Breakthrough in Business: The Recap

“Until you work on the six inches between your ears, you won’t feel six figures between your fingers.”  Darnyelle J. Harmon

Episode Summary:

In this powerful episode, I do my best to give you a glimpse of the 2019 Breakthrough in Business Live Experience.  WARNING:  I still can’t quite find the words to encapsulate the experience.  It was Incredible.  It was Epic.  It was life transforming.  It was spiritual.  It was the perfect demonstrate of God’s love for me.   Listen in as I share:

  • Why I started Breakthrough in Business
  • My two most powerful moments
  • The Breakthrough that I got (and what’s in it for you)
  • My favorite universal law and how to apply it to your life
  • The true definition of coaching

The Breakthrough in Business Live Experience is a 3-day highly experiential, highly spiritual mindset shift incubator for entrepreneurs on the cusp of growing into CEOs of wildly successful and profitable businesses.  Over three full days, attendees will make powerful and poignant shifts that will shift the trajectory of their businesses. Created by award-winning spiritual business growth coach and speaker, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA the experience has been referred to as business “church”  a safe place where successful entrepreneurs can come to be renewed and experience God in a new way.  Very clear that businesses with a spiritual foundation go farther faster, Darnyelle and her team curate an experience, no an encounter with God that is like nothing you’ve ever experienced or available for entrepreneurs in the marketplace.  To learn more about the experience, visit

Powerful Quotes from the Event:

  • “We are created in the image and likeness of God.  2/3 of God’s name is Go.  God is waiting on you to take action.” Delatorro McNeal
  • “30% of who you are is 100% of what someone needs.”  Tony Smith and Barrett Matthews  
  • “If you knew who lived inside you and walked beside you, you’d never feel fear, lack or uncertainty.” Darnyelle J Harmon
  • “Scared money don’t make money.” Super Friends Panel 
  • “God is principled”  Darnyelle J Harmon
  • “Success is available to everyone who chooses.” Epic Aprille
  • “POOR – Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly.”
  • “Your breakthrough comes in the doing.”

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