Business Makeover: Antonina Geer Consulting Group, LLC

Episode Summary:

In this episode, I makeover Antonina’s business, specifically for her upcoming one day live event, the Refreshing, happening November 14 in Greenville, SC.  I’ve been an admirer of Antonine’s work and passion for quite some time so it brings me joy to be making over her business.  As you listen in, you’ll notice challenges with how she’s gonna get her event seen by those who need it most.  I literally share three powerful strategies that will increase her visibility and open her up to attendees getting registered. 

In full transparency, Antonina has fallen into a trap that so many entrepreneurs do when it comes to promoting their live events, she’s centralized her efforts almost exclusively to Facebook.  While Facebook is great for generating awareness, it can be challenging to convert there for live events without a lot of offline effort. But don’t worry, I get her on a course that will fill her live event and set her up to profit big.  Here’s what Antonina had to share in her own words about her makeover:  “The business makeover with Darnyelle was the direction I needed with step by step instructions on what I need to do to fill my event.  I was stuck in a one-track mind of marketing in social media.”  Antonina

Listen in to discover:

  • The mistake that most live event hosts make that keeps them from filling their live event
  • How to uncover unconventional marketing methods to gain new attendees

About Our Guest:

Antonina Geer, MBA is a passionate coach and speaker and the CEO of Antonina Geer Consulting Group, LLC where she works with corporate women of faith who are ready to shift from stuck to significant.  At her core, Antonina is an encouraging teacher and is a confident, loving, and authoritative speaker who speaks with passion that ignites and pushes people into action with their ideas and vision.  

As a coach and consultant, Antonina is gifted in strategy and discerning beyond what’s at the surface to help maximize potential.  As a speaker she focuses on living and working in your God-given purpose so that you’re impacting and transforming lives.

Antonina’s professional experience includes management in Corporate America, over twenty years of Accounting & Finance, and previously running her own small business financial management and consulting firm, as well as a founding partner of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur.  Antonina is also a licensed Minister, holds a Bachelors degree in Business Finance, and Masters degrees in Business Administration and Information Technology Management.

Antonina was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and is a Green Bay Packers fan. One of her favorite things to do is to take Sunday afternoon naps. She is a devoted wife to Pastor Larry Geer, a mother to four children, and serving alongside her husband in ministry in South Carolina.

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