Amy Walker: Maintaining Alignment While Growing a Thriving Business

Alignment is getting all parts of you on the same page to be one with God and your purpose.”  Amy Walker

About Our Guest:

Amy Walker is a good friend of mine and the CEO of Amy Walker Consulting.  She’s a speaker, coach, consultant, global contributor and planet shaker. Together with her husband Stephen, Amy Walker Consulting builds leaders through structuring businesses that provide the 4 pillars of success: financial strength, time freedom, strong relationships, and living in alignment with personal beliefs. A business leader with true success is a powerful contributor to our global family.

She’s got a heart of gold and she is committed to sharing her faith to help others live their best life.

Episode Summary:

In this powerful episode, Amy and I have a real, candid conversation about the importance of getting into and maintaining your alignment in order to build a thriving business.  She shares candidly how her own life and business got off track when she took her eyes off of being in alignment and how it almost cost her everything.  And then she shares how she quickly shifted back into alignment and how as a result she’s on the verge of taking her already seven figure company to the next level.  We talk a lot about listening and hearing God’s voice, journaling, and what her daily alignment practice looks like. Amy also gives some great examples of how you can get into and stay in alignment for good. Amy loves simplicity and hearing the desires of her clients with structure so that she can quickly erect a plan to help them bring solutions into the world

Amy Walker Quotes from the show:

“Journaling your prayers and waiting on the answers from God will give you strategy to move every area of your life forward.”

“Start and end each day with your spirit in charge.  You’ll achieve your goals faster.”   

“Alignment is a delicate dance that when performed well can change your life for the most amazing good.”

“When I’m old and ready to leave this world, I want to be surrounded by my people not my things.”

“90% of their time goes to getting by, managing them and theirs.  The work to get the paycheck, the effort that it takes to sustain their living.”

“What if we stepped into being so abundantly blessed that we had 40% of our time to spend on our mission and calling?”

“We live in a world full of problems, but I’m surrounded by solutions.”

“You don’t have to choose; you can have it all.”

“If you are an entrepreneur, you are a solution.”

Amy’s Incredible Factor Rapid Fire Questions:

Last book Amy readDelivering Happiness Tony Hsieh.

Favorite QuoteOur Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson.

Tool Amy can’t live without to grow her business:  a good CRM [Customer Relationship Management System] (Amy uses Infusionsoft)

Fill in the blank:  My name is _______ and If I knew God had my back, I would ________.

My name is Amy Walker and If I knew God had my back, I would write two books a year and launch my multi-million-dollar corporation.

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