have to do is you have to run it back and clearly understand what you heard that needs to be done. I want you to filter it through nothing. Hear it for what it is without your interpretation or what you think it means.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you have been called to a Moses ask assignment is to try to contemplate how to fulfill the assignment. The reason it is one of the hardest things that you could do and the biggest mistakes you can make is that the how is not your job. It is God’s job. If you are going to do his job, what is he here for? That is the first thing, run it back.

The second thing you want to do is after you run it back and have written down what you heard, begin to ask yourself questions for the sake of the clarity of what it is you perceive to validate that your perception is the reality of the assignment. Did you catch that? Taking the time to ask yourself the questions is very important in this particular process. We need to know that you understand the assignment.

These are the questions for the clarity of the assignment. It is not beginning to try to formulate how to complete the assignment. If it has been given to you, it is because you are equipped to handle it. Instead, we want to make sure that you get it. You have understood and broken it down in such a way that you completely understand what is being asked of you.

If you are called, you are already equipped.

Take That First Step

Number three, do the first thing that you know to do because you have run it back, ask those clarifying questions to yourself and to your spirit to be able to formulate the next step, one step at a time. God will give you more while you are moving than he ever will if you standstill. It is taking that very first step, or as the Rumi quote says, “The path emerges as you walk it.”

With the GPS, you have to know the assignment where you are going in order for it to calculate the destination and get there. That is the best way for you to move through a Moses moment. Remember, if you are finding yourself in a Moses moment, you should celebrate because that means that you are chosen, equipped, and there are so many people who are counting on you.

When I sit back, take myself out of the equation, and don’t let my ego threaten and derail me, to sit in the significance of what I’m being tasked to do is a realization that I am the bomb.com. I can transform in whichever way I’m being asked to do at that moment. Moses moments are designed to give you a level of comfort with the power that you possess to be able to deliver and set other people free.

Inside of the work you do in your business, you have to know. In case you did not know, let me further break this down for you so that you know. Your work is not about the title you give yourself because that title is for you anyway. Your work is about the transformational power you possess in your pinky toe. Knowing boldly flat-footedly, confidently that when you show up fully in playful out in that gift, you will deliver and set free.

If you did not know the story of Moses, the task that he was given was to go to Pharaoh and get Pharaoh to let the children of Israel, who had been serving as servants and slaves to go so that they could be released to the promised land. It is the land that was flowing with milk and honey, the equivalent to the abundance, for which in the New Testament, Jesus came and gave his life so that the abundance doesn’t stop flowing.

That was the task. Despite his stutter, his stammer, and his disbelief in himself, because he did not see himself the way that God had always seen him, he was equipped for the assignment. Whatever the assignment is that you are questioning, I even say this to myself. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Whatever the assignment is, if it was brought into your life experience, given to you as an edict, a mandate, it is because you are the fulfill-er of it. You are the one who can bring it to pass.

Once you understand that and are able to come to grips with the fact that God’s ways are not your ways and the way he sees you is the truth of who you are, it will open up an opportunity for you to leverage that particular experience in order to shift the lives of those that you have been called to with that particular assignment.

I vacillated and had those moments when I was like, “Lord, maybe you should send someone else. I don’t know if I’m equipped for this.” God was very clear and told me, “No, I called you because this is what you have been doing for so long.” It felt limiting. I remember when I was first starting my business and people were saying, “You should establish a niche.” I was like, “If you say you only serve certain people, you are leaving so much money on the table.”

It took me back to that same lack-minded space temporarily. Whenever you allow your fear to do the talking for you, your fear is always going to show up in lack. There is always going to be lack-based. I found myself in those moments questioning if I could do it but simultaneously getting the courage to speak out loud that I could do it.

You know the rest of the story. That was October 23rd, 2020. By February 2021, we had started the rebranding process because I became fully convinced in my own mind that I was the girl for the job and had already been equipped to fulfill it in a way that was a shift and change lives. That was unbeknownst to me that we were going to have ten clients in 2021 that crossed the million-dollar mark. I did not know that when we started, I made my yes for real. I was going to go and truly believe that is the beginning.

I believe that in 2022, we will create even more million-dollar CEOs all because I first decided to have this Moses moment and to see it as an opportunity to show up fully in the gifts and talents that God placed the inside of me to do the work that I was called to do. I want to encourage you to see it the same way. If for whatever reason, you are stuck there and need some support, being able to see it that way, I want to invite you to Move to Millions Live. It is our annual three-day live event.

It happens in *May of every year. It will only change if something like a COVID-19, which happened in 2020, prevents us from being able to do it. We did not have an event in 2021 because we were rebranding. This May 2022 is going to be our first time doing this event. Although I am no veteran to live events and we have completely remastered, reinvented, and reinvigorated the live event. It will be a reckoning for your soul, your spirit, and your business.

You will come into alignment financially and spiritually. You will be equipped with the tactical strategies that are necessary for you to stake your claim on a million-dollar business as soon as 2022. You can get to the million-dollar mark in one year. There are specific conditions that need to be met. I will share them in another episode. It is totally possible for you.

Your Moses moment was designed to show you that you are it and whom he sent to equip, edify, empower and establish in the lives, businesses, health, relationships, whichever area you work in to establish for those that you have been called to exactly what is necessary to go to the next level in your life. I say here is to Moses moments when you realize that you have been called to do something great, incredible, and that is going to shake the planet. I wish you many Moses moments over the years to come. I will see you next time. Take care.

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