Comparison is for the Birds

For more 75% of my life, I suffered from comparison.  And if I’m being honest, comparison almost cost me everything. And in this episode, I share how I overcame it and have gone on to build a business and life that serves me in every way.  If you’ve found yourself looking left or right more than you’ve looked straight ahead, I’ve got a word for you!

The truth is, comparing yourself to others robs your clients and customer from experiencing TRUE transformation THROUGH you.

I can remember when my comparison became so out of control and forced me to take a hard look at myself in the mirror.  And when I finally saw a woman worthy of all that I craved, life really opened up for me. And, Incredible One, I want that for you too!

So listen in to why comparison is for the birds and five (5) things you can do NOW to stop comparing yourself to others once and for all.

Listen in to discover:

  • The #1 thing I did to stop comparing myself to others
  • How I almost cost myself what has become a powerful business relationship by “posturing up”
  • How you can set yourself free from the turmoil and temptation to compare yourself to others