Ep 102 – All In

“Going all in is the fastest way to watch your business grow” – Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Episode Summary

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In this episode, Dr. Darnyelle continues unpacking her recent company rebrand story.  This time with a powerful message for every entrepreneur with millions on their mind.  By going all in, you actually accelerate your journey to the million dollar mark.  By recounting what her company saw happen in 2021 as a result of a renewed focus to “niche down,” Incredible One Enterprises experienced 208% revenue growth, 5 new fulltime employees and 10 clients who crossed the million dollar mark for the year! 

When you’re rebranding your business, you have to be 100% all in. You can’t be halfway in because you need to be committed when you’re rebuilding. It’s only when you’re all in that you’ll feel focused, focused on one thing. That is to grow your company and make it the way you want it to be. Join Darnyelle Jervey Harmon as she tells you her rebranding story and how she decided to go all in. Learn how she managed to make millions by rebranding today.

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It’s a new season. I’m so excited to be back. I have all of this pent-up content that I have been wanting to share with you since we started our rebrand in 2021.We released all of our new brand assets on January 13, 2022. We finally put them out into the world. We have two brand new websites. One for me and one for our award-winning company, Incredible One Enterprises. By the way, I got my Honorary Doctorate in Entrepreneurship in 2021. I’m still in awe of your warm reception and that you immediately got what we were going for. It was phenomenal. We had such a great reception, and so many powerful people tuned in to hang out with us.

The Rebrand Journey

I want to continue to unpack our decision to rebrand the company, the show and all the things. I told you that on October the 23rd, 2020, God hit me with Move to Millions. It immediately felt well in my soul, but it also sent me into a Moses moment where I was questioning whether or not I was good enough to pull this off. When I was doing the rebrand, I sensed something powerful. I wanted to take you a little bit on the journey of our business. The very first time I shared some of this information out loud was during our brand reveal because it was not time yet. Not that I was afraid or ashamed of anything that we have accomplished inside of our business, but everything is not for every day.

If you have been a loyal follower of the show, then you know that 2014 was the year that we did Millions for the very first time at our Unleash Your Incredible Factor live event. It was ridiculous and amazing. It was all God how we pulled off $1.3 million in three days with more than 260 people in the room. 2014 was a million-dollar year, and $1.8 million is where we ended that year. 2015 was another million-dollar year. We ended that year at around $2.3 million.

In this episode, I’m going to talk to you about going all-in, but back in 2016, I was willing to give it all up because I had created an ugly, fat, bad breath monster of a company. I didn’t want anything to do with it. It was so out of alignment with what I wanted my entrepreneurship journey to be that I was willing to give it all up and go back to being much smaller in my little cubby hole company. Have you ever felt like this? I felt this way for a myriad of reasons. I was discouraged by having to pay all the taxes. All the more money means more problems.

All of the team and hiring people fast, and them not being the right people. Being unsure if as an instant CEO in my company, I wanted to lead and manage the efforts of others. All of these things were plaguing and preventing me from being in a place where I could feel good, warm and fuzzy about the contribution that I was making. I was willing to give it all up. In fact, I did. At the height, we had over 200 clients. I went back to about 30 clients. It was my sweet spot because I could work with them and not need anyone else.

I should sidebar that I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the “If you want something done right, do it yourself” university. Have you heard of it? Did you go there too? What that means is that I naturally struggle with delegation. I naturally struggle with deciding that it is okay to let other people help me do what it is that I do. That is a natural struggle and something I’m working through because here we are again, building this company. We’re up to seven full-time employees, and I felt so much different. I’ll get to that part of the journey.

Rebuilding And Going Even Further

In 2016, I was willing to give it all up. We went back down to $700,000 that year. In 2017, we did about $600,000 or $700,000. In 2018, it was the same, another $600,000 or $700,000. In 2019, we started to make this crescendo and go back up. 2019 was the year that God gave me the next level everything and told me that He would let me live on whatever level I settled for. I made the decision that I didn’t want to settle on any level other than God’s best for me. I started to dig myself out of the ashes and figure out what I wanted this company to be and how it was serving me financially and spiritually.

That’s where we had a cataclysmic shift in the way we were showing up for our clients. That’s when we started the message that you don’t have to choose, and that you can have a business that serves you financially. You make boatloads of money spiritually. Who you are in God is never in question. It is never compromised. That was 2019. It was also the year that five different arbitrary people all told me that I was playing small. I’m getting emotional, even thinking about this. They didn’t know each other from a can of paint.

Learn that it’s okay to let other people help you in what it is you do.

They all told me that I was playing small. I was finally open to listening to them because my relationship with God had gotten so much stronger. I had been spending time in quiet contemplation and surrender. I had focused on being in alignment. I made a decision that I was going to be happy, wealthy and build a company that serves me in every way. Because I was rounding that corner, I had made those decisions and saw a slight spike in 2019 in the company. 2020 up until 2021 was our best year. We did just shy of $1 million. It was so close that we would round up, and it would be $1 million.

Starting in 2019 was also the time that I stopped chasing the number and stopped focusing on setting a revenue goal for my company. I focused on setting a tithing goal. As I surrendered and went all-in on the precipice that I didn’t have to choose, I could have it all, and that I could design my company to be the way I wanted it to be, I started to watch everything lift. Everything elevates and increases. 2020, a year that many people struggled, was a year we had a $1 million sales quarter. Who does that?

The fourth quarter of 2020 was when we held the last breakthrough and business event. We did $1 million in sales that quarter. That was also when God gave me Move to Millions, October 2020. We came into 2021, realizing that we needed to rebrand and refresh. We were focused on getting clarity around who we are and who we serve. In doing all of that, we had a multiple million-dollar year. We grew the company by 208% in one year.

All In And All Up

What I want to submit to you, and I’m going to dig deep into this for you in this episode, is that when you go all-in, everything goes way up. Did that feel good in your spirit? It felt so good in mine. Your mental health, wellbeing, wealth, relationships, alignment, confidence and significance all goes all the way up. Going all-in is the best thing that any of us could ever do. If you’re ready to serve more deeply and you want to take the time to get clear about where you can do your best work, the best thing you could do is to make a decision to go all-in on what you feel in your gut.

I have been in business since 2007 and got successful in business since 2011. I had been dancing around working with people at the six-figure level the entire time. I’ll be honest and admit to you that I was afraid of honing in and niching down to say that I wanted to work with six-figure service-based entrepreneurs. I was nervous because at the time and even still now, the majority of the people who reached out to us and opted-in are not at the six-figure mark. If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say 60% of the people who reached out are in an earlier stage in their business, or they have been in business for a long time but they haven’t cracked the six-figure market. About 40% have cracked the six-figure mark and are on a trajectory to grow their business massively.

Who would want to put all of their eggs in the six-figure entrepreneur basket when the vast majority of people that are finding out about you are not even your ideal clients? This is what I kept telling myself as to why I could not do it. When it came time for this rebrand and sitting in the significance of my surrender to my Lord and Savior, I decided to feel the fear but to do it anyway. I hope that this is blessing your soul and your spirit.

If you are in the same crossroad in your company where you are trying to decide, do you keep down the path you have been on and take what you can get, or do you veer in the other direction to put yourself on a trajectory to get what you’ve been called to? With knees shaking the whole time, I made the decision that we were going to go all-in on moving six-figure entrepreneurs to millions, and on transforming six-figure entrepreneurs into million-dollar CEOs. Even when I wasn’t making millions in my company, I still knew how to.

Every year since 2011, I’ve had at least one client that hit the $1 million mark. Even before, I had done $1 million in 2014. I knew how to do it and how to help people do it. Now, not only do I know how to do it, I’m actively doing it. I’m doing it way better than when I first did it. I was so afraid of niching down but by niching down, it helped us to up-level the caliber of the client that we serve. In our Move to Millions Mastermind, the last ten clients that we have enrolled in that program have come into the program at/or very close to the $500,000 mark. I was not able to get people to work with me widely at that level before I made a decision to go all-in.

The second thing is it helped me to make sure that I’m working with clients that are ready to be transformed. They’re done playing small and making excuses. They’re ready for their next and best. They know that to go up, they’ve got to go deep. That is who I wanted to work with. I’ve been praying and asking God to send me those for years but I was afraid to go all-in, so He couldn’t send them.

Do Not Be For Everyone

I know that God is a gentleman. He is not going to set you up for failure. Contrary to what you may have been taught in religion or church, that is not God’s MO. He is in it for the glory. He knows he can only get the glory if you are experiencing your level next and best. There is a role that you have to play to get that. That’s what He is in it for. By being able to hone in, we’re able to establish our brilliance in the marketplace. We are becoming known for this thing. I used to get upset when people would say to me, “I’m not ready to work with you yet. I still feel some kind of way.”

When you go all in, everything goes way up!


I thought they were keeping me from having a client, but I realized that those people are paying homage to who I am, my brilliance, and what I bring to the table. For a person to recognize that they are not ready to be served by me is the biggest compliment that I could ever be paid. As I’m sharing what has happened with us as we’ve gone all-in, I want you to see what’s possible for you as you decide to do the same. It also shortens the amount of time that it takes for you to get to your next milestone when you go all-in. You could serve all the people but the fact of the matter is you’re not going to anyway.

Putting yourself in a position where you’re focused on a subset of people that are not most ideal for you is only going to be challenging from the jump and consistently throughout the process. I don’t want that for you. I want you to shorten how long it takes for you to get to the milestone you are desiring. Whether it’s a financial milestone, client milestone, service delivery level milestone, regardless of what the milestone is, you will shorten the time it takes for you to get there by going all-in.

 Decide First

What I love about 2021, the year that we were in this rebrand, is we did not have a financial goal to grow the company. It was not our intention to do 208%. What we found by making that decision is to decide first. I love this Emerson quote. He says, “When you decide, the universe rearranges itself to bring you what you decided.” By taking that firm stance and courage to make a decision, you open yourself up to some amazing things happening around you. The universe is moving, shaking and bending to bring what you’ve decided into your life experience. It doesn’t get much better than that.

In the year of rebranding and refreshing, let’s tighten our message and get clear about who our ideal clients are. Let’s hone in and make sure that the programs that we offer deliver the outcome we uniquely can provide to our clients. That’s what we were focused on in 2021 and building the team. I hired five full-time employees in 2021. Even with doing that, we took ten companies to the million-dollar mark throughout all of our programs.

Our Move to Millions Mastermind is where I have the most statistical data. Our other program, Leveraging and Scale Weekend, is a newer offer. We don’t have as much data as we do for our mastermind because we have been running the mastermind under different names over the years. In our mastermind, we had 34 people enrolled in 2021. Of those 34 people, 10 of them hit our $250,000 club. We established revenue clubs based on the Move to Millions continuum. I’m going to do an entire episode on the continuum for you. We created these milestone clubs. Ten people hit the $250,000 milestone club. They generated somewhere between $250,000 and $499,999 in their business in 2021.

Of the ten companies represented in this club, every single company had an increase in their business in 2021. That’s pretty powerful. Five people joined our $500,000 club. They generated between $500,000 and $749,999 in 2021. Three businesses joined the $750,000 club. They did between $750,000 and $999,999 in 2021, and four members of our Move to Millions Mastermind made the move to millions, all for the very first time doing $1 million cash in their business.

Overall, between our Leverage and Scale Weekend, Move to Millions Mastermind, and the private clients that we work with, a total of ten companies did $1 million or more in 2021. First of all, I was blown away to realize that 65% of our mastermind hit one of our revenue clubs, and 90% of our mastermind experienced growth year over year. We did have some companies that remained flat and some whose revenue went down for a myriad of reasons. These things happen inside of a business. There is a role that everyone plays. I’m certainly not trying to make it look as if we’re invincible.

We don’t have a 100% success rate, but I do know very many people who have a 90% one. This was accomplished by us deciding to go all-in. I believe that making the decision to go all-in on what we call the incredible ones is what made the difference for us, deciding to do this rebrand, to take out of His word when He said move to millions, and to realize that this wasn’t a Moses moment when I should question whether or not I’m equipped.

The Incredible Ones

The fact that God is calling me to this means that I am the answer. Standing boldly and confidently in that going all-in is what made the difference. It’s what created the ripple effect of all the things that have transpired and are continuing the momentum that we started in 2021, and what’s happening in 2022. We call it the incredible ones. It’s part of our business success formula. I’ll do a different episode on that where I’ll go deep on that for you too. It’s about going all-in on identifying the primary traffic source. How are you driving traffic?

If you don’t have traffic, you won’t have leads. If you don’t have leads, you can’t have sales. What is the one lead generator that you’re going to use in that traffic source? What is the one tool that you’re going to have them opt into so that you get these people into your ecosystem? What’s the nurture sequence that’s going to convert them into your one sales tool, and you’re going to do all of this for one type of client for one year? When you go all-in, you can see the focus, and focus leads to getting to the result that you desire faster.

When you decide, all of the universe rearranges itself to bring you what you decided.

Should You Go All In?

FOCUS is an acronym that stands for Follow One Course Until Success is the result. I learned a long time ago when I was in Mary Kay cosmetics that you cannot chase two rabbits and expect to catch either one. The question you have to ask yourself is, should you go all-in? I want to give you some insight into why you should. It is ultimately a personal decision that you’re going to have to make, but the answer should be yes because I can only see positive life and business-changing results coming out of going all-in. There is no competitive advantage to being a generalist. That is average.

There is a massive competitive advantage to being a specialist with high-end services and solutions. That happens when you go all-in. Additionally, understanding niching. You’ve probably heard the saying, “The riches are in the niches. If you want to get rich, you need a niche.” There is a tremendous amount of truth to that. Even inside of our incredible ones, you’re talking to one audience. You could technically serve lots of people, but what is the one audience that when you show up fully in front of them, not only do you get their attention but you also become the Pied Piper for them? That’s what we got clear on.

We broke our 1 into 2 different ideal clients, six-figure Sarah or Sam and millions mind at Madison or Matthew. It started with six-figure Sarah and Sam. We then realized that there was a layer above that. When you watch the rebrand, I go into all of that. I’ll spare you those gory details. Understanding the need to go deep, go all-in, and identify the niche is so essential because it helps you identify exactly what your audience needs. You can get into the mind of your most ideal client.

If you don’t have one very clear, distinct, descriptive client that you are focused on solving a problem they have been unsuccessful at solving on their own, you’re not going to make millions. It’s not going to happen. You could try. I was having a conversation with this guy who does all the things. I was so tired of listening to all the ways he is trying to make money. I believe that the seven-revenue income stream is a myth because if you can’t chase two rabbits and expect to catch either, how in the world can you chase seven?

The companies that are doing millions hone in and go all-in on one first. They’re not splitting their focus from the beginning. When you go all-in, it helps you identify the needs of your potential client. It helps you to go deep into their psychographics. What are their problems? What are they thinking mentally? What do they want instead? What are their biggest fears? How is that problem impacting the other areas of their life? How is it affecting their relationships, money, identity, purpose and all of those things? You’re able to go deep and create.

For our clients, we have them do this in their key messages document. We call it Deepening the Spice, where we go all the way in to who they are and what they are plagued by. From there, we can identify a multitude of ways to get their attention in the marketplace. Once you go all-in, it helps you to come up with the right ideas based on the needs of your perfect client and their specifications. It also helps you to find the best way to communicate with them to increase engagement and conversion. Going all-in is the bee’s knees. It’s the most important thing.

The Three Questions

There are two questions I want you to ask yourself if you are ready to go all-in or to make sure that you’re on the right path of going all-in. 1) Of all the years that you have been in business and all of the types of clients you have served, which client has been your best client that got the best results, showed up fully the entire time and were a complete joy to work with? 2) What would it look and feel like for you as a service provider to serve 10, 20, 50 or 100 of them?

If you feel an unction in your spirit, get warm and fuzzy or goosebumps, then that’s an indication that going all-in on that particular client is going to put you on a trajectory to massive growth. Once you decide to go all-in, you become an expert on that particular client. You’re able to spout their challenges, concerns, what they want and desires in a way that immediately resonates and gets traction. You already know that business is about the numbers and the number of people you can impact as you go deep and go all-in on deciding to serve them.

Finding Partnerships & Visibility

Going all-in is a game-changer everyone needs if they desire to go to the next level. It’s also going to allow you to enhance your relationships, not just with the clients you’re currently working with, but also in the marketplace, to find more places where you can go to find more clients like that. When you hone in and go all-in, you’re able to identify a subset of the industry you’re in and find partners that will be strategic alliances to put you right in front of the clients that you want to serve. It is going to shorten the amount of time it takes for you to get traction.

Speaking has always been one of my favorite things to do. Now that we have decided to go all-in on six-figure entrepreneurs and transform them into CEOs that make and move millions, what do you think I’m doing? I’m looking for partners who serve that audience in a different way so that when I go there, I’m not starting from one. I’m starting around ten because they already have an established relationship with that partner that I’ve been developing and enhancing because I decided to go all-in.

There is no competitive advantage to being a generalist but there is to being a specialist.

Going all-in is also going to increase your visibility in the marketplace. It’s like the Red Sea. It’s like everyone. When I say everyone, I’m talking about everyone who technically does what you do that’s out there in the sea. Because you’ve made a decision to go all-in on the subset of the problem that you solve, the sea begins to thin out, and a clear path emerges. I need you to know that God will give you more while you’re moving than He ever will if you keep standing still. Deciding to go all-in and taking that very distinct action is the fastest path to get you to the point where everyone else disappears except for you. This is the way to change the game.

Word Of Mouth & Creativity

Going all-in is so crazy, but it is so awesome and amazing at the same time. It also helps to increase the amount of word of mouth growth that you have. Word of mouth is the best way to get clients because the person who is referring you has already vetted and given you the biggest endorsement possible. When you go all-in and you’re focused on one subset, anyone who recommends you, you’re golden.

I had a client retreat for our mastermind in October 2021. One of my brand new clients came. That was her first retreat, and she had a blast. She went home and sent a DM to one of her friends who signed up the next day. Almost no questions were asked because of the word-of-mouth growth, because we made a decision to go all-in. It changes everything. It will also allow you to need less to validate that you’re the next and best step for them. That’s a game-changer as well. Lastly, it gives you the opportunity to be more creative and to have way more fun with the way you show up and serve those clients because you’re not scatterbrained.

You’re not all over the place with lots of different people. You’re focused on serving one subset of the market. This is what we did. This is right off the press success clues of what we decided to do as we underwent this powerful and massive rebrand. We’re going all-in to produce 208% growth for our company in a year where we brought on five brand new employees and are training those employees. We didn’t do a big live event. We did a few small virtual events. We were focused on going all-in. By making that our focus, we saw our results go way up. I’m excited about what’s possible for you. This is the perfect time for you to have a conversation with yourself about going all-in. Get some of the ideas that I shared with you to help make this the year you go all-in. By going all-in, you move your business to millions. Until next time, take care.